Indonesia online payment gateway - May 2014


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Payment Gateway in indonesia

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Indonesia online payment gateway - May 2014

  1. 1. INDONESIA Online Payment Gateway Merah Putih Inc. 2014
  2. 2. 00Online Payment Gateway in Indonesia
  3. 3. OVERVIEW • Indonesia faces difficulties in the e-commerce industry because of its payment security and convinience. • With the growth of of many online payment system and the increasing e-commerce activity in the Indonesian market, it looks like the e-commerce scene in Indonesia will continue to bloom.
  4. 4. A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes credit card payments for e-business, online retailers, etc. Payment getaways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor. Payment gateways are a secure online link between a merchant and an acquiring bank. Payment Gateway
  5. 5. 12. FINPAY 13. FASAPAY 14. KASPAY 15.INAPAY 16.IPAY88 17.2C2P 18.IONPAY Payment Gateway in Indonesia 1. DOKU 2. VERITRANS 3. IPAYMU 4. INDOMOG 5. MOLPay 6. AyoPay 7. Unipin 8. Gudang Voucher 9. Unik 10. PulsaQ 11. MimoPay
  6. 6. 01Doku
  7. 7. DOKU has been existing since 2007, under the name of PT Nusa Satu Inti Artha. It’s privately owned. Previously known as NSIAPay, then changed its branding to DOKU on Q4 2010. DOKU has a well-established track record in designing, integrating, and optimizing commerce transaction systems for local and international merchants in various industries. Background
  8. 8. DOKU is Internet Payment Gateway, providing online internet payment solution to e-commerce, b2c, retailing and even to b2b business concepts. It first began with Credit card realtime authorization to the Acquiring bank with successful attempt to nourish the Indonesian local e-commerce company. Then it start adding more credit card features such as installments, point rewards, Debit card, Internet Banking, E-Wallet, Escrows, etc. DOKU partner with and connect directly to a large network of payment processors and other payment service providers to offer a one-stop solution for the clients – providing simplified electronic payment management. About DOKU
  9. 9. E-payment Solutions
  10. 10. DOKU provide electronic payment processing, online and in mobile applications. •Online Payments •Subcription Payments •Token Payments •Merchant Support •Mobile Payments •Risk & Fraud Management Features You could transfer money to DOKU wallet through several methods: • Credit cards, • Internet bankings, • ATM, • E-Wallet, • Subcriptions, • Mobile Payments, • Selected Convinient stores.
  11. 11. DOKU payment solutions are enhanced with the most advanced risk management features to address complexities and risk of online transactions. DOKU is externally audited every year by Control Case (QSA), which has certified us at Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant. This certification assures that DOKU adheres to the highest security standards, and payments are always in compliance when using DOKU. This certification helps DOKU to prevent credit card fraud, hacking and other security issues. The PCI DSS certification is mandatory for a company to process, store or transmit credit card numbers. Security System
  12. 12. 02Veritrans
  13. 13. Veritrans Indonesia is a joint Venture with Veritrans Inc. and Midplaza holding. PT. Midtrans is the operating company for Veritrans Indonesia. They exist since 2012 and is privately held. History
  14. 14. Veritrans payment gateway is an online payment gateway that is highly concerned with customer experience (UX). •Online Payment, •Payment Gateway, •Payment Methods Integration They propose online credit card payment system with a free fraud detection system. Their VT-direct product allows merchants to process payment on their own payment page. They also are creating a WordPress plugin for the online payment. Features
  15. 15. The credit card fee for VT Web product is 3.9% + Rp. 2,000 (excl. PPN) of each transaction amount. There are no setup fees. For example, if you receive transaction Rp. 100.000 by credit card, the fee would be Rp 5,900 (Rp. 3,900 + Rp. 2,000). Veritrans do not charge for failed transactions. Users only pay when you make money. Veritrans also have different pricing for online banking and mobile payments. Fees
  16. 16. Fees
  17. 17. Veritrans strives to simply the whole process by providing a single point of integration for Credit Cards, Mandiri ClickPay, CIMB Clicks, BCA KlikPay, BRI ePayments, XL Tunai, and T-Cash. Veritrans works with a majority of the largest banks in Indonesia. Current customers include Blitz Megaplex, Rakuten Indonesia, BerryBenka, and many other leading Indonesian eCommerce companies. Merchants and Clients
