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Metro Philadelphia 2014 Media Kit

  1. 1. Media Kit Philadelphia 2014 free•mi•um / fremie m / e noun 1. Metro is FREEMIUM – a FREE information delivery mechanism in a PREMIUM package, delivered at the most opportune time.
  2. 2. #1 Daily Newspaper in Philadelphia! FREEMIUM is the FUTURE In the era of information overload, consumers seek the fastest route to information – and they don’t want to pay for it. They want clean, crisp, concise delivery of content in an attractive, manageable format. Metro is FREEMIUM – a FREE information delivery mechanism in a PREMIUM package, delivered at the most opportune time. Commuters crave Metro – fast facts and infotainment; in the paper and on their smart devices — on their way to work. Our readers are young, active and metropolitan employed commuters, prime for your message in our free medium. The future of media is free – get what you’re missing with Metro. Source: AAM (Mar-13), CAC Audit Report (Sep-12) Philadelphia County
  3. 3. Engaging Platform for a Fast-Paced Lifestyle News not Views Award-winning Design Concise, unbiased editorial on subjects readers care about. Metro upgraded it’s design! It is still in full color and stapled. World’s Largest Newspaper REHABILITATING ‘ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’ PAGES 14-15 chances are you’re not just BBQing veggies. Lift more than a spatula. Join today for special summer rates. 1 NEWS philadelphia sports clubs PHILADELPHIA’S #1 DAILY NEWSPAPER Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | Community based content on the issues that matter most to Metro readers. t: MetroPhilly | f: MetroPhilly 32 Lawyer’s girlfriend found dead 1 Video: Has Gangnam Style’s time passed? Psy loudly booed at Italian soccer match PAGE 12 Unduplicated audience Metro reaches an unduplicated audience of young, affluent, urbanites. Quick and Informative Read ‘Now You See’ James Franco’s bro PAGE 13 Michaels chooses his poison: RVs PAGE 17 Top 3 Trending online at Kennedy’s ‘American Spirit’ 15 Grams of sugar in the Suncup 4-ounce fruit punch drink ZERO Vitamins in either option What are they serving our kids for breakfast? What parents are saying. Some moms and dads say their children aren’t getting a healthy meal at school to start their days. What the school district is saying. Officials say it meets federal requirements. PAGE 02 2 Video: Cheeserollers thumb noses at England’s killjoy police 3 Ding Jinhao was here: Teenager etches name into 3,500-year-old temple Local Tweet “Please take the time to honor those who have fought n those who have fallen this Memorial day n everyday.” @dlux1851 dwells on the important part of Memorial Day weekend. Metro is designed to be read within the average commuter time. Innovative advertising executions Metro offers premium and integrated options for advertisement placement. 2 Some parents uneasy over breakfast options Facts Diet. Parents say pupils are given a snack mix, muffins, pancakes and concentrate juices for meals at school. Wallace said the ideal breakfast for a child in the morning is to have something from three of the five food groups. The nutrition facts for the drinks offered, according to the district, say: • Grams of carbohydrates in a Sun “Morning Mix-ups” apple cinnamon-flavored multigrain snack mix PAGE 04 NEWS Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Once a month, students at Andrew Jackson and Stephen Girard elementary schools receive for breakfast a bag of Sun “Morning Mix-ups” apple-cinnamon flavored snack mix, parents said. The multigrain snack of bagel buttons and oat squares has 200 calories, 7 grams of sugar, 6 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein and 130 milligrams of sodium. No vitamins, no minerals and 16 grams of whole grain. For a drink, the kids can choose from fruit juice, chocolate or plain milk. The fruit juice has 60 calories, 15 grams of sugar, 15 milligrams of sodium and 14 grams of carbohydrates. No protein, no vitamins. Parents from the two schools are asking, “Why doesn’t the school district offer healthier options than a bag of chips and fruit punch?” The district feeds all district elementary school kids breakfast and lunch • Chocolate milk: Fat-free, low-sugar milk, 120 calories, 7 grams of added sugar, 19 grams total carbohydrate • Plain milk: 1 percent milk, 100 calories, 12 grams of carbohydrate Some parents have questioned whether the breakfast, including drinks, is healthy enough. / THINKSTOCK Quoted “Something like whole wheat toast with peanut butter and milk is going to be less expensive than a bag of Sun chips over the course of a year, most likely, and you’re getting a lot more whole food and nutrients.” Nutritionist Beth Wallace Homicide. Montco teen stabs girlfriend to death, police say A Montgomery County boy, 16, was charged with stabbing his girlfriend, 17, to death Saturday night, reports say. Tristan Stahley faces charges of firstdegree murder after he allegedly killed his girlfriend Julianne Siller in a wooded area in their hometown of Skippack, reports say. Fruit juice: Contains 100 percent fruit juice from concentrate. Siller, of Royersford, was stabbed multiple times after the two argued about a broken cell phone and Siller’s nightlife. After an attempt to hide the body, Stahley emerged from the woods and told his mother he killed Siller, reports say. up to eighth grade. For many students, officials have said, this may be the only meals they eat. Some other items on the month’s meal calendar includes muffins and pancakes with syrup. One parent described the muffins as “unfrosted cupcakes.” The parent, who asked to remain anonymous, called the “Breakfast Round,” served twice a month, a “doughnut.” While fruit is mentioned several times on the menu, some parents said they have not seen it available. Beth Wallace, a nutritionist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Rescued said in regard to the snack mix, “There are better and probably less expensive options.” “Something like whole wheat toast with peanut butter and milk is going to be less expensive than a bag of Sun chips over the course of year, most likely, and you’re getting a lot more whole foods and nutrients,” Wallace said. She said oatmeal with nuts or yogurt with fruit would be ideal. “I really think that anything in the morning is better for a child — but really to maximize the start to their day, they actually need nutrients, not just calories,” she said. Invaded 50 trapped in casino elevator Family’s cookout food stolen Firefighters rescued 50 people from several elevators that became stuck in separate incidents at Revel Casino in Atlantic City Sunday morning, reports say. The people climbed ladders through elevator shafts to safety. Two men invaded a North Philadelphia home Sunday and stole electronics, money and supplies for a Memorial Day cookout, police said. The two men stole pills, $5,000, a flatscreen TV, jewelry, two smartphones, food and drinks. METRO METRO METRO Original Content 90% of Metro’s news is produced by Metro journalists. Metro has a larger editorial staff worldwide than CNN. Fernando Gallard, school district spokesman, said, “All breakfast menus meet or exceed the federal requirements.” The snack mix “provides two bread equivalents according to the USDA required meal pattern,” Gallard said in an email. “The current meal pattern does not require whole grains. In preparation for next school year, we have enhanced our menu by providing items that contain whole grains.” TOMMY ROWAN Merger Two parishes to combine Two Bridesburg parishes, All Saints and St. John Cantius, will become one as of July 1, the Archdiocese said. The combined parish, to be named St. John Cantius, will have a new pastor by the end of the month. Geography and attendance were cited as reasons. METRO
  4. 4. Metro is No. 1 in Philadelphia 117,454 000s daily copies 100 80 86 More circulation than both the daily news and inquirer combined! 60 40 Daily Copies* 72 40 32 20 Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia Daily News Philadelphia Daily News & Inquirer with more circulation than the traditional paid newspapers in Philadelphia Source: AAM (Mar-13 & Sept-13), CAC Audit Report (Sept-13) Philadelphia County Average Mon-Fri *Total
  6. 6. Metro’s Unique Demographic 282,876 54%/46% Daily Readers Women / Men 47 $83,300 72% Median Age Average HHI* Employed or studying metro Philadelphia has an Exclusive Readership Working, active, employed consumers - who AREN’T reading the competition! Source: Scarborough 2012-13, *Employed
  7. 7. Reaching the Young Urban Professional Metro Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News Median Age 47 59 50 Adults 18-34 29% 16% 21% Adults 18-49 54% 31% 48% Adults 21-54 70% 36% 64% Adults 55+ 29% 58% 34% White Collar 44% 41% 39% Parents,children in HH under 12 31% 14% 28% Metro delivers the youngest audience in PHL! Source: Scarborough 2012-13 Metro has the MOST readers in the 21-54 demo!
