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20130408 Eng CV Merete EHL

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAEName: Merete Elizabeth Houston LundAddress: Skæring Skolevej 103, DK – 8250 EgåPhone: +45 7550 7501 (home) / +45 6178 7501 (mobile)E-mail: mehoustonlund@gmail.comBorn: Odense, April 7, 1976SUMMARY Business Psychology Professional - 9 year experience within HRM and sparring  Extensive experience within practice and theory.  Change Agent as Consultant of Complexity, Processes and Team Coaching.  Advisor to Executives and have strong business understanding.  Visionary and a strong Networker in an international atmosphere.  Result-orientated and quality conscious.  Service-minded and strong accountability.  Preserves calmness - even in stressful situations - through structured work.  High degree of self-discipline, planning, coordination, monitoring and decision making.  Have great knowledge of political-driven organizations. Royal Danish Air Force, HR Consultant, Strategy & Policy 2011-2012 PowerjobMidt, entrepreneur and initiator, leader 2011 Fredericia Municipality, Senior Care – Team Coach. Job Satisfaction / CSR role-model. 2009-2010 The Danish Working Environment Authority - Organizational Psychologist. 2003-2009 Complexity, Organization and Consultation at CompLead. 2010-2011 Systemic and Appreciative Process Consultant from Attractor, Rambøll Management. 2007-2008 Master of Psychology, AU (Recruitment thesis) + KUA & CBS (Change Management). 1996-2003BUSINESS SKILLS Organizational and Leadership Development / Change Management  Sparring partner for Senior Executives.  Organizational Change via narratives or team coaching.  Focusing on Employer Branding and the Attractive Workplace.  Establishes and strengthens Managerial Knowledge Networks - increasing bottom line results.  Leadership assessment & development (sessions for individuals or groups). Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) incl. sustainability & team lead  Security Councils, Business Organization Structure, Certification.  Consulting and training in HSE.  Quick Assessor of the Working Environment.  Psychological Working Environment – Leader of Professional Development.  Physical Working Environment. HR Strategy  Sparring partner for Senior Executives - preparation and implementation of strategies, policies and guidelines.  Stress Management Policy – implementation and ensure compliance by staff.  Bullying Policy - Collect project experiences.  Evaluation of Managers and HR projects – to ensure realistic targets.  Evaluation of Business Action Plans – alignment with Business Strategy.  Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Appraisals as strategic tools - e.g. compensation schemes. Process and Complexity Management / Coaching / Project Management  Core competence as coach and supervisor, also at Executive level. - Performance and Development Coaching. - Team Coaching in groups - to enhance its competence. - Team building - Conflict Mediation - Mentoring Programs for Key Champions.  Bringing Complexity and Innovation Thinking into processes and project management.  Project Manager and Process Consultant on multiple, concurrent and longer-term projects. E.g. 3 long-term projects with 120 participants/10 groups, use of external consultants/psychologists.  Project Manager and practitioner of CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - employer honored as a role model in the EU campaign "Work in tune with life. Move Europe”  Excellent Communicator: “Inspirational, motivational and good at getting the gist of the issues.” CV ● Merete Elizabeth Houston Lund ● +45 6178 7501 ● mehoustonlund@gmail.com Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. External and Internal Partnership Broad industry experience - both Public and Private sector incl. supply chain. Professional networking meetings (research, planning and coordination). Organizer and Coordinator of Social Events. Focus on Social Responsibility through business network (e.g. adoption of school classes). Very positive feedback from partners and participants.People Development Talent Development - focus on benefit and efficiency through analysis, testing, feedback and evaluation of talents in development programs. Implementation of Talent Development Plans - focus on