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Drug use 2011
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Drug use 2011

Drug use 2011

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  • 1. "Weve engaged in a waragainst drugs for 30 years.Were plainly losing it. We havenot achieved very much Drug Use by Young Peopleprogress.” in England Clarke MP, July 2012 Rt. Hon Kenneth (and Wales) 2011/12 Not so fast, Ken...
  • 2. Please note• Data for 11-15 year olds is from Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use in England in 2011 http://bit.ly/MKQfAo• Data for 16-24 year olds is from Drug Misuse Declared: Findings from the 2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales http://bit.ly/MKQhrO
  • 3. Less than 1/5 of young people took drugs last year
  • 4. Drug use has also fallen among 11-15 year olds (use in past year)
  • 5. Drug use has been falling among young adults (16-24)
  • 6. Half of all recent (last year) drug users are under the age of 25
  • 7. Full-time students are more likely to take drugs than other occupations
  • 8. Cannabis remains the most widelyused illicit drug among 11-15 year olds
  • 9. This is also true for 16-19 year olds
  • 10. The most popular ‘legal high’ Mephedrone seems to have become less popular
  • 11. For 16-24 year olds, the only drugbucking the downward trend is cocaine
  • 12. Mentor’s ViewThe latest figures on drug use and drinkingamongst young people show a welcome declinein drug use by 11-15 year olds and 16-24 yearolds - but no grounds for complacency.The need to protect our young people byproviding them with the skills, knowledge andpositive examples to make informed decisionsabout different types of risky behaviours,including drugs, remains urgent.