4 Bad Habits of Presenters


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This presentation talks about 4 common bad habits of presenters that leads to death by PowerPoint. Addressing these bad habits will lead to better and more effective business presentations.

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4 Bad Habits of Presenters

  1. 1. 4 common bad habits of presenters © Presentation-Process.com
  2. 2. What are these habits? How do they matter?
  3. 3. The answer is buried in the evolution of presentations
  4. 4. Over time… presentations have gone through 3 stages Infancy Adolescence Maturity
  5. 5. In Infancy stage…
  6. 6. Presenters had limited tools to work with. Photo slide projectors
  7. 7. Since photo slides were expensive to make…
  8. 8. Presenters developed bad habit No. 1 ‘Cluttering the slides’
  9. 9. The result was: Slides like this…
  10. 10. Our company’s glorious history • Once upon a time when we started the company – We went to the registrar office to purchase • Rs.2/- revenue stamp • We went by public transport – because we had no company-owned vehicle » It was too far to walk » Distance> 5 furlongs. » Cars for hire were expensive » And we had no expense account • I am telling you all this because – I FEEL LIKE IT haha • Anyway your next 2 hours are all mine – Of course that does not comprise of question-answer time. – I know you will be too engrossed to take a break • My boss did this to me – And I will do it to you – For more information, please refer to the detailed training sessions on our culture, ethos, values, mission, vision, principles, past achievements, trophies won, background of the directors etc. & Sons
  11. 11. The less expensive option – OHP sheets were too difficult to read
  12. 12. So, presenters developed Bad Habit No.2 ‘Reading the slides’
  13. 13. Result… Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z
  14. 14. Then came Adolescence stage…
  15. 15. Presenters had the option to play with pictures, charts, graphs and animations…
  16. 16. ..and they developed Bad Habit No.3 ‘Flaunting their expertise’
  17. 17. The result was: Slides like this...
  18. 18. I will use it because I have it • Don’t you love this cool background? • I just love clipart –I use it whenever I see free space •Animation with sound ROCKS
  19. 19. And graphs like this…
  20. 20. …which made the audience switch off
  21. 21. …and since presenters could also ‘Cut-Paste’ their way to a new presentation… Ctrl+C Ctrl+V
  22. 22. They developed Bad Habit No.4 ‘Avoiding hard work’
  23. 23. Result: Weird hybrid presentations without a unique identity
  24. 24. Enough!
  25. 25. …it is time to move to the maturity stage Now
  26. 26. It is time to break the 4 bad habits of presentation…
  27. 27. …and replace them with 1 valuable habit of Simplicity
  28. 28. For, simplicity makes your message fly
  29. 29. …and helps you reach the last person in your audience.
  30. 30. How do I bring simplicity to my presentations?
  31. 31. It is easy. Get 25+ FREE Presentation Design ideas and tips by visiting Presentation-Process.com http://www.presentation-process.com/presentation-design.html