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  • Instead of offering book reccomendations, we wanted to talk to you about a project we completed for Teen Tech Week that has had a big impact on our Reader’s Advisory and Collection development.
  • Purchased 4 “shoot and share” cameras – like a flip video camera but not. Also had “swag” with facebook address on it and Candy – Candy proving to be the most critical factor
  • Readers outweighted non-readers 2-1 (more even among boys) . Learned things from both. Start with lessons from the readers. The first lesson we have for you is one we’re pretty sure you already know…
  • Everybody loves the Hunger Games. Zach.This was a recurring theme in the videos, and mentioned by name several times.
  • The love for the Hunger Games spans ages, genders, you name it. Zach.
  • Here are a few recommendations for Hunger Games fans. You probably already have a list at you library for this. If not, we do, visit the Glendale Library Teen page to download it. But a few things to remember is that teens of all ages – older and younger – are reading the Hunger Games, so make sure to include middle grade books and adult books. Also, newer isn’t necessarily better. Just because a book has been out forever doesn’t mean teens are aware of it.
  • We got a ton of Reading Confessions from kids in IB (International Baccalaureate) and honors programs. Caitlyn who is a senior at Ironwood. This was another reccuring theme – I’d love to read if I had time, and if I’m going to make time, I’m going to read a “classic”
  • Classics worth your time. When recommending classics, make sure you’re not recommending classics that are already on the curriculum. Nothing kills a book buzz faster than required reading. Check with your faculty or your local schools to find out what’s being taught.
  • Another tip, if like us, you avoid classic lit (too many good zombie novels and fantasy books) talk to your adult staff. Odds are good they have some ideas for classics you might not know of, or have blocked out. This is Val, a member of our adult staff.
  • Kids who were 10 when the first Harry Potter book came out are 24 years old now. This generation grew up with the HP books. This is Mallory, a Freshman. Mallory started with Harry Potter then moved on to other fantasy
  • Jonathan is Merideth’s favorite reading confession
  • So, when looking for books like HP, make sure you consider older readers too. Look to your adult section and again, consider older books.
  • “Aaron” is an older teen, and a jock.
  • Alex – never doubt the power of hormones. The lesson here is talk up books whenever you get a chance. Because even though Aaron and Alex might not be readers, maybe their friends, or boyfriends or family members are. Model good, casual book talking behaviors, help train teens to talk about books with their friends.
  • We love Kendra’s video because it shows the power of casual booktalking, and proves that families who talk about reading and books grow readers. Encourage your teens to share what they are reading with their parents.
  • HolderSo, Holder does read, but is unwilling to talk about it, because it’s “gay” Guys are often embarrassed to talk about what they read.
  • Sex for Guys: Two copies at Main Library have checked out 4 times in 2 years, but shows 6 in house uses since we started tracking in April 2011.
  • Kid in Blue racing shirt – doesn’t read, but can name exact title of favorite book as a kid.
  • One of the goals of the project was to raise our online profile.We did this
  • Choose place and time wisely
  • Ask follow up questions
  • Reading confessions!

    1. 1. Reading Confessions! Or, what we learnedabout Viral Video, Teens and Reading.
    2. 2. We armed our kids…. + +
    3. 3. Reading = Yay! Reading = Meh.Do you read for fun? Do you read for fun?What do you read? (fiction, nonfiction, Why not? genre?) Did you read for fun when you wereDo you have a favorite book? younger?IA book you hated? (why?) f so, what sorts of books did you read?What book are you most surprised you Did you have a favorite book as a kid? read? Do you read magazines? (which ones?)Anything you’re embarrassed to have Do you read blogs? (About what?) read? Do you read the newspaper/online newsDid you have a favorite book as a kid? sites?Do you read magazines? (which ones?) What sort of fiction storyline or nonfictionDo you read blogs? (About what?) subject might get you reading?Do you read the newspaper/online news If your best friend gave you a book and sites? said it was amazing, would you tryHow do you decide what to read next? it?Where do you get the books you read? If your boyfriend or girlfriend did? (friends, family, library, store, school, Do any of your family/friends read for other?) fun?Do you talk to anyone about the books If so, do they tell you about what they you read? read?Do any of your family/friends read for fun? If so, do they talk to you about what they read?
    4. 4. The Response?•108 confessions •69 girls, 39 boys•Ages 12-19•Of the Girls • 59 said they read for fun•Of the Boys • 18 said they read for fun
    5. 5. What We Learned
    6. 6. Everybody Loves the Hunger Games
    7. 7. Classics “Worth Your Time”
    8. 8. I Read Harry Potter, Now What?
    9. 9. Moving on From Hogwarts…
    10. 10. Lessons from the “Non-Readers”
    11. 11. It’s not what you recommend, it’s who recommends it.
    12. 12. Recommendations work both ways…
    13. 13. Non-Readers Do Read
    14. 14. I loved this as a kid…
    15. 15. The EffectMessage Posted Impressions FeedbackLibrary Ninja asks (again!) what do these books have March 23 at 4:33pm 452 3.1%in...Looking for your Reading Confession? With more than March 24 at 4:44pm 330 0.61%100...Many thanks to Julia, for pointing out this totally March 22 at 11:54am 282 1.1%random...Cover Themes: Black White and Red All Over! March 24 at 9:01am 263 2.3%Christopher Paolini has FINALLY announced that the March 23 at 3:40pm 232 1.7%final...Be yourself, they say. Be whoever you want to be. March 21 at 9:05am 231 0.87%Dad,...Library Ninja asks: What to these three books - The... March 30 at 12:53pm 189 1.6%
    16. 16. If We Had To Do It Again…
    17. 17. Choose the right place…
    18. 18. and the right time.
    19. 19. It’s not about you!
    20. 20. Ask follow up questions
    21. 21. …but stay on script.
    22. 22. Technobabble & Legal Stuff
    23. 23. Would you like to know more? YouTube 59Square