Ocean Spray - Valencia Launch - Summer Campaign 2011. English Version


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A six month integrated marketing campaign produced by Messum Export on behalf of Jasa International for the soft launch of Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic into the Spanish Market. A full version in Spanish is also available on Slideshre

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Ocean Spray - Valencia Launch - Summer Campaign 2011. English Version

  1. 1. Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic Summer Campaign 2011
  2. 2. IndexReportExecutive Summary ……………………… 3The Consumer ……………………… 5Brand Perception ……………………… 7Brand Diagnosis ……………………… 8Target Audience ……………………… 9 Í NN DIE X EMedia Strategy ……………………… 10 I D CMedia Selection ……………………… 11Advertising Program ……………………… 13Budget ……………………… 14CPT Analysis ……………………… 15Evaluation ……………………… 16AppendixSWOT Analysis ……………………… iQuestionnaire ……………………… iiDetailed Budget ……………………… iiiPotential Designs - Mujer Hoy ……………………… ivSponsorship - 100% Mujer ……………………… vi 2
  3. 3. Executive SummaryOcean Spray Cranberry Classic (henceforth referred to as OS CranberryClassic) is the flagship product in the Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc range.Since it was founded in 1930 Ocean Spray has experienced great EXECUTIVE SUMMARYinternational expansion, especially among English speaking marketsachieving in the UK alone, sales of some 60 million litres a year.OS Cranberry Classic is present in over 50 countries, but has only capturedconsiderable market share in those countries in which it has implemented anintegrated marketing campaign, communicating to the customer theproducts various benefits, such as its fresh, distinct flavour and undeniablehealth advantages.In 2007, sales of fruit juices in Spain grew by 8.2%, reaching 325 million euros.Significantly, sales of more exotically flavoured fruit juices (such as thecranberry) outperformed more traditional ones such as orange, pineappleand peach. Despite this progress, sales of cranberry juice are still low and fully95% of the consumption of OS Cranberry Classic is Spain can be attributedthe small British expatriate community.In addition, upon introducing the product to local consumers OS CranberryClassic is faced with another hurdle due to the negative Spanish mindsettowards the products packaging. In local supermarkets the “Tetra-Brik” (as itis known in Spain) is chiefly associated with bulk purchases of cheapproducts, predominantly UHT milk, and very rarely used to contain Premiumfruit juices. In short, for a product looking to make a good first impression in anew market OS Cranberry Classics packaging is at odds with the highquality of its content. 3
  4. 4. This document is therefore an attempt to develop a strategic marketing planfor the entry of OS Cranberry Classic into the Spanish national market. Itidentifies the following two objectives as essential to the products successfulintroduction and survival in Spain.▪ Identify and educate a target audience about the health benefits of the EXECUTIVE SUMMARYcranberry, positioning OS Cranberry Classic as the market leader in thissector.▪ Improve the image of the product through a Premium message to provokea greater sense of product value at the moment of purchase.In this hypothetical situation a budget of 40,000 € is assigned by Ocean SprayCranberries, Inc in order to launch a trial campaign with a duration of threemonths in the autonomous community of Valencia, (Valencia capital,Castellon and Alicante). 4
  5. 5. The Consumer´s Point of ViewLack of Brand RecognitionThe OS Cranberry Classic brand is almost entirely unknown in Spain.Benefits UnknownResearch suggests a lack of understanding about the various health benefits THE CONSUMERof the product. Very few people were able to acknowledge its specifichealth advantages such as the effects against cystitis or as an antioxidant.Low Temporal AssociationIn contrast to other products such as orange juice, which is usually consumedin the morning, cranberry juice is not associated with any particular momentof the day. It is worth pointing out however that juice consumption increasessubstantially during the warmer months of the year.An Adult FlavourOS Cranberry Classic stands out as having a distinct flavor that leaves asomewhat dry and bitter aftertaste, making it popular among matureconsumers with a more sophisticated palate.Misleading Packaging.OS Cranberry Classic is a Premium brand. However this is poorly reflected inits packaging. Given the prevalence of the “Tetra-Brik” among supermarketown-brands, upon first contact with OS Cranberry Classic, the Spanishconsumer almost automatically identifies it alongside other cheap, lowquality products. The production costs involved in changing the productpackaging do not allow for sweeping modifications, however the image ofOS Cranberry Classic, in the eyes of the Spanish consumer would benefit 5
