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The Dropbox Problem: Online File Sharing and Security in SMBs
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The Dropbox Problem: Online File Sharing and Security in SMBs



Does your business suffer from a Dropbox problem? ...

Does your business suffer from a Dropbox problem?

This overview covers:
- Challenges small business owners and IT are facing with BYOD
- Common data security concerns when Dropbox is used in a business environment
- Unique data control needs of small and medium sized companies
- Factors to consider when evaluating online file sharing solutions for your business



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The Dropbox Problem: Online File Sharing and Security in SMBs The Dropbox Problem: Online File Sharing and Security in SMBs Presentation Transcript

  • The Dropbox Problem: Sharing and Security in an SMB Environment
  • BYOD Trend • Average mobile worker carries 3.5 devices* • 4 of out 5 mobile devices are purchased at home, but used for work** • 92% expect to have their smartphones enabled for both personal and business use* • 62% of businesses to allow BYOD by year’s end*** Sources: * http://www.zdnet.com/blog/sap/average-mobile-worker-carries-3-5-devices-heres-the-downside/3172 ** Forrester Research *** http://www.zdnet.com/unavoidable-62-percent-of-companies-to-allow-byod-by-years-end-7000010703/
  • Challenges • Employees utilizing third-party/consumer apps at work – Nearly 40% of workers use an unsupported “bring your own” application or cloud service for work* • Employees accessing company email and files on personal devices – How to keep track of files spread across different devices and apps? – What happens if a device is lost or stolen? – How can you prevent an exposure of corporate data? • Using additional resources needed to manage devices* Source: http://www.unisys.com/unisys/news/detail.jsp?id=1120000970023710222
  • Example: Dropbox • Lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere • Free up to 2 GB • Recently claimed that it has 100 million users and each day one billion files are saved to the site* • Dropbox is one of the most blacklisted apps in businesses** – 60 percent of companies have employees who frequently move confidential files to Dropbox without permission, – 57 percent of IT administrators believe it can result in Sources: * http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9233584/Dropbox_claims_100_million_users ** http://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/products/q4_enterprise_mobility_cloud_report.pdf *** 2012 Confidential Documents at Risk Study. Ponemon Institute, LLC. July 2012
  • Issues With Employees Using Dropbox • No ability to track who is using free service • No visibility into which company files are stored on different devices • No control over removing those files if necessary • No version history/recovery for sharing • No idea how much is spent cumulatively (individual expense reports) • SECURITY
  • Top Dropbox Customer Complaints 1. Security Concerns (40%) 2. Storage Capacity Limits (25%) 3. File Synchronization Limitations (15%) 4. Slow Response (10%) Source: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9233714/The_top_5_issues_with_the_top_5_cloud_storage_services
  • Examples of Dropbox Security Issues Uses data deduplication to save storage costs* Does not support private encryption keys** Suffered a hack last summer that exposed customer passwords to unscrupulous parties *** Users reported spam attacks against email addresses that they used only for the service**** Hackers use publicly-shared Dropbox folders to spread malware***** Sources: * http://www.itproportal.com/2011/05/17/dropbox-putting-clients-privacy-at-risk-deduplication/ ** http://news.techworld.com/security/3380801/dropbox-alternative-lets-firms-retain-encryption-keys/ *** http://www.informationweek.com/security/client/dropbox-admits-hack-adds-more-security-f/240004697 **** http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9229856/Dropbox_blames_employee_account_breach_for_spam_attack ***** http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/dropbox-used-chinese-hackers-spread-malware-6C10642402
  • “Dropbox for Business” • Centralized billing ($795/year for 5 employees) • Active Directory integration • Version history and recovery • Activity logs • Two step verification for devices • Option to restrict employees from sharing outside company • Phone and email support
  • Pros Ease of use Familiarity Low Cost Includes some business features Cons Security concerns – Data deduplication – No private encryption keys Sharing pitfalls – No control who is added to an externally-shared folder – No sub-folder controls No visibility into when/if/what files are being synced No visibility into file activity (When was a file modified? Is it a personal or business file?) No remote wipe to remove company files from lost or Other Examples of Business Versions of Consumer Products – SugarSync for Business, Norton Zone for Teams, Cubby Pro, CX for Business, Livedrive for Business Dropbox for Business
  • Need for a Better Solution: What to Look For A product built specifically for business use Enterprise level security – No data deduplication across organizations Reporting – Centralized reporting of users / files / devices / storage – Audit trail of activity Controls – Permissions (sharing, web access, etc) – Remote wipe
  • General Options for SMBs Consumer Products (Not Recommended) Business Versions of Consumer Products SMB Products Enterprise Products
  • Low End Tier of Enterprise Products Pros High security Integration with other systems Active Directory / LDAP support for single sign-on Cons Designed for many users Expensive Require time to manage Too many granular options / permissions on everything Can be cumbersome More features than needed Examples – Box, Citrix ShareFile, Novell Filr, Accellion Kitedrive, ownCloud, Druva inSync, GroupLogic activEcho, Egnyte
  • SMB Products Pros High security Easy to use Fast setup Management console much more robust than “prosumer” Solid reporting – high level snapshots, drill down to details Admin controls and settings Key options still available Cost effective Cons Not ideal for businesses with more than 200 users Examples – Memeo C1, AeroFS, Soonr
  • Key Takeaways • BYOD brings big productivity gains, as well as data security challenges for businesses • “Dropbox for Business” has new features, but lacks important tools available in competing solutions designed for the SMB • SMBs have a unique need for an easy to use, secure file sharing and device management solution • Best fit for SMBs: solutions built for businesses, not adapted
  • For more information contact us: Memeo Inc www.memeo.com/c1 +1 (408) 217-2232 info@memeo.com