  18. 18. Veritrans offers a fraud detection system without any additional costs Applying to offer credit card payment systems requires a lot of steps, and the applicant needs some coding skills like PHP or .NET to do just that. Regarding these many steps, Veritrans has built a step-to-step integration map and documentation which makes it easy for people to follow, and the team is quite proud of that map. Veritrans also launch easier integration method for merchants who do not know how to code by offering a WordPress plugin and a product called VT-Link. VT-Link enables merchants to just put in some basic info like the product name, description, and price, and VT-Link will generate a link which redirects customers to the credit card payment page. Security System
  19. 19. 03IPayMu
  20. 20. Founded on 2012, iPayMu was originally built only as a payment method for SEO service Then, it changed to become online payment getaway, aims to build a better digital economy infrastructure in the country. Background
  21. 21. IPayMu is a product integration from three different businesses 1. E-Commerce Solutions 2. Payment Getaway 3. Merchant Service Provider IPayMu also has mobile apps for Android and iOS which will enable one mobile phone to be connected to iPayMu’s 137 banking partners. IPayMu use 256 bit SSL encryption and has been verified by Thawte. IPayMu
  22. 22. IPayMu offers selections of e-commerce solutions • Online Payment System Debit Card/e-Wallet, • Online Payment System Credit Card, • Online Payment System Money Transfer, • Online Payment System Escrow • IPayMu handle cross-border and multi-currency transactions. • IPayMu serves Cash On Delivery (COD). IPayMu Features
  23. 23. Fees iPayMu charges 1 % for the escrow service, but it’s free for member-to- member transfers
  24. 24. 04Indomog
  25. 25. Founded on August 8th 2008, INDOMOG is Indonesia Multionline Payment Gateway, specialized for online game payments. It is a provider of online payment solution with various methods of payment which allows users to conduct transactions online and the easiest payment solutions. Currently, INDOMOG is a public owned company. INDOMOG is the only authorized reseller of Zynga in Indonesia. About INDOMOG
  26. 26. To incorporate INDOMOG as an online payment gateway for the Indonesia’s videogame industry, because game industry is the easiest to educate. Online game users are used to computer technology and online shopping, so it’s easier to initially introduce INDOMOG to the videogame industry, as opposed to some other industries. The next move is to implement INDOMOG as a payment gateway in all of Indonesia’s online industries. INDOMOG Strategy
  27. 27. INDOMOG could be used to fo the followings: • Play online games • Shop in MOGPlay • Buy Pulsa • Consume content such as music content, etc • Pay electricity, Phone Bills, etc • Buy Daily Deals INDOMOG has launched MOGPlay, a direct reedeem voucher which integrated with 140 games from a variety of publishers. It can be used to buy Facebook Credit with the best conversion rate in Indonesia. Through this direct redeem, users could easily consume content with easy steps. Features
  28. 28. They have very LARGE Distribution channels: ATM, Alfamart, 7-eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, Circle K, Hypermart, etc. People can buy Voucher in those outlets to get credit and buy their games online. Various methods of payment such as : • Cash transfers, • Internet banking, • SMS banking, • Credit Card, • Physical voucher Distribution Channels & Methods of Payment
  29. 29. 05MOLpay
  30. 30. MOLPay is founded on 2000 and known as a Payment Service Provider from Malaysia. MOLPay is part of the MOL Global Group, one of the largest Internet companies in Southeast Asia with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia/New Zealand. On Sept 2011, MOLPay established MOL Indonesia to roll-out services in Indonesia. MOLPay is an online payment solution that enables e-commerce merchants to collect payments from online buyers securely through physical and online payment channels. In Indonesia, MOLPay itself still focus more on online game sectors. MOLPay
  31. 31. Through MOLpay, users could purchase online games, products and services through any one of our 12 localized portals. In Indonesia few of the local portals are the followings: • AyoPay • iPay • Gudang Voucher • Juragan Voucher • Kartu Game MOLpay Features
  32. 32. Methods of payments for MOLPay could be done through two ways: Methods of Payments It is the first payment gateway in Southeast Asia enabling online purchases to be paid physically with cash at popular retail chains, outlets or via online using global credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, e-banking and e-wallets. (OR)
  33. 33. 1. Real – time Online Reporting • User Friendly report records the transactions history, fraud ratio, settlement report, sales summary, etc. (with download function) 2. Refunds • User can refund a transaction without refund charges 3. High – tech Fraud Management • Equipped with fraud detection system, 3D Secure (Verified by Visa & Mastercard) compliance and fraud monitoring • Merchant loss rate is controlled below 0.03% 4. Security & Reliability • PCI DSS compliance and with service level of 99.99% uptime 5. Merchant Profile Management • Users can change control panel password, contact info etc. 6. Multi Currency Processing • Users can process many different currencies Why Use MOLpay?
