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Edited 353 final project

  1. 1. Final Catalog ProjectArabian Oud1188720125095<br />4768215287655Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Summary PAGEREF _Toc282009858 h 3SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc282009859 h 3Strengths: PAGEREF _Toc282009860 h 3Weaknesses: PAGEREF _Toc282009861 h 3Opportunities: PAGEREF _Toc282009862 h 3Threats: PAGEREF _Toc282009863 h 3Objectives PAGEREF _Toc282009864 h 4Oud Definition PAGEREF _Toc282009865 h 4Background PAGEREF _Toc282009866 h 5Sprays PAGEREF _Toc282009867 h 6Oil Blends PAGEREF _Toc282009868 h 6Pure Oud Oils PAGEREF _Toc282009869 h 7Oud PAGEREF _Toc282009870 h 7Other Lines PAGEREF _Toc282009871 h 7Target Audience PAGEREF _Toc282009872 h 8Geographic: PAGEREF _Toc282009873 h 8Demographics: PAGEREF _Toc282009874 h 8Psychographics: PAGEREF _Toc282009875 h 8Challenge: PAGEREF _Toc282009876 h 8Strategy-The Big Idea PAGEREF _Toc282009877 h 10Tactics-Application (Bringing idea to life) PAGEREF _Toc282009878 h 11Advertising PAGEREF _Toc282009879 h 11Print PAGEREF _Toc282009880 h 11Radio PAGEREF _Toc282009881 h 11TV PAGEREF _Toc282009882 h 12Digital-Internet and Mobiles PAGEREF _Toc282009883 h 12Out-of-home PAGEREF _Toc282009884 h 12Direct- mail PAGEREF _Toc282009885 h 13Online and offline catalogs PAGEREF _Toc282009886 h 13Design PAGEREF _Toc282009887 h 13Layout PAGEREF _Toc282009888 h 14Letter PAGEREF _Toc282009889 h 155581650636270<br />Summary<br />SWOT Analysis<br />(Internal factors)<br />Strengths:<br /><ul><li>Brand (name, image, traditional, and natural ingredients)
  2. 2. Variety of perfumes that satisfies many tastes.</li></ul>Weaknesses:<br /><ul><li>Low brand awareness. There are very few people who are aware of the brand name and the different type of products that it offers.
  3. 3. No much advertising about the brand and its products.
  4. 4. (External factors)</li></ul>Opportunities: <br /><ul><li>Oud is one of the leading businesses in the GCC countries and so local people consider these types of perfumes (oud) which the brand offers as a cultural tradition which all Khaleegies follow and are known for.
  5. 5. Increase interest of Arabic perfumes and culture to all people from all around the world. This would help in acquiring new first-time buyers (front-end marketing) and also helps in converting first-time buyers to second-time buyers (back-end marketing).</li></ul>Threats:<br /><ul><li>Slow distribution because of chemical legislation.
  6. 6. Unstable supplies of ingredients, materials and products.
  7. 7. 5581650710565Other competitors are growing highly in the market and so competition increases. Thus, differentiation is needed in order to have high positioning in people’s minds.</li></ul>Objectives<br />Our main objective is to create more brand awareness among all consumers who buy Arabic perfumes and those who would like to try them. Thus, we want to position ourselves to the top of people’s minds (TOMA). Also, our objective is to promote brand loyalty to the brand’s products so that at least 10% of the target demographics become repeat buyers. This would create a bond with customers which could help in acquiring first time buyers and later convert them to second time buyers and so achieve brand loyalty. Furthermore, we want to deliver the best shopping experience for customers, where the marketing research studies showed that the company serves different categories of customers but still there’s a category that has no time to go out for shopping. <br />Oud Definition <br />Oud is an Arabic type of perfume. Oud actually comes from trees found in India, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam and elsewhere in the South Asia region.  It is said that these trees will usually have some type of a fungal infection and the chips from pieces of those trees are ultimately made into Oud. <br /> Oud is available in chips which are lit and burned as incense or made into a liquid form and sold as bottled perfume oil. However, Oud is also available in an oil form as a perfume which women usually wear. <br />55626001304925<br />Background<br />From a modest beginning in 1982, Abdul - Aziz Al Jasser started a small shop selling fragrant Oud oils in the old souk of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. His talent for blending oriental perfume scents attracted customers from across the country and his passion for mixing natural oils made him travel the world to source the finest essential oils & flowers. Demand grew and so did the company. <br />-38100320040Chairman’s Message<br />By offering attentive customer service, variety and value, the customer is the focus of our operations. Our ability to continuously adapt to trends in the market shall ensure that we keep our promise in delivering added value to our stakeholders at all times. Our people, through dedication and commitment to our values vis-à-vis business ethics, are the pillar for our continued growth.