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Optimize your infrastructure for better efficiency - Branko Avramovski, Microsoft

Optimize your infrastructure for better efficiency - Branko Avramovski, Microsoft






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    Optimize your infrastructure for better efficiency - Branko Avramovski, Microsoft Optimize your infrastructure for better efficiency - Branko Avramovski, Microsoft Presentation Transcript

    • NegawattOptimize your infrastructure for better efficiencyBranko AvramovskiMicrosoft services
    • NegawattNegawatt power is a theoretical unit of power representingan amount of energy (measured in Watts) saved. Energy issaved by either increased efficiency or reduced energyconsumption; the conserved energy is a "negawatt".The concept of a negawatt is simply a measure of power thatis not used. Negawatts are a form of encouragement tomotivate consumers to conserve energy.Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negawatt_power
    • ICT Energy consumption Facts ICT is responsible for 5 %– 10% total electricity consumption In US Only 10-15 more In administrative power plants needed by industries (Governments, 2011 to keep up with Banks etc.) ICT can data center power account for up to 75% of consumption all energy consumption Most of the IT 3 -5 % of total world Departments are not electricity consumption is responsible for electricity based on software driven bill devices Datacenters are one of the fastest growing consumers of energy.
    • ICT GHG emission facts ICT i s globally responsible for 3% of One search on popular GHG emissions and it search engine can is going to grow to 6% produce 7gCO2 by 2020 All spam messages One e-mail message (183 B per day) will can produce 0.3 g CO2 produce 55000 tons CO2 per day
    • Datacenter cost breakdown• Cost of power ($/kwh): $0,07• Cost of Facility ($) $400.000,00 $569 Monthly Costs• Facilities Amortization: 180 (15years) Servers• Number of Servers: 60• Cost/Server ($) $2.000,00 $2.764 Power & Cooling• Server Amortization (months) 48 $2.085 Infrastructure• Size of Facility (Critical Load W): 30.000,00 Power• Annual Cost of Money (%): 5%• Average Power Usage (%): 80% Other $2.594 Infrastructure• Power Usage Effectiveness 1,7• Power and Cooling 4yr server & 15 yr infrastructure amortization Infrastructure (%) 82%
    • Data Center (in)efficiency Idle x86 servers 10% of 4.4 A majority of consume Most servers million servers physical server between 30% - operate at 5 - around the operate at 4% 40% of 15% of their globe are average maximum total load unused utilization (rated) power.
    • How to reduce infrastructure cost • Analyze actual workload • Eliminate unnecessary components • Operate Servers at higher temperature • Use higher efficiency power and cooling • Chiller-less design • Optimize for performance/watt/$ • Drive server consolidation with Reduce virtualization Cost • Leverage advanced power management technology
    • Production server consolidation and management benefits 0,00 50000,00 100000,00 150000,00 200000,00 250000,00 300000,00 As Is (Current) Costs Production Server Consolidation and Management Virtualization Benefits Benefit Analysis - Three Costs With Microsoft Existing Server Cost Avoidance As Is (Current) Costs year analysis Virtualization New Server Purchase Cost Avoidance Production Server Consolidation and Networking Savings Management $ 267.611 $ 79.704 Virtualization Benefits Networked Storage Savings Existing Server Cost 149553,00 34903,00 AvoidanceCosts With Microsoft Provisioning Efficiency Savings New Server Purchase 33252,00 6826,00 Virtualization Cost Avoidance Networking Savings 20520,00 7980,00 Networked Storage 21280,00 9025,00 Savings Provisioning Efficiency 1028,00 88,00 Savings Change Management 11369,00 3308,00 Efficiency Savings Operations and Administration Efficiency 30609,00 17574,00 Savings
    • Production server consolidationGreen IT benefits Benefits Costs With with As Is Microsoft Microsoft Savings Percent (Current) Virtualizatio Virtualizatio with Microsoft Benefit Analysis - Three year analysis Costs n n VirtualizationProduction Server Consolidation Green IT Benefits $65,144 $11,232 $53,912 82.8%Server Power Savings $24,418 $8,272 $16,146 66.1%Data Center Space Savings $40,726 $2,960 $37,766 92.7%Carbon Emissions per Year (in metric tons) 53 15 38 71.7%Number of Equivalent Cars Carbon Emissions (peryear) 10 3 7 70.0%Number of Equivalent Trees to Cover CO2 Emissions(per year) 1,359 385 974 71.7%Number of Equivalent Homes Carbon Emissions (peryear) 6 2 4 66.7%
    • Green IT - 10 Things You Can Do1. Enable Windows power management2. Replace older hardware/CRT with Energystar pcs3. Deploy Windows Server 20084. Virtualization5. Look at energy bills6. Do a thermal scan of data centers7. Telework, remote meetings through unified communications8. Plan, analyze, monitor your environmental sustainability efforts using BI9. Empower your employees10.Start today
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