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Meydan is a business accelerator located in Amman, Jordan focused on creating value@speed.

Meydan supports the youth and turns their dreams into a reality through training, packaged knowledge, proven tools and Seed fund.

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Meydan brochure

  1. 1. Meydan is a new age money. Our obsession is to accelerator focused on create value@speed using reducing the time from idea to packaged knowledge , proven revenue (I2R). We offer more tools, smart and hard work , than money. The value we and above all passion to make create is 80% from wisdom a difference. and knowhow, and 20% from Our Approach1. Select 2. Orient 3. Shape 4. Seed 5. Build 6. Launch 7. Angel 8. Grow 9. Graduate Pioneer will go Develop startup Passing through Upon a thorough Build offering Continue with plans Pitch your startup 30 additional Graduate from through a rigorous Foundations blue print, service assessment of at speed with 10 and launch the to potential weeks to grow Meydan and selection process including development, and need, Meydan weeks of smart business in an investors. The aim the business from relocate including interviews business model, detailed action may seed the hard work. Show additional 10 is to get the right the core and from business outside and a full week of financial model, plan for the next idea with up to enough progress to weeks. The real funding and adjacency and premises. 12 hours/day to and all 10 weeks. The $10,000 USD to convince investors. test is in the demonstrate that get more funding select only the information aim is to easily cover the startup market. value can be at the right time if best. needed to build & costs. created. needed. succeed understand the business model, and all related topics.
  2. 2. Our Model1. Batch System 2. The Idea 3. Pioneers 4. Services 5. Financing Pioneers go through Ideas need to be expressed Demonstrate passion to Packaged knowledge There is no fee for entering in batches 3-4 times clearly , we have no time for their idea. based on years of this program. per year based on jargon !! 24 by 7 commitment to experience. Meydan will take a 1% capacity. No formal business plan is this idea. Proven tools . equity of your business for required. Can and will put the effort Mentorship. every $ 1,000 USD it invests We value ideas that address needed to make it Subject matter experts. in the business, for a a clear problem or a need. happen. Embedded learning. maximum of $10,000 dollars We value ideas that standout Demonstrated resilience Legal services. Meydan will take equity and different. to withstand the startup Finance & administration. based on services provided: A clear explanation on how challenges ahead of them. Inspiring productive work a) 5% of equity for 22 will you make money. environment. weeks of incubation b) 2.5% additional equity for an additional 30 weeks of incubation c) 2.5% additional equity upon securing an angel investor
  3. 3. Selection Week (week 0) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 61. Startup Day I 2. Startup Day II 3. Outdoor 4. Lego 5. Video Production 6. Selection Day Adventure Structure A simulation exercise Pioneers will have Outdoor activities to Separated into Become familiar with Meydan that spans two days total freedom in how to take pioneers to teams, Pioneers Video production Management will and takes the pioneer spend virtual funds, for their limits!!! must build techniques. select the pioneers through a miniaturized example one might Are you ready? structures using Produce a 5 minute with the best startup experience. spend more funds on Lego blocks. short movie telling potential based on Explore your idea with Business Model Be ready to the story of your idea their performance Business Experts, advisory than Financial showcase and brief in the market . throughout the define Business Model, Model advisory. Meydan week. Financial Model, and At the end of the two management and Assess your own develop an Action plan. days pioneers have to defend the choices performance and In developing your be prepared with a you made in tell us if you still startup learn how to pitching presentation choosing the want to join manage your financial to investors. structure and Meydan. resources by using Be ready for a rough building it. virtual funds to solicit & tough round of professional advice . questioning on every aspect of your business.* The sequence of days is subject to change.
  4. 4. Orientation Week (week 1)1. Business Model 2. Value Proposition 3. Financial Model 4. Risk Management Define your startup business Know what unique service or Estimate revenue streams. Learn how to avoid and Model using a specially features do you offer Estimate associated direct and reduce risks. designed workbook. customers. indirect costs. Estimate cash flows. Define seed capital needed
  5. 5. Shape Week (week 2)1. Blue Print 2. Customer Segmentation 3. Marketing Channels 4. 10 Weeks Action Plan Identify critical elements from Know how to classified your Which channel is the most Develop a10 week plan to the business model, define customers, in order to deliver appropriate to use, how to build the offering and be and detail each one in depth. your message easy and fast. control and manage all ready to launch channels.
  6. 6. Build (weeks 2-12)1. Speed 2. Master Capabilities 3. Core Capabilities 4. Work Packages 5. Your Pitch Compress time from Startups have three generic Each Master Capability is Each core capability is Develop a compelling pitch idea to revenue master capabilities: further divided into core divided into work packages and rehearse for Angel (I2R). Plan & Manage [PM]. capabilities: to be executed in a week. Investor. Leverage packaged Generate Demand [GD]. Organization & Build your startup knowledge and tools Fulfill Demand [FD]. Governance [PM]. capabilities using these work to reduce effort and Finance & packages leveraging our increase productivity. Administration [PM]. knowledge /tools to ensure Divide work into strict IT [PM]. we are ready for your pitch weekly milestones Offering [GD]. during Angel Week. adopting a zero or Sales [GD]. Each work package will be 100 % complete Marketing [GD]. assigned a credit value as principle and nothing Deliver offering [FD]. you complete each work in between. Customer care [FD]. package an equivalent credit value will be earned. We will measure progress of planned credit against actual.
  7. 7. Launch (weeks 12-22)1. Launch Planning 2. Launch Readiness 3. Acquiring My First 4. Soft Launch Customer Define your launch strategy Steps to launch new Achieving customer strategies Soft launch vs. Hard launch Plan your launch from start to products Customer development Timing of product launch finish Product launch marketing process Scheduled program for Product launch marketing success How to find customers launch (What are the Launching and risk Building a culture of customer elements?) management loyalty
  8. 8. Request Angel Investor (optional)1. Network Effect 2. Pitching 3. What is the best deal? 4. Finalizing the agreement We will invite Angel investors Pioneer s will pitch to an angel Meydan will assist pioneers in Meydan will handle all to meet Meydan pioneers when investor. studying offers and advise them paperwork and legal requested. on the best option to proceed documents between the with. investor and the Pioneers.
  9. 9. Grow1. Growth 2. Networks… 3. Alliances… 4. Channels… 5. Lead Generations… 6. Geographic 7 New Offerings… Plan… Markets… . Advise on practical Assist in building a Assist in identifying, Assist in identifying, Assist in generating Assist in identifying, Assist in identifying growth strategies useful network of evaluating and evaluating and leads. evaluating and potential new and action plans. people and forming alliances appointing channel defining entry offerings from the organizations. that strengthen partners. strategies into new core and from growth potential and geographic markets. adjacencies. capability.
  10. 10. PioneerIf you believe you are a and have a Pioneering idea Contact at: Copyright © 2011, Al-Jude NGO. All Rights Reserved