<br />With over 25 years of expertise in producing authentic fragrances, Arabian Oud has emerged as the largest perfume retailer in the world. During 2006, the company managed a retail chain of 480 privately owned perfumed stores, and by 2009, they had a retail chain of 550 privately owned perfume stores around the world. In the Middle East, the tradition of Oud perfume is a multibillion-dollar industry. The international market is now catching on. Our stores in London, Paris, Kuala-lumber and Dubai continue to receive shoppers from across the globe.<br />55626001561465Arabian Oud is said to deliver strong and subtle exquisite scents in elaborately designed cases for its customers; they deliver this in either oud oil or in a perfume. Also, they sell oud burners to burn the oud that they sell which are also very elaborate and beautiful. In addition, their staff employees tend to be welcoming, polite, kind while not being at all overbearing, unlike other stores. This shows clearly how professional they are and thus this helps attract customers to the brand.<br />Their stores are of a fairly medium to large size that holds all their scents, once you enter the store you can subtly smell the oud that they have burned that day as the smell will last extremely long. Their scents are delivered in very big cases which have been specially designed to match the format and the history behind the scent. While all the smells may not be to everyone’s taste, there are certainly a variety of scents that one should find that they absolutely adore, as that what Arabian Oud continues to create, scents that people love, talk about and continuously purchase in batches because they cannot stand to lose them. You can have your own favorite scent from here as well as the new scents that are completely added to the store.<br />Other than the Arabian Oud retail shops, they have an Arabian Oud Palace. This palace is a luxury boutique for Arabian Oud. It features limited-edition perfume of the finest world oils. Arabian Oud Palace will be featured in high-end developments, luxury hotels and resorts and city landmarks. Planned as a boutique, a special décor will be customized to suit every location. Premium blends of the finest oils matured over the years differentiate Arabian Oud Palace. Exotic arabesque bottles are used to define the deep long-lasting woody fragrances. Fragrance Gallery<br />Sprays<br /><ul><li>Scents inspired by ancient rituals yet for a modern lifestyle. Eau-de-Perfume presented in bottles with universal appeal. </li></ul>Oil Blends<br /><ul><li>5467350683260Fine Oud essence blended with natural essential oils and exotic flowers. Ethnic handcrafted bottles contain carefully blended oriental perfumes with lasting aromas.</li></ul>Pure Oud Oils<br /><ul><li>Deep woody scent for a first impression. A single drop generates an exquisite aroma lasting hours and days. This pure oil is a precious possession for both ladies and gentlemen.</li></ul>Oud<br /><ul><li>Incense from burning Oud can be used for:
  8. 8. Home Fragrance
  9. 9. Special occasions, weddings, receptions etc.
  10. 10. Your clothing fragrance
  11. 11. Premium Oud can cost from $5,000-$20,000/kg.</li></ul>Other Lines<br /><ul><li>Body Creams in essential oils and flowers.</li></ul>These all have several categories:<br /><ul><li>Spray Perfumes
  12. 12. Traditional Perfumes
  13. 13. Incense Perfumes
  14. 14. Classical oil Persfumes</li></ul>55245001522095Also, buyers have the option of personalizing their own perfume by adding different ingredients.<br />Target Audience<br />Geographic:<br /><ul><li>All consumers in the GCC countries.</li></ul>Demographics:<br /><ul><li>Males and females in the gulf region, 18+ years old.
  15. 15. High social class and upper middle class.</li></ul>Psychographics:<br /><ul><li>Those who cherish Arabic perfumes and oud.
  16. 16. Well educated consumers.
  17. 17. Consumers who care about the quality of oud and perfumes. Thus care about their status.
