Merchant Cash Advance Leads and The Merchant Cash Advance Industry


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Merchant Cash Advance Leads and The Merchant Cash Advance Industry

  1. 1. New User? Register Sign In Help Make Y! My Homepage Mail My Y! Yahoo! Search SearchHOME U.S. WORLD BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS TECH POLITICS SCIENCE HEALTH BLOGS LOCAL POPULARVIDEO WHITE HOUSE CONGRESS U.S. GOVERNMENT WORLD THE COURTS PRESS RELEASES ELECTIONS 2012 THE FAST FIX THE TICKETObama Extends Yet Another Unemployment NEWS FOR YOUExtension To Continue Throughout 2012, Reports Anthony trial: Lack of evidence or good defense?Unemployment-Extension.Org CaseyAnthony acquitted of killing young daughter CaseyAnthony acquitted of murder CaseyAnthony trial turned into media frenzy Jolie and Parker highest paid U.S. actressesPRWeb – Sat, Jun 18, 2011 AP Enterprise: The man who hunted Osama bin Laden Email Print Americas biggest teacher and principal cheating scandal unfolds in Atlanta Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awryWith Republicans hell-bent on reducing the federal deficit in control of the House, it seemed unlikely First day hiccup for NY same-sex marriagesthat yet another benefits unemployment extension would occur – and yet, that is exactly what Focus turns on cast of characters as Caseyhappened this week! It seems no one can deny the gravity of our joblessness right now, according to Anthony trial endsUnemployment-Extension.Org.New York, NY (PRWEB) June 18, 2011With Republicans hell-bent on reducing the federal deficit in control of the House, it seemed unlikelythat yet another benefits unemployment extension would occur – and yet, that is exactly whathappened this week... It seems no one can deny the gravity of our joblessness right now, according toUnemployment-Extension.Org.President Obama has reauthorized the federal unemployment extension benefits for another 13months. As of May 2011, 13.7 million Americans were collecting unemployment. The last week ofMay saw the first increase in those filing for benefits in three weeks, which shows that the economy isstill very fickle.According to Unemployment-Extension.Org, there were 1.5 million “99ers” (who exhausted their 99weeks of unemployment insurance without finding work) at the last count in October. The latest Loading...unemployment extension will not help the 99ers, but it will help people who were more recently laidoff cash-in on the assistance that so many other Americans have been collecting. FEATUREDCome the 2012 election cycle, Barack Obama is likely to be facing the highest unemployment ratethat any US President has faced since World War II. Conference Board analysts expect that the American flag myths Five myths about the Star-Spangledjobless rate will still be a lofty 8.5 percent come 2012, down from the 9 percent it is currently. Banner. More »Unemployment-Extension states that The Federal Reserve has already estimated that we "could" seeunemployment down to 7.8 percent come November. While we’ve dropped from the peak 10.1 Odd newspercent unemployment in October 2009, this latest unemployment extension proves we are far from Read about the strangest stories on theout of the water. web ... all of it true. More »###Jim OConnellUnemployment-Extension.Org EDUCATION877-875-0231 Careers that are built to lastEmail Information See which careers have real staying power. What can an MBA do for you?Follow Yahoo! News on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook According to one analysis, hiring for MBAgrads is up.EXPLORE RELATED CONTENT 1 - 4 of 12 YAHOO! NEWS ON FACEBOOKTalks of Obamas States cracks down converted by