  8. 8. A Loyal, Exclusive Readership Metro enjoys an exclusive, dedicated audience that doesn’t read other (Monday-Friday) newspapers. Philadelphia Weekly 93% 92% City Paper Philadelphia Inquirer 78% Philadelphia Daily News 0% Source: Scarborough 2012-13 67% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  9. 9. Editorial Framework Written for the aspirational, educated, young professional concentrated commuter markets. NEWS Entertainment Local and world news, commentary, business, the environment... Entertainment, arts, culture, music, theater, voices/reader, listings... SPORTS The Weekly Sections Sports results and game stories, plus the lives, fans and emotions behind the games... MONDAY: Careers & Education TUESDAY: Travel, Style, Higher Education WEDNESDAY: Real Estate, Style THURSDAY: Going Out, Style • FRIDAY: Weekend Monday-Thursday: Health and Wellbeing Mind/Spirit, Parenting/Kids, Fitness and Dating 1 NEWS PHILADELPHIA Tuesday, June 4, 2013 2 Guardian Angels debut reality show in Philly Crime-fighting. The Guardian Angels have recently seen a surge in their popularity. Volunteer crime-fighting organization the Guardian Angels has been around since the 1970s but has recently seen a new surge in popularity, as documented by reality show “Angels in Action,” which debuted last week at Philadelphia’s Comic Con. “We are seeing an uptick in people being interested, if not in joining chapters, in setting up their own in their community,” Pennsylvania coordinator Scott Koppenhofer said. “In part, that’s because of right now with the financial situation, police departments across the country just do not have the funding they had years ago. Grant money and government funding is very slim, and they’re trying to get creative with what to do. We’re finding more police departments in more cities are willing to work with us more because they need the extra help.” The show is the brainchild of the Angels and Gary Kleinman, who  for more than 20 years worked at Disney Studios, departing in 2011 as vice president of new media to Quoted “If we witness a crime, we’re obligated to follow that all the way to the court system as a witness. It’s not for everybody, but we always say you’ve got to do something in your community to make a difference. Don’t just close your blinds and stick your head in the sand.” Koppenhofer launch Web-only channel “They have had offers for TV shows before, but they wanted them to fake things, have stunt doubles — that’s not who they are. They didn’t want to compromise,” Kleinman said, noting that “Angels in Action” is shot by camcorder-wielding Guardian Angels on patrol rather than studio camera crews. “This is a real show,” he continued. “I think reality TV has given itself a black eye, because no one believes it’s real anymore.” Partially shot in Philadelphia, the first episode of “Angels in Action” details patrolling members attempting to galvanize a neighborhood around the rape and robbery of a 63-year-old woman and performing a citizens arrest on a college student seen buying drugs in Kensington. Koppenhofer said the Guardian Angels’ leadership is currently going through a “restructuring” process in Philadelphia, training new members in first aid, CPR, verbal de-escalation, citizens’ arrests and self defense in preparation for a renewed presence, which will start by targeting the area near Kensington and Somerset avenues. 2 CULTURE ALEX WIGGLESWORTH Public safety Top 3 Trending online at Police seek serial rapist 1 Man poses as Harry Styles to get girls naked 2 Chin up, America: Only 1 in 3 report very happy 3 Michael Douglas blames cancer on HPV: Can oral sex really cause cancer? Local tweet “Omg! Frank Lautenberg, may you Rest In Peace! You came out your death bed to vote on gun reform! At ease soldier. At ease.” Philadelphia blogger Natalia John, @brainbullet, on yesterday’s passing of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg at the age of 89 There’s a good time brewing at Headhouse Square Marisa Magnatta, center, enjoys a laugh and a beer with some friends at the opening night of the Philly Beer Week Garden at 2nd and Lombard streets last night. Philly Beer Week kicked off May 31 and runs through June 9. / CHARLES MOSTOLLER, METRO Ranked Report: Philly is fourth-worst city for small business workers Philadelphia is the fourth-worst city in the country for small businesses employees, according to a report released by credit card comparison website The report, “The Best and Worst Cities to Work for a Small Business: 2013,” used 10 different metrics based on Census and labor data. Philadelphia ranked No. 27 on the list, coming in ahead of just Sacramento, Riverside and Detroit. METRO Arrest. Delaware man charged with fifth DUI Delaware State Police on Sunday arrested Raymond Warncke, 33, and charged him with his fifth DUI offense. Investigators said Warncke was driving on South DuPont Highway shortly before 4 p.m. when a state trooper observed he wasn’t wear- ing his seat belt. After stopping him, he said he smelled an alcoholic odor. Warncke was taken into custody and allegedly found to be in possession of about 11 grams of marijuana. Police said he had four previous DUI convictions. METRO Police are looking for a “volatile” serial rapist who has since March assaulted four Germantown females, aged 12 to 17. The suspect struck on March 19, April 23, May 19 and, most recently, last Sunday. “These are all teenagers in that particular area, approached on the highway by a single perpetrator,” Capt. John Darby of the Special Victims Unit said. “He’s armed with a handgun and forces them off the highway into alleys, behind properties and, most recently, into a recreation center, where a sexual assault does take place.” Police are asking anyone with information to come forward before the situation escalates further. “It’s a dangerous situation here,” Darby said. “We’ve got a guy with a gun, young female victims — we can’t predict what they’re going to do. We’ve got to get him off the street, and we’re asking the public to do that.” METRO Under ‘Arrested’ Get Funke-D up at • Photos of yesterday’s Never Nudes Unite convention in Times Square • New footage of the upcoming season • Two full minutes of the best Tobias Funke moments • How visitors to the Bluth banana stand responded to the “big yellow joint.” Weekend, May 17-19, 2013 TELEVISION Interview. Jessica Walter slips right back into the boozy matriarch role that made her famous — again. By her count, Jessica Walter has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for 50 years, a period of time that encompasses a vast body of work — dramatic (“Grand Prix”), suspenseful (“Play Misty for Me,” opposite Clint Eastwood), supernatural (“Dr. Strange”) and, most recently, comedic (“Archer”). But for Walter, the forthcoming return of “Arrested Development” offers a reassuring reminder that her career has transcended not just different genres, but different generations. “Certainly demographically, there are probably people who thought I was dead,” Walter jokes. Returning as boozy matriarch Lucille Bluth, Walter says virtually every line of dialogue in the 15 new episodes creator Mitchell Hurwitz wrote has a double (or even triple) meaning, much like those in the 53 episodes of the show that were broadcast during its three seasons on Fox. But because each episode now focuses on a different character instead of simply following Jason Bateman’s Michael Bluth, conversational contexts shift frequently — a change that provided a considerable challenge for the cast as they navigated Hurwitz’s latticework of plot strands and one-liners. “We didn’t know a whole lot a lot of the time, which makes it much more difficult,” she admits. “In the end, it all worked out, but it’s a strange way to work because you don’t have all of the materials.” Still, even after a sevenyear hiatus between the show’s cancellation and its Netflix rebirth, Walter says she slipped easily back into the role. “The thing about our show, which I think you probably realize from watching it, is that the writing is so characterspecific,” she observes. She says her maternal instinct kicked in as soon as she encountered actor Tony Hale, who plays her tragic son Buster, maimed after he ignored a warning to beware of what he thought somebody was saying was Lucille. As viewers will remember, it was really a loose seal, which ate his hand whole. “Once I heard Tony’s voice and once I saw him, there he was with the hook and his pathetic demeanor — he was my little Busty again.” Between “Arrested Development” and “Archer,” on which she plays another alkie mom, Walter finds herself in the midst of a remarkable career renaissance, a fact she’s grateful for, regardless of whether people know her prior to playing these cantankerous, irresistibly manipulative mothers. “I’m so glad they think of something,” she says humbly. “At my age I’m privileged that they think of something, so it doesn’t bother me a bit if they think of me as Lucille.” Quoted “People have been really nice — they don’t seem to think of Lucille as horrible, thank God. But as long as they’re thinking of me, it makes me happy.” Walter TODD GILCHRIST Flashback Do not play ‘Misty’ for her We did not ask Jessica Walter about that movie where she has sex with Clint Eastwood. For his 1971 directorial debut “Play Misty for Me,” Clint cast her as a woman who becomes obsessed with his sexy radio DJ. Walter became cinema’s first-ever crazed onenight stand victim, who begins attacking him and his loved ones with a knifewielding fury. She was so good she was borderline uncastable for years — that’s how terrifying her performance was. But she’s not known for that character as much anymore, thankfully. “I have people that are my age and older who know who I am, who remember some of my work from the old days,” says Walter. “Then I used SPORTS 10 Guzzling martinis with Lucille Bluth to get, ‘Wow, my mother really likes you.’ Then I’d get, ‘My grandma really likes you.’ And now I get ‘I really like you!’ So how can I be unhappy about that?” 23 EAGLES NEW ERA NEEDS MATCHING NEW ATTITUDE Jason Peters is the best player on the Eagles, a dominant left tackle with five Pro Bowl appearances in eight years. He is recovering from two Achilles surgeries and an entire season of inactivity. He is learning the system of an unorthodox new coach. He is a team leader. So why has he blown off two weeks of practice? According to the Eagles, Peters isn’t required to attend OTAs and he is staying away for personal reasons. Oh, they’re personal. He is steamed at the organization for costing him more than $3 million by designating his second Achilles problem as a nonfootball injury. Hollis Thomas, a former Eagle and a co-host on my WIP radio show, has been reporting that Peters is not willing to volunteer his services — especially at the unusually rigorous practices being conducted by Chip Kelly — because he feels the Eagles showed no respect to him last season. Yes, Peters re-injured himself outside of the Eagles facilities, but he did it while trying to accelerate his rehab. He did it for the team. Who is in the right here doesn’t matter. The real issue is that Peters will be behind his team- The Voice of Philly Sports ANGELO CATALDI mates when the second minicamp opens today and when training camp starts in seven weeks. First-round draft pick Lane Johnson will not be working with his bookend across the offensive line because Peters is angry. The best player on the Eagles will not be making his teammates better. This is hardly the first time the Eagles have sacrificed player loyalty for the Almighty Dollar. Mike Patterson, one of the most dedicated Eagles of the past generation, ignored doctors’ orders and played five games in 2011 after a brain seizure. His reward? Patterson was placed on the same non-football injury list when he contracted viral pneumonia. Patterson, risking his life by playing, got the $150,000 the Eagles were trying to deny him when GM Howie Roseman had a sudden change of heart after a strong negative public reaction. While it may seem that Peters missing a couple of weeks of practice is no big deal in May and June, what it says about the way the Eagles conduct business is vital to their future. An organization that raised ticket prices after a 4-12 season cannot have it both ways. It cannot project a humanitarian image while clawing for every penny the way it has. The Eagles are embarking on a new era. They have a new coach, a new energy and a new outlook. Now what they need is a new attitude. They need to stop their obsession with profits with an owner worth more than half a billion dollars. Above all, they must make Jason Peters — and all of the players and fans offended by their businessfirst style — feel better about the Eagles than they do right now. Analysis McNabb thinks you are a racist Donovan McNabb can no longer run fast or throw deep, but he is better than ever at infuriating people. Last week, the former Eagles quarterback had the audacity to accuse Philadelphia of the ultimate crime. In his typical woe-is-me style, he painted his critics with the ugly brush of racism. His exact quote to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, while discussing the current plight of Robert Griffin III in Washington, was this: “It’s depressing to me. It goes beyond … the quarterback position to have people dislike the kid already and he didn’t really even do anything? It’s depressing. “This is a different arena he’s in — I lived it myself — where some people are going to dislike you because of your skin color.” In his warped mind, McNabb’s love-hate relationship with fans is simple to dissect. The people who loved him appreciated his accomplishments. The people who hated him did so because he was black. “I lived it myself.” Those are the important words. And they are a withering insult to a city that embraced him. My own dislike for McNabb has had a lot to do with his skin, actually. It is too thin. He has never been able to shrug off a valid criticism without attaching an agenda to it. At the height of McNabb’s career here, Terrell Owens publicly ripped his teammate for folding in the clutch. The petulant quarterback replied by calling the remark “black-onblack crime.” When someone sees everything in racial terms, the real racist is usually the person making the accusations. ANGELO CATALDI 3 SPORTS + PLUS Weekend, May 10-12, 2013 GOING OUT Sabrina’s Supper Bring mom to the place where you and your buddies go to nurse hangovers. Of course, brunch in Philly isn’t complete without a long wait on the sidewalk, and Sabrina’s, especially the Bella Vista location, is among the worst offenders. Though if your stomach growls loud enough, they just might pass around a plate of pastries to tide you over. Either way, the restaurant, with its cleverly named and perfectly executed rotating specials, is well worth it. Just make sure If the lady digs comfort food but seeks to taste a more elevated version, put Supper’s brunch menu in front of her. The South Street restaurant knows it doesn’t need to change a thing, so it’ll be serving up the standard brunch, which includes options like eggs benedict on garlic knots with tomato jam and pork shoulder hot dogs with a side of fried pickles. 926 South St. 215-592-8180 www.supper 1 you warn mom about the comically large portions. 910 Christian St. 215-574-1599 1804 Callowhill St. 215-636-9061 34th & Powelton Ave. 215-222-1022 2 Where to wine and dine your mom For adventurous moms Golf Tiger, Nike set to reup Jason Peters was docked money by the Eagles organization. / GETTY IMAGES Opinion. All hail the king, Domonic Brown Baseball is a funny game. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, Domonic Brown comes along and hits 16 home runs for the Phillies in the first two months of the season. In that same time frame, Cole Hamels goes 1-9. You just never know. Brown’s dramatic emergence as a superstar is the most improbable story in an otherwise sobering start for the declining Phils. He was written off by all but the clinically insane after several failed opportunities. Suddenly, he is everything Phillies fans could have imagined: a fivetool star with marquee appeal. Brown is the kind of player fans buy tickets to see. Jimmy Rollins rolled out the ridiculous theory that Phillies management never gave the kid a chance. Brown played 147 games before 2013 and hit 12 homers, with 57 RBIs and a .236 average. Is Rollins really saying those numbers demanded a starting spot in the outfield? Maybe Rollins needs to spend more time running hard to first and less time analyzing the front office. Tiger Woods’ comeback is almost complete. The world’s best golfer is reportedly close to signing a new deal with Nike, according to ESPN. Woods has been with Nike since 1996. His current contract is due to expire at the end of 2013. The new deal could be signed while Woods is in Philadelphia playing at the U.S. Open at Merion. Blue Cat Restaurant Head to Latin America without leaving Fairmount. For the mothers who crave spicy food, or those who want to excite their palette, Blue Cat’s Latin cuisine will do the trick. This BYOB offers a great atmosphere and authentic dishes. Be sure not to skip the oxtail stew. 1921 Fairmount Ave. 267-519-2911 www.bluecat If you didn’t pay enough attention to mom’s magic in the kitchen and the greatest Mother’s Day gift might just be to spare her from your cooking, take her out on the town for an unforgettable meal — no clean-up required. Even if you think your mom is fussy, we’ve got something for her. Whether you’re making reservations for brunch or for dinner, read on for our picks. JULIA WEST 3 4 Garces Trading Company Bistrot La Minette You know you can’t go wrong with a Jose Garces joint. Garces Trading Company is great for the mama who wants to try a little of everything. Though the plates are small and designed for sharing, don’t confuse this place for the Iron Chef’s pricier Amada, which serves Spanish tapas. The Trading Co. is more low-key, and equipped with a bakery and wine shop so mom can get Give your mother a highclass dining experience at this French Philly staple. Typically this place has more of a romantic feel to it, but on Mother’s Day it’s all about spoiling your mama, who, by the way, deserves it. Call her more. On Sunday, let her dine on duck liver pate, braised rabbit and a generous serving of wine. 623 S. Sixth St. 215-925-8000 www.bistrotla everything she wants. 1111 Locust St. 215-574-1099 www.garcestrading 30 Wednesday, May 1, 2013 WELLBEING 22 The ‘Iron Man 3’ workout Fitness. RDJ’s trainer gives us the moves that turned him into the hero. “Superheroes have good bodies, even if they have Ph.D.s,” says Brad Bose, who would know: He’s Robert Downey Jr.’s personal trainer. “So it was important that Robert was extremely fit and had a good muscular build — only it had to look realistic. He’s meant to be a billionaire playboy. You don’t want him to get too big and end up looking like Captain America or The Hulk.” Fortunately, Downey Jr. was almost ready to go for his third stint as Tony Stark in the new film opening Friday. “He’d recently finished filming ‘The Avengers,’ so he was in good shape,” Bose says. “But holding on to that muscle mass and definition for long periods of time isn’t easy. He had to get ‘re-buff.’ We were doing two-hour sessions, three to four days a week. By the time we were done, he’d gained five pounds of muscle and trimmed 10 pounds of fat.” ROMINA MCGUINNESS Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark in “Iron Man 3,” opening Friday. / ZADE ROSENTHAL The Robert Downey Jr. workout How he got there “Robert’s cardio was never an issue,” Bose tells Metro. “A lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but the truth is, he’s 48. He’s above the curve when it comes to being a fit individual, but this is a young man’s training he’s doing.” In order to gain On his day off muscle bulk, Downey Jr. spent the first month doing traditional weight training: push-ups, bench presses, etc. Once he and Bose were satisfied with his mass, they moved on to functional performance training, a technique that engages all muscle groups simultaneously: “FPT isn’t just for aesthetics,” says Bose. “All the exercises are designed to get you muscular through strength. As opposed to body building, where you’re working one muscle group in isolation, FPT gets as many muscles and as many planes of movement engaged at any one time (as possible),” he explains. The logic behind the moves is this: “The body functions as a unit. Every time you’re doing an upper-body movement, your legs should never be completely dormant. The core [from the lower part of your rib cage to the lower part of your hip girdle] should always be engaged. The aim of FPT is to do things more dynamically. So we’ll push sleds, we use battling ropes, sledgehammers, tires and so on.” “Robert is constantly doing something. But in order to spend time with his wife, he does a lot of Tracy Anderson cardio classes. And he’s a brown belt in kung fu, so on the opposite days that he’s not working with me, he’s sparring with his coach, Eric Oram.” Bose healthy Eyes. Healthy Living. Watch online vision care for every stage of life Pediatric and infant vision care | Vision therapy | Children with special needs | Learning disabilities Adult vision care | Glaucoma treatment | Low-vision treatment | Diabetic eye care | Contact lenses Highlights of last night’s Phillies-Marlins game at Schedule an eye exam today. Call 866-905-9922 or visit ANGELO CATALDI MOST INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED METRO’S EDITORIAL IS DESIGNED TO SUIT THE COMMUTER LIFESTYLE – ALL THE NEWS, SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT OF THE DAY IN A QUICK, FRIENDLY FORMAT.
