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Newsletter mem january 2013 en


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  • 1. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T Partners Newsletter Issue n°12- January 2013ÉditorialHere we are in 2013, having survived the end of the world predicted by the Mayans...or at least the end of a way of life. Which iswhy, in this new year, on top of wishing you health, prosperity, joy and happiness, I would like to wish for a little magic in yourlives!And what could be more magical than hoping to see things in a whole new light. Seeing a healthy community take up newchallenges together. Seeing smiles on the faces of children playing outside with their parents, in the middle of winter. Imaginingteenagers realizing their projects and thriving in their own community, and their region.And who knows, we might even get the opportunity to discuss sustainable change when Québec en Forme has its large gatheringin 2013, with its theme, «Go! On fonce!» (Let’s Get Going!)Denis DelboisHealth  Wellness  ChallengeDon’t  forget  the  5/30  Health  Wellness  Challenge  and  the  category  created  for  municipali=es  and  families!            «GeAng  our  youth  to  move  more  and  to  eat  beDer  is  the  challenge  put  forth  by  the  Ministry,  the  Fédéra=on  Québecoise  des  Municipalités,  the  Union  des  Municipalités  du  Québec,  and  by  ACTI-­‐MENU  -­‐  who  introduced  the  5/30  Health  Wellness  Challenge,  category  «Municipali=es  and  families  working  together  for  healthy  children»  -­‐  and  its  partners.    For  more  informa=on,  go  to»Therefore,  «the  registra=on  period  for  the  5/30  Health  Wellness  Challenge,  category  «Municipali=es  and  families  working  together  for  healthy  children»,  has  been  extended  to  January  18,  2013.    The  municipali=es  and  local  communi=es  who  are  not  yet  registered  have  four  weeks  to  do  so».          For  more  informa=on,  don’t  hesitate  to  visit  the  website  (link:    hDp://­‐projet-­‐municipalites-­‐et-­‐familles-­‐ensemble-­‐pour-­‐des-­‐enfants-­‐en-­‐santeMeM Partners Newsletter, January 2013 1
  • 2. M E M P H R É E N M O U V E M E N T It’s happening right here! Everything is fine in a perfect world, the sun is shining and the birds chirping.... Everything is fine in a perfect world, the sun is shining and the birds chirping....Winter  Fun Inscrip=ons  begin  in  January!    Be  Go  play  outside!    Every  weekend,   Québec  en  Forme  offers  a  glimpse   on  the  lookout!from  late  January  un=l  early   of  its  upcoming  programming,  March,  there’s  something  going  on   available,  as  of  January,  on  its   If  you  have  any  ques=ons  or  in  the  Memphremagog  area!  You’ll   website: comments,  visit  find  aDached  a  calendar  of  some  of   grandrassemblement@quebecenfothe  ac=vi=es  that  are  planned  for   -­‐ Workshops,  round  tables,  plenary  ...I  trust  this  event  is  the  coming  year:    check  out  what’s   work  sessions  as  well  as  an  idea-­‐ already  marked  on  your  calendar?happening  near  you  and  in   sharing  session  (presenta=ons  of  neighbouring  municipali=es! successes  and  solu=ons  for   sustainable  change!)Go!  On  fonce!  (Let’s  Get  Going!) -­‐ Ac=vi=es  based  on  the  exchange    The  2013  large  gathering  of   of  actual  experiencesQuébec  en  Forme! -­‐ A  general  formula  that  will  allow  Québec  en  Forme  urges  everyone   par=cipants  to  build  their  own  to  aDend  its  next  event,  a  large   work  toolsgathering  with  a  new  theme:    Let’s  Get  Going!    The  goal  is  to  mobilize   This  conference  will  bring  together  in  order  to  bring  about  sustainable   some  1,000  local,  regional  and  change! na=onal  players  who  share  the  will  The  dates  to  remember  are  March   to  mobilize  in  order  to  bring  about  18,  19  and  20  at  the  Centre  des   sustainable  change  when  it  comes  Congrès  de  Québec. to  the  lifestyles  of  young  people. 2 MeM Partners Newsletter, January 2013
  • 3. M E M P H R É E N M O U V E M E N T It’s happening right here! Everything is fine in a perfect world, the sun is shining and the birds chirping.... Everything is fine in a perfect world, the sun is shining and the birds chirping.... Strategic  Plan  for  2013/2016 The  extracurricular  ac=vi=es  have            Each  one  of  the  commiDees  has   The  next  steps  will  take  place  during   also  resumed  in  PoDon.    A  dozen  or   been  working  hard  these  past  few   the  January  and  February  mee=ngs.     so  young  people  are  taking  part  in  the   months  in  order  to  see  our  new   We  should  therefore  be  ready  to   two  ac=vity  anernoons! upcoming  strategic  plan  progress!     submit  our  request  for  aid  from   Here  are  the  main  changes  that  we   Québec  en  Forme  on  April  30th,     The  École  du  Val-­‐de-­‐Grâce  in  Eastman   can  expect  on  our  work  tablets. following  the  group  mee=ng  in  April   decided  to  train  young  people  to   2013  to  adopt  the  work  plan.    We’re   become  leaders  when  it  comes  to   First  of  all,  we’ve  modified  our   not  giving  up.    