  2. 2. 2012 Unemployment on unemploymentExtension … insurance …According to A nationwide crackdownUnemployment- is coming for peopleExtension.Org, fraudulently drawingObamas 2012 unemployment … Fullextension of Obama cites progress in German labour agency to Story »unemploymen … Full deficit reduction … cut jobs on … AP via Yahoo! NewsStory » AP via Yahoo! News AFP via Yahoo! News TODAY ON YAHOO! 1 - 4 of 42Spotlight turns to Anthony 10 real excuses for not Celebrity tattoo dos and Food trends that must belawyers, jury going to work donts stopped All Comments Shared On Facebook Leave a comment... Comment Guidelines Post As 18 comments Most Popular Newest Oldest Most Replied Oh ! Holy Crap 2 weeks ago 5 0 *0* = “I am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around and put people back to work” This Colasso CLOWN is The biggest JOKE ever perpetuated on this country! Reply Incognito 2 weeks ago 6 1 Pathetic propaganda to wow the masses. No big deal. No jobs, but stay on welfare. The other party is to blame. Just a little more time (and your money). 1 Reply Bruce 2 weeks ago 4 0 Help clean up the South...and the North Send Muslim obama back to Kenya Reply Michael Fisher 2 weeks ago 4 0 to keep hope alive long enough to get back in office,then Change back to false promises and beautiful lies.... Reply 1eyeopen 2 weeks ago 3 0 So this is the "jobs" he was talking about...? Reply Joe 2 weeks ago 3 0 He is trying to buy votes with taxpayers money just like he bought congress with tax dollars over his failed obamiecare. Reply converted by
  3. 3. Ben L 2 weeks ago 0 0this just goes to show you that this administration has no clue on how to fix this economy sothe solution is keep unemployment insurance going this is the white house creating jobs lolhahaha 1 ReplyMavis 2 weeks ago 3 1ANOTHER 13 MONTHS ???THAT SHOULD TAKE US TO THE BRINK OF NEXT YEARS ELECTIONS........THEN HE CANCAMPAIGN ON "EXTENDING" THEM FOR SEVERAL MORE YEARS..............THE "UN-EMPLOYED" ARE RAPIDLY BECOMING AN ENTIRE "VOTING BLOCK" FOR THE DEMA-PUKES.............AS PLANNED !!!! Reply1eyeopen 2 weeks ago 3 1He is only doing this as an attempt to get re-elected....5 years of unemployment bennies isthe "new entitlement"...who will even look for work when you get paid to sit and watch TV allday? Reply53421yeah 2 weeks ago 1 0another OBAMAshit LEGAL VOTE BUYING!America BEWARE of the LIES of barack OBAMA!OBAMA will EVEN SELL his OWN MOTHER to get you VOTES.... More ReplyDtm 2 weeks ago 1 0I think the majority of the unemployed are going to vote against Obama in 2012. Those whowere, at one time, hard working citizens would rather be receiving paychecks; notunemployment checks. Theyre disgusted with a "so-called" president who does nothing (justlip service) to make that happen! ReplyMichael 2 weeks ago 1 0the liberals like the jerk. just vote in 2012 ! four more years of this and were done. ReplyAmabo 2 weeks ago 3 2Whee, I was sweating having to choose between getting a job and living without an income.Thank you President Obama. Ill remember you next November. ReplyAmabo 2 weeks ago 0 0I am sure Obama did not tack this action without first getting approval from China. ReplyJC 2 weeks ago 1 0commiebuster dot com ReplyGreenDragonT 2 weeks ago 1 1The worthless Republican Party would tell all the jobless to "Drop Dead and go Live Under aBridge" . Thanks Repubs, well remember you worthless %#@# the next time yourperformance review comes up in 2012. Then you Repubs can go sleep under the bridge --- anduse your pink slips for blankets !!!.. ReplyDragonbreath 2 weeks ago 1 1Dur. They should just get a job. Dur. converted by
  4. 4. Reply Top Of The Food Chain 2 weeks ago 1 1 So the "shovel-ready jobs" he was talking about were being paid to stay at home via unemployment extensions? Reply Post a commentYAHOO! NEWS ALSO ON YAHOO! TRENDING NOWHome Politics Autos Maps Shopping 1. Space shuttle 6. Pulmonary launch embolismU.S. Science Finance Movies Sports 2. Taylor Lautner 7. Nancy GraceWorld Health Games Music Travel 3. Sarah Jessica 8. AffordableBusiness Blogs Groups omg! TV Parker colleges Health Shine 4. South Korea 9. Roth IRAEntertainment LocalSports Popular 5. Daniel Radcliffe 10. Pia Toscano All Yahoo! »TechAll Yahoo! News »PRWEB.COM NewswireCopyright © 2011 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. | Yahoo! News Network | Help / Suggestions Privacy Policy About Our Ads Terms of Service Copyright/IP Policy converted by