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MetricNet provides Benchmarks & Key Performance Indicators for Service Desks, Call Centers, & Desktop Support. Download our Whitepapers and Case Studies today.

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  • To set the stage for the discussion to come, let me quickly discuss some of the most common help desk KPI’s. There are 27 Key Performance Indicators shown on this page. We have organized them into categories…. These are among the most common KPI’s, but they are certainly not an all-inclusive list.
  • So that brings us to the central issue of today’s webcast. How do we turn help desk KPI’s into a Competitive Advantage? More specifically, how can we leverage Key Performance Indicators to achieve world-class performance in our help desk? Better, Faster, Cheaper…. Those are the three dimensions of competition. Let’s start by defining what it means to be World-Class…
  • Free Training Series | Desktop Support and Service Desk Collaboration | MetricNet Certified

    1. 1. Desktop/Service Desk CollaborationCase Studies in Successful Partnership!MetricNet Best Practices Webcast Series
    2. 2. If You Need to Reach Us During the PresentationE-mail us at: info@metricnet.comOrCall us at: 202-321-57601© MetricNet, LLC,
    3. 3. Empirical Observations from Global Benchmarking DatabaseMore than 3,000 IT Support BenchmarksGlobal Database70+ Key Performance IndicatorsMore than 120 Industry Best Practices2© MetricNet, LLC,
    4. 4. Then and Now: The Evolution of the Service DeskService DeskKPI’sNorth American Averages1988 Last YearMonthly Contacts perEnd-User0.79 1.95Cost per Contact $9.57 $21.84Average Handle Time 6:27 12:55Resolved on FirstContact35% 67%Resolved at Level 1 39% 85%Starting Agent Salaries(current dollars)$27,280 $35,411Service Desk Cost perEnd-User per Year$97 $5023© MetricNet, LLC,
    5. 5. Then and Now: The Evolution of Desktop SupportDesktop SupportKPI’sNorth American Averages1988 Last YearMonthly Desktop Ticketsper Seat0.53 0.78Cost per Ticket $29 $62Average IncidentWork Time (min:sec)17:40 32:15Incidents Resolved onFirst Contact74% 68%% ResolvedLevel 1 Capable54% 22%Starting TechnicianSalaries (current dollars)$37,050 $43,627Desktop Cost perSeat per Year$184 $5804© MetricNet, LLC,
    6. 6. Why Collaborate?Benefits Barriers5© MetricNet, LLC, Lower support costs Greater customer satisfactionfor support Shorter cycle times onresolution Enhanced user productivity Greater customer satisfactionfor all of IT Different managers Different funding sources Drive-by’s, fly-by’s, snags No shared goals orincentives Poor training Weak management / lack ofdiscipline Support is low priority
    7. 7. Adopting SPOC Support at an International Freight Co.The Scenario Users call desktop support directly Desktop techs provide on-the-spot assistance Service desk has no clear dispatch rules for desktopsupport Service desk and desktop have no operating levelagreement (OLA) Lost tickets are common Customers are universally dissatisfied6© MetricNet, LLC,
    8. 8. A Primer on Support TCOSupport Level Cost per TicketVendorLevel 2: Desktop SupportField SupportLevel 3 IT(apps, networking, NOC, etc.)Level 1: Service Desk$471$196$85$62$227© MetricNet, LLC,
    9. 9. The Tao of SPOC (Single Point of Contact)User CommunityLevel 1Service DeskDesktopSupportFieldSupportLevel 2 ITSupportVendorSupport8© MetricNet, LLC,
    10. 10. SPOC PrinciplesKey SPOC Principles Enterprise takes an end-to-end view of usersupport User/Customer has a single point of contactfor all IT-related issues The Level 1 Service Desk is the SPOC The service desk and desktop support havethe same SLA with customers The service desk and desktop support havean OLA Level 1 is responsible for: Ticket triage Resolution at Level 1 if possible Effective handoffs to n level support Resolution coordination and facilitation Ticket closure Desktop “Drive-bys”, “Fly-bys”, and “Snags”are strongly discouraged9© MetricNet, LLC,
