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Bulletin mem nov 2011 en


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Here is the Partners newsletter of november 2011.
Do not hesitated to distribute.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Bulletin mem nov 2011 en

  1. 1. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T Partners Newsletter Issue n°5 - november 2011 A significant number of The welcome Folder Des jardins.... Schoolyard Healty School participants ... It is also meant to be a Last spring, Mansonville It has now become a Planner ... at the St Jean de Bosco and facilitating tool that helps Elementary School and recurring theme: CSH emphasizes Jardin des Frontières schools. École Le Baluchon began a schoolyards and provision and transmit information They have integrated these new adventure : gardening Young Leaders. coordination of from year to year programs in their regular in schools ! Page 3 supports and services Page 2 schedule Page 2 in the school to encourage healthy Page 1 habits to enhance learning Page 3 Bosco and Jardin des FrontièresA significant schools. They have integratednumber of these programs in their regular schedule. Let’s keep in mind thatparticipants ! this project is feasible thanks to new information technologies andNutrition workshops offered our two friends from island to with the support of the CSSS island, in their adventures with through nurses and nutritionists.by the Dairy Farmers of family and friends. Camille andCanada. Antoine will also bring students to In October, many teachers andThe team of dietitians at Dairy explore a variety of activities partners received training on theFarmers of Canada is pleased to related to nutrition and physical different programs. We lookpresent the new program activity. (Http:// forward to hearing from teachers« Camille, Antoine et l’archipel www.educationnutrition.org) who actually use them in theirÔlait » created as a tool for classroom!preschool teachers. With your Furthermore, we are happy tostudents, come visit the Ôlait announce the implementation ofarchipelago alongside the twins this program as well as the onesCamille and Antoine! Throughout created for elementary studentsthe program, you will accompany from all cycles at the St Jean deMeM Partners Newsletter, November 2011 1
  2. 2. M E M P H R É E N M O U V E M E N T It’s happening right here! Everything is fine in a perfect world, the sun is shining and the birds chirping....The Welcome Folder ... Des jardins Schoolyards and Young LeadersFor most of our partners, you have Last spring, Mansonville Elementary It has now become a recurringalready received this new tool, which School and École Le Baluchon began a theme: schoolyards and Youngis meant to be adaptable and user new adventure : gardening in Leaders. Last year’s initiative tofriendly. schools ! create a supportive environment forIt allows each organization to The activity was prolonged a schoolyard project is in full swingmaintain, in just one document, all throughout the summer thanks to this year. Indeed, thanks tothe information related to the current the day camp so that, on September managing strategies, activities heldyear. It is also meant to be a 30th , they were able to celebrate the in schoolyards and with the help offacilitating tool that helps transmit Harvest Festival! the Young Leaders program,information from year to year. Another gardening activity was also schoolyards have become active andDivided into two sections called held at the Villa Pierrot with the safe in the Memphremagog region.Administrative and Action Plan, it also participation of the Jeunes Pousses Projects are underway in differentcontains a copy of the Dreams Tree organization. schools : Princess Elisabethand patterns of strategy and its Elementary, École Sainte Marguerite,components. This family event helped children École Saint Jean de Bosco, École ValFor those who are technologically discover the joys of September de Grâce, École Jardin des Frontièresinclined, a CD-ROM version harvest: tomatoes, beans, and carrots, and Ayers Cliff Elementary.containing all the important were the kings of the festival! Other schools recently joined in:documents has been added to the École Deux Soleils, École Stfolder. Following this amazing experience, Barthélémy and North HatleyAs it is the first year that we use this mothers who are members the Elementary.format, and that it is intended to be organization will have the chance touseful, comments will be welcomed participate in cooking workshops Support workers from Memphré ento help us improve it. with Bouchée Double, a community Movement help school teams whoWe thank you in advance for your kitchen. wish to set up a schoolyard project.comments. OBJECTIFS STRATÉGIES MOYENS } } } - 1- Déployer loffre de service sur le territoire. - 2- Informer et former les 0-17 ans et leurs Les différentes actions Assurer une meilleure parents. accessibilité en SA - 3- Sensibiliser les acteurs notament les producteurs. - 4- Former et soutenir les agents multiplicateurs. } } } ÉVALUATION: ÉVALUATION: ÉVALUATION: Sommes nous proche de Notre angle de tir Le matériel utilisé nos indicateurs? est-il le bon? est-il adéquat?2 MeM Partners Newsletter, November 2011
  3. 3. M E M P H R E E N M O U V E M E N T Links et info Short guide to links that seem interesting. Enjoy your visit! Stay active! Good idea! For a Québec en forme Québec en Forme, and their health is their primary goal. Strategic planning Discover a directory of My Sources portal is an For more information: This video briefly describes resources that offers a one- initiative of CIMR the three orientations of http:// stop platform for finding (Interpretation Center for Québec en Forme, as part of www.pourunquebecenforme.o activities in your area. rural areas) of the Ptit a strategic plan for 2011 to rg/ The amount of data available bonheur de Saint-Camille. It 2014. for each region varies. is derived from the "My 1. Community mobilization Depending on the territory Village" bulletin, a newsletter 2. Changing environments chosen, you may also find created in the wake of the 3. Transformation of the the contact details for housing projects developed social norm organizations and in the municipality and that These three directions act on information about where the has contributed significantly several levels: the individual activities are taking place to promoting the attractions (beliefs, attitudes, values and (recreational infrastructures). of the village. The local knowledge of young people), For more information: project was then extended to environment (physical, http://www.bougeenestrie.ca the whole territory of the economic, political and socio- MRC des Sources in the form cultural), influence and of a website : My Sources perception. portal. For more In all cases, young people are information : http:// central to the concerns of www.messources.orgHealthy School Planner. Editorial StaffFrom Internet web site : http://www.healthyschoolplanner.uwaterloo.ca/jcshsite_app/controller/index.cfm Denis Delbois — Assistant coordinatorThe concept of healthy schools has emerged out of a global movement calledComprehensive School Health (CSH).CSH recognizes that healthy children are better able to learn, and that schools candirectly influence children’s health through thecreation of a healthy school environment. Contact Healthier Kids = Better Learners Memphré en Mouvement 120, rue Bellevue Magog J1X 3H2CSH emphasizes provision and coordination ofsupports and services in the school to encourage Tél. : 819 446 5005healthy habits to enhance learning. To assist schools in creating and sustaining ahealthy school, the Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) has developed the Memphre@quebecenforme.orgHealthy School Planner, a tool that will help schools assess the health of their school Deniscoordoadjoint@me.comand support them in developing an action plan for making improvements.Whether your school currently provides minimal support, or already has a welldeveloped support program in place, this tool will help your school become ahealthier place to be. The tool will help you assess the health of your school andsupport you in developing a long term action plan for making improvements. MeM Partners Newsletter, November 2011 3