  6. 6. enormously from a redesign to include high quality images of cranberries in adifferent colour scheme, avoiding white where possible. The packaging ofany FMCG product its greatest brand ambassador so full advantage shouldbe taken of this space to educate the target audience with a design thatincludes detailed information, entirely in Spanish, about the nunmerousqualities of the product. THE CONSUMERThe Challenge in BriefOS Cranberry Classic is a new product in the Spanish market and remainsalmost entirely unknown to the Spanish consumer. In addition the manyhealth benefits of cranberry juice are still not fully appreciated and itspackaging provokes reactions in contradiction with its premium positioning.Nonetheless, among todays increasingly product savvy consumer there is agrowing emphasis on pursuing a healthy lifestyle and a greater willingness totry new healthy products. The successful marketing campaign will berequired to educate potential consumers about the health benefits of thecranberry while simultaneously and continuously casting the Ocean Spraybrand in a Premium light. If this mix is achieved OS Cranberry Classic has agreat opportunity to capture market share among a receptive, but hithertouniformed audience. 6
  7. 7. Brand PerceptionAmong the few consumers of cranberry juice in Spain, fewer still have heardof OS Cranberry Classic. This problem is compounded when the first contactwith the product often produces negative reactions. The campaigns BRAND PERCEPTIONobjective are therefore twofold:▪ Introduce the product and educate the consumer about the benefits ofcranberry juice; its high vitamin C content and positive effects against cistitis.▪ Stimulate at every possible moment an image of quality, positioning it as apremium product. Healthy Future Today Not Premium Premium UnhealthyDetailed above is the brand perception forecast of OS Cranberry Classic inrelation to its main competitors. It is the responsibility of the campaign tostimulate this shift in perception. 7
  8. 8. Brand DiagnosticsThe premium image of OS Cranberry Classic is reflected in its price tag butnot in its packaging. Therefore at the time of purchase consumers, unawareof the quality of the Ocean Spray brand, perceive greater value in cheaperproducts. BRAND DIAGNOSISUnited Kingdom SpainHealthy HealthyQuality QualityValue ¿Value?The above graphic shows the imbalance of consumer brand perceptionbetween UK and Spanish markets due to the low regard win which productspackaging is currently held by local consumers. Without a viablemodification in the packaging format, shifting attitudes of Spanish consumerstowards the “Tetra Brik” will be essential to the products continued survival inSpain. Reinforcing this image by communicating the products healthbenefits will enhance the brands value and influence consumers choice ofproduct at the time of purchase. 8
  9. 9. Target Audience R E S S UAME N A UJDECNUUEITV V O REPrimary AudienceMeet Maribel: Aged between 35 and 55years, Maribel is a modern mother with a part UTM G E T E J EI EC CT I Otime job. She predominantly lives in a modernsuburb near a big city, where her husbandworks. She still feels young but she is consciousof her age. She looks after herself and visitsbeauticians and health centers with some R ENregularity. She is firmly in the ABC1 categoryand her family has an annual income ofapproximately 60,000€. Maribel is responsiblefor the weekly shop, spending on averageabout 120€ in quality super market chains suchas Corte Ingles or Mercadona. She is aregular juice drinker and is aware of cranberry juice but not fully convinced of itsbenefits. When she is not working, she takes care of the house and children, and triesto get some exercise whenever possible. She reads wellness, beauty, and decorationmagazines and is comfortable using the computer, regularly browsing her favourite Esites. At the weekend she enjoys going out for dinner with friends or getting away tothe country with her family. Secondary Audience Meet Sandra: Aged between 28 - 35 years Sandra is an independent, university educated woman who lives away from home and has a full- time job. She has already made the decision to form a family with her partner, or is thinking about it. She has an above average income but still keeps a prudent eye on her personal economy, spending approximately 50€ on the weekly shop. She regularly drinks fruit juices believing them to be an important vitamin source, has heard of cranberry juice butrarely consumes it. She is a modern, active and sporty woman, who is concernedwith her image and diet. Her interests include fashion, politics and current affairs andshe loves to travel whenever possible. 9
