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Metrasys offered significant IT consulting and advisory advices to telecommunication and service business on corporate level

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Company profile Metrasys

  2. 2. PT Sigma Metrasys SolutionTelkom Group Competencies : PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (TELKOM) has been implemented SAP & IBM ECM since 2001. TELKOM established PT. Sigma Metrasys Solution (METRASYS) to provide SAP and IBM solution to strengthen SI business. Sigma Competencies Managed Services  Cloud Services :Cloud E- E- E- E- E- BPR Satu, e-transaction, Transc Core Transc Core Transc Transc SAPTransc Partner/Services BPR Bankin Financ E- Opera Princilpal Core Banking, SAP Satu Transc g e tion SAP IBM Orac Operation Software Development Software Services  Managed Services :Managed Managed Services System integration Software Development,Services System Integration, Sofware DRC/Collo services HW/NW/CPE Integration Services Standar Operation Procedures  Data Center :Data Network & IT Infrastrucutures Network & IT Infrastructure,Center Utilities, SOP Utilitiies
  3. 3. PhilosophyVision:To become the best IT Business Solution Partnerin IndonesiaMission:Provide Process Platform to emPower Peoplefor high Performance and ProfitCulture:1. Commitment to Long Term2. Colaborative Innovation3. Co-creation of Win-Win Partnership4. Caring Meritocracy5. Customer First
  4. 4. SAP SolutionSAP : System Application and Product for data processing. In German languageit stands for "Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung". Benchmarking and best practices in over 20 functional areas Over 50,000 industry and process-specific World’s largest provider of Integrated Business Solutions software Company stock trades on the Frankfurt and New York exchanges SAP Services Architectures:  SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning)  SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)  SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)  SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
  5. 5. IBM Software SolutionIBM Services Architectures: IBM is a 100 year multinational technology and consulting corporation, manufactures and sells Enterprise computer hardware and software, and it offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Connectivity & Integration infrastructure, hosting and consulting services inData Management areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. In the Enterprise Business Software, IBM is a provider of comprehensive portfolio that provides virtually all enterprise PortalS & Mashup Business Process Management technology platforms. Metrasys become IBM Collaboration (BPM) Premier Business Partner since March 2012.1. Enterprise Content Management 3. Business Process Management 5. Enterprise Connectivity & (ECM) o Business Process Manager Integration o Document Management o Advance Case Management o SAP Smart Archiving System o Business Rules Management o Application Connector for SAP o Production Imaging Solution 4. Enterprise Application Integration o Cloud Integration o Case Management o Application Connectivity 6. Portal & Collaboration o Content Analytic o Enterprise Service Bus o Portals & Mashup2. Data Management o SOA Management o Social Software & Collaboration o ETL, Staging & Data Quality o Office Automation o Database & Datawarehouse o Master Data Management
  6. 6. List of Customer (Jan 2013)Telkom Group Private Company Government / BUMN
  7. 7. Metrasys Experience-11. Finance and Controlling o SAP FICO implementation in SK Migas, KAI, INTI, MCU, FarPoint, Telin, Sigma, AdMedika, PERHUTANI etc o on Telecommunication, Transportation, Media, Manufacture, Higher Education and Property2. Procurement Process o SAP MM implementation in INTI, TELKOM, FarPoint3. Sales and Distribution o SAP SD implementation in INFOMEDIA and MITRATEL4. Asset Management System o SAP AM implementation in TELKOM5. Project System o SAP PS Implementation in TELKOM, MITRATEL and INTI6. Plant Maintenance System o SAP PM implementation in TELKOM7. Human Capital Management System o SAP HR implementation in TELKOM, METRA, KAI, KKG, etc
