Buyers Guide to Mens Health Nutritional Supplements


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Mens Health Store offers a variety of whey proteins, protein bars, capsules and powders, which combined with a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle will help you achieve your fitness goals. Read more on

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Buyers Guide to Mens Health Nutritional Supplements

  1. 1. BUYERS GUIDE TO NUTRITION FOR SPORTSMens Health Store Nutrition Supplements
  2. 2. Mens Health Whey ProteinsThe whey proteins available on Mens Health Store do not containadded carbohydrates or are very low in carbs and fat, and contain upto 80% protein.Mens Health Store is offering a wide range of Protein Whey Powderswith various fruity or chocolate flavours such as :PhD Pharma Whey 908gUSN 100% Whey Protein 2280g available in Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana flavour,Reflex Instant Whey 909g Chocolate/Mint, PhD Diet Whey - 1kg – Chocolate Orange, etc.
  3. 3. Mens Health Whey ProteinsUSN 100% Whey Protein PHD Pharma Whey Protein Reflex Instant Whey Protein
  4. 4. Mens Health Protein BarsSci-MX Orange & Berry Protein Flapjacks and the Sci-MX Yogurt HoneyProtein Flapjacks are made with wholesome Scottish oats high in fibre.Each of the 24 bars in the packet is also high in protein – containing noless than 21g, and offers an excellent source of vital Omega 3 and Omega6, and also 1 gram of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are vitalto good overall health.The Sci-MX Pro Load 36 Bar Vanilla (12 Bars) available on Mens HealthStore contains 36% protein and is coated with a thin layer of low fat milkchocolate. Just enough carbohydrates are supplied, most of which are lowimpact polyols, to provide energy and aid with protein metabolism.
  5. 5. Mens Health Protein BarsSci-MX Orange & BerryProtein Flapjacks 24 Bars Sci-MX Yogurt Honey Protein Sci-MX Pro Load 36 Bar Flapjacks 24 Bars Vanilla 12 Bars
  6. 6. Capsules & Powders from Mens Health StoreCreatine based Supplement PowdersCreatine supplementation, when combined with intensive weight or powertraining increases strength and builds lean muscles and accelerates recovery.Here is just a selection of creatine based supplements available on Mens HealthStore: Sci-MX Creatine Monohydrate 1000g, PHD Creatine Monohydrate 500g,Maximuscle Creatamax 300.Sci-MX Creatine PHD Creatine Sci-MX CreatineMonohydrate 1000g Monohydrate 500g CT-MX 120 Caplets
  7. 7. Capsules & Powders from Mens Health Store Glumatine based Supplement Powders During and after intense training, large amounts of amino-acids called glutamine are released from muscle. Adding supplements of L-Glutamine to your nutritional regime helps to prevent muscle wastage caused by this natural recovery process. Glutamine based supplement powders on Mens Health Shop: Sci-MX L-Glutamine 200g /500g, PhD Glutamine 550g, Reflex L-Glutamine 500g. Find the wider range on the Capsules and Powders section.Sci-MX L-Glutamine 500g PhD Glutamine 550g Sci-MX L-Glutamine 200g
  8. 8. Mens Health Store CapsulesPHD Catalyst PhD HMB(Multi-NutrientMatrix with R-ALA) PhD BCAA Phd Methoxy 7 Test Sci-MX HMB - - 90 Capsules 120 Capsules
  9. 9. Mens Health RecommendationsEffective protein combination: whey concentrate and caseinDifferent types of proteins are best suited to different times of the day.Whey protein is very effective both before and after workout due to the factthat it is absorbed very fast by the body. Your body still needs a sustainableprotein reserve even while sleeping and this is why the slow-release caseinis perfect as an evening beverage. Casein will slowly release the necessarynutrients for the muscles.Mineral combinations: calcium and zincStudies conducted in the Obesity Research have shown that people trying tolose weight and took a calcium supplement lost 2.6% more body weight in 24weeks than those who didnt take a calcium supplement. The same researchhighlighted that 50% of the fat they lost came from their belly fat. The positiveeffects calcium supplements have are greatly enhanced by zinc as it helpskeep increase metabolism levels.Fat burning: forskolin and carnitineForskolin and carnitine have the main role in reaching the body’s fat-storagedepots and releasing fat into your bloodstream so that it can be burnt and
  10. 10. READ MORE Supplements Mens Health Store Nutrition Supplements