Task 2 smash hits


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Task 2 smash hits

  1. 1. TASK 2
  2. 2. Masthead in pink to reinforce the niche audience of young girls. “ Mc Flys big day out” cover lines indicate that the people reading this magazine are interested in boy bands. Flash to advertise the magazines new look. Yellow frame around the two pictures of McFly, segregate them from the rest of the magazine. Yellow banner / header at the top to separate 3 more cover lines. Main image of Shane Ward as he was upcoming at the time the magazine was issued. “ My shameful style blunders” another cover line that indicates the target audience for this magazine is young girls interested in fashion. Another flash to advertise the “secrets” inside the magazine to encourage people to buy it. Mix of serif and sans serif fonts. Bright pink background immediately attracts young girls. The target audience is 10-14 girls indicated by the bright pink colours and the cover lines about fashion and boys and gossip. Also cover lines like “23 ways to look like the pussy cat dolls” attract young girls aspiring to be like a girl band.
  3. 3. Masthead Main Image of westlife, emphasising that girls will be attracted to this magazine. Black banner to make the white and pink text stand out despite it being small font. Page numbers and page summaries in different shades of pink, reinforces girl readers . Several images to indicate what's inside the magazine the three images have a drop shadow on them to make them stand off the plain white background. Pink banner at the top of the page to draw attention to the pictures layered onto the plain white background. Flash to advertise the competition they are doing, the pink circle stands out Speech bubbles reinforce the age range of the audience, the speech bubbles would appeal to younger people. The target audience is 10-14 girls the same as the cover page, the bright pink colours indicate its target towards girls and the busy layout indicates it is aimed at young people who are interested by lots of things to look at on a page. Also the heading ‘everybody’s talking about’ emphasises girls and their gossiping.
  4. 4. “ Boy Racers ” in a type of font that you would relate to cars, the outline of the font is what you would relate to tyre tracks. The amount of images reinforces who this magazine is aimed at, there is a lot more picture compared to text. Captions at the bottom of every picture to tell the reader what is happening in each image. Main image is of the band McFly, well known band whose main audience is young girls. Flash – advertising a competition to do with McFly The smash hits logo, following the smash hits house style colours. Tyre tracks reinforce the content of the article, go karting. The by-line gives and indication to what the article is going to be about. The target audience is for young teenage girls, interested in the band features. Although this particular article might also attract any teenager interested in the sport go karting, it will mainly be the 10-14 year old girls who can read the whole magazine as opposed to boy just interested in go karting.