    11. 11. SPOC Support Reduces Total Cost of Ownership0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%%ResolvedLevel1Capable% Resolved Level 1 Capable with SPOC % Resolved Level 1 Capable without SPOCAverage = 22.8%Average = 15.3%10© MetricNet, LLC,
    12. 12. The Result of Implementing a SPOC ProcessKPI Before SPOC 10 Months LaterLevel 1 Ticket Origination 64% 87%% Resolved Level 1 Capable 39% 14%Customer Satisfaction 66% 78%Weighted Average Cost per Ticket $73 $4511© MetricNet, LLC,
    13. 13. 12© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comPOLLING QUESTION
    14. 14. Cross Training at a Regional BankThe Scenario Support costs are high Desktop support is sometimes short-staffed Service desk is sometimes short-staffed Escalation defects increase when the service desk isbusy Service levels are rarely met Customer satisfaction is low13© MetricNet, LLC,
    15. 15. Universal Agents Can Greatly Improve Efficiency14© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.com12 FTE’s 7 FTE’s3 – 4UniversalAgentsService Desk Desktop Support
    16. 16. Success Factors for Cross-Trained Agents15© MetricNet, LLC, Support personnel are co-located with the users Users are in a high density environment High rise building or campus setting Facilitates “jump & go” Scale is relatively low Fewer than 20 support techs in total between service desk anddesktop support Not all technicians can or should be cross-trained
    17. 17. The Result of Agent Cross Training16© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comKPI Before Cross Training 6 Months LaterCross-Trained Agents 0 4Customer Satisfaction 72% 85%Weighted Average Cost per Ticket $67 $55Total Headcount 19 17% Resolved Level 1 Capable 25% 9%
    18. 18. Shared Incentives at a Multi-National Insurance Company17© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThe Scenario Both support groups – service desk and desktopsupport – appear to be performing well Costs are in line with industry averages Customer satisfaction is above industry averages A SPOC process is followed So what’s the problem?
    19. 19. 18© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comYour IT SupportPerformancePerformance ofBenchmarking PeerGroupDetermine HowBest in ClassAchieve SuperiorityAdopt SelectedPractices ofBest in ClassBuild a SustainableCompetitiveAdvantageThe ultimateobjective ofbenchmarkingCOMPARE50% of Annual Bonus Tied to Benchmarking Results18Read MetricNet’s whitepaper on IT Support Benchmarking. Go to to download your copy!
    20. 20. Some Common Service Desk Metrics Cost per Ticket First Level Resolution RateCostService LevelQualityCall HandlingAgent Average speed of answer(ASA) Call abandonment rate % Answered within 30Seconds Average hold time Average time to abandon Percent of calls blocked Contacts per Agent perMonth Agent Utilization Agents as % of TotalFTE’s Customer Satisfaction Call Quality First Contact Resolution Rate Agent Occupancy Annual Agent Turnover Daily Absenteeism New Agent Training Hours Annual Agent Training Hours Schedule Adherence Agent Tenure Agent Job Satisfaction Contact Handle Time % Escalated Level 1Resolvable User Self-ServiceCompletion RateAnd there are hundreds more!!Productivity19© MetricNet, LLC,
    21. 21. A Summary of KPI Correlations for the Service DeskCost per Ticket Customer SatisfactionAgentUtilizationFirstContactResolutionAgentSatisfactionCoaching Career Path Training HoursCallQualityHandleTimeAgents/Total FTE’sAbsenteeism/TurnoverFirst LevelResolutionSchedulingEfficiencyService Levels:ASA and AR20© MetricNet, LLC,