  10. 10. Metro Guest Editors and Reader Contests Metro engages readers with unique, life-changing opportunities. Guest Editor Lady Gaga Guest Editor Karl Lagerfeld ‘SUPER’ GUIDE TO GIANTS PARADE PHILADELPHIA Guest Editors for Earth Day Mark Ruffalo and Kyra Sedgwick HEY BIEBER FANS, GIVE ESPERANZA A REAL LISTEN {pages 02-04} Tuesday, May 17, 2011 NEW YORK Max 66° Min 62° 22-05 Ditmars Blvd. Jackson Heights, NY 11372 {page 29} REGISTER NOW AT WWW.HOMEBUYEREXPONY.COM Tuesday, February 7, 2012 NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY INTERVIEW ALBUM ANSWERS SO MANY QUESTIONS KARL LAGERFELD WWW.METRO.US/GAGA VIDEO, COMMENTS AND MORE Fashion icon offers his thoughts and exclusive illustrations on today’s news and entertainment We sit down one-on-one with the man himself Nutter defeats Milton, right? GREEN {pages 06-15} HANDS GUEST EDITOR Princess & Pirates OFF $10 *EACH ADULT Max 73° Min 58° THE FATHER-SON TEAM IMAGINES OUR PLANET’S FUTURE. TICKET IN ADVANCE Max 45° Min 35° *Only Applicable on New Sales for October All Inclusive Sunday Cruise NEW YORK - Puppet Show - Magician- Arts & Crafts- Live Music NEW YORK - Cruise Around The Statue of Liberty- Bagged Lunch *Activities Subject to Change per Cruise. Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Ask About our Holiday Events! MILES DIXON/METRO news Clinton pledge on Libya attack ‘U.S. knew of al Qaeda link to Benghazi killings’ {page 10} local Last week’s bombing loomed over the runs. Working full time, but still impoverished NEW YORK Monday, April 22, 2013 1.7 million New Yorkers living in poverty {page 02} fashion week Updating the rock ‘n’ roll look at NYFW And Rodarte somehow makes it work {pages 34-35} Entrepreneur, drug laws campaigner, labels U.S. policy ‘racist’ Demands fresh approach where addiction is treated, not punished Metro’s Global Guest Editor {page 13} going out local Boozy fitness coming to NYC Just got a good workout in? How about a drink? {page 02} election 2012 Could debate save Romney? New poll shows scale of challenge for GOP {page 12} Hurry, sale ends tomorrow! Switch to Time Warner Cable Standard Internet and get a FREE Turbo upgrade for one year when you sign up. Still making plans for your Valentine’s? Have hope, last-minute options abound {page 38} PAGES 16-20 NYPD beefs up security for weekend races Thursday, February 14, 2013 Call For Tickets: 212-987-9200 Thursday, October 4, 2012 Branson on drug policy: America’s war on blacks WILL SMITH: ‘REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM’ {page 27} Halloween Party MEET JUSTIN BIEBER the love issue To promote his new album ‘Believe Acoustic,’ Metro and Justin Bieber have teamed up to offer one lucky reader backstage passes to his show It’s our Valentine’s Day gift to you For details and an exclusive interview, read on {pages 14-26} OFFICIAL MAKEUP SPONSOR OF MERCEDES - BENZ FASHION WEEK WILL AND JADEN SMITH GUEST STAR IN OUR EXCLUSIVE EARTH DAY EDITION PAGE 02 t: MetroNewYork | f: MetroNewYork Are you on edge since last week’s bombing? We offer tips for coping with terror-related stress. PAGE 29 Welcome to the cinema, turn on your phones New technology promises to get you in on the action. PAGE 27 Jets pull the trigger, deal Revis to Buccaneers The best defender in team history is now gone. PAGE 34 WINNER E RAC FOR S Justin Dowd, representing the US, won the Metro Race for Space! T ME TR O MI LI NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY NEWSPAPER SORRY, GENTS, JACKMAN NOT INTO MEN 10/14 and10/28 COURTNEY SACCO/METRO IS A Princess & Pirate Adventure ‘I WILL NEVER FORGET TODAY’ 07 THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012 SKY {page 27} Guest Stars Will and Jaden Smith NYC’s #1 FREE DAILY CE PA Meet Justin Bieber Contest NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY NEWSPAPER TAYLOR KITSCH TALKS ‘BANG BANG CLUB’ TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL {page 22} Kyra ck Sedgwi news DON’T BE JEALOUS: REESE SAYS KISSING HIM WAS NASTY FILMS {page 19} On Earth Day, a look at the environmental issues affecting our city Mark Ruffalo serves as guest editor Your Chance to Win a St. Pete/Clearwater Winter Escape Register at Weather could have an impact on today’s primaries {page 04} Guest Editor Richard Branson WHAT’S TYLER PERRY HAVE TO DO TO GET A LITTLE RESPECT? FILMS {page 18} New York’s going THE WORLD IS IN YOUR DRESSING GAGA THE STYLE GENIUS BEHIND THE ICON {page 10} Mother Monster is Metro’s guest editor Her early insecurity, and how she learned to love herself Fans or money? Fans, she says — always NEW YORK April 22-24, 2011 April 20-22, 2012 NYC’S #1 FREE DAILY Stop buying plastic water bottles and invest in a canvas shopping bag This Earth Day, it’s all up to small changes you can make {pages 08-10, 14-22} IN HER OWN WORDS LADY GAGA: THOSE WHO INSPIRE ME {page 12} ‘Let identity be your religion’ WEEKEND WEEKEND NEW YORK TODAY’S GUEST EDITOR: {pages 06-07} LONGER TH E NO BORN THIS WAY ARNOLD: THE DECEIVENATOR ONE-MAN SHOW ’MELO IS ALL THE KNICKS HAVE {page 29} Max 51° Min 33° Physics student from Boston beats hundreds for ticket to outer space Justin Dowd to undergo training for space flight scheduled for 2014 Justin Dowd from Worcester, Mass., has won the Race for Space, the global competition to select one Metro reader to travel into space. Dowd, 22, beat thousands of candidates from across the globe to win a the coveted oncein-a-lifetime ticket on board XCOR Lynx, the first generation rocket-powered spaceplane currently being built by leading spaceflight company SXC. Dowd has both the mental and physical smarts needed to be a perfect astronaut. Dowd, a physics and maths under- graduate at Boston’s Northeastern University, wowed the judging panel with his stunning chalkboard stop motion video on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Meanwhile, Dowd has been training for a grueling 12-mile endurance obstacle course race. “My motivation for him is that he really provides an amazing package in the combined qualities of scientific background, artistic qualities, dedication and the gift to tell a fascinating story,” Harry Van Hulten, test pilot with SXC and global jury member that selected Dowd. “He is absolutely unique. He taught me things in his video that I didn’t understand as well as I do now. He really blew me away with that. I can’t think of any better ambassador to tell the story about this space trip than him.” Dowd will receive astronaut training ahead of the trip scheduled for 2014. The “civilian astronaut” will be able to chronicle his preparations and space flight itself in a series of reports published in Metro across the globe. In reacting to the news, Dowd told Metro, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world and for about 20 minutes, I’ll be the luckiest guy in outer space!” Dowd added that it’s “an absolute honor” to be the part of the world’s first space mission to be launched by a newspaper. “To say this is a once-ina-lifetime event is an understatement. This is the first time ever this sort of mission is happening and I am elated to be a part of history.” Candidates submitted descriptions on why they were perfectly suited for a space mission to win a trip into space. Justin Dowd of Worcester, Mass., won Metro’s contest to take a trip to space. METRO Got Psoriasis? You could receive free Enbrel® for 1 year! Candidates submit photos Rockefeller University Hospital is looking for volunteers to participate in a new research study with Enbrel®**. We are looking for: yearly to win a trip wherever Metro is published. What the study involves: Experience at: For additional information, please contact our Recruitment Specialist at 1-800-RUCARES or email us at 212.226.3413 PANDORA Gift Set April 26th–May 13th Buy the PANDORA Cherished Mother’s Gift Set (one PANDORA clasp bracelet, two sunburst clips, the MOM charm, and a charm valued at $35 or less) for $200.* *Good while supplies last. See our store for details.
  11. 11. Premium Front Positions Mast Banner The All New Revel Card. REAL BENEFITS. REAL FAST. 3X Tier Points & Resort Dollars Every Day in January. Some restrictions apply. See Revel Card Desk or for complete details. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Sky Box ‘IT’S ABOUT FEELING CONFIDENT’ A WHOLE LOTTA LUTZ KELLAN TALKS ABOUT SEX AND TRX. PAGES 10, 18 ALEXA CHUNG OFFERS HER TAKE ON SEX APPEAL. DIZZYING UP DICAPRIO ON BECOMING THE PEOPLE’S LAWYER PHILADELPHIA HUNGRY PLAYWRIGHT EXAMINES GILLESPIE GIGS LIKE ‘THE WOLF’ HELPING INJURED January’s FREE! PEOPLE SINCE 1971 Car/Bus/Train Accidents, Slip and Falls, Birth Injuries, Medical Mistakes THE STAR DOES SOME BIG, BAD THINGS ON “WALL STREET.” 215-665-8989 LOCATED AT 2 Liberty Place PAGE 19 PAGE 12 PAGES 14-16 May the rest of your year be this easy. Join today. PHILADELPHIA’S #1 DAILY NEWSPAPER PHILADELPHIA’S #1 DAILY NEWSPAPER *$0 monthly dues in January requires a 1-year membership. Other fees apply. Visit club for full details. Offer good through 1.12.14. Tuesday, January 7, 2014 | t: MetroPhilly | f: MetroPhilly Wednesday, January 8, 2014 | t: MetroPhilly | f: MetroPhilly Holi-dog season Uptick. Animal adoptions spike around the holiday season but so do dog and cat returns to the shelter. Sensitive. One open-admission shelter director said more animals are adopted in the winter because people are influenced by the cold weather. Winter months. People need to take extra precautions with pets and strays. PAGE 02 Films. Meryl Streep felt lousy filming this scene PAGE 11 Let Distrify electrify your laptop PAGES 16-17 ‘A changing paradigm.’ District Attorney Seth Williams said this term, he wants to focus more on violent crime and less on nonviolent offenders. Metro exclusive. We sit down with the newly inaugurated DA and talk about this plans for his second term, which officially started this week. PAGE 02 Steamboat Springs gets high marks Making magic PAGE 18 Home. Drew Scott offers ‘Property’ Brotherly advice PAGE 15 Conquer cabin fever as a family! PAGE 20 Boris, a male Saint Bernard mix, waits for his furr-ever home at Street Tails Animal Rescue in Northern Liberties. / CHARLES MOSTOLLER, METRO PHILADELPHIA PHILADELPHIA’S #1 DAILY NEWSPAPER R Style. Fashion-forward thinking for the new year PAGE 16 Seth Williams became Pennsylvania’s first black district attorney when he was elected four years ago. / CHARLES MOSTOLLER, METRO THE PEOPLE’S LAWYER Surveillance. Solar-powered cameras will watch rail yards, parking lots and more to provide extra safety. PAGE 02 Fox Specialized Masters Use promo Programs code METRO to purchase GRADUATE TO discount tickets THE NEXT LEVEL online only now through 12/27 Choose from nine disciplines: Somebody’s watching you. SEPTA unveils solar-powered roving cameras. / Development Girls look through toys donated by Tony’s Metro Magic at the Institute for the RIKARD LARMA of African American Youth’s annual holiday party. / CHARLES MOSTOLLER, METRO ® at Please Touch Museum with your family this holiday season! 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA 19131, (215) th The Mast Banner and Sky Box cannot run at the same time. Tony’s Metro Magic. Several local children will now have a magical holiday. Giving. The joy expressed by young people at the Institute for the Development of African American Youth is proof that you made a difference. PAGE 05 DISCOVER make believe makeTHE POWER OF FOX memories HELPING (No fee till you win) YOUR PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY FOR THE PEOPLE 215-665-8990 INJURED Call for free Consultation Member of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Call and speak to the attorney PEOPLE Two Liberty Place, 50 S. 16 St., Phila, PA Bottom Banner Striding into a second term EYE IN THE SKY Wednesday, April 3, 2013 || t: MetroPhilly | f: MetroPhilly Monday, December 23, 2013 | illy tr Ph troPhill Bottom Banner J-Front Cover
