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Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
Hopi indians
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Hopi indians


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  • 1. Hopi Indians
    By: Aidan Veal & Kole Burkhart
  • 2. Where Did They Live?
    The Hopi Indians lived in Northeastern Arizona, USA.
    They lived on top of and under mesas, in houses called Pueblos.
    They liked this area because of the open land.
    The Hopi lived in the time period of about 1050.
  • 3. What Food did they Eat?
    They ate a lot of different kinds of crops, such as corn.
    Here are some of the other foods the Hopi ate: bread, beans, melons, gourds, and pumpkins, and some fruits like peaches and apricots.
    They had a lot of space to plant them in, but a problem was that there wasn’t much rain.
  • 4. Special Ritual They did?
    One of the ritual the Hopi did was dress up like kachina dolls to scare the children for a few days. On the last day they take off their masks and the children learn that its just the villagers.
  • 5. Natural Resources they used
    They used a lot of different kinds of natural resources.
    Here are some of the natural resources they used: coal, sheep dung, wood for cooking and chairs. They got their wood from peoples bones no just kidding from trees.
  • 6. What did they hunt?
    The Hopi hunted meat products such as elk, deer, sheep, rabbit, and buffalo.
    They did not use hunting materials because the were farmers.
    They needed to farm to survive because at least have of their food came from crops.
  • 7. What Did They Wear?
    Woman and girls on the Hopi tribe prefer an un dyed cotton robe with an embroidered belt.
    The men and boys wore a un dyed strait sleeved or sleeveless shirt that was worn like a poncho, leggings cut off just above the knees, and moccasins made of deer skins.
  • 8. Hopi Trading Traditions
    The Hopi traded surplus crops for buffalo robes, antelope and elk hide with the nations to the north and east and they did the same with the south tribes. They traded for jaguar hide and parrot feathers.
  • 9. Interesting Facts!!!
    Here are some interesting facts about the Hopi Indians.
    They could see the Grand Canyon from where some lived.
    One of the oldest inhabited villages in US, founded over 800 years ago!!
  • 10. Hopi Tribe Flag and Map
  • 11. Pictures
  • 12. Information
    Hopi Indians books