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Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
Affiliate SEO
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Affiliate SEO


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Chicago Affiliate Marketing Meetup April 14, 2010 SEO Presentation

Chicago Affiliate Marketing Meetup April 14, 2010 SEO Presentation

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  • 1. Affiliate Marketing SEO By Mert Sahinoglu Disclaimer: There are no white/black/gray hat colors in Affiliate SEO
  • 2. Three types of Affiliates
    • Creative genius– Creates great content & Link bait
    • OCD Organizer – Great outsourced link building organizer and accountant. Best paid ad marketing comes from this type.
    • Automaton Programmer – Automated content generation, website optimization and link building expert
    • IMO – If you are not two of the above 3, you will not have a sustainable future in this business.
  • 3. Finding a niche
    • Entirely based on your operating style, there are three types of affiliates
    • Nurturers: Creative/non techies types. They fall in love with a few niches they enjoy and create great content and link bait.
    • Bribers: These guys tend to be the programmer types. They create automated lead gen, ecommerce content and buy their way into rankings through long tail PPC and paid links
    • Destruction Derby: This is the organizer type. They do not care about web assets. They burn through domains. They care about SEO from a short term perspective.
  • 4. Hosting Considerations
    • Global affiliates should consider shared hosting in multiple continents
    • Destruction derby affiliates could use multiple shared hosting. Never interlink more than two sites at a time in same hosting server. Try not to interlink as much as you can.
    • Nurturers could use one click CMS backend provider hosting company.
  • 5. Use of domains
    • Domain names are the number 2 factor (after links) that affect the SERP factors
    • Keyword rich domain names are valuable. Using more than two dashes “-”, along with type of domain (.biz, .info, etc) is a filter factor for recognizing affiliate sites
    • Subdomains can be a cheap alternative.
    • Wordpress 3.0 (coming up) allows subdomains. Could be the secret weapon of affiliates.
  • 6. CMS
    • If you are a programmer or have access to cheap programmers, stay away (unless e-commerce). Dynamic content does not require CMS.
    • If you are not a programmer. Wordpress is the name of the game.
    • E-commerce is hard. There are open source solutions such as Magento but you still need access to a programmer.
  • 7. Footsteps Theory for an Affiliate site.
    • (long urls with .biz, .info)
    • Inbound link structure
    • 99% of links from “graybar” link sources
    • Young domains with no link authority suddenly pumping thousands of pages of content.
  • 8. Green Links is a must
    • The Toolbar is your greatest friend.
    • It still acts as one of the biggest factors in spam filtering. So how do you get the green links:
  • 9. Authority Link Sources
    • Buy links
    • Guest Blog Posts
    • Widgets/Button/API Syndication
    • Create resource/link bait content and do a digital PR campaign based on it
  • 10. Links 101
    • Anchor text: What words are used on the link itself and also in the paragraph that contains the link
    • Nofollow tags (rel=“nofollow” : It is a signal to search engines not to give link value authority to a link)
    • Links are about marketing….
  • 11. Why links matter to affiliates
    • More traffic
    • Better rankings
    • Get a web page indexed
    • Get an image/video ranked?
    • Reputation Management?
    • Event/Press Release Marketing?
    • Local Business Results?
    • Make you feel good ( I rank #1 for “keyword”)
    • Increased audience reach?
    • Other?
  • 12. Internal link Structure for Affiliates
    • Fact: Tribune has over 590K Topic “tag” pages indexed by Google.
    • .
    • Why did Tribune create Tag Pages? There are no other optimized content in news articles to rank for short tail keyword.
    • Here are their 3 steps to success
    • Step 1: MAIN CATEGORY PAGES/HOME PAGE link to news articles which are the source of long tail event focused keywords traffic.
  • 13. Case Study Chicago Tribune
    • Step 2: A database assigns keywords to tagged pages . Every time a phrase is mentioned in an article, it is converted to a link.
    • with the anchor text being the keyword targeted.
  • 14. Case Study:Chicago Tribune
    • End Result:
    • The “Wrigley Field” tag page ranks #8 for Wrigley Field in Google.
    • Lessons: Keep your website structure as flat as possible. Make sure you have an auto-link plug-in to link back to your product/info pages from blog posts/articles
  • 15. Simple Widget Case Study
    • by Aaron Wall
    • 150K/month traffic, link building mainly through widget syndication
  • 16. Where to buy links
    • Even Fortune 500 companies buy links from companies such as
  • 17. When buying links
    • Avoid public forums and brokers as much as you can.
    • Approach individual website owners who have not already sold a million links.
    • If you are in a highly competitive market feel free to use 301 redirect to hide bought links. (does not help with Bing, Yahoo traffic)
  • 18. Old School Link Building
    • Your own sites & Internal Link building strategies
    • Friends
    • Competing websites
    • Vendors (ex: Web Designer, Plumber)
    • News sites (PR agencies need to be trained to ask for links)
    • Blog & Forum Interaction (can be considered spam)
    • Related specialty sites (ex: Chamber of Commerce)
    • How-to sites
    • Social sites/groups/lists/profiles
    • Directories
    • Guest posting in other blogs and white paper opportunities
    • Reviews & Testimonials
    • Article syndication& Press Releases
    • Content syndication (Video, image, podcast, etc).
    • CSS Galleries (if you have a great design)
    • Charities & Universities
  • 19. Links can be embed codes
    • A link can be the embed/hotlink codes for your
    • images,
    • podcasts
    • videos
    • on other people’s websites.
    • Every embedded video/image helps your multi-media asset rank higher in Image/Video Searches.
  • 20. Personalized Search
    • Link to Twitter profile / Facebook group on email signature
    • Consider not linking to your company/website home page but to a Google Search Result that points to your site.
    • Ex: Google search result to show all my real estate site’s pages
    • Personalized search history is recorded for computer IPs and/or your Google Sign-in ID (If logged in) for six months so you will rank higher for that email contact’s future searches as a preferred website.
  • 21. A link can be a mention
    • A mention of your Business name / phone number / address / email on a webpage (even without a link) helps you rank higher in search engine local business results.
  • 22. Link Footprints
    • Reciprocal Link Exchange Schemes
    • Having the majority of your link portfolio as purchased links
    • Getting links from only low authority websites
    • Having the same “high traffic” anchor text link.
    • A majority of links from Comment spam (forums and blogs)
  • 23. Link Farms
    • Case Study: Foster Web Marketing
    • 150+ Website clients in a large link farm:
    • Large Arrow is the Hidden Link shown as a Paragraph Header with CSS
  • 24. Link Buying in an Ad format
    • Case Study: – A Re/Max lead generation site – 99% of the site is dynamically generated from MLS Database
    • Spent $50K+ (my estimation – 2009) on link buying in ad boxes or as text links.
    • Ranks First Page for every city + property type in Colorado
    • Below screenshot from
  • 25. Timeless content theory
    • Create timeless content pieces on your site.
    • Resource guides, white papers, research studies
    • Promote your content to reporters, bloggers and in forum threads.
    • Watch out for current events related to your timeless piece, write guest blog posts and pitch the content to related reporters.
  • 26. Questions
    • Mert Sahinoglu contact info:
    • msahinoglu at
    • Or just Google “Mert Chicago” 