  12. 12. Premium Front Positions WE ALL SCREAM FOR THE NEW ‘EVIL DEAD’ REMAKE THE HORROR REBOOT HAS ALL THE SCARES OF THE ORIGINAL CLASSIC. PAGE 10 WE ALL SCREAM FOR THE NEW ‘EVIL DEAD’ REMAKE THE HORROR REBOOT HAS ALL THE SCARES OF THE ORIGINAL CLASSIC. e-Actio Live-Action hi Graphic Novel on tickets! Details inside NEW YORK Weekend, April 5-7, 2013 || Super Sky Box PAGE 10 e-Actio Live-Action hi Graphic Novel on tickets! Details inside ® NEW YORK THE NEW VICTORY ® THEATER Weekend, April 5-7, 2013 || STILLTHESE YEARS ‘MAD’ AFTER ALL ® THE NEW VICTORY ® THEATER STILLTHESE YEARS ‘MAD’ AFTER ALL PAGE 08 28 new york Weekend, April 5-7, 2013 Spadea As the sixth season of “Mad Men” finally gets under way, the ‘60s are in full swing and the shake-ups at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce mean that nothing is certain. Jon Hamm and creator Matthew Weiner talk about the new season’s cryptic poster, and Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy Olson’s fate. / FRANK OCKENFELS, AMC 18.5’’ Spadea Sizes: 18.5’’ x 3.625’’ – 18.5’’ x 5.625’’ – 18.5’’ x 7.625’’ 28 new york Weekend, April 5-7, 2013 PAGE 08 As the sixth season of “Mad Men” finally gets under way, the ‘60s are in full swing and the shake-ups at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce mean that nothing is certain. Jon Hamm and creator Matthew Weiner talk about the new season’s cryptic poster, and Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy Olson’s fate. / FRANK OCKENFELS, AMC
  13. 13. Creative Formats Integrated Spread Dossier Wrap FASHION WEEK F01 + PLUS Hot collaboration Phillip Lim’s brand of downtown cool is now at a Target near you September 2013 Shoes. Heels, you just got bumped by our new favorite: Flats Heels are great, but sometimes, we’re looking for something a little less, well, heeled. When it’s fashion week and you’re running from show to show, party to party, or simply any given week when it’s office to bar to dinner, it’s fair to say your feet take the toll, right? So go ahead and come join us on the flat side. When they’re this chic, how can you resist? IN ASSOCIATION WITH On our radar FASHION WEEK F02 1 ANTHROPOLOGIE LYDIA CUT-OUT LOAFERS, $98, WWW.ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM Manolo Blahnik PROVIDED 5 The icon is hardly a stranger to Fashion Week, his shoes have surfaced in many a runway show. This season, he’ll stage his first-ever presentation in London. DOLCE VITA POINTED TOE FLATS , $149, WWW.BLOOMINGDALES.COM Kenzo eye motif sweatshirt, $337.54, Although this talisman print is meant to ward off evil spirts, it’s sure to only attract envious looks. Describe the creative process in five words? Ideas, drawings, technical sketches and, last, the heel. What aspect of the whole Fashion Week experience are you most looking forward to? Meeting new young people I haven’t met before. What can we expect from your SS14 collection? New ideas for a young woman. Trends PAGE F06 ANTIPODIUM FOR ASOS CLIMAX LACE UP SHOES, $126.57, WWW.ASOS.COM Jonathan Simkhai TOPSHOP KAPA CUT-OUT SHOES, $150, WWW.TOPSHOP.COM New York Fashion Week kicks off PAGE F08 PROVIDED A New Yorker through and through, after studying at the prestigious Parsons The New School For Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jonathan Simkhai earned a place in the CFDA Fashion Incubator program, which allowed his eclectic contemporary label to evolve into a more sophisticated and refined brand. Designers dish Step up your style TURN BACK THE CLOCK WITH 50% OFF ANTI-AGING TREATMENTS What song embodies the collection? “La Zarzamora” by Lola Flores. JENNI KAYNE POINTED TOE PONY HAIR FLATS, $525, WWW.FORWARDFORWARD.COM How I spent my summer vacation 2 ALICE TATE ALICE TATE PENELOPE CHILVERS DANDY NEEDLEPOINT SLIPPERS, $398, WWW.SHOPBOP.COM What aspect of the whole fashion week experience are you looking forward to the most? What keeps me going as a designer is that moment when my girl looks in the mirror and her whole attitude changes because of the clothes. I get to experience that moment but on a much larger scale. What will your front row look like? Taylor Tomasi Hill, Hannah Bronfman and Ken Downing. What can we expect from your SS14 collection? Lots of patchwork leather, mod-inspired dresses in longer lengths and ‘80s inspired silhouettes. How did you celebrate hearing the news you scored a Fashion Week spot? I’ve showed at Milk for the past two seasons now, so when I found out I was showing there again I pulled an all-nighter with the team to make sure we had looks to top last season. Fashion never sleeps! - Thermage for eyes… In just 1 session…eye brow lift, crows feet or reduce eye bags…$399 per area - Fractional for face.. permenant..reduces fine lines.. tighten large pores $75 - Thermage for face… one time treatment…lifts sagging skin $899 - Gentle Wave…reduce eye discoloration…10 treatments $199 Describe the creative process in five words? Inspiring, exhausting, caffeine, intuitive, personal. What song embodies the collection? “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. 3.1 PHILLIP LIM QUINN METALLIC LOAFERS, $425, WWW.MY-WARDROBE.COM Anti-Aging, Laser and Slimming Center for men and women Mark & Estel PROVIDED Back in 2005, Mark Tango and Estel Day fused their mutual love of fashion and music to launch a label that is characterized by slouchy tees, monochromes and ready-to-wear separates. Since then, their fan base has grown to include the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen, Mischa Barton and Lady Gaga — a starry following that should hopefully translate into an interesting front row at their New York Fashion Week debut. Describe the creative process in five words? Imaginative, free, open, intuitive and exhilarating. What will your front row look like? A mix of loyal fashionistas whom have worn Mark and Estel through our 12 seasons prior, press and buyers in our key global markets and stylish, influential bloggers. What can we expect from the show? We are introducing demi-sweaters, structured jackets, dresses and separates to our signature style. Our girl this season remains fearless, but she has a high-brow, classy sophistication to her. Become a Spa Jolie member FREE treatment with membership 50% off anti aging treatments: - Collogen mini facial…$25 - Anti aging…7 minute lift… temporally reduces lines… immediate results…$25 - Clear and brilliant… permanent…builds collagen, reduces pigments…$199 per FASHION WEEK IN ASSOCIATION WITH $20 Recession Specials Manicure and pedicure Waxing Brazilian, back, chest, full legs, full arms or buttocks area $50 Spa Specials 3 Slimming Specials... permanent and painless - Zerona…lose 3-9 inches in 2 weeks..guaranteed 9 sesssions..$399 - Fat Blaster…choose any area… melt fat....6 sessions $399 Laser Hair Removal...choose any areas...mix and match.. 6 for $399 Full body wax..$59 180 7th Ave South West Village, btwn W 11th St & Perry St 212 229-0399 We will beat all competitors by 10% 4 Who will be wearing what? RIP Kenzo tiger jumper. So long Brian Lichtenberg “Homies” orange beanie. With the SS14 shows here, those key fashion items that were spotted all over the street style set from London to Milan last season are now, well, sooo last season. Here’s what we bet the fash-pack will be snapped wearing this week. 6 Lanvin Cool pendant necklace, $732, No, the wearer is not being ironic. Their self-belief and confidence is at an all-time high — almost as high as their bank balance, pre-splurge. 9 mini facial underarms F06 New Balance sneakers, $101.26, Fashion’s finest are ditching the skyscraper heels in favor of these original arch supporters. Just remember the police force and restaurant waiters have been rocking this trend since 1906. Kuboraum Berlin Mirrored sunglasses, $371, Forget Anna Wintour’s signature black sunnies. You’re no one unless you’re sporting a statement mirrored pair. From the new guard to an old favorite making his fashion week debut, meet the designers worth taking note of this season. PAGE F04 The fashion show outside the show: What we’ll spy on street-style stars this week September 2013 Miu Miu polka dot jacquard coat, $2,585, It’s the only coat to be spotted in this season. 8 Saint Laurent Embellished boots, $1,995, www.saks fifthavenue. com Christopher Kane Camouflage silk skirt, $860, It’s the “it” print of fall and he’s the “it” designer. So prepare to see peeps sporting this camo miniskirt. These are the only biker boots to be seen in this season. We just don’t suggest going anywhere near an actual motorbike in them. Studs, pearls and hanging chains do not bode well for kickstarts. 