  8. 8. Metrasys Experience-28. HRM BPO Solution o Business Process Operation Application Solution in Infomedia, GSD9. Upgrade SAP Version o SAP New GL Implementation in TELKOM10. IFRS adoption on Telecommunication o IFRS Adoption in TELKOM11. RMCA (Revenue Management Contract Accounting) o SAP FICAx implementation in POSINDO12. Business Plan Consolidation o SAP BPC implementation in TELKOM13. Datawarehouse o Datawarehouse in Kementerian Kesehatan and HERO Group14. SAP Empowerment Program o SAP empowerment for user at customer in Interbat, etc
  9. 9. Metrasys Experience-315. Change Management o Change Management in PT KAI16. IT Master Plan o Preparing IT Master Plan on Yayasan DAPENTEL17. Decision Support System o SAP DSS on PT Multimedia Nusantara (METRA) and ICON +
  10. 10. Project Portfolio-1Project 1: FICAX (POS Indonesia) – 2009FICAX is premier project of Metrasys. The project focused onFI module implementation and using PI to integrate Front EndApplication and FICA.Project 2: Kompas Gramedia Group (KGG) - 2010In KGG, Metrasys has a role as advisory consulting, namely to maintainthe SAP system for HR payroll that has been implemented previously inKGG.Project 3: Kereta Api Indonesia - 2010PT KAI Indonesia appointed Metrasys as SAP implementor of FI and HRModule.Project 4: New GL (Telkom IFRS Implementation) - 2010New GL project implements FICO module and Metrasys has a role toupgrade the existing system.Project 5: TEAMs (Telkom) - 2010Project TEAMs implements PM, PS, MM and AM module which areassociated with asset reorganization..
  11. 11. Project Portfolio-2Project 6: BPC (Telkom) - 2010This project implement BPC module focused on consolidation.Project 7: INTI - 2011This project implement FI-CO-PS-MM module.Project 8: MCU - 2011This project implement FI-CO module in universityProject 9: Infomedia - 2011This project implement FI-CO and SD module for revenueassuranceProject 10: KAI – 2011This project implement SAP PI module to integrate SAP with NonSAP application
  12. 12. Project Portfolio-3Project 11: Farpoint – 2011This project implement FI-CO-MM-RE-MM module in propertyProject 12: MDM (Telkom) - 2012This project implement MDM (Master Data Management) to integrateTelkom Master Data on various existing product and customerProject 13: SAP Empowerment- 2012Empowerment SAP for user in Finance, Controlling and ABAP toenhance user capability in SAP operation and maintenance.Project 14: SAP Warehouse Management - 2012Implementation of SAP Warehouse Management.Project 15: B-Effect Project – Phase 2 (PT. INTI - 2012)Implementation of Extended HR and Production in INTI
  13. 13. Project Portfolio-4Project 16: Ministry of Health DWH - 2012Implementation of Datawarehouse for Indonesian Ministry of Healthusing SAP Business Object.Project 17: Kereta Api Indonesia - 2012Implementation of Plant Maintenance, Material Management, Payrolland Cash Management ModuleProject 18: Telkom Indonesia - 2012Upgrade of SAP CRMProject 19: Mitratel (PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi ) - 2012Implementation of SAP FI CO, MM, PS, PM modules and IBM EnterpriseContent Management Sysem.Project 20: ARMI Project (PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka) - 2012Implementation of SAP FICO, PS and MM
  14. 14. Project Portfolio-5Project 21: Dana Pensiun Telkom - 2012Forming Information System Road Map on Dapen TelkomProject 22: PT. Multimedia Nusantara - 2012Implementation of SAP BPC focused on Business PlanningProject 23: PT. Multimedia Nusantara - 2012Enhancement of Decision Support System ApplicationProject 24: BPMIGAS - 2012One of the first SAP implementation in government institution inIndonesia. In this project SAP FICO, MM and HR module will beimplementedProject 25: Perum Perhutani - 2012Implementation of ERP FI CO module (Dashboard / Business Intelligent, e-Library)
  15. 15. Project Portfolio-6Project 26: PT. Administrasi Medika - 2012Implementation of AdMedika Claim Processing SystemProject 27: Infomedia - 2012This project implement HRMS ApplicationProject 28: Telkom Indonesia - 2012Implementation of CRM Full ManueverProject 29: Hero - 2012This project implement Enhancement Business Warehouse ( BW )Project 30: Icon + - 2012This project implement SAP Maintenance Support Application
  16. 16. Project Portfolio-7Project 31: Infomedia - 2013This project implement HRMS ApplicationProject 32: Farpoint – 2013This project implement … module in property
