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  • Transcript

    • 1. Two Non-Taser Financed Medical Studies Found: Ventricular Capture or Stimulation Found in two independent animal studies regarding the Taser X26 ® Source: Cook County Electrical Trauma Study Group & Canadian Medical Association Journal “ It’s not the voltage that is dangerous, it is the amperage”—Source: Taser International Sales Brochure Taser’s X26 peak amperage is 75% more than the Stinger S-200 Source: Dr. Wayne McDaniel Stinger Systems is not making any representations about the safety of either Taser or Stinger devices, rather is just posting medical study information 145 15.3 SN/Umb Taser M26 137 15.3 SN/X Taser M26 147 14.6 S/S Taser M26 53.3 3.64 SN/Umb Taser X26 56.7 3.40 SN/X Taser X26 51.2 3.48 S/S Taser X26 40.5 2.12 SN/Umb Stinger S200 40.1 1.88 SN/X Stinger S200 43.1 1.96 S/S Stinger S200 RMS Current (mA) Peak Current (A) Orientation Device
    • 2. Tasers: Reliable?
      • "The three officers shot Wrobel about five times with a Taser to "little or no effect," Tyler said. It eventually took five law enforcement officers to handcuff him."
      Taser Troubles for Chattanooga Police But when an unusual amount of them started to malfunction, the department wanted to know why. National Study:  . A single application of a Taser could not be relied upon to be successful unfailingly. Indeed, Taser was "ineffective" 23% of the time from a single application. However, the researchers point out, "Taser training stresses the use of multiple applications in order to bring a suspect under control Houston:   Taser failure "not unusual" Toronto :  Though 25 per cent of Toronto police Tasers have been returned to the manufacturer for replacement, Green Bay  12% Failures
    • 3. Deaths occurring while using a stun device during an arrest or transport
      • Taser: 300+
      • Stinger: 0
      • Stinger Stun devices have been used for eight years, including Band-It and Ice Shield
      • Stinger Systems is not inferring or stating the Taser devices had anything to do with the aforementioned deaths but is just stating arrest statistics
    • 4. If you are sued, What are the costs to a department?
      • Taser has gone to court 69 times for the use of Tasers in the field
      • Stinger: Zero times sued by the use of its products
      • Stinger offers co-insurance to departments under its liability policy, Taser does not
    • 5. Is this the management of the vendor you want? Picture if property of Taser International, all rights reserved
    • 6. An Affidavit that was filed:
      • “ ..while creating a spreadsheet, I became aware of hundreds if not thousands of injuries noted on volunteer exposure reports…..Mr. Smith and Mr. Klint told me to remove the data…..”
    • 7. Taser Does In Fact Use an Explosive Primer in their Cartridge
    • 8. Cartridge components
    • 9. Question: Is Taser Shipping Their Cartridges, Batteries, and Primers Properly? Should they be shipping DG?
      • IATA Regulations to be followed when shipping international are as follows for the cartridges and batteries. (IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, 48th Edition).
      • Cartridges with primers are classified as explosives, Class 1.4S. the UN number is UN0012 (Cartridges, Small Arms). They fall under Packing Group II (medium danger) and Packing Instruction 130, which states inner packaging is not required and intermediate packaging is not required. These items can ship  via passenger or cargo, but the general packing requirements of Section 5 - Subsection 5.0.2, 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 must be followed, which means the 1.4S label on the box, a dangerous goods declaration and packed so if anything causes activation the darts will not penetrate the packaging. Another label is on the outside of the box stating the net and gross explosive amount and a copy of the material safety data sheet included with the commercial invoice and airway bill.
      • Lithium Ion batteries are classified as Class 9. The UN number is UN3091 (Lithium batteries packed with equipment) or UN 3090 (Lithium Batteries) They fall under Packing Group II and Packing Instruction 918 (903 for just batteries). These aren't a problem until you ship more than 12 in a package and the package is over 10 pounds; otherwise, they cannot go passenger - only cargo aircraft - and would need the Danger label on the box, and a dangerous goods declaration and material safety data sheet. 
      • CFR49 Regulations to be followed when shipping domestic air.
      • Cartridges are shipped per Packing Instruction exception 173.63 and related instructions 173.60, 173.61, and 173.62 and 172.204. This requires the box to have the ORM-D AIR sticker, dangerous goods declaration and material safety data sheet.
    • 10. NIJ Study Facts
      • Taser International is being sued by Stinger Systems for false advertising.