    22. 22. Some Common Desktop Support Metrics Cost per Ticket Cost per Incident Cost per Service RequestCost ProductivityService LevelQualityTicket HandlingTechnician Average Incident ResponseTime (min) % of Incidents Resolved in24 Hours Mean Time to ResolveIncidents (hours) Mean Time to CompleteService Requests (days) Technician Utilization Tickets per Technician-Month Incidents per Technician-Month Service Requests perTechnician-Month Ratio of Technicians toTotal Headcount Customer Satisfaction First Contact Resolution Rate(Incidents) % Resolved Level 1 Capable % of Tickets Re-opened Technician Satisfaction New Technician TrainingHours Annual Technician TrainingHours Annual Technician Turnover Technician Absenteeism Technician Tenure (months) Technician ScheduleAdherence Average Incident WorkTime (min) Average Service RequestWork Time (min) Average Travel Time perTicket (min)And there are hundreds more!!Workload Tickets per Seat per Month Incidents per Seat perMonth Service Requests per Seatper Month Incidents as a % of TotalTicket Volume21© MetricNet, LLC,
    23. 23. A Summary of KPI Correlations for Desktop SupportCost per Ticket Customer SatisfactionTechnicianUtilizationFCR(Incidents)TechnicianSatisfactionCoaching Career Path Training HoursSL’sMTTRWork/Travel TimeTechs/Total FTE’sAbsenteeism/TurnoverFirst LevelResolutionSchedulingEfficiencyServiceLevels: MTTR22© MetricNet, LLC,
    24. 24. KPI’s for Successful Collaboration Weighted Average Cost per TicketCostQualityLevel 1 TCO Weighted Average Customer Satisfaction First Level Resolution RateAggregate  Balanced scorecardDesktop TCO  % Resolved Level 1 CapableRead MetricNet’s whitepaper on IT Support Performance Metrics. Go to to get your copy!23© MetricNet, LLC,
    25. 25. The Balanced Scorecard for SPOC SupportStep 1Six criticalperformancemetrics have beenselected for thescorecardStep 2Each metric has beenweighted according to itsrelative importanceStep 3For each performance metric,the highest and lowestperformance levels in thebenchmark are recordedStep 4Your actualperformance foreach metric isrecorded in thiscolumnStep 5Your score for eachmetric is thencalculated: (worstcase – actualperformance) /(worst case –bestcase) X 100Step 6Your balanced score for eachmetric is calculated: metricscore X weighting24Worst Case Best CaseService Desk Cost per Ticket 20.0% $40.00 $8.00 $22.00 56.3% 11.3%Desktop Support Cost per Ticket 20.0% $120.00 $25.00 $64.00 58.9% 11.8%Service Desk Customer Satisfaction 20.0% 60.0% 100.0% 85.0% 62.5% 12.5%Desktop Support Customer Satisfaction 20.0% 60.0% 100.0% 90.0% 75.0% 15.0%Level 1 Resolution Rate (service desk) 10.0% 40.0% 100.0% 88.0% 80.0% 8.0%% Resolved Level 1 Capable (desktop support) 10.0% 50.0% 0.0% 8.0% 84.0% 8.4%100.0% N/A N/A N/A N/A 66.9%TotalPerformance MetricCostQualityTCOBalancedScoreYourPerformanceMetricScorePerformance RangeMetricWeighting© MetricNet, LLC,
    26. 26. The Performance Trend in SPOC Support25© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.com40%45%50%55%60%65%70%75%80%85%Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecITSupportBalancedScore12 Month Average Monthly Score
    27. 27. 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%BalancedScores26© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comBenchmarking the SPOC Balanced Score26© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comHigh 83.3%Average ----- 51.4%Median 52.3%Low 17.5%Your Performance 66.9%Balanced ScoresKey Statistics
    28. 28. The Results of Benchmarking and Shared Incentives27© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comBefore Benchmarking 1 Year LaterService Desk Cost per Ticket $22 $19Desktop Support Cost per Ticket $64 $62Service Desk Customer Satisfaction 85% 92%Desktop Support Customer Satisfaction 90% 93%Level 1 Resolution Rate (service desk) 88% 91%% Resolved Level 1 Capable (desktop support) 8% 4%66.9% 75.5%42.3% 63.8%% of Bonus AwardedBalanced ScoreKey Performance IndicatorCostQualityTCO 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
    29. 29. 28© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comPOLLING QUESTION
    30. 30. 29© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comPOLLING QUESTION