  34. 34. 06AyoPay
  35. 35. Established in November 2009, AyoPay is a payment service provider specializing in online games credits for the Indonesian market. It is one of the largest distributors for branded online game credits from various game publishers like Gemscool, Lyto, and Megaxus. On March 2013, MOL Indonesia acquires 100% of AyoPay. Background
  36. 36. AyoPay is a payment service provider specialized in online game credit. AyoPay helps to distribute MOLPoints, MOL’s online micropayment system for games, to over 40,000 channels (like cybercafes and convenience retailers) in Indonesia. MOLPoints are used across Friendster, and other sites, to buy virtual goods and make other online transactions. In markets like Indonesia, where less than 1 million people are estimated to own credit cards and bank account usage is lower than the west, over-the-counter credit for Web services (which is what AyoPay provides) are crucial. AyoPay give MOL an outlet through which to win the custom of those that are unable to use regular online payment services. Ayopay in Indonesia
  37. 37. The investment to AyoPay represents another step towards MOL’s goal of creating a premium online payment eco-system in the region. MOL understands how big is Indonesia’s games industry. Through the combined assets, it will provide a comprehensive payment solution around the region. It will also generate more monetization opportunities for its global game publishers and social networks partners. Ayopay Strategies
  38. 38. People need to sign up as member then do top – up to their account. To top up their account, they could use these methods of payment: 1.Manual cash transfers. 2.Automatic cash top up without confirmation. Methods of Payment
  39. 39. 07Unipin
  40. 40. PT. 24 Jam Online is a leading payment solution provider (PSP) in Indonesia. The company spends more than 2 years carrying out the research and development of its payment gateway management system SJLv2. Thus currently, the company has more than 7,000 distribution networks for its electronic Pin “UniPin” at Toko Indomaret in Indonesia. UniPin
  41. 41. UniPin have partnerships with over 6000 local supermarkets (exclusively with Indomaret) to widely distribute its product. UniPin also work together with game publishers that allows their games to be connected with paid API by UniPin. This is the solution for different types of vouchers offered by the game publishers and also to allows publishers to do what they want, which is to produce good quality games. UniPin Strategies
  42. 42. UniPin can be used to buy game credits. UniPin does provide the convenience to digital consumers by using one single prepaid electronic pin to purchase various digital contents from multiple content providers. 1.Users will have to sign – up (UniPass) and create password and activate their UniPin account. 2.Users need to top up the UniPin using UniPin Credits Features
  43. 43. UniPins could be top-up by the followings method: UniPin Wallet - Buy SoftPin and then top-up to the game UniPin Express - Directly top up to the game by using UniPin Credits from the website. Methods of Payment
  44. 44. 08GudangVoucher
  45. 45. GudangVoucher is a voucher distribution channel. It’s been around since year 2004 and owned by PT. Buana Media Teknologi. It’s a payment solution that provides online payment through electronic vouchers. The codes for the voucher will appear on the website and there is no physical print out for those codes. GudangVoucher
  46. 46. As a pioneer of online gaming payment solution, it has many voucher categories, not only for games. GudangVoucher could be used to fo the followings: • Buy online games voucher, • Buy internet hotspot vouchers, • calling card, • pay tv vouchers, • e-ticket vouchers, • software activation codes, • e-commerce voucher or gift vouchers, • and more to come. Features
  47. 47. Users pays through bank transfer. MOL Members can also reload MOLPoints via GudangVoucher up to a maximum of USD125 balance per MOL Member Account at any one point in time. Methods of Payment
