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Website comparisons (used-products) - English Versions Website comparisons (used-products) - English Versions Presentation Transcript

  • OnlineUsed-Product Market Analysis By Mercy Setiawan Merah Putih Inc. 2013
  • Used-Product Online Market Popular website to do online transaction for used/second- hand products in Indonesia.
  • Kaskus is an Indonesian internet forum site which claims to be the largest Indonesian online community. Users can sell pretty much anything on Kaskus, and theywill most definitely have buyers inside. A lot of sellers maketheir money browsing through Kaskus’ pages every day to post and advertise their goods on other users’ forum threads.
  • Kaskus Forum for Buy & Sell
  • Members:Kaskus has over than 4,5 millions members.And about 2000-3000 new members/day.Postings:Over than 601 millions postings as per July 2012. (wikipedia)Product VariationsKaskus has lots of variation of products which come from Indonesia.Within all the local shopping website, Kaskus is the most complete one.Payment MethodKaskus uses Cash On Delivery (COD) method, joint account and directtransfer.
  • When it comes to userinterface, one might saythat Kaskus is the leastfriendly because usersneed to click the links firstif they want to view theproducts’ pictures.
  • Kaskus has an interesting but yetDesign & Layout complicated posting layouts. • No template for postings. • Users have to click on the items in order to view details & picture, so the title have important factors to attract people to view the post • The replies/responds to the postings make it difficult for readers to follow the main post.
  • Search Engine Kaskus has a simple search engine. On the down side, it’s a bit confusing for users to use. • The search results often mixed up with the forum (non FJB) results. • The level of accuracy is low and there is no option for price comparison.
  • Categories Classified Used %Handphone & Accessories 387,667 188,579 49%Automotive 6,015 3,338 55%Video Games 16,215 4,349 27%Fashion 46,410 3,872 8%Sport 31,869 5,354 16%Camera 30,776 11,313 35%Jewelry 3,120 232 7%
  • Tokobagus is C2C marketplace which is which isconfidently rising to the top in Indonesia. Users can post their ads for free there.
  • TokoBagus Website
  • Visitors:They claimed that it has 100.000 visitors/day.Ads Postings:They have more than 1,700,000 active ads (as per 2012)Product VariationsTokoBagus offers variation of different products from different categories.Payment MethodTokoBagus uses Cash On Delivery (COD) method, special joint accountand direct transfer.
  • TokoBagus hassimple, neat and easy tonavigate layout.Users are welcomed withspecific product categoriesthat facilitate the search.
  • Design & Layout No overly complex design, animation, or other effects that distract the users. Pictures could be viewed on the main page without have to view the product list first. Locations of sellers also appears as part of the listings, beside the title, photo and price.
  • TokoBagus has a better search engine thanSearch Engine Kaskus. They search engine could categorize based on locations and product category. But, it still not as good as eBay search engine. It has pretty good accuracy but search result could not be saved or analyze further. The search result will not be double and sold-out items could not be found anymore, so this will help users to save their time.
  • Categories Total Listings Used %Mobil 149823 90522 60Motor 94069 65367 69Fashion 316512 8204 2Handphone & Gadget 74571 57894 77Perlengkapan Rumah 48751 3749 7Camera 14946 6442 43TV & Audio 14295 4284 29Anak & Bayi 65393 2157 3
  • C2C marketplaces that facilitate sellers &buyers to have the best offers in the most convenient way.
  • Berniaga Website
  • New Ads:Claimed that they have over than 15.000 ads/day.Ads Postings:They have more than 793.702 active ads (until now)Product VariationsBerniaga offers variation of different products from different categories.The search result will not be double and sold-out items could not befound anymore, so this will help users to save their time.Payment MethodBerniaga uses Cash On Delivery (COD) method, special joint accountand direct transfer.
  • Berniaga also has simple,neat and easy to navigate layout. Users have to begin thesearch by selecting on the locations
  • Layout & Listings Berniaga has a plain, boring and old- fashioned design. They have lack of attractive visuals and colours. Boxes and texts dominate the overall design and layout of the website.
  • Berniaga has search engine onlySearch Engine allows users begin the search by selecting their locations, then later do the search based on product category. The search result will not be double and sold-out items could not be found anymore, so this will help users to save their time.
  • eBay is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide
  • eBay Website
  • Members:eBay has over than 233 million customer base and approx.97 millions are active users.Postings:Ebay can have anywhere from 19 - 24million listings (as per 2009)Product VariationseBay offers many variation of different products. Since it’s aninternational website, there are many products from many differentcountries.Payment MethodeBay only accept Paypal and Credit Cards.
  • eBay has an interestingwebsite design and layout.There are too manylistings on their main pagewhich make it confusingfor users
  • Design & Layout eBay has an interesting website design and layout. There are too many listings on their main page which make it confusing for users
  • eBay has the best search engine withSearch Engine the multi-options. We could list from the most expensive to the chepest product They also have a really good accuracy.
  • Used-Product WebsitesO Other websites that sells used-products: O O O O O
  • Used-Products WebsiteFew websites that sells more-nice used products:Baby products O Computer & Gadget O O O O O www.tokokomputerbekasAutomotive .com O O O O Wedding O Forum O O
  • Success Story from other countriesO In Japan: O Rakuten, the largest online shopping mall in the country, said its sales of secondhand goods doubled in 2010 & 2011.O In Korea: O Gmarket, one of the country’s leading e-commerce companies, said that overall sales of second-hand luxury items last year increased by 57 percent year-on-year.O In India: O On any given day, there are around 100,000 listings on our site. Approximately 20% of all listings are second-hand products, especially in the Hobbies and Collectibles category. These include coins, stamps, notes, art and Bollywood memorabilia.”
  • IdeaO Switch mindset that buying second-hand is not embarassing. (Educate the market)O Barang bekas orang terkenal (celebrity, public figure, athlete, etc)O Reach “Go green” community.O Reach “Antique product” community.O Classes of condition utk barang bekas.O Sistem point jual & beli.
  • Consignment Vs. Re-saleO Most of used-product online store is consignment store where the items from clients and sell them for a percentage of the profits. If open a consignment shop, we will have less risk because we can fill your store with merchandise without paying until its sold.O There is no resale shops yet, which is typically buy used items outright and resell them. If we open a resale shop we will have more of an investment up front, but we could earn higher profits because we dont have to share profits with clients.
  • “One man’s trash, another man’s treasure?” Thank You