    31. 31. Closed Ticket Analysis at a Fortune 100 Telecom Company30© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThe Scenario Monthly meetings are held between service desk anddesktop support to review tickets Goal is to ensure proper categorization of tickets, andeliminate tickets through Root Cause Analysis Benchmarks show that First Level Resolution on theservice desk is low And nearly half the tickets resolved by desktop supportare resolvable at level 1
    32. 32. 0246810120%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%18%20%22%24%26%28%30%32%34%36%38%40%% Resolved Level 1 CapableNumberofSupportOrganizationsFirstQuartile=12.7%.FourthQuartile=24.3%.Median=18.1%Industry Data for Desktop % Resolved Level 1 Capable31© MetricNet, LLC,
    33. 33. 32© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comIndustry Data for Level 1 Resolution05101520253035404550550% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%Net First Level Resolution RateNumberofDataPointsAverage ------ 73.9%Max 98.9%Min 24.0%Median 75.0%> 95% Net FLR 2.0%Industry Average Net FLR StatisticsNet First Level Resolution RateNumberofDataRecords
    34. 34. 0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%NetFirstLevelResolutionRemote Diagnostic Software No Remote Diagnostic SoftwareThe Effect of Remote Diagnostic Software on FLRAverage = 77.8% FLRAverage = 61.4% FLR33© MetricNet, LLC,
    35. 35. The Effect of a Mature Knowledge Base on FLR34© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.com0.0%10.0%20.0%30.0%40.0%50.0%60.0%70.0%80.0%90.0%100.0%0 1 2 3 4 5 6KBase MaturityNetFirstLevelResolution
    36. 36. The Action Plan35© MetricNet, LLC, Adopt a remote diagnostic tool Add a check box to desktop support tickets Resolved but Level 1 Capable Establish a goal for First Level Resolution Establish a goal for % Resolved Level 1 Capable Enforce a strict SPOC support model
    37. 37. The Results: 6 months Later36© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comKPI Before Action Plan 6 Months LaterFirst Level Resolution 61% 83%% Resolved Level 1 Capable 44% 17%Weighted Average Cost per Ticket $96 $61
    38. 38. 37© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comPOLLING QUESTION
    39. 39. 38© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comPOLLING QUESTION
    40. 40. Some Final Thoughts
    41. 41. The Paradox of IT Support Less than 5% of all IT spending isallocated to end-user support Service desk, desktop support,field support This leads many to erroneouslyassume that there is little upsideopportunity in IT support The result is that most supportorganizations are managed with thegoal of minimizing costs But the most effective supportstrategies focus on maximizingvalue40© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comCorporate IT Spending Breakdown4%96%: Non support functionsEnd-User Support ApplicationDevelopment ApplicationMaintenance NetworkOperations Mainframe andmidrange Computing Desktop Computing Contract Services(e.g., disasterrecovery)
    42. 42. 84%47%31% 29%22%19%8%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%Service Desk DesktopSupportNetworkOutagesVPN Training EnterpriseApplicationsDesktopSoftwareFactors Contributing to IT Customer Satisfaction%SayingVeryImportant n = 1,044 Global large cap companies Survey type: multiple choice 3 responses allowed per survey 84% cited the service desk as a very important factor in their overall satisfaction with corporate IT 47% cited desktop support as a very important factor in their overall satisfaction with corporate ITSupport Drives Customer Satisfaction for All of IT41© MetricNet, LLC,
    43. 43. 0102030405060700 1 2 3 4 5ProductiveHoursLostperEmployeeperYearQuality of Support Drives End-User Productivity1 (top) 2 3 4 (bottom)Customer Satisfaction 93.5% 84.5% 76.1% 69.3%First Contact Resolution Rate 90.1% 83.0% 72.7% 66.4%Mean Time to Resolve (hours) 0.8 1.2 3.6 5.0Customer Satisfaction 94.4% 89.2% 79.0% 71.7%First Contact Resolution Rate 89.3% 85.6% 80.9% 74.5%Mean Time to Resolve (hours) 2.9 4.8 9.4 12.3Service DeskDesktop SupportPerformance QuartileSupport Function Key Performance Indicator37.4 46.9Average Productive Hours Lost per Employee per Year 17.1 25.9Performance Quartile n = 6042© MetricNet, LLC,