  48. 48. 09UNIK (Uang Elektronik)
  49. 49. UNIK first launched in December 2011 and developed by a company called Transmaya. It runs on a payment technology developed and powered by third-party partner. About UNIK
  50. 50. The service is a mash up between PayPal and M-Pesa, a mobile network payment solution coupled with a network of banking agents. UNIK is an online and mobile e-money payment gateway that allows users to shop online, pay bills, top up air time, buy game vouchers, and pay using an escrow service. To use UNIK, buyers will have to register as a member and deposit funds before they can take advantage of the facilities. UNIK can be used to purchase items for as little as Rp 50,000 and a maximum value of Rp 5 million UNIK
  51. 51. The channels include online, mobile, SMS, and in-store kiosks. TOP UP Phone Balance: 3, Axis, Ceria, Esia, Flexi, Indosat, Smartfren, Telkomsel, XL. Voucher Game: Cabal, Cherry, Digicash, Fastblack, Gemschool, GOGAME, Koram, Lyto, Mainkan, MOL, Mycard, Playpoint, Serenity, Spin, VTC, Wavepro, Winner, Zynga. Billing for: PLN, Telkom, Speedy, Flexi pasca bayar. Donation: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Merchants
  52. 52. 10PulsaQ
  53. 53. Coda Payments has partnered with 20-million-subscriber-strong Indonesian telco Axis Telekom to launch PulsaQ in Indonesia. PulsaQ is a prepaid mobile credit payment solution; some might call it an airtime payment solution. PulsaQ
  54. 54. People could use PulsaQ to do the following things: • Pay a bill, • Make a donation, • Shop online, or • Buy an app. No bank account required - All user need is a mobile phone. No bank account or credit card required. Features
  55. 55. • If you’re a prepaid customer, your pulsa balance will be debited. • If you’re a postpaid customer, the charge will appear on your next bill. Fees
  56. 56. 11MimoPay
  57. 57. Mimo Pay Mimopay enables users to use mobile phones and alternative ways to pay for variety of digital goods and social experiences across mobile and web easily. Mimopay work with telcos, banks and convenience store throughout Indonesia. With various methods available, customers can shoose whichever is most convenient to them. Mimopay provide solutions for the followings: • Support Wallet & Loyalty Program • Ready APIs for easy integration • Online Daily Revenue Report for Publisher & Payment Channel • User Account Management • Customer Service Module with user transaction history, customizable user daily and monthly limit, fraud detection, blacklist / ban feature • Bonus Virtual Item (Code redemption)
  58. 58. Mimo Pay Mimopay provide solutions for the followings: • Support Wallet & Loyalty Program • Ready APIs for easy integration • Online Daily Revenue Report for Publisher & Payment Channel • User Account Management • Customer Service Module with user transaction history, customizable user daily and monthly limit, fraud detection, blacklist / ban feature • Bonus Virtual Item (Code redemption)
  59. 59. Fees Mimopay Fee (inclusive of VAT) per transaction to end user. Mimopay Fee is between 10% - 30% of gross selling prices, depends on channels. Mimopay settles payment between 37 - 105 days, depends on channels
  60. 60. 12Finpay
  61. 61. On May 2012, Finnet Payment Gateway (FinPay) is a product of PT. Finnet Indonesia which is subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia. PT. Finnet Indonesia is a joint venture between Nusantara (METRA) and PT Mekar Prana Indah (MPI) which stocks are owned by Yayasan Kesejahteraan Karyawan Bank Indonesia (YKBI). Background
  62. 62. Cooperating with many banks in Indonesia as well as with Visa and MasterCard, FinPay will make it easy for the customer to do online transaction. Since FinPay is part of Telkom Indonesia, payment through the ATM and internet banking will be reflected in the customer’s Telkom telephone bill. FinPay has also tied up collaborations with established e-commerce sites such as LivingSocial,, AppsFoundry, Gold’s Gym, Tempo, Aora TV, as well a few members of the Telkom group such as Telkomsel and TelkomVision. Finpay