learning processes e.g. coaching. Very skilled trainer Deliver People Development Interventions - which increases job satisfaction and promote well-being through exercise (stress & conflict management, attitude, dilemmas, expectation calibration, training in the difficult conversation, complicated staff meetings, communication promotion, establishment of collegiate coaching and the role of the consultant).Recruiting & onboarding Held 100 + interviews – and provided guidance in similar number of exits. Worked with the entire Recruiting Lifecycle: job description, interview, testing, selection employment, retention, introduction, development and exit processes. Introduction Program for new employees or new-in-key-function. Training in OSH generally and specifically in psychological working environment. Absenteeism, employee turnover and exit strategy.Coordination Methods and Tools Network Orientation – in many shapes and sizes. Active and focused Dialogue Meeting Management based on recognition and empathy. Value Chain and Stakeholder Analysis. Decoding/scoring people, group dynamics and organization. Process guidance to Executives (and other stakeholders) - when change is needed. Statistics & Status. Development of Templates, Tools and Procedures. Advisor on Career Development Review, personnel issues. Monitor and Evaluate Internal Courses. Intranet & Leaflet Design. Fund Raising. Budget Responsible. Knowledge of Labor Law, Collective Agreements and local agreements from legal training.Focus on own skills  Large Working Capacity & Performance Maintenance of professional skills: Ongoing supervision, relevant training and being updated on the latest knowledge of best practices and trends of HRM. Maintenance of personal skills through volunteer organizational work: Building skills in organization, leadership, communication, social, formal and informal networks and cooperation through visits, projects, lectures and courses to keep up being proactive and enthusiastic.BUSINESS EXPERIENCE Royal Danish Air Force – HR Consultant, Strategy & Policy 2011-2012 Fredericia Municipality, Senior Care - Team Coach. Job Satisfaction / CSR role-model 2009-2010 The Danish Working Environment Authority - Organizational Psychologist 2003-2009 Part-time jobs before Master degree: PPR Copenhagen NV - PPR Psychologist (consultant internship) 2001 Social & Health Administration, Aarhus - Disability Companion for a lawyer 2000-2001 Ministry of Social Affairs at Rosenhuset, Odder – Report Responsible and Evaluator 2000-2001 Rosenhuset, Odder – Assistant at the District Psychiatric Community Center 1998-2000 Haahr Benzin, Aarhus – Service Assistant 1997-1998 Strandtuen, Bogense – Assistant in kindergarten (full time) 1996 Statoil, Bogense – Service Assistant 1990-1996 CV ● Merete Elizabeth Houston Lund ● +45 6178 7501 ● mehoustonlund@gmail.com Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. LONG-TERM EDUCATION Project Management. Academy Profession Programme, Ledernes Kompetencecenter 2011 Consultant education at CompLead 2010-2011 - COC: Complexity, Organization and Consultation Organizational Psychology training with a multi-theoretical, interdisciplinary and business oriented perspective on the consultants role and practice. Training increases the theoretical and professional skills and provide practice-oriented tools (see complead.dk). In particular to help manage a complex globalized world of change through co-creative methodologies such as Theory U. Systemic and Appreciative Process Consultant from Rambøll Management 2007-2008 Up-to-date methods and tools for Systemic Theory and Complexity Thinking (see attractor.dk). Certified with Distinction: a) Practical implementation skills, b) Theoretical insight, c) Knowledge, d) Skill level relative to reflection on own practice. Competence Training of Psychological Working Environment 2005-2009 Danish Working Environment Authority and National Research Centre for OSH (NFA) Psychology Authorization through additional training (cf psychologist Board 2004-2008 guidelines, www.pn.sm.dk). Qualified to independently take different assignments, examination and interventions, also complex. OSH Training (Occupational Safety and Health) 2004-2005 Basic knowledge of OSH, the meeting with business and basic law. Master of Psychology (cand.psych.) at the University of Aarhus, supplemented with 1996-2003 courses from the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. Focus on Business Psychology, including Change Management, the role of consultant and Communication. Empirical thesis about Recruitment theory applied to Internet Communication and branding task for Energi E2. High School (Math) - Nordfyns Gymnasium Søndersø. 