  18. 18. Those who follow the cultural trends.</li></ul>Challenge: <br />55245003244215The first challenge that Arabian Oud is faced with is the fact that despite a rich history and quality unique products they have low brand awareness in a potentially highly lucrative market; the Middle East. Despite a successful expansion into the global market, the GCC, classified as the local market, remains the market with the highest demand. This holds true when taking all market segments in consideration, and is a result of how the perfume lines have been successfully embedded in the market through advertising and positive word of mouth. In order to take full advantage of the market potential, Arabian Oud needs to concentrate on increasing their brand awareness. In GCC markets where the customers generally share a rich culture of traditional scents and oils that the brand builds upon, this is less true than in the more diverse markets such as the United Kingdom or France. Arabian Oud’s offerings are distinctly Middle Eastern and can be completely novel to a majority of the European customers, thereby creating the need to inform them about the intricacies of this traditional treasure. By giving customers factual information on the properties of their products, the buying decision can be greatly affected. For example, the essence of Bakhoor and Oud can last for more than 10 hours depending on the quality of the ingredients, quite a selling point when you compare it to designer scents on the market. Another point that must be emphasized to the consumers is that Arabian Oud has much more to offer than Oud and Bakhoor, they offer a variety of sensuous products such as body sprays, creams, and blended oils. <br />The second challenge is, an increased perceived differentiation of their products is needed in the minds of their consumers instead of through product innovation, as this will help generate increased sales. When it comes to looking and smelling good, GCC residents seem more than willing than most to loosen their purse strings, a benefit that should be fully utilized. With the consumption of cosmetics and fragrances in the GCC being one of the highest per capital in the world, there is an enormous market for high quality products such as those offered by Arabian Oud. This cultural predisposition to high use of fragrances and cosmetics is accompanied by a 12.5% annual increase in the purchase of beauty products in the UAE, accounting for a 30% expansion in beauty and perfume retail space in the past three years. According to Gulf Beauty Expo (as reported by Schmid, 2005), the money spent by GCC residents on beauty products in 2005 alone exceeded US$2.1 billion. Due to many competitive shops Such as “Ajmal” and “Abdul Samad Al Qurashi” that competes to offer unique products to many Arabian Oud lovers, Arabian Oud must formulate a strategy in which they differentiate themselves in price.<br />5505450594995<br />Strategy-The Big Idea <br />For Arabian Oud to have high brand awareness and to differentiate themselves from other competitors, they should follow a specific creative strategy. <br />Although Arabian Oud is considered to be a huge brand that has its unique style, not many people are aware of it and the products it offers. Thus, we want to re-inform our target audience about our brand and its products and convince them by showing them the benefits they could get from buying our products. However, those who are familiar with the brand are targeted to convert them to loyal customers. This could be done in several ways: First, we must increase the number of advertisements on different media (Print, TV, Radio, OOH, Online), through which the target audience get exposed to. This could help in increasing brand and product awareness. Also, we can send direct mails using databases, to the target audience showing them our product offerings. This would help in creating a direct link between the brand and the customers and would position the brand at a high point in people’s minds. Second, an online catalog on our website through which customers could log on, view the different products and have a sense of cozy emotion, would encourage customers to visit our stores, or buy our products online. Thus evoking their interest in wanting to visit the stores and view our products. Finally, giving special offers to customers would persuade them to buy our products. Such offers could include free gifts when buying any product from our stores, for example: free lady necklaces with the same perfume color, free samples of other types of perfumes or free personalized perfume samples.<br />Customers will respond easily as we will be providing all the detailed information to contact us, if any extra information is needed, on the website, offline catalog, on ads and on direct mails.<br />5581650274320<br />Tactics-Application (Bringing idea to life)<br />Advertising<br />Increase in advertising through different channels would help us increase brand awareness.<br />Print<br />News Papers<br />Newspapers are considered to be a prestigious media vehicle, thus we could place ads within specific sections of the Newspaper like fashion, entertainment and tabloid.<br />Magazines<br />Since we are targeting a particular audience with our product, magazines are effective and important for creating awareness. Magazines have been used frequently by our competitors’; the high use of magazines reflects the domination of the print media. Many readers seek new information and look for new products in magazines because they have high readership and are more effective in the sense that they are updated and printed on weekly or monthly basis. We chose magazines because they have special audience opportunities; they are long lasting for audience so they can keep it for as long as they wish hence, they could be exposed to the ad more than once every time they read the magazine. Furthermore, magazines have a high pass long rate, because audiences “pass along” the magazine to someone else when they are done with it.