7 Acne Chagall leather overalls, $2,700, This is the grown- and sexed-up equivalent of denim dungarees. Miroslava Duma has already been spotted in the oxblood version, so we expect her legion of style admirers to quickly follow suit — even if it’s still hot in N.Y. Remember: They do fashion, not practicality. Silver Spoon Attire Cameo beanie, $78, www.silver spoonattire Rihanna’s a fan. #Enoughsaid 10 Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt, $1,375, www.luisavi As we said, the tiger is dead. Long live Bambi, great prince of the forest — and now, fashion. CHLOE MAC DONNELL}} September 2013 “My best summer day was spent upstate near my house in Columbia County. My younger sister, Erin drove in from Michigan with her family and my brother drove up from Brooklyn with his. I had all my nephews and my niece together for some quality time! We paddled canoes on Lake Taghkanic and had a picnic in the park. Simple and perfect!” —Tracy Reese FASHION WEEK IN ASSOCIATION WITH — Rebecca Taylor — Mara Hoffman “Some of my favorite summer memories are from the Hamptons with my family. There we go to the local farm stands for organic produce, my son, Skyler picks me bouquets of sunflowers, my husband and I dine at Il Tutto Giorno in Sag Harbor and The Palm in East Hampton and we have evening bonfires with friends on the most beautiful beaches. It’s my calm before the madness of New York Fashion Week.” –Rachel Zoe “My experience at Coachella this summer was so inspiring — the music, the colors, the landscape, the boho fashion. It really got my creative juices flowing and actually inspired the BCBGMAXAZRIA Resort 2014 collection.” So long summer, it’s been real Cards Against Humanity, Nordic feasts and beach time in the South of France — 14 designers reveal their best moments from the season of SPF 50 and margaritas on the rocks. “A memory of this summer that I loved most was an afternoon in May after my honeymoon when we had friends over for a barbecue. Daft Punk’s album had just come out and was the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon of dancing, eating delicious ricotta apple crostinis, drinking fruitfilled sangria and playing Cards Against Humanity.” “I loved my trip to Sweden. In Stockholm, I hosted an event with Elin Kling and Nathalie Schuterman at the Grand Hotel. I was inspired by all of the amazing shops and found my new favorite food — which is salmon roe served on toast. I loved discovering my roots as my grandfather’s family came over from Sweden via Ellis Island in the early 1900s.” — Tanya Taylor — Amy Smilovic “One of our most memorable moments this summer was at a friend’s home in Sag Harbor. With his Swedish background, he can always be counted on to prepare an amazing meal. But this one felt like a Nordic feast. We ate on the beach while watching a beautiful sunset. Great meal, great friends, great ambience — can’t get much better than that!” — Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia F08 “One of my favorite days of the summer was the day after my swim show in Miami. My husband, son, and I spent the entire day hanging out at the beach outside the Shore Club. We ate tacos and swam in the ocean all day.” “I had the perfect d day in Paris. Breakfast a at Laduree on Rue B Bonaparte, next t the Musee d’Orsay — yummy lunch t there. Then finished t the day with wine a and goat cheese at D Deux Margots in Saint G Germain. Bliss!” - Lubov Azria “I spent the summer at our house in Tahoe w with my family. I loved watching [my child dren] Ripley and Tanner play on the beach at th the lake and then having everyone together fo for family-style dinners in the evenings.” –Jenni Kayne “For Fourth of July weekend, I was fortunate enough to be the guest of very good friends with a very gorgeous boat sailing around the Chesapeake Bay. rom watching the parade in historic Annapolis to the most amazing crab cakes at The Inn at Perry Cabin, it was a thoroughly patriotic (and relaxing!) way to spend the holiday. I spent the rest of the weekend out on the deck, reading and sketching my upcoming spring collection.” PAUL MAFFI “A perfect day would unfold similarly to how my days did in Santorini this Summer. Breakfast and a good book, a long walk, a swim, afternoon drinks and an early night sleep, all overlooking the Aegean Sea. Bliss.” — Bibhu Mohapatra “I had a day on the beach with two of my best friends from school in the South of France. It’s the same beach where we spent many a teenage h holiday together t causing lots c of trouble — it was a really special day.” — Anna Laub — Wes Gordon “This summer I taught my little girl how to snorkel.” - Karen Walker TINA CHADHA 23 new york Tuesday, September 10, 2013 IN ASSOCIATION WITH Sponsored Editorial Makeu artistry by Charlott Willer. Makeup artistry by Char otte Willer. ke rtist tistry s arl arlott r ill r. ll r © 2013 Maybelline LLC. 013 aybelli aybellin LC. ellin LC. lin C
  14. 14. Creative Distribution and Geo-targeting Turn to Metro’s complete brand experience and get the immediate attention you’re looking for. Reinforce your message on a one-to-one level with Metro Premium Models: • Branded and scripted models are chosen based on image and campaign objective • Geo- and chrono-targeted distribution at selected premium locations Strategically target your key customers with a zone-focused campaign: • Free Standing Inserts: Preprinted FSI’s can include circulars, postcards, coupons, etc. • WePrint: Convert your preprinted insert into stitched ROP consecutive pages • Onserts: The “informational post-it,” including front page sky box • Sampling: Get the product in the hands of your target audience POLITICS SOTOMAYOR LOSES WITH COURT MY STYLE THE FASHION SENSE OF A THRILLER POLITICS SOTOMAYOR LOSES WITH COURT ADVERTISMENT RANGERS GIVE UP ON GOMEZ SPORTS MY STYLE THE FASHION SENSE OF A THRILLER ADVERTISMENT RANGERS GIVE UP ON GOMEZ SPORTS business programs. register online. Learn more about our graduate business programs. register online. Bring this sticker to waive your application fee! FoxM12_GMBA+DD_Sticker_RunOct2_F.indd 1 Min 50° Min 50° Senate seat up for grabs (still) Discover the Power of fox ® 9/24/12 3:34 PM Tear Senate seat up the onsert off! for grabs (still) FoxM12_GMBA+DD_Sticker_RunOct2_F.indd 1 Michael Jackson Thousands honor the King of Pop Fans gather by the thousand to say goodbye What it means to the devoted, what will they do now? lawsuit Republicans no longer hold a majority of votes Senate remains in limbo McNamara said a court shouldn’t rule on a power dispute in the Legislature J.B. NICHOLAS/METRO Elections. Showing their true colors Bring this sticker to waive your application fee! Discover the Power of fox ® SALES EDITION SALES EDITION October 6th fox Discovery Day October 6th fox Discovery Day more about our graduate Learn Finally, senate seat for Frankin Michael Jackson Thousands honor the King of Pop J.B. NICHOLAS/METRO Elections. Showing their true colors Finally, senate seat for Frankin the election, Al Frankin takes his seat the election, Al Frankin takes his seat A whiff of McDreamy A whiff of McDreamy textpoll textpoll Do you think Ruth Madoff Truely feels like a victim or is she building her own defense? Do you think Ruth Madoff Truely feels like a victim or is she building her own defense? A: She’s a victim B: She was in on it A: She’s a victim B: She was in on it Texting you answer, A or B to Fans gather by the thousand to say goodbye What it means to the devoted, what will they do now? lawsuit Republicans no longer hold a majority of votes Senate remains in limbo McNamara said a court shouldn’t rule on a power dispute in the Legislature Texting you answer, A or B to enters enters Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters show fingers painted green (Mousavi’s campaign color), after the Iranian elections yesterday. {page 11} Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters show fingers painted green (Mousavi’s campaign color), after the Iranian elections yesterday. {page 11} See our Voices page for poll results and terms and conditions See our Voices page for poll results and terms and conditions 9/24/12 3:34 PM
  15. 15. Online with Metro Metro has launched the new • Sleek, new responsive web design • Increased engagement • Great new content partners • Innovative advertising opportunities Latest Stats Unique Visits 830,767 +207% Visits 918,663 +191% Pageviews 2,260,049 +322% Average Duration 5:48 +240% Source: Google Analytics (Dec-2013), increase since re-launch in Mar-13. Scarborough R2 2013. Online User Profile 49% Women 51% Men 35 yrs Median Age 51% Adults 18-34 80% Adults 18-49 26% HHI Over $100K 75% Employed or Studying 49% White Collar 69% College Educated
  16. 16. Make Your Print Ad Come to Life with Blippar Blippar allows smartphones and tablets to interface with content and advertising in Metro. How does Blippar work? First U.S. newspaper to partner with HERE’S WHAT’S SEXY Blippar! THE SEX ISSUE Weekend, May 31-June 2, 2013 1 Download the FREE Blippar app on your device. MEXICO WINS AT BRUNCH AND YOU CAN, TOO YOUR GUESTS WILL GO LOCO FOR CHILAQUILES. PAGE 23 NEW YORK Weekend, May 3-5, 2013 | t: MetroNewYork | f: MetroNewYork SUMMER MOVIE GUIDE Set your brain to stun. Robert Downey Jr. talks Tony Stark! Benedict Cumberbatch scares Trekkies! Multiple apocalypses! F. Scott Fitzgerald with rap in 3-D! There’s more to it than just newsprint. This is Metro’s first special interactive edition! PAGES 08-14 2 3 ‘Blipp’ or scan the ad or content. Live, interactive content is revealed on your device! Trend. With “Girls” a hit and plus-sized models becoming the norm, we wonder: Are the days of the blonde bimbo over? star/creator Lena Dunham is, well, average-looking. She’s a chubby, tattooed, thin-haired 26-year-old. She’s normal. The hype comes at the perfect time for the “real beauty” movement — and for this Metro Sex Issue, themed “Feel Good Naked.” Within the past month, plus-size model Jennie Runk made headlines when H+M debuted her modeling swimwear (despite being a dress size 14-16, not 0). Dove soap, on the tails of an ad campaign featuring plus-size women, launched an “anti-Photoshop” app that restores images to their original form. And “amateur” porn is the most popular category on YouPorn, ranking higher than “blondes.” The house that Jenna Jameson built is crumbling. The question is: How quickly? The biggest sex story of the past year didn’t happen between Christian and Anastasia in some porn your mom read — it happened in Brooklyn when Adam banged Hannah and probably gave her an STD. The HBO series “Girls,” with its frank depiction of bad dirty talk, venereal diseases, abortions, miscarriages and condom spill, is all about sex. But unlike “Sex and the City” before it, this show is a global hit partly because The model The editor “It’s ridiculous that people are arguing. We should focus on embracing all sizes.” “We don’t airbrush. There’s something sexy about that.” Arielle Loren founder, Corset magazine Jennie Runk plus-size model for H+M So yes, how quickly? 