TCHO the Mixed Reality Factory


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This presentation shared at the Vancouver AR Dev Camp 2010 covers the work being done by Maribeth Back's team at FXPAL for the TCHO Chocolate Factory.

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TCHO the Mixed Reality Factory

  1. 1. The Virtual Factory Maribeth Back, Tony Dunnigan, Jonathan Foote, Don Kimber, Bee Liew, Jun Shingu, Jim Vaughan, Dave Arendash
  2. 2. Intro: FX Palo Alto Laboratory FXPAL is an advanced R&D laboratory located in Silicon Valley – Roughly 50 people (25 PhD researchers) – Research expertise • multimedia systems & applications, user interface design & evaluation, distributed networks and systems, and information systems – Wholly owned by Fuji Xerox (FX) • which is owned by Fuji Film (75%) and Xerox (25%) – FXPAL is not PARC (they are a sister lab, owned by Xerox) • But we have similar research missions: create patents and IP, publications, products, prototypes…
  3. 3. Virtual Factory overview Vision Apply FXPAL collaboration technologies in a real-world factory setting. Innovate in real/virtual collaborations, monitoring, and control technologies based on real users and real-world problems.
  4. 4. TCHO Chocolate Factory • Located on Pier 17, SF; factory opened Fall 2008 • Positioned as high-tech chocolate: accuracy in recipe invention and replication • Award-winning chocolate makers (already!) • One of only a few bean-to-bar chocolate factories in US • Management is tech-savvy and willing to experiment: CEO is Louis Rossetto (founder of Wired)
  5. 5. Virtual Factory / Industrial Collaboration Environments Create mixed reality spaces for simulation, visualization, and collaboration – Integrated real-time 3D, 2D, and mobile layers of information about factory processes – Sensor and controller data, multi-camera surveillance, image processing, machine histories – First instances: a 3D virtual factory floor in a multi-user virtual world, and an iPhone/VR laboratory control application Six types of users, with subsets of each: – Managers (CEO, operations manager need different info) – Operators (technical, mechanical) – Tour guides (real-life, VR) – B2B clients (technically knowledgeable) – Suppliers and sources (cacao farmers and producers) – Consumer customers (real-life, Web, VR) Collaborative applications for: – Remote factory observation and control – Process/workflow monitoring and analysis – Planning and design analysis – Quality management – Virtual inspections – Tour guides (real-life, VR) for B2B or general public – Education and training of employees – Inventory tracking
  6. 6. Virtual Factory: real-time data integration Multi-user virtual “mirror world” of factory Data Spots, embedded HD video and machine animations appear upon avatar approach Factory control software Wonderware into mixed reality architecture – Wonderware InTouch: same software as used in some FX factories – Detailed, spatially distributed DataSpots, Data History graphs appear when clicked – Archiving and playback of factory data
  7. 7. DataSpot detailed sensor displays
  8. 8. Mixed Reality Lab Controller Remote monitor/control/collaboration system for chocolate making machines in the TCHO Development Lab. Monitor and control power and temperature for melangers, with live PTZ video of lab to confirm command execution. All driven from same database and python script set that controls the Virtual Factory. The system is now in daily use.
  9. 9. Mobile remote control on iPhone Monitor/control/collaboration system for keeping track of machines in chocolate development laboratory iPhone, Web and Virtual World instantiations – All driven from same database and python script set – Atomic: most recent command wins, from any interface Use parameters (from interviews and observation): – Monitor and control power and temperature for melangers (mixer/grinders) – Monitor and control temperature for roasting ovens – Capture temperature data over time to database – Video camera in lab to confirm control Now in daily use at TCHO Chocolate Laboratory
  10. 10. Hardware setup in Flavor Lab Comtrol ethernet/serial Serial isolated I/O 10/100 ethernet 8-relay module iPhone web app Omega temp sense/set (serial) for melangers and roasters AC power switches (x 8) on melangers and lab light (x 6 + 1)
  11. 11. FXPAL/TCHO project - recent press Discover Online Wired UK KQED TV FXPAL CTC Report (April CNET Slide 11 2009)
  12. 12. Thanks!