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Extending Connection-Oriented Ethernet End-to-End Using MPLS-TP

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Carrier ethernet-network-solutions

  1. 1. Carrier Ethernet Network SolutionsExtending Connection-Oriented Ethernet End-to-End Using MPLS-TP Pat Moore Metaswitch Networks Network Technologies Division
  2. 2. Metaswitch ExpertisePreviously Data Connection Ltd. (DCL)• Network Protocol source code since 1983 Customers• 1st portable GMPLS protocol solution• 1st portable O-UNI protocol solution• 1st portable LMP protocol solution• 1st portable G.709 OTN protocol solution• 1st portable MPLS-TP protocol solution Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 1
  3. 3. MPLS-TP Overview Service PW Attachment MPLS-TP LSP Attachment Circuit Circuit CE PE Packet-switched MPLS PE CE CE Customer Edge PE Provider Edge PW Pseudowire• MPLS-TP = Ethernet + GMPLS + OAM • + Control Plane (optional)• Typically with a pseudowire (PW) layer above Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 2
  4. 4. MPLS-TP Re-uses Existing Technology• MPLS transport over Ethernet, e.g. • Bi-directional LSPs • Ensures sent/received traffic follows same route • “Profiling” to remove MPLS features not suited to transport • Penultimate-hop label popping• Optional Management Plane provisioning• Optional GMPLS Control Plane for MPLS-TP facilitates • Automated provisioning • Sophisticated protection and restoration• MPLS-TP OAM is the major new addition Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 3
  5. 5. MPLS-TP OAM • Continuity Check• OAM for both PW and MPLS-TP • Continuity Verification • Separately monitor service and transport • Packet Loss Monitoring• There are a number proposed OAM alternatives • Delay Measurement • Y.1731 (pre-standard deployments?) • Remote Defect Indication • RFC 5586 MPLS Generic Associated Channel (GACh) • Alarm Reporting LSP Label Payload • Client Signal Failure Indication Data • Lock Reporting LSP GACh • More… LSP Label GAL = 0x0D OAM Protocol S=0 S=1 Data• GACh allows various OAM schemes and protocols GACh processing OAM specific LSP egress module module module Pop LSP label from Parse Associated stack. Channel Header Process OAM Recognize Generic Determine OAM protocol message. Associated Label protocol type. Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 4
  6. 6. Network Layering Example• Multi-Segment Pseudowires allow a COE circuit to • Transition between different technologies • Management provisioned / Control Plane signaled • MPLS-TP / traditional MPLS • Transition between different Carriers• Anticipated deployment case • Management provisioned PWs at the edge • Control Plane signaled PWs across the backbone • Potential for statically configured T-PEs at customer sites S-PE Switching PE T-PE Terminating PE Service MS-PW Static Static Static LSP LSP LSP Static S-PE S-PE T-PE T-PE Packet access Backbone Packet access Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 5
  7. 7. OAM is Layered as well• End-to-end OAM for Service• PW-layer OAM • Monitor / diagnose a particular Carrier or Network Region• Per-carrier or per-region OAM • Monitor / diagnose each hop of an LSP• Common OAM technology Service MS-PW Static Static Static LSP LSP LSP Static S-PE S-PE T-PE T-PE Packet access Backbone Packet access Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 6
  8. 8. Layering is Potentially More Extensive• Multiple layers can include • Service layer (e.g. PW for Ethernet service) • MPLS-TP transport layer • TDM layer (e.g. OTN ODU) • WDM layer (e.g. OTN OCh)• Each Carrier uses only the layers it needs • Only use a layer if it adds value• (G)MPLS is a common theme Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 7
  9. 9. Range of Services• Ethernet Services • MEF E-LINE, E-TREE and E-LAN • Use PW and MPLS-TP to carry Ethernet traffic • E-LAN adds L2 switching • Stat-mux or reserved resources• Non-Ethernet L2 Services on same network • PDH for GSM • ATM for 3G backhaul • Use PW as above • Includes timing for base station synchronization• L3 Services • Unicast (RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS) • Multicast (PIM) • Private VPNs (BGP / MPLS) All can use a common MPLS• All services run over any transport control plane • MPLS-TP • TDM • WDM Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 8
  10. 10. MPLS-TP Deployment ScenariosMetaswitch is seeing MPLS-TP interest fromequipment vendors in almost all segments above Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 9
  11. 11. Summary• MPLS-TP is building huge momentum • Pre-standard deployments beginning • Applicable to many networks • Needs to be on carrier’s radar• Standards are well advanced • Re-use of existing technology where possible • OAM well advanced• Common (G)MPLS technology across layers • Coherent management Copyright © Metaswitch Networks | | 10
  12. 12. Thank