Metsä Board CMD 2014 Heads of Business Areas, presentations


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CMD 2014 Heads of Business Areas, presentations:
Best-in-Class Product and Service Offering
Supporting Global Customers to Improve
Profit and Sustainability
Presented by Ari Kiviranta, Seppo Puotinen andPasi Piiparinen.

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Metsä Board CMD 2014 Heads of Business Areas, presentations

  1. 1. Metsä Board Best-in-Class Product and Service Offering Supporting Global Customers to Improve Profit and Sustainability Ari Kiviranta, Seppo Puotinen, Pasi Piiparinen CMD 22.5.2014
  2. 2. Metsä Board Content 1. Fit-For Purpose Folding Boxboard Offering 2. Forerunner in High Quality Linerboards 3. Advanced Services and Supply Chain 4. Development in North America 2
  3. 3. Metsä Board Fit-For Purpose Folding Boxboard Offering Ari Kiviranta, Head of Cartonboard BA
  4. 4. Metsä Board Metsä Board’s Folding BoxboardsAre Ideal for Many End-Uses Food 31% Cigarette 24% Merchant sales 19% Cosmetics and others 13% End-Uses of Metsä Board’s FBB Pharmaceuticals 13%
  5. 5. Metsä Board Recycled fibre based cartonboard Average FBB SBB (Solid Bleached Board) Metsä Board FBB Metsä Board Is the Global Quality Leader in Folding Boxboard ‒ Cost competitiveness and sustainability thanks to light weight ‒ Pure and safe ‒ Superior printing surface ‒ Best quality consistency ‒ Traceable raw material 5
  6. 6. Metsä Board Better Cost Competitiveness and Smaller Environmental Load 6 Product Old packaging material Weight/m2 Weight of Metsä Board’s FBB/m2 Difference in weight Cosmetics packaging Solid bleached board 341 gsm 270 gsm 21% Hygiene product packaging Recycled fibre based cartonboard 326 gsm 210 gsm 36% Case from Europe
  7. 7. Metsä Board Weight Differences in NorthAmerica Even Greater than in Europe 7 Product Old packaging material Weight/m2 Weight of Metsä Board’s FBB/m2 Difference in weight Food packaging Solid bleached board 193 g 141 g 27% Confectionary packaging Recycled fibre based cartonboard 406 g 240 g 41% Case from North America
  8. 8. Metsä Board ‒ Current products continuously improved ‒ Latest enhancements launched successfully in Spring 2013 ‒ New innovations to reduce weight and improvement in visual properties further in the pipeline ‒ New products and end use areas actively developed. Latest new product introductions: 8 Carta Dedica Light weight cup stock and food service board Carta Allura Luxury packaging board Strong Focus on Product Development
  9. 9. Metsä Board Metsä Board Enters the Cartonboard Segment for Food Service and Cups with Carta Dedica ‒ Market growth 4 %/a ‒ Global market about 2,5 million tonnes ‒ The leading responsible brands are favoring more and more paperboard in food service solutions ‒ Carta Dedica up to 15 % lighter in weight than typical paperboards in food service end use ‒ Targeted volume already in 2014 over 10 000 tonnes. Mid-term target at least 100 000 tonnes/a 9
  10. 10. Metsä Board 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 Others Cascades Holmen IP Mayr-Melnhof Stora Enso Metsä Board Thanks to the Extensive Development Work Metsä Board is Clearly the Largest Folding Boxboard Producer in Europe Capacity: 1,000 t/a 34% 25% 13% 8% 8% 6% 6% Source: Pöyry Management Consulting Oy 10
  11. 11. Metsä Board Forerunner in High Quality Linerboards Seppo Puotinen, Head of Linerboard and Paper BA
  12. 12. Metsä Board 12 High Quality Linerboards Other Linerboards 3 million tonnes Growth~5%/a Metsä Board Focuses on High Quality Linerboards Made Out of Fresh Forest Fibres Metsä Board’s products 65 million tonnes Growth 1-2%/a
  13. 13. Metsä Board Kemi’s White Top Kraftliners a Global Success Story 13 - Kemi’s coated linerboards are used as the outer layer of high quality flexo printed corrugated boxes used in retail packaging and sales promotion - Kemi’s linerboards offer superior printing surface balanced with optimized strength properties - Kemi mill’s capacity is increased from 375 000 to 400 000 tonnes and it focuses almost fully on coated grades by end 2014 One of the very few European forest industry products that have reached the market leadership both in Europe and in North America
  14. 14. Metsä Board Great Start for Husum’s Light-Weight Linerboard Sales 14 - Husum’s fully bleached liners are specifically designed for high quality offset printed microflute packaging applications - Pure and safe linerboard from Husum offer great advantages especially in food packaging e.g. pizza boxes and frozen food - Husum’s liner in all three layers of corrugated board - Replacing mainly recycled fibre paperboard and plastics - Husum’s coated linerboards offer the best printing surface globally for offset printing and litholamination - Target is to benefit Husum’s full linerboard annual production potential of about 280 000 tonnes during the next few years 0 2 4 6 8 102013 112013 122013 12014 22014 32014 42014 Husum linerboard deliveries, 1,000 tonnes Fluting Liners Corrugated board structure
