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ppt about Nokia

  1. 1.  Fredrik Idestams paper mill on the banks of the Nokianvirta river. Between 1865 and 1967- a major industrial force a cable company and a rubber firm to set the new Nokia Corporation on the path to electronics
  2. 2.  a pioneering role in the early evolution of mobile communications. European telecommunications markets -deregulated and mobile networks became global Nokia led the way with some iconic products...
  3. 3. venture between Nokia and leading Finnishtelevision maker Salora.
  4. 4. Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT), the first international mobilephone network, is built .
  5. 5. 1982: Nokia makes its first digital telephone switch Nokia DX200 - the company’s first digital telephoneswitch, goes into operation.
  6. 6.  Nokia launches the Mobira Talkman portable phone
  7. 7.  Nokia launches the Mobira Cityman, the firsthandheld NMT phone.
  8. 8.  Nokia equipment is used to make the world’s first GSM call
  9. 9.  1987 as the European standard for digital mobile technology. carry data as well as voice traffic. handheld portable phones for all major digital standards, including TDMA, PCN and Japan Digital, as well as GSM.
  10. 10.  GSM’s high-quality voice calls easy international roaming. worldwide boom in mobile phone use. 1990s - more than 90 operators all over the world. Nokia launched its first digital handheld GSM phone, the Nokia 1011, in 1992.
  11. 11.  appropriate choice ONE of the key developers of GSM technology coupled with the deregulation of European telecommunications markets in the 1980s and 1990s
  12. 12.  1992 - telecommunications business1992: Jorma Ollila becomes President and CEOfocusing the company on telecommunications.
  13. 13. Nokia launches its first GSM handset, the Nokia 1011.
  14. 14.  1997: Snake – a classic mobile game The Nokia 6110 is the first phone to feature Nokia’s Snake game.
  15. 15.  1998: Nokia leads the world Nokia becomes the world leader in mobile phones
  16. 16.  1999: The Internet goes mobile Nokia launches the worlds first WAP handset, the Nokia 7110.
  17. 17.  2002: First 3G phone Nokia launches its first 3G phone, the Nokia 6650
  18. 18.  2003: Nokia launches the N-Gage Mobile gaming goes multiplayer with the N- Gage.
  19. 19.  2005: The Nokia Nseries is born Nokia introduces the next generation of multimedia devices, the Nokia Nseries.