      • The NIJ study Taser uses to compare products was initiated in 2005 for only $37,000 to compare Stinger’s older model weapons to the Tasers.
      • Stinger did not even have the S-200 as a concept product in 2005
      • The first release of the Stinger S-200 was in November 2006. NIJ received a first release weapon in December 2006.
      • Almost every aspect of the S-200 has changed including cartridge design, wires, and darts. Internal circuits and design molds.
      • To Stinger’s knowledge Taser has NO studies comparing the current S-200 to its products.
    • 11. Selecting the Stinger is a No Brainer Stinger S-200 Taser X-26 ATF Classified YES NO Cartridge Eject System YES NO Off-the-shelf batteries YES NO Solid Bolt Safety (not a plastic toggle) YES NO Programmable Firing Sequence YES NO RF (radio frequency) Data Transfer YES NO Virtually Unlimited Cartridge Shelf Life YES NO Larger Trigger Guard Area YES NO Under $500 YES NO Taser and Taser International are registered trademarks of Taser International, all rights reserved
    • 12. Real Testimonials
      • Chief Darren Jaros commented, “I had an opportunity to evaluate a Stinger S-200 from a neighboring agency whom is carrying them. After experiencing the effects of the Stinger S-200 and closely evaluating the Taser brand X-26, I easily came to the conclusion that not only was the Stinger far superior to the Taser, I like the fact that Stinger exclusively sells to the law enforcement community at a more affordable cost. I researched all the information out on the Internet and concluded that there is no current information or studies that reflect negatively on the new Stinger S-200 that I am purchasing.
      • After I took a hit with the Stinger, there is no way I believe any of the conclusions that were reached by some so called independent tests and found those tests to be an unfair and bias study that has nothing to do with the new Stinger S-200’s.
    • 13. Command Demonstration 30-minute * TASER ® X26 and TASER M26 Non-Lethal Weapons Based on Version 12.0 Released November 2004 Salvando vidas cada día
      • Arma electrónica – clasificada en el RENAR
      • El caso Rodney King
        • No fue el TASER el arma utilizada en el incidente.
        • Es el primer modelo de arma electrica de 7 watts que no fue fabricada por TASER.
      • X/M26 no causará ataques cardíacos o fallas en un marcapasos.
      • X/M26 es efectiva en sujetos bajo la influencia de drogas y alcohol.
    • 15. Al utilizar el Taser se evita el uso del arma de fuego
      • Aunque muchas situaciones comienzan siendo inofensivas, tienen el potencial de convertirse en mortales.
      • El adecuado uso de armas no letales, como el TASER, puede prevenir que estas situaciones no se agraven alcanzando estos límites letales.
    • 16. TASER aumenta la seguridad del oficial Más de 1000 Departamentos de Policía, adoptaron el TASER. Los oficiales lo llevan diariamente con él.
    • 17.  
    • 18. Resultados del uso del Taser en el Departamento Policial de Phoenix Las primeras 10 ciudades en que sus policías llevan el TASER, en su tarea diaria. (1,500 TASER)
      • Disminución de agresores heridos
      67% Oficiales involucrados en tiroteos 54%
    • 19.  
    • 20. Resultados del Departamento Policial de Cincinnati 1.050 TASER X26 utilizados al 01/04. Resultados luego de 6 meses de uso. 70% Oficiales Heridos Asaltos Sospechosos Heridos Otro uso de la fuerza Quejas de Ciudadanos 70% 40% 50% 50%
    • 21. Departamentos Policiales de Seattle y Miami : Más de 12 meses sin un sólo tiro letal.
      • Por primera vez, luego de 15 años, la policía de Seattle no tuvo ningún oficial involucrado en algún tiroteo. (2003)
      • Durante 2003-2004, los oficiales de la policía de Miami pasaron 19 meses sin disparar sus armas. Antes de portar el TASER, la policía de Miami disparó con sus armas de fuego, un promedio de 15 veces al año de 1990 al 2001 .
    • 22. Adoptan el Taser
    • 23. (Click on image above to start video. Click once to pause.) Taser como primer arma
    • 24. Ventajas al portarlo en forma permanente (Click on image above to start video. Click once to pause.)
    • 25. El TASER tiene un impacto importante en la seguridad del oficial cuando es utilizado como primer arma. Resultados de Campo
    • 26.
      • Extensas pruebas demostraron que no afecta el ritmo cardíaco ni la presión sanguínea.
      • 100,000 voluntarios
      • 99% de ellos fueron incapacitados en menos de un segundo.
