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RightNow CX May 2011 Product Release
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RightNow CX May 2011 Product Release


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. RightNow CX May 2011Product ReleaseMay 31, 2011 © RightNow Technologies, Inc.
  • 2. AgendaFour Significant Market TrendsIntroducing the RightNow CX May2011 Product ReleaseFeature HighlightsResources
  • 3. Four Significant Market Trends
  • 4. Social: More Popular Than Email
  • 5. Mobile: Bigger than desktop by 2015
  • 6. Cloud AdoptionThe Priority is Business Agility The Priority is Business Agility
  • 7. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE:Customer empowerment is here to stay
  • 8. Four Significant Market Trends1. Social computing2. The mobile web3. Cloud adoption4. Customer experience imperative
  • 9. May 2011 Release OverviewBuild, Connect, and Design Anything • Extend Extend RightNow CX apps to support unique business processes • Integrate Leverage open standards-based capabilities to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate the RightNow CX Cloud Platform into anything • Innovate Deliver continuous customer experience excellence through innovative and efficient solutions
  • 10. RightNow CX Intent Guide CX for Facebook Voice Experience Voice Experience Web / Mobile Self-Service Manager Manager Support Community Chat / Co-Browse Dynamic Dynamic Innovation Community Email Management Agent Desktop Agent Desktop Cloud Monitor Customer Feedback Service Service Sales Sales Marketing Marketing Analytics App Builder Knowledge Foundation | Natural Language Search Mission Critical Operations
  • 11. May 2011 Release Overview Cloud PlatformTheme: Custom ObjectsCX Ecosystem Custom Objects Enhancements Connect APIs Chat API Extensible Analytics API May 2011 SSO SAML 2.0 Support Web Services Common Authentication Intent Guide Unified Admin Analytics External Data Add-In Experience Design Voice Development Environment
  • 12. May 2011 Release Overview Web ExperienceTheme: Intent Guide Federated SearchCX Ecosystem Widget Social Experience May 2011 Direct Twitter Messaging Engage Feedback Polling Widget Search Analytics Dashboards
  • 13. Extend Extend RightNow CX apps to support unique business processes
  • 14. Custom Objects Enhancements Expanded Custom Objects Capabilities and UsabilityCloud Platform App Builder Custom Objects Enhancements Affords developers more power, efficiency, and ease of use in developing rich applications on the CX platform: GA May 2011 Greater consistency between standard objects and custom objects Added support for analytics and add-in framework Broader potential use cases with additional relationship types
  • 15. Voice Development Environment Extend RightNow VoiceCloud Platform App Builder Exp Designer Voice Development Environment Provides new Voice Designer tools for the development, deployment, and management of partner applications: GA Aug 2011 Drag and drop Open standards-based
  • 16. Intent Guide Unified Admin Create and Manage Intent Guide Model Questions via the Answer Console WebIntent Guide Unified Admin Extends the Knowledge Foundation Answer GA Aug 2011 Editor to include management of Intent Guide model questions
  • 17. Search Analytics Dashboards New Suite of Dashboards Engage AnalyticsSearch Analytics Dashboards Extends the Knowledge Foundation Answer Editor to include management of Intent Guide GA Aug 2011 model questions Obvious connections between user behaviors and tuning activities
  • 18. Integrate Leverage open standards-based capabilities to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate the RightNow CX Cloud Platform into anything
  • 19. Chat API Alternative Interfaces for RightNow ChatCloud Platform Connect Chat API Allows organizations to use custom or embedded interfaces instead of the RightNow Chat GA May 2011 consumer interface Supports integration with native mobile applications and web-enabled applications and devices
  • 20. Extensible Analytics API Execution of RightNow Analytics ReportsCloud Platform Connect Extensible Analytics API Allows developers to build dynamic integrations and extension capabilities leveraging the GA May 2011 RightNow Analytics reporting engine
  • 21. SSO SAML 2.0 Support Customer Portal AuthenticationCloud Platform Connect SSO SAML 2.0 Support Supports Customer Portal Authentication through GA May 2011 third-party identity providers Improves security by centralizing management of all user identities Reduces administration time for RightNow CX staff accounts
  • 22. Web Services Common Authentication Connect Web Services for SOAPCloud Platform Connect Web Services Common Authentication Supports login credentials for staff account and agent desktop session ID, allowing developers to GA Aug 2011 use Connect Web Services for SOAP
  • 23. Analytics External Data Add-In Design, Build, and Deploy Reports for External DataCloud Platform Connect Analytics External Data Add-In Allows developers to build integrations and GA Aug 2011 extensions that can pull data from third-party systems, making this external data available for reports through RightNow Analytics Designer
  • 24. Innovate Deliver continuous customer experience excellence through innovative and efficient solutions
  • 25. Intent Guide Federated Search Widget Single Widget to Display All Search Results Web Customer Portal Intent GuideFederated Search Displays intent-based search results from both Widget RightNow Intent Guide and RightNow Knowledge Foundation GA May 2011
  • 26. Twitter Direct Messaging Private Twitter Communications with Cloud Monitor SocialCloud Monitor Twitter Direct Messaging Pulls Twitter direct messages to a configured GA May 2011 account into Cloud Monitor, and allows agents to respond in kind---with a direct message (as long as the proper Twitter permissions are enabled)
  • 27. Feedback Polling Widget Collect Feedback Anywhere Engage FeedbackFeedback Polling Widget GA May 2011 Embeds RightNow Feedback functionality into a website, allowing companies to gather polling data within the context of high-traffic consumer-facing pages
  • 28. Additional Enhancements Cloud Search Manageability Improves cloud search manageability within the Cloud Monitor console by enabling administrators to disable or hide existing searches Connect Common Object Model ExpansionCloud Platform Increases the object and service model coverage through the public APIs, enabling CX platform developers to leverage more of the predefined CX Additional platform data model for rapid development of new Enhancements applications Detailed API Logging GA May 2011 Replaces logging information lost from the deprecated XML-API viewer, providing more granularity for short- term API usage monitoring and simple diagnostic purposes
  • 29. May 2011 Release Overview Extend Custom Objects Enhancements Voice Development Environment (August 2011) Intent Guide Unified Admin (August 2011) Search Analytics Dashboards (August 2011) Integrate Chat API Extensible Analytics API SSO SAML 2.0 Support Web Services Common Authentication (August 2011) Analytics External Data Add-In (August 2011) Innovate Intent Guide Federated Search Widget Twitter Direct Messaging Feedback Polling Widget
  • 30. How to Find Out More Latest Release Information on RightNow Website Start a Discussion in RightNow Community Download Documentation
  • 31. RightNow DeveloperConference 2011June 6-8Registration Now Open!
  • 32. Thank you! © RightNow Technologies, Inc.