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Mendix Model-driven Application Delivery changes the way business applications are delivered, using visual models instead of code to develop new business applications and delivering results that meet …

Mendix Model-driven Application Delivery changes the way business applications are delivered, using visual models instead of code to develop new business applications and delivering results that meet your requirements, in time and within the agreed upon budget.

This free training day will give you the opportunity to learn how you can deliver the business applications your business really needs, get hands-on experience with our Model-driven Application Platform, evaluate our software and network among peers.
The Mendix essentials are specially designed for Business analysts, IT developers, IT architects and end users.

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  • 1. Mendix Essentials 29 januari 2010
  • 2. Programma van tot onderdeel 10:00 10:10 Opening 10:10 11:00 Propositie & bedrijf 11:00 12:00 Project aanpak & technologie 12:00 13:00 Lunch 13:00 15:00 Demo Mendix Business Modeler 15:00 15:30 Q&A 15:30 16:30 Borrel
  • 3. Upcoming Events • Free Mendix Essentials: 26 Feb, Rotterdam 26 Mrt, Rotterdam • 3-day Mendix training: 17 t/m 19 Feb, Rotterdam 17 t/m 19 Mrt, Rotterdam
  • 4. Propositie & bedrijf The Leading Model-driven Delivery Platform
  • 5. Industry trends Highly competitive market with continuous pressure on margins. Increasingly demanding customers. Access and control information 24/7. Players need to reduce costs AND improve service. By operational excellence & collaboration across the value chain. By differentiation with innovative and flexible solutions. To remain fast, flexible and ahead of changing demands.
  • 6. So what’s the problem? Standard out-of-the-box applications often too rigid or expensive to customize Custom application development too slow, risky or expensive Majority of IT projects still fails to deliver on promise So what’s needed? - Faster time to market of new applications - Better way of collaborating between business & IT - More flexibility to adapt to changing requirements - Reusable business components
  • 7. Example Ontstaan Registreren Accepteren Beoordelen Uitbetalen Schade 7
  • 8. IT reality Schade Verzekering Declaratie Schadebetaling Premie Service Service Service Ontstaan Accepteren Registreren Beoordelen Uitbetalen Business Schade analyst Acceptatie ? Service Registratie Service Beoordelings service Klantbeheer service Information analyst Acceptatie systeem Registratie systeem ? Beoordelings systeem Klantbeheer applicatie 8
  • 9. Mendix in a nutshell Mendix delivers the tools and infrastructure to simplify and accelerate the design, integration and deployment of B2B portals & business applications … without code… (but based on visual models)
  • 10. What is Model Driven Development?
  • 11. Mendix solution Optimizing collaboration between Business and IT Application Development Business Modelling • Data modeling • Business requirements • Business logic • Business rules • Architecture • Forms • Service design • Process models • Integration • Use cases New functionality
  • 12. Out-of-the-Box functionality Security Reporting Communications Data Process Interface Web- applications
  • 13. How: Multiple DSL’s integrated in 1 platform • The model=the code • Automatic testing • Automatic consistency • Open standards • Collaboration between business & IT
  • 14. From Software Engineering to Business Engineering Define Process Define Objects & Interface Write code Technical Testing Solve bugs Functional testing Take into production
  • 15. Benchmark Total 670 Development Days Total 171 Development Days Source:
  • 16. Meaning… Business application delivery made: Fast Flexible Future- Future-proof Develop and Extend the Easily adapt integrate dynamic development applications to business apps process to changing business in days business analysts requirements Finance
  • 17. How do we do this? - Analogy + = + =
  • 18. Mendix: a complete and fully integrated software suite Design time Run time Mendix Rich Webclient CSS Reports & Rich based graphs forms Mendix Business Server External Interface Mendix Business Modeler Process Meta Rules Web Business requirements engine Model engine Mobile Mendix services Model Repository Service Graphical Quality Event processor Excel editors control agents Mendix Connectivity Manager Community Translator Mapper Security Reusable business models Best-practice application templates Any Any Any Any database application webservice file
  • 19. Example Mendix Webtop (Portal) Create an enhanced & personalized User Experience (using Mendix Webtop)
  • 20. Mendix Business Modeler: a unified modeling space Graphical “drag & drop” DSL editor “1-click-deploy&run” button DSL object properties Project explorer with direct access to all DSL editors and project resources Connector window for mapping DSLs Automatic console for real-time testing and consistency checking
  • 21. Mendix Business Modeler - Mapping
  • 22. Mendix Business Modeler - Microflow DSL
  • 23. Example Business rule DSL
  • 24. Mendix Roadmap Phase 3: EXCHANGE Phase 2: INTEGRATE Global community Phase 1: platform for fuelling Enable easy and exchanging BUILD integration templates and with just about business services Become the anything best tool for developing new business apps
  • 25. Mendix Solution stack Business templates: Customer Order-entry portal Customization Customer Self-service services CO2 management Ticketing IT Service management Mendix partner Ticketing community Claims management Salesforce automation Return logistics App Store Account Management Track & Trace Portal Mendix Labs Complaint Management Portal Inventory Management …and more Mendix Platform Integration packs: SAP Exact eSynergy Google Apps ConstantContact Integration Microsoft Exchange … and more
  • 26. Mendix App Store
  • 27. The Leading Business Agility Suite • Visual requirements design • Business Analysts can do the work • Optimizing collaboration between business & IT Business Modeler Mendix Business Agility Platform AppStore Cloud • Real-time execution of • Find & download best-practice application models application templates • Deploy on premise or in the • Share your app with our Cloud (as a service) community • Easily integrated with existing • Many compontents, widgets & systems themes… 27
  • 28. Mendix in the Enterprise
  • 29. Recap: Mendix in the Enterprise Automation of complex transaction-based & administrative processes… By modelling new logic (UI, computations, business rules, etc.) in Mendix… Into new applications: stand-alone or as extension of existing back-office systems… That expose part of these processes to value chain partners… Via a flexible and role-based web interface… At large corporate clients… That need to cope with changing legislation & dynamic stakeholder demands.
  • 30. Mendix Solutions Mendix delivers the tools and (online) infrastructure to rapidly deploy rich business portals … without code Self-service Single View of B2B Portals Portals Customer Rapid Extend your ERP Enterprise Apps Prototyping
  • 31. How we fit in our competitive landscape “Smoothly migrate “Fast. Flexible. your legacy to the Future-proof” High next-generation” Model-driven (SOBA) 4GL tools development (Uniface, (Mendix) IBM, Oracle, Progress) Ease & speed of development SOA Platforms Custom (Tibco,SAP, Cordys (offshore) BEA, IBM) development (Java, .NET) “Build new apps that seamlessly integrate with your existing platform” High Low Flexibility & interoperability “Increase flexibility & quality, shorten dev time and empower the business analyst”
  • 32. Mendix Partner Network System Goal is a world-class & integrators global partner network Universities ISV 15+ partners in NL, US, UK, Sweden & Thailand Authorized, certified, gold Opinion Mendix Process and platinum partners leaders consultants Excellent training & certification program Influencers OEM MXDN community: Partner support Technology Joint innovation partners Template market
  • 33. Customers
  • 34. Partners & Awards Implementation Technology Awards
  • 35. Mendix presence world-wide Stockholm, Sweden London, UK Bangkok, Tailand Boston, USA Rotterdam, NL
  • 36. Secret of our success 5x faster time-to-market at ½ the cost Rapidly deliver new business portals & enterprise apps across people and systems Simplicity - Business Analysts can do most of the work - Better understanding business & IT Flexibility - Process knowledge explicit & always up-to-date - Built to support CHANGING business needs