8 THE SEX ISSUE IN 2013 ‘FATKINI’ DESIGNER GABI GREGG Tip from Corset editor In one year, or in five? “I don’t think five years is enough,” says Gabi Gregg, 26, a plus-size blogger. Her work went viral last year after she posted photos of herself looking sensual in a “fatkini” and, this week, she launches her own line of swimwear (see story, at right). “But peo- ple like Lena Dunham and Louis C.K. are opening doors. Just the fact that her body makes people so angry — if you read the comments, people are telling her to put on clothes. She has said that only makes her want to do it more. It’s my favorite show.” Arielle Loren doesn’t watch “Girls,” but also traffics in blunt depictions of sex. Her magazine Corset (www.corsetmagazine. com) features graphic nudity and first-person erotica, and resembles someone’s beautifully photographed diary. It became profitable after a year, and Loren sees it as part of a movement. “The way we learn about sex, the pornography industry drives a lot of that consciousness,” says Loren, a 27-year-old American. “It starts to inform the way we think about ‘sexy’ from • Do the self-work. “Start by walking around your house naked. If you have a roommate, shut your door and walk around your room naked. The more you get comfortable with your naked self — not covering yourself up with a towel every time you take a shower, taking the time to be in your body and open like that — your confidence will slowly and steadily increase.” Loren, on how to feel good naked The blogger just crafted a line for In school, did you realize you were bigger than everybody else? Yes and no. I wasn’t teased too much, luckily. It was mostly internal, feeling insecure next to my classmates, if they were thinner than me or had blonde hair. Nobody had to say anything. And I started trying to diet when I was in middle school and high school, and it wasn’t until college that I came to accept myself. Dunham is just one of the “Girls.” The actress has said she wouldn’t want a body like a Victoria’s Secret model. / HBO an early age. But there are multifaceted aspects of sex and what it can really be, which we explore in the magazine. That goes from everything you can do in the bedroom — physically — but also how we understand our bodies.” A recent Corset photoshoot, “Breasts in Erotic Daylight,” features a brown bosom with stretch marks. “We definitely don’t airbrush,” says Loren. “There’s something very sexy about that. Being able to see the hair follicles on a breast or the stretch marks on a woman’s stomach.” She now has subscribers here, in Canada, Peru, Brazil, Sweden and beyond. And yet post a photo of a plus size-model online and you see not everyone’s as accepting. Exhibit A: Jennie Runk. Junk in Runk’s trunk The excitement (and de- 9 bate) over Runk’s H+M campaign made it all the way to Italy, where she was working in May. It led to at least one sleepless night. “I was thinking about all the media I’ve been getting and my mom reads a lot of the comments and she said, ‘I can’t believe somebody called you fat,’” remembers the 24-year-old, “and some people on the other side were like, ‘The curvier bodies are better!’ and it’s so ridiculous that people are having these ar- guments. What if some girl looks at these pictures and looks exactly like me: How is she going to feel?” She turned to Facebook with a post. “I’ve noticed that people like to debate what kind of body is better than another,” she wrote. “This is all wrong! To me, true beauty is defined by a healthy lifestyle and a genuine personality. Bodies are just meaty things that carry our personhoods around for us.” A week later, Runk is still riled up. She notes that “bigger” models are getting more work, but “we should focus on embracing all sizes,” she says bluntly. “Should” is different than “are.” The chart below shows the Sex Symbols of 2013, as selected by our editors from a pool of working actors who have notable projects this year — there are more shapes and sizes than there would have been in 1985, but it’s still very thin and white. “We’re going in the right direction,” says Gregg, “but ... ” “This argument,” adds Runk, “is going to be a thing of the past when — honestly, I don’t know.” On Facebook, she was more hopeful, saying it’s “our differences that make us remarkable.” She laughs when she hears that again. “I’ve been told before I’m a little too naive.” SAM CASTONE Metro World News How do the suits, um, work? What do you mean by work? [Laughs] They fit so well. Is it made with a binding material, with latches or something? Actually, no. I’ve had people ask about support, of course, but there’s nothing special about the fabric of the suits. It’s normal bathing suit fabric. In terms of the Galaxy suit, what makes it so special is the print — it’s graphic Quoted “It wasn’t until college that I came to accept myself.” Gabi Gregg, writer, designer and fun and looks great because it’s so busy that it — I don’t want to say it distracts the eye, because I don’t care about that sort of thing, but that’s what it does. And the high-waisted cut looks great on all women. Are you OK with the term “fatkini”? Yes. I didn’t use it this year because it went so viral last year, and it was inspiring for many people but took away from it, for others, because they were stuck on the word and got angry and started commenting. It’s a reclamation of the word “fat,” especially in our community, we all get it. When it goes outside the community, people get angry and send emails. But I’m fine with it. At the end of the day, it’s a fatkini because I’m fat and wearing a bikini. [Laughs] How much do you weigh now? I believe I’m around 225. How tall are you? I’m 5-foot-5. Do you get flack for not being “fat enough?” Early on, there were some comments. I don’t get a lot. Once in a while, like when the bikini pictures come out. It’s funny to see half the people commenting are disgusted by my body and the other half are like, fat women saying, “She’s shaped so nicely so it doesn’t count! I have fat hanging from my arm that she doesn’t have!” I try to avoid the comments on other sites. Some women wish they could see women bigger than me in a bikini and I understand that but I can only be myself. SAM CASTONE Hot list: The sex symbols of 2013. Blipp here to let us know which one of these celebs you’d most like to boff. See that little icon on the drive-in screen? Turn to page 08 to learn exactly what it does. / GETTY IMAGES Rebel Wilson Alison Brie Sofia Vergara Christina Hendricks Olga Kurylenko Ways to Blipp Jennifer Lawrence Emma Stone Mila Kunis Nina Dobrev Helen Mirren Anna Kendrick Zoe Saldana Emilia Clarke Kate Upton Zooey Deschanel Beyonce Knowles Aubrey Plaza Kat Dennings Mindy Kaling Bradley Cooper Jon Hamm Ryan Gosling Lena Dunham Channing Tatum Nikolaj CosterWaldau Idris Elba • Take a reader to your website • Purchase item advertised • Pop open a video clip • Reveal a digital coupon • Zip to a social media page Rodrigo Santoro Adam Driver James Franco Damien Lewis Omar Sy Joseph Gordon-Levitt Donald Glover Oscar Isaac Chris O’Dowd Benedict Cumberbatch Aziz Ansari Nick Offerman Louis C.K. Peter Dinklage
  17. 17. Club Metro: Contests & Newsletters With our Club Metro package, including newsletters and contests, bring your brand’s special offers into the spotlight. WWW.METRO.US/EVENTS/PHILADELPHIA METRO’S ULTIMATE GOING OUT GUIDE 21 Graham Cracker Cabaret. Master mosaic maker Isaiah Zagar of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens will also be on hand. FESTIVAL Fall Festival Weekend FAIR 30th Street Craft Market Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Morris Arboretum 100 E. Northwestern Ave. Free with general admission, 215-247-5777 edu/arboretum Autumn family fun begins this weekend at University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum, where you can fashion scarecrows, paint pumpkins, build a LEGO pumpkin, bite into locally grown apples and more. Animals from the Elmwood Park Zoo will pay a visit from noon until 3 p.m. on both days. Saturday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. The Porch at 30th Street Station Pay as you go, 215-243-0555 Bring out your inner Pinterest DIY-er and get ready to browse handmade crafts while noshing on eats from food trucks. This crafty bazaar will feature jewelry, screen prints, stationery, clothing, ceramics and home decor from more than 30 vendors. FOOD + DRINK Night Market Philadelphia Tonight, 7-11 10th and Race streets Pay as you go, 215-575-0444 This ultimate street food festival will put the spotlight on more than 60 roving food trucks and local restaurants dishing out just about every type of cuisine you’ve been craving. Hit up the Chipotle tent for a free sofritas taco — it’s a test dish the restaurant wants you to try out. Bands and DJs will provide the perfect eating music (that’s a thing, right?). It’s the last Night Market of the year — don’t miss out! CHECK OUT EVEN MORE: SAMUEL SHERMAN AND JACQUELYN STRYCKER ARTS Figment Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Clark Park, 43rd St. and Chester Ave., Free, Clark Park is turning into an art playground — briefly. Dozens of artists will be on hand with interactive projects for you to spend the day exploring. Think of it as an outdoor Please Touch Museum, for kids of all ages. Flip through hula-hoops, bang on drums and crawl through giant sculptures, or bring your own art project to show off. Once the afternoon ends, the artists will scatter and the park will return to its normal state — leaving you to wonder if the whole thing was just a “figment” of your imagination. Friday, 7:30 p.m. Yards Brewing Company 901 N. Delaware Ave. $10, 215-634-2600 Yards is teaming up with Little Baby’s Ice Cream to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with all proceeds going to the Tyanna Foundation, the group that founded Breast Fest and helps out breast cancer patients. Admission includes a pint of Yards’ tart berry ale, PYNK, and a scoop of PYNK-flavored ice cream. Keeping with the night’s theme, Freezer: A Tribute to Weezer, a band made up of Little Baby’s owners and staff will play the band’s “Pinkerton” album. ARTS PAFA After Dark: Masters of the Universe e-Newsletter Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The Rotunda 4014 Walnut St. Suggested donation of $5-$10 267-403-2856 Comic book geeks, this one’s for you. Artists including Jim Steranko, Chrissie Zullo, Todd Klein and J.G. Jones will be at this celebration, with a portion of proceeds going to the Jack Kirby Museum (Kirby co-created “Captain America” and “XMen”). JULIE SHANNON AND JENNIFER NGUYEN We want you A Pynk Affair Locust Moon Comics Festival WWW.METRO.US/PHILADELPHIA/EVENTS Upload your own events! Have an upcoming event that you want to let Metro readers know about? Send an email to events@metro. us and we’ll get it on our new listings website. Listings with shaded backgrounds are sponsored listings. Tonight, 6-9 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building, 118 N. Broad St. $10 in advance, $15 at door, free for members 215-972-7600 America’s first school of fine arts and museum is bringing back “PAFA After Dark” for three nights this fall, starting tonight. Show up for gallery tours, artmaking activities, snacks and cocktails, plus a performance by the always-entertaining Martha TALK ‘The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership’ Oct. 10, 12 p.m. Free Library of Philadelphia Central Library 1901 Vine St. $25, 215-686-5322 Called “the most thoughtful voice on cable” by the New York Observer, Reverend Al Sharpton has more than 40 years’ experience as a community leader, lightning-rod Baptist minister and firebrand politician. He is the host of MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” and his radio show, “Keepin’ It Real,” is syndi- Al Sharpton FREE LIBRARY OF PHILADELPHIA cated nationwide. In his first book in more than a decade, “The Rejected Stone,” Sharpton charts the surprising people and places that have molded his conclusions about religion, immigration, gay rights and the family. Included with your ticket is a copy of the book. For your chance to win, log on to WWW.METRO.US/PHILADELPHIA/CLUBMETRO Eighth Vertical In-Paper Ad in My Metro Online Contest Pages in Each City
