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Powering Great Web Self-Service - V2
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Powering Great Web Self-Service - V2


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This version includes an intro to the framework behind behind to deck, as well as a more explicit tie-in of product slides to the value-equation of CX = R + E + A.

This version includes an intro to the framework behind behind to deck, as well as a more explicit tie-in of product slides to the value-equation of CX = R + E + A.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Do they love your service or products enough to do that?Our Customers Love Us? Customer experience and insightsDo you understand and act upon intent in order to increase CSAT?Do you deliver relevant experiences to increase quality of service metrics Our Employees Love Us? Agent productivity and utilizationDrive down cost per channel by delivering knowledge when it countsImprove agent productivity by leading consumer inquiries to the right channelOur Investors Love Us? We deliver revenueTake advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities Increase the number of opportunities presented through high-value intent
  • 2/3 questions that you need to ask:
  • Many ways to leave – channel, interaction, brandMore expensive channel…The problem with behavior is don’t completely understand what’s happening. Introduce “behavior” What happens if you don’t understand. If you don’t explain “why” misunderstanding is bad, you don’t actually define the problem“You’re getting it wrong” because of a “lack of understanding” (org’s perspective)
  • Call to actionInsights Applied deliver on customer needs which drive results
  • Nikon: Combination of great phone, email and web support has strengthened Nikon’s brand and customer loyalty – the company continually scores 95% in its customer satisfaction NetPromoter score improved nearly 7x, customer satisfaction scores have jumped 10%J&P Cycles: Since the RightNow implementation, customer satisfaction scores are up 25% and 98% of customers would recommend J&P CyclesRealNetworks: Customer satisfaction increased 10 pointsiRobot: iRobot’s web self-service rate is over 97% and incoming phone volume has dropped 30% with headcount reduced accordingly.Ubisoft: Ubisoft handles 95% of all customer inquiries via web self-service and can resolve customer issues with only 24 global customer service representatives though the site sees some 5,000,000 unique visitors every monthNavy Federal Credit Union: NFCU is answering almost 50% of the 35,000 e-messages it receives every month without human interventionTelecom New Zealand: Sales conversion rates have improved by a factor of 7 whenever chat is involved, reaching a high of 21% during the RightNow trial.
  • The Problem: Website behavior and activity doesn’t always signal intent Misinterpreted behaviors can lead to poor customer experience and abandonment“You’relooking for the question behind the question.”
  • Consumers broadcast their intent on your website. They are telling you what they need, and what they expect from your business.When a consumer comes to a site and types-in, “My phone isn’t working”, is intent really understood?Understand the Intent through linguistic analysis on both query and content gives us the meaning behind the words. When you move from “some understanding of consumer words”, to “relevant understanding of consumer intent”, you gain greater insights to service your customers with the information they need
  • Deliver relevant answers wherever they reside, in one interaction for a consistent experienceWhen you move from “silo’s of redundant information”, you can unify answers and gain greater efficiency and consistency
  • When you understand the intent behind the activity, and deliver relevant knowledge, you earn the right for deeper engagement.High risk intent: I want to cancel my cell phone planHigh value intent: Yes, I’m interested in your promotion
  • Self-Service vs. Engagement paths are determined by evaluating:RiskCostValueComplexity
  • A premium service experience requires a complete suite of capabilities – fully integrated with Intent serving as the gateway to other web experience capabilities.
