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MetricNet provides Benchmarks & Key Performance Indicators for Service Desks, Call Centers, & Desktop Support. Download our Whitepapers and Case Studies today.

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  • Hello, and welcome to MetricNet’s webcast on First Level Resolution for the Service Desk I’m Jeff Rumburg, a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of MetricNet, and I will be your presenter for today’s topic. If you are interested in receiving the whitepaper or the PowerPoint presentation of this webcast, simply go to MetricNet’s website,, and complete the download form.
  • We are fortunate today to have more than 400 people from 21 different countries on the webcast, many of whom are already MetricNet clients. For those who are new to MetricNet, let me spend just a minute or two introducing the firm to you, and then we will get right into our discussion of First Level Resolution.
  • MetricNet’s core business is benchmarking. We conduct benchmarking in a variety of different areas, including information technology, call centers, telecommunication, and Customer and Employee Satisfaction Within the IT area, MetricNet’s benchmarks cover the Level 1 Service Desk, Level 2, or Desktop Support, and Field Services. For call centers, we conduct benchmarks in virtually every industry, from retail banking and insurance, to health care and hospitality. These benchmarks cover customer service, telemarketing/telesales, and collections call centers.
  • MetricNet now has more than 300 active clients worldwide. Most of them are companies you have heard of before. Brand names like GM, American Express, HP, Barclays the UK Bank, Bayer the German pharmaceutical and chemical company, and Edward Jones. We also do benchmarking for many smaller organizations, such as Provident Bank in Baltimore, Embarq Telecommunications in Texas, and the North Carolina Rate Bureau. You don’t have to have the deep pockets of a large company to do business with MetricNet.
  • We have had the good fortune over the last 22 years to have benchmarked more than 1,400 service desks worldwide. As a result, MetricNet has created the largest benchmarking database of Service Desk Process and Performance Indicators in the industry. This database contains more than 30 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), and nearly 80 industry best practices. It is also worth pointing out while we are on this page that everything that we present in this webcast is empirical in nature. What does that mean? Well, the key points I will be presenting today on the topic of First Level Resolution have all been observed in these 1,400 service desk benchmarks. There is nothing theoretical or academic about what we are presenting. And in fact, as you will see later in the presentation, I will be showing you a number of data slides that back up the points I will be making about First Level Resolution.
  • Okay, shifting gears, let’s get right into our discussion on First Level Resolution for the Service Desk.
  • When MetricNet Conducts a Service Desk Benchmark, we use a lot of different KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). These include….
  • Please remember that if you are interested in receiving the whitepaper or the PowerPoint presentation of this webcast, simply go to MetricNet’s website,, and complete the download form. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for attending our webcast today. I hope you found it to be informative and insightful. If you would like more information on this topic, or would like to receive a price quote for a Service Desk, Call Center, or Desktop Support Benchmark, you can contact MetricNet by dialing 703-992-7559 in the United States…. Or by emailing us at Or by going to our website at, and signing up for our newsletter. Thank you again. This concludes our webcast on First Level Resolution for the Service Desk.
  • Free Service Desk Training Series | Service Desk First Level Resolution | MetricNet Certified

    1. 1. First Level ResolutionThe Key to Minimizing End-User Support Costs
    2. 2. About MetricNet© MetricNet, LLC,
    3. 3. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comBenchmarking is MetricNet’s Core BusinessCall CenterTelecomInformationTechnologySatisfaction Customer Service Telemarketing/Telesales Collections Service Desk Desktop Support Field Services Price Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction
    4. 4. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comMeet a Sampling of Our Benchmarking ClientsMetricNet Conducts benchmarking for Service Desks worldwide,and across virtually every industry sector.
