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World War Slideshow II
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World War Slideshow II


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Education

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  • 1. WORLD WAR I VS. WORLD WAR II What caused these war's? Similarities & Differences
  • 2.
    • There are so many different views on what exactly caused
    • WWI and WWII. There is no true right or wrong answer.
    • One can only acknowledge the various viewpoints and use them to formulate his or her own opinion…
  • 3. World War I
  • 4.
    • Tension between various European countries in a race to acquire new land eventually lead to war.
    • Unlike World War II, World War I was not fought over freedom, political, or religious reasons it was simply a product of greed for new lands.
    General Cause l l l l l l l l
  • 5. World War II
  • 6.
    • World War I and the severity of the Great Depression played a significant role in causing World War II. Both contributing to a major shift of world power.
    • The rise of fascism (making ones state supreme and expanding ones own state at the expense of other countries).
    • Adolf Hitler’s promise to better the conditions following Germany’s defeat in World War I.
    • The rise of militaristic regimes in Germany, Japan and Italy. (Each country seeking expansion and power).
    • The League’s failure to put a stop to the Second Sino-Japanese War of 1931.
    General Causes of WWII
  • 7.
    • Prior to 1914 Germany, France, and Britain were the three industrial super-powers of the world. However, the impact of World War I and the great Depression caused a shift in this power to the United States. Germany, extremely angered by this shift sought to regain their financial and economic standing.
  • 8.
    • World War II was seemingly a result of grievance from the non-ally countries who suffered severely politically and economically following World War I.
    Correlation between the two causes
  • 9. World War I
  • 10.
    • Most commonly, it is said that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is the key element that sparked war.
    • Germany signed a ‘black check’ over to Austria-Hungary pledging their support. This notion (aside from the assassination) gave Austria-Hungary the confidence to engage in a war conflict.
    The Spark On the Other Hand...
  • 11.
    • Austria-Hungary had been at odds with Serbia over land issues prior to 1914 (the year of the Archduke’s assassination.
    • ________________________________________
    • Thus, even if the heir to the throne hadn't been assassinated, Austria-Hungary may have still gone to war with Serbia. However, Not
    • with out Germany’s support.
  • 12. Serbia did not agree to all the terms of Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum which was issued after the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on June 28 th 1914. However, the terms that Austria-Hungary issued in their ultimatum were strict and unyielding. So much so, that it seems the ultimatum was written with the knowledge that Serbia would Not adhere to all the terms. Thus would mean easy access or a reasonable excuse for Austria-Hungary to go to war with Serbia. The assassination is said to be the initial spark of the war but Austria-Hungary took advantage of this incident that occurred on Austria-Hungarian land. Years prior to 1914 when the arch duke was killed, Austria had been in a feud with Serbia. Thus making the spark seem more like an excuse to somewhat mask the real desire for going to war. Austria-Hungary
  • 13. Germany’s ‘blank check’ was key to the outbreak of War.
  • 14. World War II the spark
  • 15. World War II began on September 1 st 1939.
    • When Germany invaded Poland with out declaring war.
    • Britain and France then declared war on Germany on Sept. 3 rd
    • All of the Commonwealth of Nations followed soon after.
  • 16. Correlation
    • One could easily say that Germany caused both WWI and WWII by issuing a ‘blank check’ over to Austria-Hungary (WWI).
    • And…......
    • Invading Poland without the declaration of war. (WWII) revision sdf