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Emerging Optimized Multi-Layer Transport Platforms: Beyond POTS & CESR

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  • Why is control plane needed?  Manual configuration was acceptable for yesterday’s traffic patterns: file sharing from fixed locations.  Today’s traffic patterns: mobile & [mobile] video, are better suited with a CP due to the unpredictable location of the endpoints (combined with the large traffic). 
  • The points on this slide speak for themselves.
  • MLCP

    1. 1. Multi-Layer Control PlaneSession:Emerging Optimized Multi-Layer Transport Platforms: Beyond POTS & CESRNovember 8, 2011 Joe Whitehouse Metaswitch - Network Technologies
    2. 2. Control Plane Drivers Massive growth in traffic• Shift to unpredictable traffic patterns Cisco VNI• Lower CAPEX/OPEX• Increased availability requirements• Network layer consolidation• OSS integration 2009-14 Mobile data traffic 2014: 60% of mobile traffic will be video 2012: 1B mobile broadband connections Cisco VNI Pyramid 108% CAGR Cisco VNI Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 1
    3. 3. Multi-Layer Control Plane• Multiple layers can include • MPLS-TP transport service sublayer • MPLS-TP transport sublayer • TDM layer (ODU) • WDM layer (OCh)• Carriers use only the layers needed• GMPLS is common Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 2
    4. 4. Multi-Layer Control Plane Source: OIF Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 3
    5. 5. Inside a Multi-Layer Control Plane Induced Paths Automatic LSP Configured LSP Paths Provisioning Controller Route Selection MPLS MPLS Signaling Transit MPLSMPLS Signaling MPLS Signaling Routing Signaling Paths Signaling Layer N Layer N Multi Layer Switch Fabric Switch Link Packet Programmin Managemen OAM Forwarding g t Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 4
    6. 6. Inside a Multi-Layer Control Plane Induced Paths AutomaticRequirements Configured LSP LSP Paths Provisioning Controller• Standards Compliant Route Selection• Generalized • Packet • Optical • OTN MPLS MPLS Signaling Transit MPLSMPLS Signaling MPLS• Extensible Paths Signaling Signaling Routing Signaling Layer N • ENNI 2.0 Layer N • UNI 2.0 • OTN Multi Layer Switch Fabric• Architecture Switch Link • Clean Programmin Packet Managemen OAM Forwarding • Modular g t • Flexible Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 5
    7. 7. Trend: Control Plane in the CloudManagementPlane Open Interface Proprietary Interfaces PCEControlPlane PCE InterfaceDataPlane PCE = Path Computation Element Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 6
    8. 8. Trend: Control Plane in the Cloud• Reduced cost with COTS hardware • Significant savings on server CAPEX & OPEX (eg power) • Open architecture • Simplifies control plane upgrades• Merge control plane with incumbent OSS systems • Key requirement for tier 1 service providers • Eases the migration for transport groups from mgmt to control plane model• Centralized control for complex tasks • Multi-layer control plane • Lambda & OTN OCh routing• Accelerated feature development cycle Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 7
    9. 9. Multi-Layer Control Plane Summary• MLCP in high demand• MLCP protocol components • Clean, modular, flexible• MLCP innovation • OTN • Control Plane in the Cloud • Path Computation Element (PCE) • OpenFlow (potential)• MLCP becoming a reality Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 8
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