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Mexon Technology- Global license management

Mexon Technology- Global license management






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    Mexon Technology- Global license management Mexon Technology- Global license management Document Transcript

    • Global SoftwareLicense ManagementForLarge OrganizationsAn independent study confirms Aspera SmartTrack is thetool of choice for large organizations.
    • Aspera license management is the solution of who lack the experience and knowledge to roll outchoice for large companies. Our unique, entitlement- license management on a global scale. There arecentric approach has been successfully implemented technical and organizational challenges unique toin projects at organizations with 10,000 desktops to large companies that require special training andglobal enterprises with over 240,000 desktops. In expertise.fact, seven of Aspera’s customers are on Fortune’s2010 list of the world’s 50 Biggest Employers. An independent study by the ITAM Review confirms that Aspera software license management is chosenAspera believes large, decentralized organizations by large and very large organizations more than anyhave been traditionally sold solutions more tailored to other competitor.small and medium size businesses, from providersAn excerpt from the study says: »The graphic above provides a snapshot of the key players in the SAM [software asset management] tools market in terms of the number of customers (blue bars) and the average size of their clients (red dotted line)…In terms of average customer size, there are a couple of spikes from BDNA and Aspera who…tend to engage with larger customers. «Aspera has over 90 customers. As the graph shows of the World’s Largest Companies. They’ve also beenthe average customer has approximately 33,000 with us for 10 years now. From the very beginningdesktops. Aspera’s very first customer has 120,000 Aspera worked with enterprise customers.desktops and comes in at 129 on Fortune’s 2010 listGlobal Software License Management for Large Organizations 2/4
    • Often large organizations are decentralized. With so many different sources, posing a challenge for themany locations around the world, cost centers license management solution provider. How manyusually have IT infrastructures consisting of many data sources does the company have experiencedifferent products. This means the data required to with? How well educated are the consultants on themanage software licenses is going to come from different interfaces?Aspera has over a decade of experience working on the management level. This commonly leads to awith many third party scanning, discovery, and CMDB company having 5 versions of the same softwaretools, and other data collecting systems. One of contract, without even knowing it. If these contractsAspera’s most complex projects is with a Global 500 were combined, the buying power of the organizationcompany that has 86 separate data sources around would increase significantly, giving the company thethe world delivering raw discovery, scanning, usage, power to negotiate more favorable pricing and termsCMDB, and procurement data to Aspera’s solution. and conditions.Our understanding of the customer’s decentralizedorganizational structure helped us consolidate the Aspera’s consultants are specifically trained tovarious data sources to reduce overhead costs. help large organizations overcome this obstacle. WeWithin the first six months we had helped the understand that a license management projectcustomer get full overview of more than 2,300 should not require (many) new processes, but shoulddifferent licensable products mitigating significant extensively integrate existing processes andaudit risks. systems. This ensures that the license management project is implemented in a way that fits theIn a large company keeping an overview of all company’s unique needs and becomes an embeddedpurchases, payments, and assets is a difficult task. part of its daily operations. As a result the complexityIndividual cost centers or group of cost centers, of license management it kept to a minimum.depending on the organizational structure, Transparency increases and helps top decisiontraditionally have their own software agreements and makers identify potential for significant cost savingcontracts—their own procurement procedures and with little to no effort.policies—leading to less oversight and transparencyFor example, one long-term Aspera customer in the for 12 months. Through license management withbanking industry has achieved a very high level of Aspera, the customer knows exactly what licenses ittransparency for their software requests. Together owns and what the product use rights allow. With thiswith Aspera the customer generates high-level KPI information the customer is able to fulfill thousands ofreports to measure the success of its license software requests with licenses it already ownsmanagement. The graph above is just one example (marked green in the graph by “reuse and install”),of how the customer measures success. It illustrates instead of buying new ones. Aspera’s solution helpedthe value of every software request in the companyGlobal Software License Management for Large Organizations 3/4
    • the customer save 895,400 Euros in one year— licensed. It is our opinion that most, if not all solutionscomplete ROI took 4 months. available today were initially designed to support Aspera’s approach is distinct, because it was built physical assets or simple device inventory collectionfrom the ground up to specifically manage software and have been modified in an attempt to supportrather than evolving from a physical asset software assets.management application. Unlike physical assets suchas tables or laptops, software is much more This fundamentally different, entitlement-centricintangible and fluid in nature with specific and distinct approach allows our solution to more effectivelyusage rights. If a solution is not specifically manage software assets through an inherentarchitected to understand these differences then it understanding and support of software entitlements,cannot adequately manage the unique entitlement contractual terms and conditions, and organizationalbased model under which software is sold and support.Aspera’s solution is designed specifically for large Oracle, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, and others—noted byorganizations and to incorporate all important players LME, the license metric engine. Up to the very top,into one cohesive process. From software and where executive level reports show exactly where theprocurement data collection, seen here as the company stands in terms of risk, costs, and savingfoundation of the A-Model, through managing potential.complex license metrics for server software from For more information and to arrange a private introduction to Aspera and our software license management solution, please contact: Mexon Technology B.V. Plesmanstraat 2 Phone +31 33 4321 700 3833 LA Leusden Fax +31 33 4321 521 The Netherlands www.mexontechnology.comGlobal Software License Management for Large Organizations 4/4