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Learn Buisness Attributes from Animals

Learn Buisness Attributes from Animals



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Business Zoo! Business Zoo! Presentation Transcript

  • Business ZOO! Learn Business Attributes by Example Mersedeh Arvaneh, Irvine CA USA, 2007
  • Learn Teamwork from Flying Birds
    • Find your teammates
    • Have Team Spirit
    • The team with the best combination always wins
    • Have a true, pure and genuine consideration for others and their opinion
  • Learn Alertness from an Eagle
    • Always keep your eyes on the goals, process and outcomes
    • Keep your eyes on your competition.
    • Be an observer all the time.
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  • Learn Timing from a Rooster
    • Be on time
    • Schedule
    • Work with calendar
    • Work journal helps
    • Never miss your appointment
    • Time is gold!
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  • Learn Strength from a Lion
    • First, Know your weaknesses and strengths.
    • Then show your strength by making the right decisions
    • Act as a power player
  • Learn Loyalty from a Dog
    • Be loyal to your company, team-members & leaders.
    • Respect your team.
    • Respect yourself.
    • Loyalty counts.
  • Learn Confidence from a Cheetah
    • Believe in yourself, your teammates and goals.
    • Have self-assurance.
    • Respect others without fear.
    • Have faith, hope and trust.
  • Learn Competitiveness from a Horse
    • Be at your best.
    • Never underestimate your competition.
    • Challenge yourself.
    • Stay ahead of the game.
  • Learn Poise from a Frog
    • Be yourself.
    • Being at east in any condition.
    • Never deny yourself,
  • Learn Diversity from a Monkey
    • Diversify!
    • Listen to other ideas.
    • Learn more about other Cultures.
    • Think “Global”
    • Sometimes “outsourcing” helps.
  • Learn Promptness from a Bull
    • Be Prompt
    • Be Ready
    • Be Quick
  • Learn Change from a Caterpillar
    • Be ready to change if necessary.
    • Grow.
  • Learn Beauty and Silence from a Swan
    • See the good on others.
    • Admire creative ideas.
    • Sometimes silence is golden.
  • Learn Cooperation from a Bee
    • Listen first, talk second.
    • Show interest in other opinion too!
    • Be on time at work.
    • Join others
    • Tell them, you are there!
    • Tell them, you are ready to listen.
  • Learn Flexibility from a Snake
    • Be flexible.
    • Try to understand other people need.
  • Learn Adaptability from a Camel
    • Adapt
    • Be prepared
    • Hard work counts
    • Be patient
  • Learn Friendship from a Fish
    • Be open to the possibilities
    • Networking is a result of good friendship
    • Sometimes you should swim with “school of Fish”
    • Sometimes you should swim within
  • Learn Serviceability from a Cow
    • Learn
    • Teach
    • Be useful
    • Be resourceful