  10. 10. Advertising StrategyAmong the national market OS Cranberry Classic is a new product. Inaddition cranberry juice consumption in Spain is low. It is therefore logicalthat the marketing campaign adopts a strategy that combines both highreach and high frequency. MEDIA STRATEGYReachIn order to achieve the highest possible reach the campaign shall combinethree principal medias: magazine, online and radio, choosing those whichoffer the greatest penetration among the target audience.FrequencyAs a new product it is essential to reach a minimum frequency of three timesper week taking into account both the weekly shopping patterns of ourtarget audience and the four step AIDA purchasing process.The strategy also recognizes the rise in juice consumption throughout thesummer months and it is therefore considered logical to launch thecampaign in late spring/early summer in anticipation of the warmer season.Campaign ObjectivesExtend the message of OS Cranberry Classic as a quality and healthy fruitjuice to 70% of the target audience with a frequency of at least four timesper week. 10
  11. 11. Media SelectionWellbeing and Beauty MagazinesThe high quality and authenticity of such magazines mean they are ideallysuited to achieve both of the primary campaign objectives; to educate thetarget audience through content rich adverts and improve brand image bymeans of a premium focused creative. However, as the vast majority ofmagazines of this genre are published monthly, the campaign will struggle to MEDIA SELECTIONreach the desired frequency if they are used in exclusivity.Mujer Hoy (Woman Today) magazine has been chosen because of its weeklyprint run and predominant female ABC1 readership profile. Nevertheless,used on its own this medium is still not considered effective enough to causethe desired impact. For a design guideline see Appendix IV.OnlineUnlike other media, online advertising offers two way consumer-brandcommunication and adds invaluable feedback to the campaign. Theinternet is an important part of everyday life for our target audience and anonline presence offers the opportunity to interact with them in a less intrusivemanner.The online contribution will be run in collaboration with www.mujerhoy.com,through a tailored campaign with their “Club de Probabdores” (SamplingClub). Included in this offer is a branded newsletter, a permanent button onthe Home Page and the creation of a tailored campaign microsite. Forfurther information see Appendix V.RadioRadio brings flexibility to the campaign and is the perfect accompaniment tothe print media. It is a malleable communication tool that increasesfrequency with immediate effect and can be timed to coincide thebehaviour of the target audience. 11
  12. 12. …RadioCadena100 FM is considered the best option, offering a high coverageamong the female ABC1 audience and also a more local penetration.Events MEDIA SELECTIONEvent Marketing provides the opportunity to place OS Cranberry Classicdirectly in front of the consumer, explain its benefits, collect feedback andactively explain the benefits of the product. By associating the product withappropriate events it is possible to create synergy within the marketingmessage and promote brand empathy.100% Mujer (100% Woman) will run for one month in Valencia in collaborationwith Cadena Cien and offers sponsorship and product placementopportunities throughout a range of woman-centric events. For furtherinformation see Appendix VI.SamplingThe transition from desire to purchase will be aided by a targeted samplingcampaign. Teams of brand ambassadors in or close to the main points ofsale will distribute samples, explain the products benefits, interviewconsumers and collect feedback.Other ConsiderationsSocial Networks: Extend current Facebook and Twitter presence to includeinformation in Spanish. Cost effective but requires constant monitoring.Television: Long term consideration to significantly increase reach. Expensive. 12
  13. 13. Advertsing Schedule OS Cranberry Classic Marketing Plan - Summer 2011 May June July Medi a Na me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Magazine Mujer Hoy On-Line Mujerhoy.com ATL Radio Cadena 100 Events 100% Mujer BTL Samples Promoservis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 May June July OS Cranberry Classic Marketing Plan - Summer 201113 ADVERTISING SCHEDULE
  14. 14. Advertising BudgetMedia Price PercentageMagazines 20,000.00 € 50Online 6,000.00 € 15Samples 5,522.00 € 14Radio 4,243.20 € 11Events 00.00 € -Contingency 4,000.00 € 10Total 39,765.20 € 100Ocean Spray Cranberreis Inc has assigned a budget of 40,000 € to this threemonth campaign.As a new product in the Spanish market the importance of high coverage BUDGETamong the target audience can not be underestimated. Given its highlytargeted readership of nearly two million, Mujer Hoy magazine bringsexceptional reach to the campaign and is accordingly attributed 50% of thebudget. 15% is allocated to an online presence through a tailored campaignin collaboration with www.mujerhoy.com.To promote the product close to the time of purchase it is considerednecessary to devote 14% of the budget to a sampling campaign, recruitingbrand ambassadors to educate potential consumers with the objective ofconverting interest and desire into sales.As a short campaign it is essential to reach the desired frequency withoutdelay. For this reason 11% of the budget is assigned to radio as it is capableof making an immediate impact. Included in the radio budget allocation isthe sponsorship of 100% Mujer, a month long woman-centric promotionalevent in collaboration with Cadena 100 Valencia10% of the budget is reserved as a contingency in the event of possible pricefluctuations and/or campaign modification. For further information aboutthe budget see Appendix III. 14
