The Yoni Tantra. Unveiling a Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual


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The Yoni Tantra. Unveiling a Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual

  1. 1. The Yoni Tantra. Unveiling a Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual• A Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual of the yoni tattva described in the clearest of terms• Whilst ritual sexual intercourse is often alluded to in Kaula and Śrī tantras, there are only a few of these in which yoni tattva is mentioned• Yoni Tantra is explained as a eulogy of the yoni and the yoni tattva• This book explodes the myth that the "secret sādhana" was veiled by a twilight language
  2. 2. Content• Introduction to Yoni Tantra• Svecchachara• Reverence for Women• Kāmarūpa• The Ten Mahāvidyās• 8 Patalas
  3. 3. Svecchachara• This Sanskrit word means a spiritual state in which an individual may act according to her or his own will.• The ordinary rules for worship are suspended for one following Mahachina practice.• Svecchachara is the way of the Avadhuta, a spiritual person beyond any qualifications or distinctions. "For him there is no such thing as sin or virtue. The ethical system of sin and virtue is to protect the minds of the worldly, since the mind is the measure of all things and all things last only a moment." (CT 8,60)
  4. 4. Reverence for Women• The Kaulas regarded female gurus very highly• In Kaula every woman is thought of as a manifestation of the Goddess• The Kaula is instructed to recite a mantra inwardly whenever he sees a woman "Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels."
  5. 5. Kāmarūpa• Many of the Kaula Tantras originate from Kāmarūpa• In Puranic legend, this is the place where the yoni of Devī fell to earth after her body was sliced into 50 segments by the discus of Viśṇu. "It is said that female sadhvikas knowing yoga dwell at Kāmakhyā Pītha. If one joins with one of these, one obtains Yogini Siddhi." (KJN, Patala 16)
  6. 6. The Ten MahāvidyāsMahavidyas associated with the different parts ofthe yoni: • Kālī • Tārā • Sodasi • Chinnamastaka • Bhagalamukhi • Matangi • Bhuvaneshvari • Mahalakshmi
  7. 7. Eight PatalasPatalas open with a familiar tantrik scene on Mount Kailasa whereShiva is addressed by Parvati. Shiva says he will declare the YoniTantra to Parvati out of love for her.• First Patala: About the chief among 64 tantras• Second Patala: About which types of yoni should be worshipped and which bring good fortune• Third Patala: About Yoni Tantra• Fourth Patala: About the nature of yoni worship• Fifth Patala: About the manner of proceeding for all sādhakas• Sixth Patala: About the quintessential secret of sādhana• Seventh Patala: About the ultimate vīra sādhana• Eighth Patala: About liberation by yoni worship
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