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Google+ as a Promotional Tool for Nonprofit Arts Organizations
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Google+ as a Promotional Tool for Nonprofit Arts Organizations


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Using Google+ to promote and connect with nonprofit arts patrons.

Using Google+ to promote and connect with nonprofit arts patrons.

Published in: Technology

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  • Google – search engine giant has integrated social networkingQuotes: Google+, By Crystal Wallis, Technology in the Arts, August 1, 2011
  • Basic Info:Org/Personal namePersonal photo/logo
  • +1 to like, agree, recommend to others. (similar to Facebook thumbs up, or “like” button, except clicking +1 affects search engine results)Circles allow you to group different people into different categories.Hangouts enable face-to-face communication with people around the world.
  • Web is powerful and exciting because of whatpeople make of itConnect w/ ppl from across the worldPpl can tell stories, make recommendations, highlight orgs they love (comment, post, share, +1’s)Google for NPsblog, G+ page, & helpful resources,#CauseILoveEm
  • New way to engage people who really care about your organization:-Moremeaningful conversation (more targeted)-Content becomes more valuable (better responses)
  • Chat, share, discuss, and planLess formality, more personal (more intimate communication)
  • Profile photo -first impressionand primary way you will be recognized (e.g. Denver Center for the Perf Arts Logo)Link to your content found in other places across the webConsistency - posts feel personal and authenticCircles for segmentation and sharingtargetedinformation
  • Draw ppl to your page with engaging mediaResponding to followers – comment, +1, give credit, and +mention in a post
  • G+ badge: +1’s consolidated, ppl can add you to circles directly from your websiteAuthor tag: photo/name appear in search results, tagging content you created.
  • G+ emphasis on contentand peopleAsk what people think, encourage sharing, reward super-fans already posting, tie inyour products & services with trending topicsHave something interesting to sayand compelling to share
  • Transcript

    • 1. Google+ as a Promotional Tool for Nonprofit Arts Organizations Catherine Starek Technology & Marketing in the Arts August 08, 2012 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit
    • 2. Welcome to What is Google+?  (digital content + social networking) + SEO = Google+  “The ultimate content-sharing platform”
    • 3. Google Plus Why is this important?  “Google+ represents a revolution in the integration of digital activity and the way we interact with the world around us.”  Implications for marketing in nonprofit arts
    • 4. Personal/Org Profile Basic Info:  Headers:  Name  Posts  Profile photo/logo  About  Brief Description  Photos  Videos  +1’s
    • 5. What might that look like?
    • 6. Distinctive Features The +1 button Circles Hangouts
    • 7. A Quick Look at Google+
    • 8. Nonprofit Organizations The web is fueled by people  Empower & excite  Connect & Share  Bring people closer to your organization  Google for Nonprofits, #CauseILoveEm
    • 9. The Magic of +1 Personal recommendations (more powerful) Google search results (more targeted reach) Conversation starters Timely endorsement
    • 10. Google+ Circles Create your own categories Group people based on interests, role, etc. Share the right info with the right people
    • 11. Highly customized…
    • 12. HangoutsGet closer to key constituents  Face-to-face interaction  Connect with people near and far  Relationship building
    • 13. Google Hangout: #AudNGageFellow musicians, composers, and arts managers gather on Google+ Hangout todiscuss the topic: Engaging a Younger Audience in the Concert Hall.
    • 14. Arts Orgs Dance  Salsamania Dance Company Orchestras  London Symphony Orchestra  Dallas Symphony Orchestra  Detroit Symphony Orchestra Presenting  Strathmore Theatre  Denver Center for the Performing Arts  Portland Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA)
    • 15. Google Tips: 10 Ways to Build CommunityMake your Google+ Page COMPELLING Start with your profile  Profile photo  Scrapbook photos  “About” section  Links Consistent TONE SEGMENT people and info shared with G+ Circles
    • 16. Building Your Community (cont.)Provide an ENGAGING experience Posts  Schedule  Content  Timing (best times: 10am - 1pm) Exclusive media  Engaging photos and videos Involve your online community  Questions  Feedback  Actively respond & recognize contribution Host frequent Hangouts
    • 17. Community Building (cont.)PROMOTE your G+ page Spread the word  Share with G+ contacts  Email link  Post links on relevant sites Google+ Badge  Include on website (integrated with G+)  More +1’s & fans  Improved Google search Author tag  Attributed content (visually identifiable)
    • 18. Key Considerations for the Arts Emphasis on content and people  “Producing art that resonates with our audiences is vital.”  “People are our most valuable asset.” Digital presence & content sharing  What others say about us  What we say about ourselves
    • 19. Key Considerations (cont.) Impact on search rankings  “Getting people to talk about art online is more important than ever.”  Ask, encourage, reward, make content connections New layer of social interaction online  Distinguish brand among the masses  Give people something to talk about
    • 20. Convince Your Leadership Enhanced security features Customization of Circles and content sharing Potential for mobile-based retail (Google Offers/Wallet) Search engine optimization Direct traffic to your website Increase awareness & build relationships Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA. The Guardian. April 23, 2012 Grow and diversify constituency Word of mouth!
    • 21. References and Suggested Resources Google for nonprofits Google for nonprofits blog 10 ways to build your community on Google+ Getting started guides TITA Google+ Mashable Google Plus Guide
    • 22. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license,visit