      • Los sospechosos pueden sufrir stress por el temor, leves irritaciones en la piel, ampollas temporales y pequeñas marcas si las sondas llegan a la piel.
      • Raras veces, el sospechoso sufrió heridas al caer.
      Seguridad Médica del TASER
    • 27.  
    • 28. Drogadictos (Click on image above to start video. Click once to pause.)
    • 29.
      • Puede causar pequeñas marcas semejantes a las quemaduras leves
      • Puede causar daños oculares si se dispara a la cara.
      • Las contracciones pueden tener riesgos adicionales en mujeres embarazadas, solo por caídas, la señal del Taser no llega al feto.
      Efectos secundarios del TASER
    • 30.
      • No daña el sistema nervioso.
      • En un ambiente mojado, no causa electrocución.
      • No provoca que el individuo se orine.
      Lo que NO hace el TASER
    • 31. Total de veces utilizado: 4,927 Uso satisfactorio: 95.5% Modo de empleo Dardos disparados: 63.9% Al contacto: 21.7% Sólo Laser: 11.8% Acción única: 2.5% Data as of 8/17/04 Generalmente
    • 32. ADVANCED TASER M26 Construído en polímero de alto impacto Peso = 510 gramos Coloración amarilla opcional Power Indicator
    • 33. Utiliza pilas comunes AA Opcional: cargador de pilas del M26
      • Las pilas AA recargables p ueden ser cargadas directamente por el puerto de datos o colocando el pack en el cargador.
    • 34. TASER X26 Construído en polímero de alto impacto con insertos de acero inoxidable. Peso = 198 gramos. Coloración amarilla opcional. Probes Blast Doors AFIDs Laser Sight LIL: Low Intensity Lights (LEDs) Trigger Enhanced Grip Zones DPM: Digital Power Magazine DPM Release Button Stainless Steel Shock Plates Safety Illumination Selector Stainless Steel Serial No. Plate High Visibility Sights Air Cartridge TASER Wire
    • 35. X26 es 60% Más Pequeño
    • 36. X26: Display
      • 0-99% Nivel de batería
        • Al desbloquear el seguro
      • 5,4,3,2,1 cuenta regresiva
        • Al ser disparado
      • Estado
        • Selector superior de láser, linterna,
        • Ambos activados o ambos desactivados.
      • Diagnósticos del sistema:
        • Cuando se inserta la batería
        • 1. Fecha de vencimiento de la batería: Año, Mes, Día
        • 2. Fecha y Hora actual:
        • 3. Temperatura
        • 4. Nivel software
    • 37.
      • Vida útil de 10 años
      • Celdas de energía de litio
      • Provee hasta 195 ciclos
      • Memoria digital (% vida)
      Batería del X26 digital
    • 38.  
    • 39.
      • Porta cargador para dos cartuchos, se instala en la pistolera (eXoskeleton)
      Porta cargadores para 2 cartuchos
    • 40. Cargador reversible (Click on image above to start video. Click once to pause.)
    • 41. Sistema de propulsión
      • 2,200 PSI no inflamable cápsula de nitr ó geno
      • 2 sondas disparadas a 179+ piés por segundo
      • Máximo alcance 11 metros
    • 42. Cartridge Changes XP (7.6 o 10.5 metros) XP (6.4 meters)
    • 43. Cartuchos para práctica
    • 44. X26: XDPM (Batería con base porta cartucho extra)
    • 45.  
    • 46. Arco a través de ropa
      • La onda atraviesa 5 cms. de ropa
      • La onda atraviesa chalecos antibalas
      • de Kevlar
    • 47. Puerto de Datos
      • Puerto de datos: Archiva fecha y hora de cada disparo – 585 – para ser bajado a PC con clave
      • Para efectuar disparos a distancia con robots
      • Para recarga de baterías, sin extraerlas
      • Memoria interna: almacena fecha, hora, duración, temp, estado batería de cada disparo (1,500)
      • Ajuste atomático de hora
      • Datos encriptados
      • Los datos almacenados pueden ser bajados con clave a PC
      • USB
    • 48. Reacción rápida frente a situaciones peligrosas ADD VIDEO OF MX HERE? (Click on image above to start video. Click once to pause.)
    • 49. Efectividad frente a suicidas
    • 50. Efectividad frente a suicidas
    • 51. Uso en animales (Click on image above to start video. Click once to pause.)
    • 52. MX Animal TASER
      • 7 veces más potente que el modelo polcial
    • 53.