  63. 63. Finpay focuses on providing electronic payment systems. Their offers services such as: • Online bill payments • Interbank transactions • Online shopping payment systems. A customer can pay with: • Credit card, • Internet banking, or • ATM FinPay also has it’s mobile apps called Finpay Wallet, where users can also put money in it. Features
  64. 64. FinPay takes service charge on each transaction, but there is no setup fees or mantainance fees. Finpay would charge fees between Rp 2,500 to Rp 5,000 for every transaction they handled, although the fees could be “tailored” to the size of the merchant. Fees
  65. 65. a. ETHOCA : FinPay is connected to Global-Alliance Fraud Detection System. b. PCI-DSS : Licensed by VISA and Mastercard as standard requirement for customer data security. c. ISO 27001:2001 : Licensed released by international organization. d. FridaTM : Proprietery Fraud Detection. e. Verisign : Security System for URL portal e-Commerce using Security Site Pro EV-128 Bit extended validation SSL (Https). Security System
  66. 66. 13Fasapay
  67. 67. PT Fasa Centra Artajaya (FCA), in Jogjakarta, is the company who have been developing FasaPay as per January 2012. FasaPay could be use to do the followings: •Shop in Online Stores •E-Changers Services Web •Foreign Exchange Brokers •Online Games •Donation System Few types of transaction that could be done in FasaPay •Top-Up •Transfer •Redeem •Transaction History. •SCI (Shopping Cart Interface) •API. Fasapay
  68. 68. FasaPay deducts 0.5% out of each transactions. Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR) Fee Rate : 0.5% Minimum Fee : Rp. 100,00 Maximum Fee : Rp. 50.000,00 Fees
  69. 69. Fasapay set up two security features, "Pin Transaction" and "PIN IP Settings". • Pin Transaction is useful as an additional protection while the member doing online transactions in Fasapay System. • PIN IP Setting is used as a filter for verification or identification of IP addresses of current members when they login to the system FasaPay (Website FasaPay, Mobile Device, or SCI). FasaPay is Safe, since data transfers between users and FasaPay is encrypted using AES-256 High- grade Encryptes. This means FasaPay is the only party who is able to read all data being sent to FasaPay. In terms of data backup, FasaPay uses dedicated server with Hardware RAID technology that ensures the safety of client's data since the confidential and important data will be stored in multiple hard drives. Security System
  70. 70. 14KasPay
  71. 71. Kaspay is a service created by Kaskus. It was founded on November 2009, under management of PT Darta Media Indonesia. It was designed to facilitate online transactions all across Indonesia. Background
  72. 72. Buyers can top up their accounts and use their account to pay on Kaskus and KasPay partners. Merchants can connect to their system to allow people to pay using their KasPay accounts. All payment should be done via bank transfer (Top Up). No Credit Cards needed. KasPay
  73. 73. KasPay charges a meager 0.05 percent per transaction up to a cap of IDR 5,000 ($0.50) no matter how high the transaction value is. That is on top of the escrow feature embedded in KasPay’s system. Fees
  74. 74. KasPay uses international standard security system with encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256 verified by VeriSign (Norton Secured). With this SSL all data will be processed through encryption using 256 bit known only by useres and KasPay server. KasPin also used with 6 digits as protections that will be received through SMS. Every transaction will be recorded and send automatically to email and written in the Transaction History to help users monitors their accounts. Security System
  75. 75. 15Inapay
  76. 76. Inapay is running the business under PT. Indonesia Payment Solution which incorporated in June 2011. Since its inception, Inapay has been invested two times, one from East Venture in Jan 2012 and the second from individual investor in September 2012. Inapay website has been improved to Inapay 2.0 in Q4 2013 and we will launch Inapay for mobile Q1 of 2014. Background