  17. 17. Success Story-1 Business Challenges  IFRS Implementation in ERP  Migration of ledgers SolutionTELKOM has been using SAP ERP since 2001.  Implementation of SAP New GLWith huge data and complex configurationspanning from PS to PM with thousands of  First Implementation in Indonesiaprofit center and accounts.Every year TELKOM has to report each Resultsfinancial statement to NYSE, LSE beside ofISE. All days obligation rely on their SAP data  Implemented three parallel ledger ( IFRS,especially FI module. PSAK, Tax)  Shifting of main ledger to IFRS
  18. 18. Success Story-2 Business Challenges  Revenue stream from a lot of projects  Needs to control and monitor operation expenditurePT Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) -  Needs centralized procurement processPT Inti (Persero) is one of the Indonesianreputable state-owned (BUMN) Solutiontelecommunication companies. Headquartered  Implementation of SAP Finance and Control ,in Bandung with 695 permanent employees Material Management, Project System and(the position in March 2009), PT INTI (Industri HR moduleTelekomunikasi Indonesia) has been acting inthe telecom business for 35 years. ResultsSince the development trend of technological  Centralized process in financial, procurementconvergence between telecommunications and and project managementinformation technology (IT), INTI has made  Inventory of each projectchanges to the original orientation of the  Efficient procurement processbusiness of manufacture to be pure based onan industry-based solutions to a systems,  Integrated procurement, invoicing, andparticularly in the field of infocomm systems payment (three way matching)and technology integration.
  19. 19. Success Story-3 Business Challenges  Inefficient business process  Using a lot of custom-development application with various platform.  Existing applications isn’t fully integrated.Maranatha Christian University was founded Solutionon September 11, 1965 by the Christianscientific community in Bandung with the  Implementation of SAP Finance and Control module to replace the existing businesssupport of the Indonesia Christian Church process.and Pasundan Christian Church by the effortof the medical students of the Immanuel ResultsChristian Indonesian University.  Shifting from cash basis to accrual basisIn order to support its operational, MCU  Fully integrated business processes systemwould like to implement SAP. At first phasethey would like to implement Finance and  Interface to tuition payment via ATM (payment gateway)Control module.
  20. 20. Success Story-4 Business Challenges  17 Company CodesPT. Farpoint Prima is one of Gunung Sewu  Integrated Real Estate Management BusinessGroup business units, is backed by more than Process30 years of Gunung Sewu’s solid experience  Existing applications isn’t fully Property development , management andinvestment knowledge. Farpoint is a key Solutionplayer in the development, sales, rental, and  Implementation of SAP Real Estatemanagement of premium residential and Management, Finance and Control, Materialoffice buildings, shopping centers and parking Management, Plant Maintenance and Projectspaces located in Jakarta and Bali. System.Gunung Sewu has 3 core businesses; Resultsagribusiness, property and life insurance aswell as several other investment portfolios,  Integrated end to end Real Estateranging from mining, information technology Management with FI-CO as an anchor.and manufacturing. While the Group hasalready implemented SAP System as theirERP, Farpoint has just intended to do as well.
  21. 21. Product Package Solution-1SAP Operation : Implemented on Telkom Subsidiaries SAP Environment
  22. 22. Product Package Solution-2ConversaDoc : Document Management Solution Digitalitation & Indexing and Bisnis proses /Case Knowledge Archiving Capturing Management : Management Dokumen Content View, Modify, Approval Archiving, Reporting, Business Intelligent, Support System Cloud Hosted ConversaDoc Basic ConversaDoc Pro ConversaDoc Business ConversaDoc Enterprise
  23. 23. PT Sigma Metrasys Solution The East Tower 36th Floor Unit 1Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E.3.2 No 1 Jakarta Selatan 12950 Ph / Fax. +62 21 5795 8175 / +62 21 5795 8174 Email. Website.