    44. 44. Support Level Cost per TicketVendorLevel 2: Desktop SupportField SupportLevel 3 IT(apps, networking, NOC, etc.)Level 1: Service Desk$471$196$85$62$2243© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comSupport Has an Opportunity to Minimize TCO
    45. 45. Why Collaborate?Benefits Barriers44© MetricNet, LLC, Lower support costs Greater customer satisfactionfor support Shorter cycle times onresolution Enhanced user productivity Greater customer satisfactionfor all of IT Different managers Different funding sources Drive-by’s, fly-by’s, snags No shared goals orincentives Poor training Weak management / lack ofdiscipline Support is low priority
    46. 46. 45© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comQuestion & Answer
    47. 47. You Can Reach MetricNet…By Phone…703-992-7559On Our Website…www.metricnet.comOr E-mail us…info@metricnet.com46© MetricNet, LLC,
    48. 48. 47© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThank You!We look forwardto serving you!
    49. 49. About MetricNet:Your Benchmarking Partner48© MetricNet, LLC,
    50. 50. Jeff Rumburg is a co-founder and Managing Partner at MetricNet,LLC. Jeff is responsible for global strategy, product development,and financial operations for the company. As a leading expert inbenchmarking and re-engineering, Mr. Rumburg authored a bestselling book on benchmarking, and has been retained as abenchmarking expert by such well-known companies as AmericanExpress, Hewlett-Packard, and GM. Prior to co-foundingMetricNet, Mr. Rumburg was president and founder of The VerityGroup, an international management consulting firm specializing inIT benchmarking. While at Verity, Mr. Rumburg launched a numberof syndicated benchmarking services that provided low costbenchmarks to more than 1,000 corporations worldwide.Mr. Rumburg has also held a number of executive positions at META Group, and Gartner, Inc. Asa vice president at Gartner, Mr. Rumburg led a project team that reengineered Gartners globalbenchmarking product suite. And as vice president at META Group, Mr. Rumburgs career wasfocused on business and product development for IT benchmarking. Mr. Rumburgs educationincludes an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School, an M.S. magna cum laude in OperationsResearch from Stanford University, and a B.S. magna cum laude in Mechanical Engineering. Heis author of A Hands-On Guide to Competitive Benchmarking: The Path to Continuous Qualityand Productivity Improvement, and has taught graduate-level engineering and business courses.Mr. Rumburg serves on the Strategic Advisory Board for HDI, formerly the Help Desk Institute.Your Presenter: Jeff Rumburg49© MetricNet, LLC,
    51. 51. 50© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comBenchmarking is MetricNet’s Core BusinessCall CentersTelecomInformationTechnologySatisfaction Technical Support Customer Service Telemarketing/Telesales Collections Service Desk Desktop Support Field Support Price Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction
    52. 52. MetricNet’s Global Benchmarking DatabaseMore than 3,000 IT Support BenchmarksGlobal Database70+ Key Performance IndicatorsMore than 120 Industry Best Practices51© MetricNet, LLC,
    53. 53. Meet a Sampling of Our ClientsMetricNet Conducts benchmarking for support organizationsworldwide, and across virtually every industry sector.© MetricNet, LLC, 52
    54. 54. 53© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comYou Can Reach MetricNet…By Phone…703-992-7559On Our Website…www.metricnet.comOr E-mail us…
    55. 55. 54© MetricNet, LLC, www.metricnet.comThank You!We look forwardto serving you!