  77. 77. is a website which provide Escrow service for online transaction in Indonesia. Inapay facilitate buyer and seller in the internet with a secure and easy to use website system. What makes different from other payment service is that there is no credit card or the top up systems to do online transaction or bank transfer. The transaction between customers and merchants is similar to joints account service (rekber in Indonesia). Inapay base users are individual seller & buyer in the forum (kaskus), Marketplace (tokobagus), Social media (Facebook), blogspot user, wordpress user and other personal e-commerce website in Indonesia. Inapay
  78. 78. Their features also include: • Escrow Service • Integrated Payment System • Inapay Membership • Payment Method for Online Transaction • Recent Transaction Features
  79. 79. Fees In using this service from Inapay, there must be fee should be paid when we do transaction. There are two packages: silver member and gold member.
  80. 80. 16IPAY88
  81. 81. Ipay88 was launched in 2006. iPay88 is a leading regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. Their services are available in Indonesia but also in Thailand, Philippines and few other South East Asia countries. It provides credit card payment gateway for online businesses. IPAY88
  82. 82. iPay88 Indonesia Payment Gateway is an online payment services that facilitates online merchants or e-commerce merchants' online store in Indonesia to process online transactions in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR). iPay88 Indonesia Payment Gateway is one of the most comprehensive payment gateway support payment via credit card, online banking, ATM and convenient store counter. IPAY88 Indonesia
  83. 83. • Real-time online payment consolidated report • Payment notification via email or SMS (acknowledge via SMS will involve additional cost per SMS sent) • Equipped with Internet Security Features (PCI Data Security Standard compliance) • Online Fraud Prevention Mechanism • Support mobile optimized payment page and In-Apps Payment • Easy to integrate • Featuring Email Payment Why Choose IPAY88 ?
  84. 84. Fees
  85. 85. 172C2P
  86. 86. 2C2P is launched in 2008 and is privately held and backed by Expara IDM Ventures under the i.JAM Microfunding Scheme, an initiative of the Government of Singapore, Digital Media Partners, a VC fund from Singapore, and GMO Ventures from Japan. 2C2P (Card & Cash Payment Processor) is an e-commerce payment provider offering innovative payment processing solutions for businesses in Asia-Pacific. It use integration with existing payment alternatives and creating alternative payment options (off-line, over-the-counter, or through online direct debit) to empower consumers beyond payment cards. 2C2P
  87. 87. User of 2C2P are because they specialized in the following features: • Payment processing, • e-commerce, • 3dsecure, • payment security, • fraud control, • mCommerce, • Alternative form of Payment Features
  88. 88. 18ION Pay
  89. 89. IONPay is the fastest growing independent Payment Service Provider (PSP) in Indonesia and is a division of business venture company Barrona Ventures, one of the Indonesia’s most trusted business ventures. IONPay process easy and secure online payments for many Indonesian e-commerce businesses of all sizes. IONPay keep their money moving and help them to handle online card fraud, ensuring that the payment process is safe and easy for customers. IONPay
  90. 90. IONPay provide the following solutions: •Advanced Payment Page •Card Storage Tokenization •Risk and Security Management •E-Portal: Automated Reconciliation, Online Reporting, and Administration •Network and Connectivity Management •Support and Maintenance Features
  91. 91. The key elements of the solution include: • Advanced Payment Page • Card Storage Tokenization • Risk and Security Management • E-Portal: Automated Reconciliation, Online Reporting, and Administration • Network and Connectivity Management • Support and Maintenance Features
  92. 92. THANK YOU