We’re  on  the  right   healthy  ea=ng.  It’s  part  of  its  project   strategic  view  because  we  want  to   track! designed  to  «cul=vate  healthy  ea=ng   focus  heavealy  on  families.    In  fact,  all       habits».    Last  fall,  the  students   the  partners  want  to  REALLY  reach   It’s  Happening  Right  Here! cooked  garden  potatoes,  a  dish  that   the  parents.  With  this  in  mind,  we              The  parent/child  psymotor   was  well  received  by  all  the  students.     gave  a  lot  of  thought  to  how  we’d   workshops  at  the  Maison  de  la   More  is  to  come! proceed  and  we  believe  we’ve  come   Famille  in  Magog  are  going  well.   up  with  a  plan  that  will  make  a  real   Annie  leads  a  group  of  8  to  10  parents   Finally,  let’s  not  forget  the  12   difference.  It  will  feature  an  approach   who  enjoy  wiggling  around  with  their   «schoolyard»  projects  that  encourage   that  is  empathe=c,  posi=ve,  simple   liDle  ones! children  between  the  ages  of  5  and   and  enjoyable.    There  can  be   The  workshops  in  PoDon  are  set  to   12  to  be  physically  ac=ve  during   renewed  pleasure  in  being  ac=ve  and   begin  shortly. recess  and/or  the  noon  hour.    Not  to   ea=ng  well,  in  discovering  the   men=on  the  32  preschool  teachers   richness  of  our  infrastructures  and  in   The  parent/child  cooking  workshops   who  play  a  big  part  in  improving  the   striving  to  get  everyone  on  board.     organized  by  the  Cuisines  Collec0ves   motor  skills  of  preschool  children  (4   The  following  three  main  PRIORITIES   Bouchée-­‐Double  have  already  begun   and  5  years  of  age)  in  all  15  primary   have  emerged: at  the  Villa  Pierrot,  as  well  as  the  Play   schools  in  the  Memphremagog   Group  and  the  stroller  walks.  The   region! -­‐ Access  to  services  is  a  challenge  in   parents  who  take  part  are  as  pleased   terms  of  costs,  =me,  distance,   as  ever! What’s  more,  seven  schools  offer   variety,  and  quality...    We  need  to   cooking  workshops  as  well  as   ADAPT  the  services  to  the  needs  of   The  ac=vity  evenings  have  started  up   workshops  that  teach  nutri=on!    The     families  and  to  encourage  them  to   again  at  the  Maison  des  Jeunes  in   Nutri=on  Educa=on  Program   be  ac=ve  on  their  own  as  well. Magog.  They  take  place  every   (sponsored  by  the  Dairy  Farmers  of   -­‐ Policies,  the  promo=on  of  healthy   Wednesday  evening,  with  the  support   Canada),  is  provided  by  class  teachers   lifestyle  choices,  and  the  role  of   of  Louis-­‐Charles.    The  team  helps  the   who,  if  needed,  are  supported  by  the   decision  makers:    We  need  to  beDer   youngsters  become  more  self-­‐reliant,   CSSSM  team.    The  cooking   inform  poli=cians  and  make  them   and  tries  to  ins=ll  the  desire  to  be   workshops,  provided  by  Nutri-­‐Santé   aware  of  their  important  role. ac=ve  in  a  more  systema=c  way.    The   commiDee  volunteers,  are  offered  in   -­‐ The  need  to  help  children  and  their   girls  remain  a  challenge  when  it   the  two  schools  in  PoDon.    The   parents  develop  abili=es  while   comes  to  their  interests,  but  it’s  a   volunteers  were  trained  and  assisted   addressing  their  specific  interests   challenge  we’re  determined  to  meet! by  the  CSSSM  nutri=onist  and  by  a   and  making  sure  they  enjoy   member  of  the  Cuisines  Collec0ves. themselves!MeM Partners Newsletter, January 2013 3
  • 4. M E M P H R É E N M O U V E M E N T Links et info Short guide to links that seem interesting. Enjoy your visit!PRESS OUR SMALL EATERS YOUNG’S CORNER FOR THEA press of the web to discover. A first PLEASURE OF DISCOVERYsubject on the school activity or 1 hour per A website that offers more reasons today and health inequalities. make easy healthy recipes for our little The universe rich and tasty food,Good read. ones will you tell me! In fact it is much agriculture and fisheries, would youYou can also find articles on our Scoop it. more than that ..... Go and visit. It talks say? Want to know more about it? about family recipes but also for 100 Would you like to test your knowledge?opinion/201210/31/01-4588999-a-quand- guests, food and nutrition: Do you dream of a career in this field?une-heure-par-jour.php Happy searching! http://www.nospetitsmangeurs.org CoinDesJeunes/Pages/cher-que-le-macaroni coindesjeunes.asp You can also find various tools on the platform in Quebec Form: And for diagnostics: Briefs! Editorial StaffCalendars! Denis Delbois — Assistant coordinatorHave dates, special events, do not hesitate to Contactsend them to me so that I add them to our Memphré en MouvementFacebook page. 120, rue Bellevue Magog J1X 3H2 Tél. : 819 446 5005 Welcome! Have photos of your school during an activity or your organization at a workshop Twitter : @MemenMouvement you would like to share, tweet it to me and I MemphreEnMouvement will share it on Facebook! Go on your smartphone ..... Support by Québec en Forme 4 MeM Partners Newsletter, January 2013