  15. 15. CPT AnalysisAnalysed below are the main media used throughout the campaign fromthe point of view of their efficiency; i.e. the cost involved in extending themessage to one thousand consumers among the target audience,commonly known as Cost Per Thousand (CPT).Magazine CPT ANALYSISMagazine Cost Readership ABC1 Women Capt Aud CPTMujer Hoy 10.000 € 1.877.000 74% 1.388.980 7,20 €OnlineWebsite Cost Unique Users ABC1 Women Capt Aud CPTMujerhoy.com 6.000 € 2.400.000 55% 1.320.000 4,50 €Radio ABC1Station Cost Listeners Spot/Wk Wks Capt Aud CPT WomenCadena 81.60 € 85.000 4 13 65% 55,250 1,50 €100 15
  16. 16. Campaign EvaluationAs an unknown product in a new market the ultimate measure of thecampaigns success will be the resultant increase in sales of OS CranberryClassic among Spanish consumers.In addition however, it is important to measure as often as possible whetherthe campaign is producing the desired effects among both potential and EE V A L U A T II Ó Nactual consumers. VALUAC ONBefore LaunchAll creative ideas will be tested with focus groups and in depths interviews toensure the correct interpretation and reception of the campaign message.During the CampaignDuring the entire campaign interviews with consumers will be held to monitorproduct acceptance and gauge opinion. The interviews are intended to findout the levels of brand recall, perception and awareness.Additional evaluationThe campaign with www.mujerhoy.com and the Club de Probadores willprovide essential feedback from consumers about the product, likewise anydevelopment of Ocean Sprays Facebook and Twitter presence in Spain. 16
  17. 17. Internal Strenghts Weaknesses S.W.O.T. Analysis Better quality than all rival products Brand unknown among Spanish consumers 25% Cranberry content – more than competitors Poor quality packaging The dominant cranberry juice brand in UK and US Lack of appreciation for health benefits of cranberry Well supported company juice Presence of cheap alternatives External Opportunities Threats Market open to healthy products More pressure form imitation brands Professional backing of health benefits More established competitors entering market Consumer more and more health conscious (Granini, etc.) Possible introduction into “on-trade” marketsi
  18. 18. Reasearch rechniquesSelf Completion InterviewGender: M/FAge: - 25, 25-35, 35-50, 50 +1. Do you consume cranberry juice? Y N (if no please go to question 4)2. Any brand in particular? _____________________3. How often?Less than once a day Once a day more than once a day4. Do you associate cranberry juice with any country in particular? _____________________________________________5. What is you opinion of cranberry juice? _____________________________________________6. Have you heard of Ocean Spray? Y N7. Are you able to identify any benefits of cranberry juice?_____________________________________________8. If Ocean Spray were a person what would you think of him/her? _____________________________________________9. What is the first think that comes into your mind when you think of cranberry juice?_____________________________________________ ii
  19. 19. Media Name Specs Cost per Ad Frequency Duration Total Ads Audience Cost Detailed Budget Magazine Mujer Hoy Full page - Colour 7.500,00 € weekly 2 weeks 2 1.877.000 20.000,00 € home, microsite, 617.000 unique Online Mujeyhoy.com newsletter 11.000,00 € daily 1 month 617.000 users 6.000,00 € Above the Line Radio Cadena 100 Cuña 20" 81,60 € three days a week 13 weeks 52 85.000 4.243,20 € Events 100% Mujer Flexible - € every day 1 month - - 0,00 € Line 5 x 1/2 day Below the Samples Promoservis (Saturday morning) 84,95 € once a week 13 weeks (5 x 13) = 65 - 5.522,00 € Sub Total 35.765,20 € 10% Contigency 4.000,00 € Total 39.765,20 €iii
  20. 20. Magazine: Mujer Hoy Potential design iv
  21. 21. Club de Probadores (Sampling Club)Ocean Spray Microsite in www.mujerhoy.com Potential design v
  22. 22. Sponsorship - 100% MujerFor one month in Valencia Cadena 100 FM will hold a series of promotionalactivities targeted, as the name suggests, exclusively at women.The event focuses entirely on women and their role in all aspects of daily life.It will include a series of hands-on activities such as sport events, fashion andbeauty sessions and wellbeing seminars, with the aim of enhancing andempowering the role of women in todays society .The sponsorship includes:- Sponsors name throughout the promotional radio campaign to be heldduring the week preceding the event.- Sponsors logo on all marketing collateral associated with the events;newsletters, press releases etc.- Banners and posters at chosen events.- A campaign of 20 second radio adverts on Cadena 100 FM throughout theevent. vi
  23. 23. Report produced by Messum ExportOn behalf of Jasa Internacional S.A. Tel: 675 367 683 Email: info@messumexport.com