C02-neutral bioenergy
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C02-neutral bioenergy

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Jari Niemelä's presentation at the Metso and WWF's Bioenergy seminar in Helsinki on May 15, 2012...

Jari Niemelä's presentation at the Metso and WWF's Bioenergy seminar in Helsinki on May 15, 2012

The first couple of slides are in Finnish, the rest is in English.

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  • 1. Hiilidioksidineutraaliaenergiaa bio- jakierrätyspolttoaineistaFinlandia-talo, Helsinki 15.5.2012Jari NiemeläMyyntijohtaja, Metso Power
  • 2. Metso ja WWF yhteistyössä kohti kestävämpää tulevaisuutta • Teknologiayrityksenä Metso on erikoistunut palvelemaan useita teollisuuden aloja, jotka toimivat luonnonvarojen hyödyntämisessä ja kierrätyksessä • Yhteistyössä mielekkyyttä - voimme auttaa asiakkaitamme saamaan vähemmästä enemmän ja pienemmillä päästöillä - totetuttamaan kestävän kehityksen periaatteitaFocus: parhaalla saatavissa olevalla tiedolla ja taidolla • Metso toiminut pitkään WWF Suomen yhteistyökumppanina • Hedelmällinen yhteistyö – arvostamme WWF Suomen toimintatapaa hakea kumppaneita nykyisten ja tulevien haasteiden ratkaisuun • WWF:n Living Planet -raportti käsittelee uusia energiamuotoja - myös biomassapohjaisia energiantuotantomuotoja2 © Metso
  • 3. Metso supplies sustainable technology and services globally About 30,000 employees > 50 countries 2011 net sales EUR 6.6 billion Listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd Mining and Pulp, Paper Automation Construction and Power We invest EUR 90 million in RTD OUR MISSION: We contribute to a more sustainable world by helping our customers to process natural resources and recycle Group Head Office & support functions materials into valuable products.3 © Metso
  • 4. Planet earth is drowning because of the mankind’s actions • Limit the temperature increase of the atmosphere to 2 °C above the pre-industrial levels • Achieve 50-85% reduction in global CO2 emissions • Time is of the essence!4 © Metso
  • 5. But, how concerned are we really? According to a recent survey * the Finns are less worried about climate change today than 4 years ago 2008: 40% considered climate change as a serious problem Today only 23 % is concerned Why ? Climate change is less in the headlines nowadays – “worn out” media topic Threat is not immediate – ”two good winters” enhance the perception Short term economical concern prevail over long term environmental concern * Channel 4 news5 © Metso
  • 6. How to enable global economical growth without putting sustainable future at risk? Air pollution Global warming Drought Ozone depletion Water pollution Population growth Waste Oil reserves run out6 © Metso
  • 7. Germany - one of the world’s leading economies has made a strong commitment to renewables100% Renewable energy Nuclear energy HOW?50% Fossil energy 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 20507 © Metso Source:ecoprog
  • 8. All forms or renewable energies are needed – biomass and waste will play an important role Biomass Wood and forest residuals Waste Recycled wood Hydro MSW Agro powerRenewable Wind SRF Energy energy power crops Geothermal REF Algea energy Solar Others Others power Wave and tidal energy New innovations8 © Metso
  • 9. Our target in the technology development: Sustainability = Profitability Value to a customer and environment Lower Less Compliance consumption chemicals with authority regulations and society expectations. Increased Lower Positive recycling raw material environmental and fresh image to attrack water both customers consumption and talent. Utilization of Emissions Improved renewable reduction business energy performance - growth & profitability. Sustainability goals drive technology development © Metso9
  • 10. CO2-neutral power generation – the world’s largestbiomass and multi-fuel solutions come from usSince 2000 Metso has delivered biomass and multi-fuel solutions thatgenerate about 5000 MW electricity – most of them are CHP applications Solver effect Solver effect Replaces over CO2 emissions equivalent to over 24 140,000 rail car million cars are avoided annually. loads of coal annually. CHP = Combined heat and power10 © Metso
  • 11. From combustion to new conversion technologies agro waste heatToday wood Combustion steam peat electricity fossil heat Combustion steam and pre -processing agro electricity Fuel handling waste Gasification Bio gas2020 wood Pyrolysis Bio oil New bio products peat fossil Torrefaction Bio coal Lignoboost Lignin 11 © Metso
  • 12. Vaskiluodon Voima, Finland - world’s largest gasification plant Instrumentation, electrification, automation Biomass receiving Belt dryer Gasifier Existing coal fired boiler and storage 140 MW fuel12 © Metso
  • 13. Fast pyrolysis based bio oil production plant Fortum in Joensuu, Finland In fast pyrolysis wood is decomposed Pyrolyzer in oxygen-free atmosphere in the boiler building 225 000 solid m³/a forest chips are heated up, volatiles extracted and condensed to generate bio oil Bio-oil recovery Bio oil production reactor is integrated to an existing fluidized bed boiler Annual production 50 000 t of bio oil Bio-oil tanks 50,000 t of bio oil can replace fossil oil in heating of more than 10 000 Fuel receiving, private homes drying and Start-up in the autumn of 2013 crushing13 © Metso
  • 14. Revolution of the waste management must go on- a huge sustainability and business opportunity Landfills are filled with treasures – gold, copper, aluminum... Huge energy recovery potential for substitution of fossil fuels ”It is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it !” 14 © Metso
  • 15. Utilization of waste in energy production Sustainability degree = recovery rate of materials and energy Solid recycled fuel (SRF/REF) Solid recycled fuel New (SRF/REF) Pressurized future gasification innovations Solid recycled fuel Atmospheric (SRF/REF) gasification Municipal solid waste FB technology (MSW) Landfill Lahti Energia Grate gasification Technology technology plant approach15 © Metso
  • 16. Leading waste to energy technology Recycled waste gasification plant for Lahti Energia Oy Metso’s delivery: waste gasification process, product gas cleaning, gas boiler, air pollution control, auxiliary equipment and automation systems 2 gasification lines: 50 MW of electricity 90 MW of district heat High-efficiency conversion of recycled waste to energy to reduce fossil fuels in energy production16 © Metso
  • 17. Future outlook: Biomass and recycled fuels will present an increasing share of renewable utilization Flexible biomass capacity requires less backup power and grid investment Biomass generates both heat and electricity Globally traded biomass is complementing locally sourced biomass • Secure supply • Reduction in dependence on oil and gas • Employ people locally Challenge: • Next generation of technologies to improve utilization of biomass and recycled fuels17 © Metso
  • 18. Planet earth will create new life if only we cherish it.18 © Metso PPP General overview
  • 19. Bioenergiaseminaarin esitykset ladattavissa SlideShare palvelussa www.slideshare.net/metsogroup Focus: Kiitokset !! jari.niemela@metso.com19 © Metso