  • Retention:Strengthen RelationshipsUnderstand and act upon intent in order to increase customer satisfaction scoresDeliver relevant experiences to increase quality of service metrics Efficiency: Reduce CostsDrive down cost per channel by delivering knowledge when it countsImprove agent productivity by leading consumer inquiries to the right channelAcquisition: Increase SalesTake advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities Increase the number of opportunities presented through high-value intent
  • Transcript

    • 1. Powering Great Web ExperiencesDeliver Exceptional Results 1
    • 2. You Should Know Before You Show [Internal] Retention •Service QualityImportant info about this deck •Customer Satisfaction Score •Avg. response time • Primary Objective: Get a conversion that leads to •Brand Loyalty Discovery •Net Promoter Score •Retention/churn rate • Who is this deck for: Organizations who have •Resolution rate already fixed their efficiency problem •Frequency / Recency •Multi-Channel Support • Primary audience: Executive who owns Service & •Customer Effort Score Support •Cost of Retention •Availability/Accessibility of Service • Secondary audience: Executive who owns the Efficiency Website •Self Service • Opportunity Playbook: When to use the deck •Cost per Contact/Interaction •Self-service/Resolution (channel specific) • RightNow Prospects •Cost of Operations •Maintenance Costs • Stage 1: Initial Qualification •Cost per resolution/cost per answer •Answer Usage Rate (CMS) • Value Equation Opportunity Mapping: •Answer Utilization/Duplication Rate Acquisition • REA •More Opportunities •Number of Interactions •Offer Take Rate •Order Value •Revenue per transaction/order •Offer Take Rate •Up-sell/Cross-sell rate 2
    • 3. Solution Mapping SS REA [Internal] Web Social Cloud Platform • RightNow Social Knowledge • RightNow Knowledge Foundation• RightNow Intent Guide Collaboration• RightNow Web Self-Service • RightNow App Builder Connect APIs • RightNow Support Community & CX for Facebook• RightNow Guided Assistance• RightNow Email Management• RightNow Chat• RightNow Co-Browse• RightNow Mobile Practices Partners • RightNow Web Experience Tune Up • Helix • RightNow Answer Content Tune-Up • Sapient Nitro • RightNow Mobile Experience Best Practice Guide • SDL Language Weaver • RightNow Analytics Training • Neustar • Cloud Services Agreement • Birst
    • 4. Table of Contents [Internal] .1 – Know Before You Show .2 – Solution Mapping for PG SS REA0. Setup [hidden slides] .3 - Table of Contents (you are here) .4 – Slide Flow 1.1 - Title Slide1. Intro 1.2 - Agenda 2.1 - External Validation of Customer Experience Value2. Opportunity 2.2 – Their Priority of ARE 3.1 – Their Opportunity 3.2 - The Impact of Not Solving the Issue3. Value 3.3 - The Approach Gap 3.4 - Call to Action To Change Your Approach 3.5 – The Impact of Solving The Issue 4.1 - The Issue with the Current Approach4. Approach 4.2 - Mapping a better Approach to the Opportunity 5.1 - Call to Action To Change Your Solution5. Solution 5.2 - The Full Solution That Enables the Approach and Delivers to the Value [Three P’s :Product, Partners, Practice] 6.1 - Summarized Business Priority and Opportunity6. Summary 6.2 - Next Steps (Get to Discovery)
    • 5. Slide Flow [Internal].1 3.1 5.1 5.2 3.2.2 5.2 5.1 Setup Value 3.3.3 5.2 Solution 5.1 3.4.4 5.2 Solution 3.5 5.21.1 5.2 Intro 4.1 5.21.2 5.2 Approach 4.22.1 Opportunity 5.2 6.1 Summary 4.22.2 4.2 5.2 6.2
    • 6. Powering Great Web ExperiencesDeliver Exceptional Results 6
    • 7. AgendaThe Issue – The problem to be solved  Business ProblemThe Impact – The value derived from solving the problem  Business OpportunityThe Full Solution - The exact solution to solve the problem  Solution ApproachSummary 7
    • 8. “ 86% stop doing business with an ”organization after one bad experience.*#1 Reason to recommend a company: Outstanding Service (not price or product quality).* * Harris Interactive, 2009 Customer Experience Impact Report 8
    • 9. Our Customers Love Us Our Employees Love Us Our Investors Love Us You Strengthening Your Relationships? 9
    • 10. “ Understand me. Make it easy. ” Give me what I need. Do you Understand Your Customers Needs? 10
    • 11. Why Do They Leave?Relationships require understanding 11
    • 12. To Understand TheCustomer’s Need:Identify The CustomerIdentify Their BehaviorIdentify Their Intent 12
    • 13. InsightsUnderstanding Makes Relevant ExperienceThe Experience RelevantGain a deeper level of understandingto drive meaningful results Improve Brand Loyalty Increase Quality Of Service Decrease Cost of Operations Optimize Multi-Channel Drive More Opportunities Increase Conversion Rate 13
    • 14. 95% 30%CSAT score call volume reduction~Nikon ~iRobot10pts 50%increase in CSAT email automation~Real Networks ~Navy Fed. Credit Union7x 7xincrease in NPS chat conversion ~Telecom New Zealand When You Make The Experience Relevant Your Customers Experience Can Differentiate Your Brand 14
    • 15. Behavior Doesn’t Always Signal IntentUnderstanding of behavior may be misinterpreted. He likes her? He doesn’t like her? 15
    • 16. Understand IntentMove from understanding words to understanding intent “ My phone isn’t working ” What does this individual really need?  Is the phone damaged and they need repair services?  Is the user unsure how to use the phone and they need a tutorial?  Is the phone past its prime, and the user is ready to upgrade to a new phone? 16
