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Presentation on Google's Panda algo from SEMpdx monthly education event, held October 9 2012.

Presentation on Google's Panda algo from SEMpdx monthly education event, held October 9 2012.



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Pandas Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Google’s Panda AlgorithmMake that big bad bear chew bamboo foryou. Michael Cottam @Michael512 9 October 2012
  • 2. What is Panda?• Not a bear.• Meet Navneet Panda, a Google Engineer
  • 3. We have his resume:• Coincidence? I think not…
  • 4. Seriously, why “Panda”? • Danny Sullivan called the algo change “Farmer” – Targeting content “farms” (eHow, article factories, etc.) • Sorry Danny, that’s BORING • Navneet Panda was a key engineer on that team • He’s a machine learning guy
  • 5. Panda is:• A new ranking factor – NOT a new algorithm on its own – NOT a manual penalty• Overall idea: use an estimation of “quality” of the content as a ranking factor• So…does it penalize or boost sites?
  • 6. Dissection of the Panda • Human quality raters rate pages • Machine learning: what’s common between pages that suck? – Or that rock? • Tweak the algo, and see if the new results have better sites in the top spots – Feb 23 2011 Panda 1.0 - affected 12% of search results
  • 7. 2 Years of algo changes: it’s not all Panda • Penguin (of course) • Reduction in impact of EMDs • Venice (“local universal” results) • # of results from the same domain • Emanuel Update: penalty for DMCA take- downs • 7-result SERPs • Over 500 little updates to the algo/year • Knowledge Graph • Parked domains • Search + Your World • Freshness update • Rel=next, rel=prev
  • 8. • It’s definitely NOT: What – – Content farms Thin affiliates is “quality”? – Scraper sites – Sites with excessive ads • Especially above-the-fold – Made-For-Adsense – Thin price-comparison sites
  • 9. Grrrr….make Panda angry•
  • 10. Mmmm…make Panda happy Quality, measured by:• Low bounce rate• Dwell time on site• Original content (inc. images!)• LOTS of content • Rich content (maps, video, pics) • Trust signals • Expert/authority signals
  • 11. Google Dance/Panda Dance• The Bear Dances Slowly• Each page gets a quality “score” • Calculations to come up with scores for all pages in the Google index takes WEEKS • Algo hasn’t changed much, but… • “Data refresh” comes every month or two
  • 12. Make that furball chew FOR you • Rich content – Maps, BIG photos, videos, lots of original text • Consolidate similar pages • Minimize ad real estate above the fold • Use original images Examples: • Bora bora helicopter tours • Corvair at Keels • BMW M1 Monterey
  • 13. References• Navneet Panda’s resume:• SEOmoz chart of Google algo changes:• Matt Cutts video: “quality raters don’t affect the algo directly”:• Google’s public declaration of what makes quality in a page: guidance-on-building-high-quality.html• Google’s reverse image search:• Great reference on Panda from .NET Magazine: know-about-google-panda-and-penguin• List of specific Google algo changes in August/September: updates-panda-knowledge-graph-page-quality-safesearch- 135397• Our “gangnam style” video: v=_bKs_R1AxME