    5. 5. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.com22 Years of Service Desk Benchmarking DataMore than 1,400 Service Desk BenchmarksGlobal Database30 Key Performance IndicatorsNearly 80 Industry Best Practices
    6. 6. First Level Resolution© MetricNet, LLC,
    7. 7. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comMetricNet’s Service Desk KPI’s Cost per Contact Price per Contact First Level ResolutionRateCost ProductivityService LevelQualityCall HandlingAgent Average Speed of Answer(ASA) Call Abandonment Rate % Answered in 30 Seconds Agent Utilization Contacts per Agent perMonth Agents as a % of TotalHeadcount Customer Satisfaction First Contact Resolution Rate Call Quality Agent Satisfaction New Agent Training Hours Annual Agent TrainingHours Annual Agent Turnover Agent Tenure Daily Absenteeism Agent Occupancy Schedule Adherence Call Handle Time Email Handle Time IVR Completion Rate % User Self-Service
    8. 8. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comCost of Resolution: North American AveragesSupport Level Cost per TicketVendorLevel 2: Desktop SupportField SupportLevel 3 IT(apps, networking, NOC, etc.)Level 1: Service Desk$471$196$85$62$22
    9. 9. © MetricNet, LLC, As the Level 1 resolution rate increases, the cost per contact for Level 1 increases But the total cost per contact, including Level n costs, declines The cost of resolution at level n is typically 2X to 10X greater than at Level 1LOWERHIGHERCOST HIGHERTotal Cost per ContactFIRST LEVELRESOLUTION RATETotal Cost of OwnershipLevel 1 Cost per ContactTotal Level n CostCOSTPERCONTACT
    10. 10. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comFirst Level Resolution DefinedGross First Level Resolution =Net First Level Resolution =First Level Resolution ≠ First Contact ResolutionAll Tickets Resolved at Level 1All Tickets Logged at Level 1All Tickets Resolved at Level 1All Tickets Resolvable at Level 1
    11. 11. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comWhat is a Carve Out? The term “Carve Out” is commonly used in the industry to refer to a contact type thatis carved out of the denominator when calculating the Net First Level Resolution In general, carve outs are tickets that cannot physically be resolved at Level 1 Typical Carve Out’s include hardware break/fix, and move’s/add’s/change’s Some Carve Out’s, however, have the potential to be resolved at Level 1 but are notresolved at Level 1 for various reasons Lack of access rights to certain systems may prevent resolution at Level 1, and result inCarve Out’s Outsourcing contracts may specify that certain ticket types are to remain off-limits to theoutsourcer for security reasons, and result in Carve Out’s The denominator of the Net First Level Resolution ratio is “All Tickets Resolvable atLevel 1” The denominator is also equal to (All Tickets Logged at Level 1 – Carve Outs) Net First Level Resolution is always greater than Gross First Level Resolution
    12. 12. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comOur Baseline Service Desk 7,000 voice calls 1,500 emails 750 web chats 500 voice mails 250 walk/fax-insMonthly Contacts10,000Monthly Tickets8,000Monthly Incidents5,000Monthly ServiceRequests3,000
    13. 13. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comTickets, Incidents, and Service RequestsIncident Volume + Service Request Volume = Ticket VolumeTicketsIncidents Service Requests Unplanned work Often high urgency Hardware break/fix Software break/fix Software “how to” Device failure Connectivity failure Password reset Planned work Often requires a physical touchto one or more devices Move/Add/Change Hardware or software upgrade Issue new ID or securityclearance Device set-up or refresh
    14. 14. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comOur Baseline Service Desk (continued)Estimated Operating Cost8,000 Tickets X $22 per Ticket = $176,000 per month, or $2.11 million per yearTicket Description Ticket TypeMonthlyVolumePassword Reset Incident 2,250Software "How To" Incident 1,500VPN Connectivity Incident 600Application Failure Incident 150Hardware Failure Incident 5005,000Move/Add/Change Service Request 1,600Printer Replacement Service Request 950Laptop Replacement Service Request 4503,0008,000Incident TotalService Request TotalTicket Total
    15. 15. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comTicket Resolution RatesLevel 1Level 2DesktopLevel 3 IT Field Support Vendor TotalPassword Reset Incident 2,250 1,750 100 300 100 2,250Software "How To" Incident 1,500 900 300 200 75 25 1,500VPN Connectivity Incident 600 300 200 50 50 600Application Failure Incident 150 75 25 25 10 15 150Hardware Failure Incident 500 0 300 75 75 50 500Move/Add/Change Service Request 1,600 0 1,200 400 1,600Laptop Replacement Service Request 950 0 700 250 950Blackberry Upgrade Service Request 450 0 175 275 4508,000 3,025 3,000 650 1,235 90 8,000100.0% 37.8% 37.5% 8.1% 15.4% 1.1% 100.0%Percent of All TicketsResolved AtMonthlyVolumeTicket TypeTicket DescriptionTotal
