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Our Brands


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A short intro to Surgital's Brands

A short intro to Surgital's Brands

Published in: Business

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  • 1. : sales arguments Fresh frozen pasta for High quality of fillings; know-how and ingredients of the dough (5 eggs/kg semolina: like home-made pasta)2. Wide range (over 150 items) for HoReCa3. User-friendly: from the freezer directly into boiling water4. Genuine food: no preservatives, no additives, no colorings5. IQF Technology: no waste, easy to portion6. Hygienicity7. Amazing yield after cooking8. FIC Certifications: professional products for chefs9. Shelf life: 18 months
  • 2. : sales arguments Fresh frozen pastafor upscale restaurants and hotels • Highest quality of fillings; D.O.P. ingredients • Even richer dough: 8 eggs/ kg semolina • Rich fillings: % of filling is higher than % of dough • Huge-sized formats • IQF technology: no waste, easy to portion • Unique technology: irregular shapes and different cuts • Patented individual trays and resealable boxes • User-friendly: from the freezer directly into boling water • Authenticity: no preservatives, no additives, no colorings • Shelf-life 18 months
  • 3. : sales arguments Fresh frozen pasta for catering industry (restaurants/hotels)1. Selection of the most traditional Italian filled egg pasta (Tortellini, Tortelloni, Ravioli)2. References studied for catering professionals3. Presence of breadcrumbs for greater yield4. IQF Technology: no waste, easy to portion5. Hygienicity6. User-friendly: from the freezer directly into boiling water7. Delicate taste8. Shelf-life: 18 months9. Target focus: customers sensitive to price issues
  • 4. : sales argumentsPre-cooked frozen pasta for fast food service 1. Quick preparation: (heating time: from 1 to 4 minutes)2. Twelve references (short durum wheat semolina pasta, long fresh durum wheat semolina pasta, fresh egg pasta and filled fresh egg pasta) 3. Unique precooking system: combination of steam and water = less absorption of water,standard quality, greater yeld during preparation, excellent cookability (“al dente”) 4. Pack: 1 kg bag and 200gr. bag = “food cost” under control5. Less skill, more time (for you!): skilled staff cost is considerably reduced
  • 5. Heating methods:• in boiling water• in a pan (stir fry)• in the microwave (750W)• in the steam oven (100°C)• in automatic pasta-cookerHeating time:• from 1 to 4 minutes
  • 6. : sales arguments Fresh Frozen Sauces in pellets• Careful selection of the ingredients: no • Ten different sauces preservatives, no in pellets of 6-8 gr. additives, no each colorings • Yield 100%: no • Sauces are waste or additional immediately deep- preparation costs frozen after cooking: no sterilized, nor • Versatility: can be pasteurised used as a base or as finished product • Easy portioning: complete control • Nice pack: 4 over food cost bags à 1kg each carton
  • 7. Preparation:• in a saucepan• in the microwave oven (750W)• bain marie• in the refrigerator (+4°C)Heating Time:• 5-6 minutes
  • 8. + COMBINED “WATER + STEAM” PRE- COOKING SYSTEM NATURAL SAUCES FOR GENUINE TASTE  reduces the amount of water absorption during  selected raw materials are carefully cooked pre-cooking – as a results pasta is: Italian style:• “al dente” (thanks to excellent cookability) • a basis for more elaborate sauces• convenient (lower water absorption during precooking means • the ideal preparation for finger-foodgreater yield after heating) • Resealable bag + easy portioning: food-cost under control!• fragrant (it retains the characteristics of the fresh product) andwithout stains or wrinkles The perfect combination to prepare a tasty dish of Italian pasta …in 5 minutes!
  • 9. : sales arguments Single-portion microwaveable ready meals 1. Unique and inviting satinated oval dishes with Fiordiprimi logo 2. The product can be served directly in the dish3. Homogeneous heating of the product thanks to special materials 4. High quality (similar to restaurants) 5. Only four dishes/carton = wider range for the bar! 6. Wide and complete assortment: 45 items, including pasta- dishes, risottos, meat/fish-based main-courses, vegetables 7. POS-Marketing material 8. Multi-channel: for any kind of fast food service 9. Ready in 5 minutes! 
  • 10. : sales argumentsLasagna and Cannelloni in trays for traditional oven 1. Lasagne 2,5 Kg and Cannelloni 2 Kg 2. No preservatives 3. Up to 12 portions of Lasagne each tray 4. Up to 6 portions of Cannelloni each tray 5. Resistant and reusable aluminium tray 6. Two trays / box: easy storage in the freezer 7. Shelf life: 18 months!
  • 11. : sales arguments Pre-cooked frozen egg pasta sheets for lasagne and cannelloni1. Gastronorm size: 25 x 48 cm2. User-friendly: single lasagna sheets separated by a blue plastic film3. Available in yellow (egg) and green (egg + spinach) version4. Wide target of customers: chefs, traditional restaurants, hotels, gastronomy, snack bars, canteens, etc …
  • 12. : sales arguments Frozen pastas for end-users • Small package ideal for Retail sales • Tested formats for higher rotation • Quick cooking in 5 min • Wide choice of short, long, filled pasta • 18 month shelf-life • I.Q.F. no waste tech • Private label available
  • 13. Re Surgital’s pasta: Selected fillings and premium dough Wide range of short, long, filled pasta formats User-friendly and quick Genuine preparation without chemicals or artificial additivesIQF deep freezing for multiple uses with no waste Safe and clean: resealable and practical Impressive yield Long-lasting Certified process and shelf life products
  • 14. So, that’s why…