    • 17. Deliver Relevant KnowledgePresent relevant knowledge wherever it resides Product Peer-to-Peer Partner FAQs Information Support Content Knowledge Community External Other Web Base Posts Websites Pages Answers Reduce Your Customer’s Effort To Satisfy Their Need 17
    • 18. Increase the Number of OpportunitiesEarn The Right To Convert And Retain Your Customers Do you need Our “Mobile Phone” specialist is available ? to help you now Engage only high value opportunities 18
    • 19. Self-Service Web Self-Service Guided Assistance Email AutomationOnce Intent is MobileUnderstood Chat Co-Browse Social Support Engagement RightNow Powering Great Web Experiences 19
    • 20. Virtual Ask a Virtual Agent AssistantIntent Guide Email (Escalation) Management Web Self- Service Customizable Widgets Your Incidents (12) Contact us Click to Call Chat Phone: 800-877-3692 Support Email: Community Submit an incidentVoice of the Customer The Gateway to Delivering Great Web Experiences 20
    • 21. Powering Great Web Experiences The Full Self-Service SolutionWeb Social Cloud Platform Partners Practices
    • 22. Understand Consumer Intent RightNow Intent GuideStrengthen relationships by guiding consumers to highly relevantknowledge and experiences through an understanding of intent.Capability BenefitLeverage industry-specific language dictionaries Improve Answer RelevancyQuestion Matching understands consumer intent Increase Insights & Relevance of& guides them to relevant content & engagements InteractionsAutomate your personalized service through a Improve Service Level & AccessibilityVirtual Assistant of ServiceMulti-lingual availabilityDeliver real-time, contextually Increase Accessibility of Service & Usability Increase Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Rate & “ RightNow Intent Guide tells us what KLM customers want, not just what they do when on our site. With RightNow we are able Number of Interactionsrelevant offers to deliver quality support as well as effectively market information and services that are relevant to ” the customer’s interest. Roy Scheerder Vice President, KLM Airlines 22
    • 23. Deliver Knowledge at the Point of Need RightNow Web Self-ServiceReduce the operational costs of servicing high volume demandsthrough self service automation and increased agent productivityCapability BenefitPatented, self-learning knowledge management Increase Self-Service Rate & Cost persystem ResolutionSyndicate content and functionality to anywhere Increase Availability & Accessibilityyour customers need help of ServiceQuickly incorporate widgets, videos and other Increase Relevance of Interactions &elements while easily customizing for brand Decrease Abandon RatePartner ecosystem provides language translation Increase Accessibility of Service &and web design expertise and services UsabilityWeb Experience and Answer Content Tune-UpChecklists and Best Practice Guides Improve Service Level & Accessibility “ RightNow has completely transformed the way Overstock interacts with customers by enabling us to understand and resolve issues with the least ” amount of time and effort. Stormy Simon Senior Vice President, 23
    • 24. Give Consumers Tools to Help Themselves RightNow Guided AssistanceRightNow Guides increase self-service rates while improvingthe relevance of customer interactions.Capability BenefitGuides are fully customizable and can be Increase Accessibility of Service &configured to support branding requirements UsabilityGuided troubleshoot decision trees provide Improve Average Utilization Timeconsistent handling of complex customer issuesMultiple guides can be deployed in multiple Improve Availability & Accessibilitylocations throughout a website of ServiceGuided Assistance selections can trigger Improve Resolution Rate & Decreaseescalation rules to satisfy business objectives Escalation RateLink guides to other content and engagement Improve Answer Relevancy &channels , including Communities Relevance of Interaction 24
    • 25. Lead Consumers to the Most Efficient ChannelRightNow Email ManagementDeliver quality communications and timely resolution to disruptive emailvolumes, with responses that leverage centralized knowledge, routing,workflow and cross channel communications.Capability BenefitFacilitates inclusion of active links to Increase Customer Satisfactioncommunities in responsesSmart Assistant® scans message, automaticallysuggesting relevant answers while capturing Increase Self-Service Ratecustomer interactionAuto-respond with answers to the customer aspart the receipt acknowledgement before the Increase Self-Service Rateincident gets assigned to the agentSuggest answers and other self-service channelsto increase agent productivity Decrease Cost per Resolution “ It is not about how many emails we can answer, It’s about how we take what people say and filter it backRoute based on the characteristics of the sender, into the business. And that’s a ” Improve Customer Satisfactionthe content and/or the sentiment of the message tall order for any business. Tish Whitcraft Senior Vice President, Myspace 25
