Greek and Roman Gods in Modern Life by Mari Benjamin
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Greek and Roman Gods in Modern Life by Mari Benjamin






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Greek and Roman Gods in Modern Life by Mari Benjamin Greek and Roman Gods in Modern Life by Mari Benjamin Presentation Transcript

  • Greek and Roman Gods 1O Modern References By : Marin Benjamin
  • The God Janus: The show Sherlock C. The show Sherlock used the Roman god Janus as a clue in the plot. E. The god Janus's defining characteristic is that he has two faces, and the company in the show named after Janus has a side criminal service. R. The show used the name of the god Janus to hint that the company had two faces; two services.
  • The God Hermes: FTD Floral • C. FTD Floral uses the symbol of Greek god Hermes as their logo to send a message about their company. • E. The god Hermes defining characteristic is that he is a fast and safe messenger, and delivers messages to and from the gods. FTD floral also delivers all their products to your home. • R. FTD Floral uses the symbol of Hermes to show that they will have fast and safe deliveries to your home, just as the god would.
  • 3) The God Morpheus, The drug Morphine • C. The drug Morphine is named after the Roman god Morpheus, showing the attributes of the drug. • E. The god Morpheus’ power is to cause sleep and walk amongst dreams, just as the purpose of morphine is to cause sleep. • R. The name Morphine, after Morpheus, was meant to show that the drug would put you to sleep, as the god would.
  • 4) The Mythological Warrior Ajax, the cleaner Ajax C. The company producing the cleaning product Ajax used the name of the Greek mythological warrior Ajax to send a message about their product. E. The mythological Ajax was a ferocious fighter during the Trojan war, in Homer’s the Iliad. R. The company producing Ajax cleaners used the name of the Greek warrior to show that their product were ferociously attack dirt and stains.
  • The creature Argus: Argus Security C. The company Argus Security uses the name of the 100 eyed creature Argus to show the quality of their company. E. Argus was a guardian and watchman to the Greek gods, and Argus Security creates alarm systems to guard your home or business. R. Argus Security group, used the name of the 100 eyed guardian, to show that they will faithfully guard your property, just as Argus would.
  • The God Apollo: The Apollo Theater C. The Apollo Theater in New York City was named after the Greek/Roman God Apollo to reflect the quality of the theater and it’s featured entertainers. E. Apollo is the god of art and music. The Apollo Theater features musicians, comedians and other performers. R. The Apollo Theater was name after Apollo, the mythological figure, to demonstrate that the quality of entertainment would be worthy of the gods.
  • The Hero Achilles: The Achilles Tendon C. The Achilles tendon was named after the Greek mythological hero, Achilles to indicate it’s location in the human body. E. The Achilles tendon is located in the heel of the body. Achilles’ mother held him by his heel to dip him in the River Styx to grant him invulnerability, causing his heel to be his weak spot. R. The Achilles tendon is located in the area that Achilles was vulnerable in .
  • The Aegis: Aegis Combat System C. The Aegis Combat System, an advanced missile defense weapon, was named after the Aegis, the mythological shield of the Greek goddess Athena to show an attribute of the system. E. The Aegis was a powerful object that provided protection to Athena and her warriors. The Aegis Combat System is a sophistical naval weapon that provides protection to crewmen aboard naval vessels. R. The developers of the Aegis Combat System used the name of Athena’s mighty shield to indicate that their system would provide protection just as the mythological shield would.
  • The creatures Sirens: Sirens C. The modern noisemakers, Sirens, are named for the Greek mythological creatures Sirens, who used their loud voices to lure sailors. E. The mythological Sirens used their loud and beautiful voices to pull sailors off course, and crash their ships on the rock of the Sirens’ island. Modern noisemaking sirens, use loud sounds to warn people of danger/attack. R. Modern noisemaking Sirens are a warning of danger, ancient sailors knew that the call of the Siren indicated a dangerous area.
  • The Titans: Teen Titans! C: The superhero group Teen Titans is named for the mythical Greek deities, the Titans. E: The Titans were a powerful group of deities with immortality and amazing abilities and strength, who had many personal jealousies. The Teen Titans are a fictional group of teen superheroes also with amazing abilities and strengths, and lots of personal conflicts. R: The creators of the Teen Titans comic/show wanted to demonstrate that their characters were powerful and mighty, but suffered from human failings, similar to the mythological Titans.