    16. 16. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comCalculating the Gross First Level ResolutionGross First Level Resolution =All Tickets Resolved at Level 1All Tickets Logged at Level 1Gross First Level Resolution =3,0258,000= 37.8%
    17. 17. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comCalculating the Net First Level ResolutionPassword Reset Incident 2,250 2,250 1,750 500Software "How To" Incident 1,500 1,500 900 600VPN Connectivity Incident 600 500 300 200Application Failure Incident 150 125 75 50Hardware Failure Incident 500 0 0 0Move/Add/Change Service Request 1,600 0 0 0Laptop Replacement Service Request 950 0 0 0Blackberry Upgrade Service Request 450 0 0 08,000 4,375 3,025 1,350100.0% 54.7% 37.8% 16.9%Resolvable atLevel 1ActuallyResolved atLevel 1EscalationDefectsTicket Description Ticket TypeMonthlyVolumeTotalPercent of All TicketsNew Metric: % Escalated Level 1 ResolvableFor this Service Desk the % Escalated that Could Have Been Resolved at Level 1 was 16.9%
    18. 18. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comNet First Level ResolutionNet First Level Resolution =All Tickets Resolved at Level 1All Tickets Resolvable at Level 1Net First Level Resolution =Total Tickets – Carve Outs = Tickets Resolvable at Level 18,000 – Carve Outs = 4,375Carve Outs = 8,000 – 4,375 = 3,625 (Cannot Physically be Resolved at Level 1)3,0254,375= 69.1%
    19. 19. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.com69% Net First Level Resolution: Good or Bad?05101520253035404550550% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%Net First Level Resolution RateNumberofDataPointsAverage ------ 73.9%Max 98.9%Min 24.0%Median 75.0%> 95% Net FLR 2.0%Industry Average Net FLR Statistics
    20. 20. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comHow Do the Escalation Defects Impact TCO?Escalation Defects are costing $140,455 per month, or $1.7 million per year!Level 2DesktopLevel 3 IT Field Support Vendor TotalPassword Reset Incident 500 100 300 100 500Software "How To" Incident 600 300 200 75 25 600VPN Connectivity Incident 200 100 50 50 200Application Failure Incident 50 20 15 10 5 50Hardware Failure Incident 0 0Move/Add/Change Service Request 0 0Laptop Replacement Service Request 0 0Blackberry Upgrade Service Request 0 01,350 520 565 235 30 1,350$62 $85 $196 $471 N/A$32,240 $48,025 $46,060 $14,130 $140,455Escalation Defects Resolved AtTotalLevel n Cost per TicketCost of DefectsTicket Description Ticket Type Defects
    21. 21. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comSo, How do We Maximize Net First Level Resolution?1. Agent Training Hours2. Remote Diagnostic Capability3. Knowledge Management4. FLR Performance Target
    22. 22. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comInitial Agent Training Hours vs. Net First Level Resolution0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450New Agent Training HoursNetFirstLevelResolution
    23. 23. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comAnnual Agent Training Hours vs. Net First Level Resolution0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%0 20 40 60 80 100 120Annual Agent Training HoursNetFirstLevelResolution
    24. 24. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThe Effect of Remote Diagnostic Software0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%NetFirstLevelResolutionRemote Diagnostic Software No Remote Diagnostic SoftwareAverage = 77.8% FLRAverage = 61.4% FLR
    25. 25. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThe Effect of a Mature Knowledge Base0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%0 1 2 3 4 5 6KBase MaturityNetFirstLevelResolution
    26. 26. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comSome Final Thoughts Net First Level Resolution is a critically important metric to track and trendin the Service Desk It is a proxy for Total Cost of Ownership Maximizing the Net First Level Resolution Rate on your Service Desk is thekey to minimizing Total Cost of Ownership The path to maximizing First Level Resolution is fairly straightforward Increased agent training hours Effective remote diagnostic tools A functional knowledge base An FLR target that increases over time World-Class performance for Net First Level Resolution is 95% or above
    27. 27. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comYou Can Reach MetricNet…By Phone…703-992-7559Or E-mail us…info@metricnet.comDownload the Whitepaper from our Website…
    28. 28. © MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThank You!We look forwardto serving you!