1993-1996 Psychology course - HF, adult education, Søndersø. 1993-1994 Foreign Exchange Student at Albany, New York, USA through Rotary. 1992-1993SHORT-TERM EDUCATION Consultative approach to conflict, DP 24 hours 2012 Work in and with other professional and ethnic cultures, DP 12 hours 2012 Methods for mapping and diagnostics v. Steen Visholm, DP 18 hours 2012 Complexity in the consultant role v. Amtoft & Vestergaard, OSIDP 7 hours 2012 Innovation & Individuation v. Arne Vestergaard, OSIDP 4 hours 2012 Mindfulness in organizations v. Pernille Hippe Brun, OSIDP 2 hours 2012 “Persondataretten” - future regulation v. Kromann Reumert 2 hours 2012 Global Leadership v. Mads Schramm, OSIDP 3 hours 2012 Development & feelings in teams of leaders by Claus Elmholdt, OSIDP 7 hours 2011 Brinkerhoff – People Development with effect, kompetenceudvikling.dk 7 hours 2011 What to do with existentialism in a time of crisis by Vibe Strøier, OSIDP 7 hours 2011 Social Capital by Eva Thoft, Organizational Psychology 3 hours 2011 Organizational Analysis by Steen Visholm, Danish Psychological Association, DP 24 hours 2010 Organizational Ratios by Per Krogager, Organizational Psychology (OSIDP) 4 hours 2010 HR Function in Focus - Organizational Ratios (by Per Krogager) Multidata 3 hours 2010 Chaos Theory in Organizations by Ralph Stacey, Group Analysis Institute 6 hours 2010 Team Coaching by Lars Ginnerup, Society for Evidence-based Coaching (SEBC) 15 hours 2010 Team Organizing, Corporate Network (Virksomhedsnetværket) 3 hours 2010 Supervision of Other Professional Groups I + II by Benedicte Schilling, DP 24 hours 2010 Work-Life Balance by Lisbeth Fruensgaard, Corporate Network 3 hours 2010 Theory U by EPICENTRE, Organizational Psychology (OSIDP) 3 hours 2010 Treatment of Stress by Pernille Rasmussen from Hillerød Stress Clinic, SEBC 12 hours 2009 Ethics of Organizational Psychologists, OSIDP 12 hours 2009 Appreciative Communications by Susanne Bollerup, Senior Services Vejle 6 hours 2009 Happy Employees Produce Financial Results, Corporate Network 3 hours 2009 When the Crisis Scratch by Einer Baldursson, CAOP, Aalborg University 9 hours 2009 Process Guidance Training, the Danish Working Environment Authority 4 days 2007 Supervisor Training, the Danish Working Environment Authority 4 days 2006 Collegial Supervision, Ministry of Employment 4 days 2005 CV ● Merete Elizabeth Houston Lund ● +45 6178 7501 ● mehoustonlund@gmail.com Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATIONAL WORK Establishment of PowerjobMidt 2011 Member of Professional Psychology Network (EPN). 2010- Member of Virksomhedsnetværket – CSR networking by Karsten Vester. 2009-2010 Member of Activity Committee within Organizational Psychology Society (OSIDP). 2007- Planning and hosting various events. Member of Junior Chamber International (JCI). Member of JCI Kolding, JCI 2002-2005 Amager. Focus on project work such as the establishment of the International Department and co-organizer of an international conference on functional foods. Member of Rotaract International, the youth organization within Rotary. 1997-2003 Multiple board memberships: Vice Chairman of Rotaract Denmark, Club President, Club Secretary.LANGUAGE SKILLS Danish Mother tongue English Fluent oral and written + reading German Basic oral and written + reading Scandinavian Basic oral and written + readingIT SKILLS Experienced user in multiple specialized IT-systems, also SAP. Experienced user of MS Office.LEISURE TIME Family life with Torben and our daughters Isabella (8 years) and Victoria (5 years). Private networks such as fitness, long-lasting relationships and creative hobbies. Establishment and settling in the Aarhus area + renovation of 1970s villa.REFERENCES References and diplomas can be submitted upon request. Link with me and check recommendations at www.linkedin.com CV ● Merete Elizabeth Houston Lund ● +45 6178 7501 ● mehoustonlund@gmail.com Page 4 of 4