<br />Radio<br />54483001751965Radio is and has always been one of the premiere engagement platforms available in commercial media. People can engage with their radio stations through numerous portals – cell phones, text messages, websites, phones, faxes, public events and more. Radio talk shows and commercials are active 24/7, with constant fresh content. When radio speaks, people react. Also, it is a universal medium enjoyed by people at one time or another during the day, in the car, at work, and even at home. We chose radio because it is cost-efficient and thus it gives us the opportunity to advertise frequently and have more spots.<br />TV<br />It is a medium which has a personal impact on our audience because it is a story telling medium and uses both visual aids and sound as opposed to just one of those aspects. The television is also a flexible medium because it allows the usage of advertisements at any time of the day. In addition to that it permits control of how long the advertisements are, where they’re placed, and what content should be used. <br />Digital-Internet and Mobiles<br />We will be using Internet advertisements on social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Internet advertising and interactive advertisements, will allow us to keep track of number of impressions and website visits, on the whole keeping track of the effectiveness of the advertisement. Internet advertisements can also help in cutting costs. We will bid advertisements on Google on a performance basis, which means we will only be charged once visitors click on the advertisement (CPC). This technique is very cost efficient and highly targeted. One more advantage of the internet is that it creates a global environment and makes connections with others easier. Internet ads could be accessed by people in different regions.<br />Out-of-home<br />54483001561465OOH is one of the media strategies that would be very significant to our target audience. OOH is characterized by its high frequency and repetition. It can also appeal to the audience due to the visual impacts including creative designs, attention-grabbing formats and colors that would grab our target's attention. <br />Direct- mail<br />This would be based on the list of databases, in which direct mails could be sent to the audiences and containing a catalog that includes all types of products and all the information that the customers need in order to respond back and buy our products.<br />Online and offline catalogs<br />Design<br />Our catalog is designed in a specific style that would attract customer’s attention and would capture people’s interests. Our catalogs design is differentiated from others’ by the new design of having the “bukhoor” smoke on each page of the catalog. This is relevant to our logo which is the “mabkhara”, which is actually the “bukhoor” burner. This gives consumers a sense of what we are actually providing them. Also, on the cover page of the catalog there is real wood incense sticking to it. This wood incense has a swift, strong smell which would give customers a feeling of the smell of our perfumes. As a result, we differentiate ourselves from others, emphasizing on the importance of customer satisfaction to us.<br />The color we used in our catalog is “Maroon” which is a combination of both red and brown. Red symbolizes warmth and high level of energy perceived. It draws people’s attention and let them focus more on the products and its information. <br />54483001772920How the color red affects us mentally and physically* Increases enthusiasm* Stimulates energy* Encourages action and confidence* A sense of protection from fears and anxiety<br />Brown symbolizes a luxurious cultural style. It represents stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.How the color brown affects us physically and mentally* Feeling of wholesomeness* Stability* Connection with the earth* Offers a sense orderliness<br />Layout<br />The catalog’s layout is set in way to make it easy and interesting for readers to read. Thus link them with the brand and its products. Also, under each category of perfumes we provided the information of each perfume and its ingredients that it contain, in addition to the product details which are the prices of each perfume. This allows the customer to have a little idea about the kind of products we offer and an idea of our prices and the offers we handle.<br />5524500260985<br />Letter<br /> Dear Valued Customer,<br /> Arabian Oud is a business that specializes in different types of authentic fragrances and it is considered to be the leading oriental perfume chain in the world. We offer attentive customer service, variety and value, the customer is the focus of our operations. We guarantee our consumers to constantly keep our promise in delivering added value to our products. We work to address and meet your needs.<br />Arabian Oud offers consumers the option of customizing their personal favorite scents. We provide you with unique ingredients you will need to choose from in order to create your own personal and favorite scent. Our sales assistants at the store are well experienced and offer prestige, luxury, cost efficient to meet our valued customer expectations.<br />Arabian Oud proudly offers you dear client a luxury collection of sprays, Traditional perfumes, classic oud and oil blends.<br />For more information, contact us via phone/email or check our online catalog.<br />Email: ad@adgroup.ae<br />Website: www.wix.com/eyedea/eyedea1<br />P.S –free test samples and discounts are always available at our stores. <br />Regards<br />Arabian Oud Staff<br />55626002068830<br />