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  19. 19. Opportunities in New York and Boston Boston Circulation: 130,122 Readership: 234,803 GE & OLE LANGUA E HAITIAN CRE MER INSTITUT CULTURE SUM $96,500 68% 36 46/54 78% average HHI* ages 21-54 median age men/women working or studying ROOMS FIVE KIDS, TWO BED es summerinstitut BOSTON 45 Metro Ambassadors 500 Metro Boxes RITES GAFFIGAN WBOOK W DOES HE DO IT? A ‘FAT’ NE — HOW 2013 Tuesday, May 14, | t: MetroBOS | f: MetroBoston Bodies in Chelsea raising questions PAGE 09 WASHINGTON IS A ‘PEEPLEN’T RSON ES PE THE ACTRESS TALK MAGNIFIC S ABOUT BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE. 7 At Labouré you start nursing NOW line: JULY 1 Application Dead PAGE 17 PAGE 13 NEW YORK Music: Yo Beyonce, give us a new album! A noisy infestation. The Bugeyed. Entomophag Brood II cicada emerges from hiber nation every 17 years ists, wedding planners to take over and amateurs are all monit oring the impending insect New York City. invasion. PAGE 02 n’s game-tying goal g Patrice Bergero Garden. / GETTY IMAGES PAGE 18 last night followin TD crowd exploded Game 7 victory at as the TD Garden , 5-4, in a historic arms to the ceiling Leafs in overtime right, raise their to stun the Maple and Zdeno Chara, three goals down Milan Lucic, left, came back from period. The Bruins late in the third WHY WAIT? can Circulation: 309,323 Readership: 709,330 Monday, May 6, 2013 | t: MetroNewYork | f: MetroNewYo rk an discovered . The man and wom Pair found dead tedly had gunshot wounds. in a livery car repor d. The District Attorney’s Officials tight-lippe s are “suspicious.” PAGE 02 death office said that the ’ You’ll ‘Relish the new book from Lucy Knisley New York PAGE 11 Wellbeing: Fast food that isn’t bad food? PAGE 24 Learn more at Jobs: This ain’t college, it’s real life PAGE 27 Sports: Knicks dig early hole vs. Pacers PAGE 30 Boston tradition. Join a 120 year 00 x. 4016 us at 617.296.83 u/METRO or call laboure.ed Cicadas to swarm the city 180 Metro Ambassadors 900 Metro Boxes $91,600 74% 44 47/53 78% average HHI* ages 21-54 median age men/women working or studying PAGE 02 Kristen and Trixie Rapp are monitoring for the The male insect can arrival of the Brood project sounds as loud II as a lawnmower. / AARON cicada in Brooklyn. ADLER Reach 2.5 million readers daily by adding all editions! Source: CAC (Sept-13). Scarborough (2012-13), *Employed.
  20. 20. Adding Metro will... Weekend, June 14-16, 2013 1940 1970 “The Spirit,” a noir comic by Will Eisner about a middleclass man who fights crime in a business suit, runs in Register and Tribune Syndicate newspapers. It later becomes a 2008 movie. SUPERHEROES 1978-80 The Spirit 1996 Monsieur Mangetout Comic Con France’s Michel Lotito, aka Monsieur Mangetout (Mr. Eat-it-all), consumes a Cessna 150 airplane. The first-ever Golden State Comic Book Convention is held in San Diego, Calif. It eventually grew into Comic Con, a yearly festival for costumed wannabes. 1999 Superbarrio King Tooth Daniel Browning Smith, Guinness World Records’ World’s Most Flexible Man (aka The Rubberboy), gets his first out of seven records. “King Tooth” Raja Gigi (Rathakrishnana Velu) pulls a train with six coaches attached weighing 297.1 tons for 9 feet at the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station using his teeth. Mexican superhero and satirist Superbarrio Gómez declares he is running for the U.S. presidential election. Superman, who? Meet a real-life, high-flying hero Jetman: Leaping the Alps in a single bound Matsumurav / CONTRIBUTED Radioactive Man: The animal savior of Fukushima When Fukushima’s nuclear reactor exploded in 2011, all people living in the area were evacuated. All except rice farmer Naoto Matsumura, 53. Just 6 miles from the plant, the town had a population of 16,000. Now it is only Matsumura there, with 17 times the safe level of radiation. He shelters the region’s wildlife, caring for everything from feral dogs to ostriches. He has the highest known level of radiation in Japan, which causes gradual cellular breakdown, but he may not feel the effects for 40 years. 2008 The Wright brothers may have been the ultimate aeronautical dreamers with the first airplane flight, but no one has come closer than Yves Rossy to making a human fly. Rossy, aka Jetman, is a former fighter pilot who says he had always dreamed of being a bird since he first witnessed an air show as a 13-year-old. The inspiration drove him to invent and patent a series of jetpacks that would fire him through even more epic and courageous voyages. From the first experiments in 2006, Rossy made his first public flight two years later, which took him over the Alps Quoted Pursue your dreams and “always have a Plan B.” Yves Rossy aka Jetman 2010 2010 The French Spider-Man “The French Spider-Man” Alain Robert scales the 52-story New York Times building without any ropes or harness. at speeds close to 200 miles per hour, at heights of 3,000 feet. The charismatic Swiss even found a moment to execute a 360-degree roll and later quipped, “That was to impress the girls.” This was followed by a 22mile journey across the English Channel to France, which he completed in under 10 minutes, becoming the first man to make the distance with a jet pack. The feat was broadcast live across the world with great uncertainty surrounding the outcome as Rossy himself confessed his calculations were fallible. Since then he has continued to break ground and world records for distance. In 2009, he performed the first intercontinental jet flight, and went on to fulfill a deeply held personal ambition to fly along the Grand Canyon. Not all of his missions have been successful, having crash-landed off the Spanish Rossy gets some sick air. / CONTRIBUTED coast when the weather turned pilot school Aerobility. Rossy threatening. Rossy is devoted also hosts master classes for to spreading his message — the next generation of jetpack pursue your dreams and pilots, which will surely produce “always have a Plan B.” His TED the next great flying human. talk remains one of the most downloaded, and he has also KIERON won praise for philanthropic efMONKS forts, such as performing shows for the benefit of disabled 2010 2011 Electron Boy Kick-Ass “Kick-Ass,” about a regular kid (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who fights crime, is released, co-starring Nicolas Cage. A sequel is due this year. 16 2007 Rubberboy Phoenix Jones, aka Benjamin John Francis Fodor, begins fighting crime in Seattle, wearing a costume. He chases away car thieves, stops drunken drivers and leads a citizens’ patrol called Rain City Superhero Movement. He has also been arrested himself. PAGE 23 Al-Essawy / CONTRIBUTED Muscle Man: ‘This is what I do for my country’ NEW YORK Weekend, May 3-5, 2013 | t: MetroNewYork | f: MetroNewYork SUMMER MOVIE GUIDE Egypt’s economy suffered after the 2011 revolution that deposed President Hosni Mubarak, and Sayed AlEssawy, now 27, took it upon himself to revive the nation’s tourism industry with a fight to the death against a lion in front of the pyramids of Giza, proclaiming, “This is what I want to do for my country.” The self-styled “world’s strongest man” had noble intentions but was met by criticism from animal rights groups and the Egyptian tourist board distanced itself. Nonetheless, Al-Essawy entered the arena with shield and sword and took on the lion, although the animal looked bored. Man defeated beast. The gladiator was subsequently arrested, yet supporters point to the reopening of the pyramids and other major attractions after the fight as proof that AlEssawy was a national hero. Set your brain to stun. Robert Downey Jr. talks Tony Stark! Benedict Cumberbatch scares Trekkies! Multiple apocalypses! F. Scott Fitzgerald with rap in 3-D! There’s more to it than just newsprint. This is Metro’s first special interactive edition! PAGES 08-14 2012 Phoenix Jones More than 350 western Washington residents volunteer to help make 13-year-old cancer victim Erik Martin’s dream of being a superhero for a day a reality. Martin died in 2011. MEXICO WINS AT BRUNCH AND YOU CAN, TOO YOUR GUESTS WILL GO LOCO FOR CHILAQUILES. Super Rainn Wilson stars in dark comedy “Super,” a film about a man straddling the line between psychopath and hero after deciding to give purpose to his life by dressing up in costume to fight criminals. See that little icon on the drive-in screen? Turn to page 08 to learn exactly what it does. / GETTY IMAGES Thanatos Masked man Thanatos, 63, hands out clothes and supplies to people in need in Vancouver, Canada. Deliver your message to the right people in the right editorial environment. Increase your reach among young, active urban professionals. Benefit from our non-traditional, customized advertising solutions. Add impact when and where it matters with our unique distribution network. Extend the Metro morning experience to every daypart with the new Reduce your CPM and make your advertising dollars work harder.