Chinook indians


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Chinook indians

  1. 1. By: Lauren Harris & Kaylee Cleaver
  2. 2. Houses  Chinook Indians lived in plank houses built by thin pieces of red cedar wood. They did a lot of projects or crafts built of wood because they were very good at wood carving. At least 50 people lived in a house. They had the largest houses of any native tribe in North America.
  3. 3. Food Chinook indians eat a lot of different foods because they lived next to the ocean and wooded areas. They ate things including fish, deer, fruit, nuts, elk, bears, roots and geese. They loved salmon especially. It was good that they liked fish because they lived in Oregon & Washington right next to the ocean so they eat fish and under water animals.
  4. 4. Clothes Chinook indians made a lot of clothes out of cedar wood. I thought that personally was a really cool fact. They wove it into fabrics and cloth. They made pants, shirts, capes, and hats. They just look like regular clothing. You cant tell at all that they are made out of wood!
  5. 5. Hunting Like we mentioned earlier, Chinooks did a lot of fishing. They ate fish at least once a day. Their favorite fish was salmon. The areas where the Chinooks lived were full of fish. They also hunted deer, elk, bear, duck, and geese. Chinooks hunted multiple marine mammals too. They had food every year 24/7 because of the wide variety of the Chinooks diet.
  6. 6. Ritual Ceremonies The Chinook ceremonies are called potlatches. Tribe Chiefs would give away foods and gifts to show that they were kind and helpful people. They would dance wearing headdresses and masks.
  7. 7. Arts and Crafts Chinook indians were great wood carvers. This included canoes, vast houses, & totem poles. They also loved making masks for ceremonies. Chiefs of tribes wore special headdresses instead of the masks worn by the rest of the clan.
  8. 8. Interesting Facts Sometimes, Chinooks made totem poles to make fun of someone. For cooking, they would drop rocks into a basket of boiling water, put the lid on then put the food on top of the basket. They used different animal shaped rattles for healing sick people. The Chinook were discovered first by Lewis & Clark.
  9. 9. Thank you Thank you for watching our presentation on Chinook Indians. We hope you learned a lot. Or just something that you did not already know. We were even surprised with facts like Lewis & Clark discovered our clan first and that they wove cedar bark into their clothing! Sincerely, Kaylee & Lauren