    • 26. Engage Customers OnlineRightNow ChatReal-time chat sessions strengthen customer relationship by expandingmulti-channel support and improving service quality. Agent productivity isimproved by handling simultaneous sessions from a single unified desktop.Capability BenefitCustomer access from smart phone or the web Increase Accessibility of ServiceLaunch chat sessions based on Intent-driven Improve Service Level & Relevancecriteria of InteractionCustomer initiated chat or proactive company- Increase Customer Satisfactiondefined rules and triggersAccess to RightNow Knowledge Foundation Increase Answer Utilization Ratebefore, during and after a chat sessionCustomize the look & feel of the interface, orembed in other applications using the Chat API Improve Service Level & Relevance of Interaction “ RightNow is a great solution, not only to mitigate costs in the call center, but also to help ” provide a better experience. Ron Kelly Vice President, 26
    • 27. Get Agents and Consumers on the Same PageRightNow Co-BrowseVisual communication creates more personal relationships with prospectsand customers. Use multi-channel support and increase service qualityand improve agent productivity.Capability BenefitVisual communication creates more personal Increase Customer Satisfactionrelationships with prospects and customersNavigate your site with a confused customer Increase Customer SatisfactionGuide consumers to relevant content Improve Average Resolution TimeCo-edit documents in real time Increase Service LevelFacilitates consultative selling Increase Average Order Value & Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate “ RightNow is a big factor behind these increases because of the new ways it allows us to communicate ” with supporters. Richard Atterton, COO, Compassion UK 27
    • 28. Leverage Consumers for Social Self-Service RightNow Support Community & CX for FacebookReduce costs in your contact center through the availability of peer-to-peer and self-service support communities.Capability BenefitQuestion-and-answer pairs for a crowd-sourced Increase Answer Relevancyknowledge baseReputation engine to reward customer Increase Customer Satisfactionparticipation and expertiseRobust moderation tools to help facilitate healthy Improve Service Levelsconversation “Maintain a single view of consumer interactions Increase Relevance of Interactionsacross channels, including Facebook After an extensive search, RightNow was the only provider to give us theSmartSense technology to flag and queue Improve Insights & Customer flexibility we needed to support all ”potentially sensitive or abusive post Satisfaction Rates of our different audiences Jan Poston Day, Sr. Director, Blackboard 28
    • 29. One Solution, One Experience, Any Device RightNow Mobile Increase brand loyalty and multi-channel support by making self-service and engagement options accessible and available.Capability BenefitEnable customers to search for help, view Improve Accessibility of Serviceanswers, rate answers, and see related questionsDelivers a web chat designed for mobile interfaces Increase Customer SatisfactionAllows customers to submit an email query from Improve Resolution Rate & Averagetheir smartphones Speed to AnswerHelps customers find the right answers with Improve Accessibility of Servicemobile-optimized Guided Assistance “Best practice guides for designing andimplementing mobile experiences Decrease Development Costs We’ve loaded college application information, program overviews, course requirements, and even their advisor’s name into the RightNow system which allows students to access the information from any ” mobile device. Michele Moskos, Director, Texas Tech University 29
    • 30. Measure & Refine For Optimal PerformanceRightNow Engage AnalyticsRightNow Analytics captures, organizes, and disseminates real-timeactionable knowledge to deliver insights and reduce cost of operations. Capability Benefit Pre-built reports and dashboards; extensive Decrease Costs of Development library of customizable charts & charting options Create customized role-based reports with Improve Agent Satisfaction intuitive drag-&-drop graphical report design tool Identify customers based upon previous Increase Insights interactions across channel including web, social contact center and mobile Decrease New Hire Training Costs & RightNow Analytics training to help you extract Improve Agent Satisfaction key information related to all CX components Partnership with Birst provides on demand data Improve Insights & Campaign warehouse and view across many data sources Effectiveness “ Contact center analytics help optimize allocation of ” development dollars Sony Online Entertainment 30
    • 31. Get The Freedom Of The CloudRightNow Cloud Services AgreementThe RightNow Cloud Services Agreements (CSAs) offers unique andunprecedented flexibility to adapt to your business needs “ The Cloud Services Agreement will make it easier for me to more quickly use their solutions rather than getting mired down in contract negotiations for ” quarters at a time. Ken Harris CIO, Shaklee Corporation 31
    • 32. RetentionIncrease Service QualityDrive Brand LoyaltyImprove Multi-Channel SupportEfficiencyIncrease Self-ServiceDecrease Cost of OperationsAcquisitionIncrease Number of OpportunitiesIncrease Average Order Value Powering Great Self-Service Experiences Delivering Exceptional Results 32
    • 33. Thank you 33