  15. 15. Metsä Board Metsä Board’s New Generation Linerboards Enable Expansion to New Wood Fibre Based PackagingApplications 15 - Pure and safe fresh forest fibre linerboard is safe to use even in the most demanding food packaging applications - Microflute boxes offer very high stiffness thanks to special structure - New applications enable accelerated growth of wood fibre based materials’ share of total packaging material market Competitiveness against plastics improving materially especially in food packaging Wood fibre based materials 36 % Others 64 % Source: Smithers Pira Global packaging material market, EUR 600 billion
  16. 16. Metsä Board 16 Linerboards from Kemi Folding Boxboard Linerboards from Husum Metsä Board Is NowAble to Offer Even Wider Coverage of High- Quality Paperboards for Consumer Goods Companies and Converters
  17. 17. Metsä Board Metsä Board is Europe’s Second Largest White-Top Fresh Forest Fibre Linerboard Producer. No. 1. When Husum in Full Run Source: Metsä Board, Pöyry Management Consulting Oy 17 Capacity: 1,000 t/a 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Others SCA Mondi BillerudKorsnäs Metsä Board Smurfit Kappa 28% 27% 17% 14% 11% 3%
  18. 18. Metsä Board Advanced Services and Supply Chain Pasi Piiparinen, Head of Sales, Cartonboard BA
  19. 19. Metsä Board 19 - Lean Supply Chain Management project was launched in 2012 to improve - Service level experienced by customers - Efficiency of supply chain via improved forecasting - Reduced working capital - Services and processes related to supply chain were challenged and redesigned - Result was six harmonised supply models and efficient processes, implementation in 2013-2014 - Target is 20 % reduction in stocks and benchmark level in delivery accuracy and customer service Metsä Board’sAlready Top Class Supply Chain Operations Further Improved byAvailability Services
  20. 20. Metsä Board Technical Customer Service in Key Role toAchieve Growth Targets 20 - Metsä Board ensures that consumer goods companies and converters can succeed and add value by using our paperboards - Together with our customers we select an optimal board for each end use, packaging design and printing method - Metsä Board works also with the customers’ customer to help them create the optimal package from sustainable raw material - The consultative role of technical customer service is especially important in the markets where the modern FBB is today not widely used, like North America.
  21. 21. Metsä Board Sustainability Services a Major Differentiator Favouring Metsä Board 21 - Verification of origin of wood raw material - Services to help customers calculate the environmental impact of different packaging materials throughout the product´s life cycle - Training for customer´s organisations, sales and production to benefit the sustainability achievements at consumer front - Superb knowledge of fibres and combination of various pulps makes it impossible to copy our sustainability advantages
  22. 22. Metsä Board Development in North America Pasi Piiparinen, Seppo Puotinen
  23. 23. Metsä Board FBB Sales to NorthAmerica Growing Fast Month by Month 23 ‒ Metsä Board’s FBB has proven its competitiveness among North American consumer goods companies and converters ‒ It is adding a missing piece to the North American cartonboard offering enabling the enhancement of sustainability ‒ In food service business our new Carta Dedica has had a major breakthrough ‒ Metsä Board will at least double it´s FBB deliveries in 2013 compared to 2014 0 4 8 12 16 1Q13 2Q13 3Q13 4Q13 1Q14 FBB deliveries to North America, 1,000 tonnes +82%
  24. 24. Metsä Board Strong Growth Continues in Linerboards Thanks to Kemi’s Doublecoated Grades and Husum’s New Fully Bleached Products 24 ‒ Market leadership of Kemi’s white top linerboards will be further strengthened ‒ Our growth is further accelerated by Husum’s light weight uncoated and coated liners - Access to corrugated offset applications will enlarge hugely our graspable market potential ‒ By combining the Kemi and Husum portfolios, Metsä Board’s target in 2014 is to grow at least 20 % in 2014 from the 130 000 tonnes delivered in 2013 Metsä Board’s fresh forest fibre linerboard deliveries to North America, 1,000 tonnes 0 30 60 90 120 150 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 +70%
  25. 25. Metsä Board Thank you! QA 25