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Sb Global Conferencing Services En Xg


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Open Video Communications

Open Video Communications

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  • 1. SOLUTIONS BRIEF Global Conferencing Services Take Charge of the Room, Without Being in It Sharing ideas. Making decisions. Building relationships. The need to collaborate has always been there. But being able to collaborate in real time is now table stakes. Sustainability is important too. We’d all like to collaborate effectively while helping reduce the carbon emissions associated with business travel. And now, more than ever, we seek a sensible work-life balance in an always-on global business world. At Verizon, our Global Conferencing Solutions can bring down the geographical boundaries to allow real-time enhanced group collaboration for that sought-after competitive edge. Bringing Your People Together to Get It Done Having a more collaborative work style means being able to assemble teams on the fly, and provide timely access to relevant information, regardless of geographical distances. Many R&D managers in organizations using advanced collaboration tools report faster development times with an improved chance of success while lowering overall cost of development. Providing your employees 1 with global conferencing services can help accelerate decision making, allowing you to get your products to market quicker and more efficiently while affording your employees a better work-life balance. “70% of organizations that deployed collaboration tools reported better business performance compared to those that had not deployed them.” MEETINGS AROUND THE WORLD II, CHARTING THE COURSE OF ADVANCED COLLABORATION FROST & SULLIVAN, SEPTEMBER 2009 1 Meetings Around the World II, Charting the Course of Advanced Collaboration, Frost & Sullivan September 2009
  • 2. Take Charge of the Room, Without Being in It Less Time on the Road, More Productivity at Work Why Verizon Business? Travel keeps your people away from home and makes their working day longer. Offering your • Diverse portfolio includes audio, video, employees an alternative to in-person meetings means they can achieve what they set out to and web conferencing services accomplish, and perhaps more. They can even work from home—or anywhere else they have a • Availability around the world phone and computer, in locations around in the world. By eliminating travel, you allow employees • Instant access and 24x7 availability to make the most of their time, which can result in greater productivity at work and improved • Live PC sharing capabilities harmony between work and personal pursuits. • Enhanced user experience with on-line web tools • Local support to assist with your calls R&D managers in organizations using advanced collaboration tools report faster development times with an improved chance of success while lowering overall cost of development. Making a Green Difference One of the most effective ways for your company to meet its social and environmental responsibilities is to reduce carbon emissions from travel and commuting. Exploring alternatives to travel can help your sustainable corporate travel policies succeed. Conferencing tools can help reduce any unnecessary travel your employees may have to take, while doing your part for the environment. Be in Two Places at Once With Verizon Global Conferencing Solutions We’ve been in the conferencing business a long time, over 30 years in fact. Our solutions have helped create agile organizations all over the world by equipping their employees with the tools they need to get the job done. Let us do the same for you. We offer a full range of audio, web, and video conferencing services to facilitate all your meeting requirements. We team with leading providers. Whatever your conferencing needs, we’re confident we can help you meet them. Instant Meetings—No Need to Reserve Ahead Verizon Instant Meeting Service is a reservationless audio conferencing service that gives you a fast and easy way to bring people together over the phone at any time. It is ideal for anyone conducting business meetings across national and international locations, especially those who regularly conduct calls without the intervention of a conference coordinator. The service includes a dial-in number and two passcodes, one for the leader and one for participants—allowing you to schedule conferences at a moment’s notice. Need an Operator on the Line? Verizon Conferencing Attended Services can provide you with the capability to meet with clients or colleagues via a conference call, and manage your meeting efficiently, with features such as2
  • 3. Take Charge of the Room, Without Being in It Q&A or conference recording. We can schedule your call in as little as 20 minutes and call out to participants before the start of the meeting to connect them to the call. Alternatively, you may choose our Local Freephone or Local Access methods, allowing the leader and participants greater flexibility when accessing the conference call. Our Web RSVP capability allows you to see who will be in attendance and view their information online. Support for Your Important Events For your high profile gatherings, like results presentations or shareholder meetings, we assign a Verizon Meeting Manager who provides end-to-end call management. Extend your reach to a large number of participants from across the world and choose features like polling and operator moderated Q&A. Our professional staff will assist you from the time you call to reserve your event to the follow-up after the call. Sharing Is Caring Make an impact by sharing your presentation with hundreds simultaneously over the Internet. With Verizon Net Conference, participants simply log onto a pre-determined secure website to view the presentation materials while listening to you on an accompanying audio conference. It’s an easy and reliable tool to use for web seminars, internal corporate communications, product roll-outs, employees updates, training For your high profile gatherings, like sessions, and more. The visual component is especially helpful for those participants results presentations or shareholder whose native language is not the same as meetings, we assign a Verizon Meeting the meeting leader’s. Manager who provides end-to-end Real-time group collaboration becomes possible with features that include: call management. • Net Polling: Gather instant feedback by asking participants to respond to polling questions via the web. • Real-Time Annotations: Highlight your slides in real-time and focus your audience’s attention. • White Boards: Draw a picture while your audience sees what you’re creating in real time. • Web Action: Take your audience to any live web page. Each participant can click on live links or fill out forms. Maintain better control of your audience by using the Show Only mode. • Net Q&A: Chat is perfect for communicating critical information while a live presentation is in session. We offer both Reserved Net Conference and Instant Net Conference; the latter service allows you to set up a conference online within seconds. We can also integrate audio with net conferencing across the globe. Look Me in the Eye Facial expressions say it all. When you use video, you have a presence in the meeting requiring the full attention of all your participants. Video helps you make that connection with less of an impact on your schedule, your travel budget, and the environment. Our Video Conferencing service is reliable, effective, and easy to use. Whether you’re making a person-to-person conference or bridging together multiple sites around the world, we take care of all the details. We’ll even connect all your sites in advance, so you can concentrate on what’s really important—your meeting. We support a range of high-definition video solutions3
  • 4. Take Charge of the Room, Without Being in It from a simple, point-to-point desktop meeting all the way to a fully immersive, life-size video About Verizon Business conferencing experience. So you can be confident that your conversation will flow naturally Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon and your image will be sharp. Communications (NYSE: VZ), is a global leader in communications and IT solutions. We combine professional expertise with one Web Tools to Make Life Easier of the world’s most connected IP networks Manage your Instant Meeting Audio conferences more efficient with an easy-to-use to deliver award-winning communications, web-based tool called Web Moderator. This tool provides you with a variety of call IT, information security and network management features, including the solutions. We securely connect today’s ability to mute/un-mute a participant’s extended enterprises of widespread and line or dial out to additional participants. mobile customers, partners, suppliers and Web Moderator also provides a visual employees—enabling them to increase display of your “in-conference” productivity and efficiency and help preserve participants, and can distribute the environment. Many of the world’s largest automated reports featuring your businesses and governments—including 96 participants’ data captured during percent of the Fortune 1000 and thousands the conference call. of government agencies and educational institutions—rely on our professional and managed services and network technologies to accelerate their business. Find out more at Meet, Work, and Learn in Real-Time Let us help you create a more collaborative work-style for your organization. Visit us at, or contact a Conferencing Specialist for more information: • Europe +44-20-7950-9950 • Hong Kong +852-2802-5100 • Japan +81 3-5539-5100 • Australia 1800-505-020 • Singapore +65-6883-9144 • U.S. 1-800-475-5000 © 2010 Verizon. All Rights Reserved. SB14432 5/10 The Verizon and Verizon Business names and logos and all other names, logos, and slogans identifying Verizon’s products and services are trademarks and service marks or registered trademarks and service marks of Verizon Trademark Services LLC or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.4