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Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
Marketing In Todays Economy
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Marketing In Todays Economy


Published on

Presentation made at the California Park & Rec Superintendants Convention

Presentation made at the California Park & Rec Superintendants Convention

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Who has an advertising budget?How many reps or managers have you gone through this year?One of my Radio Stations fired their marketing director 4 weeks before the Festival last year, another I had three different contacts the first one of the year and this was CLEAR CHANNEL.The PPM is a wearable portable device much like a pager or cell phone, that electronically gathers inaudible codes that identify the source of a broadcast, such as a radio station. The stations that have been affected most are those that had the longest time spent listening figures and highly concentrated audiences under diary measurement. Various stations with urban or Spanish formats certainly fit that profile and show declines in reported AQH (average quarter hour) estimates.Although it is important to note that any station with high TSLs (time spent listening), regardless of format, experienced significant declines as well. However, as stated before, Harmelin feels that comparisons of PPM ratings to diary ratings are not worthwhile or completely valid. PPM radio ratings and diary ratings are really two different metrics in much the same way that C3 commercial TV ratings are a different and better metric than TV program ratings.Economy has killed the daily newspaper’s ability to offer sponsorships. In the 90s we got $10,000 cash and $20,000 in kind advertising with our major newspaper. That has dwindled … first to no cash, then to we must get cash from you to give you in-kind. 2/1 the 1/1 then 1 to 2 then last year I purchase four and they give one Media behind the times – newspapers catching the wave offering yahoo packages, changing ethicsRadio – more satellite radio in cars – drive time is fadingTelevision – Fios, Time Warner – Splitting audience, subscribers etc.
  • You either have no budget and are told to use social media, have it reduced or not enlarge.Your main draw – entertainment – budget cost or prices have gone up and you can’t get the same value or volumeTicket Sales Decline – amusement parks have seen a 10-19 percent decline, except Disney who has seen reduced $$ per guest.Sponsorship reduction means less money to the marketer, and often less support from media sponsors.
  • Social Networking – how many have a facebook page? Twitter account? Blog?Media Rates have dropped – Radio, television, cable has all droppedProduction costs - technology has reduced expensePackages – broadcast – specifically radio – can offer streaming, banners, links, texting, and ways for you to:Capture email address, fans, and followers.Family Value – If you have a “family event” you have value …. During the depression people still went tot the movies to forget that there were people in bread lines. Tom Adams of Adams Media Research – people feel fully justified in continuing to spend on more cost-conscious kinds of entertainment … after depriving themselves of the fun they would have buying a new car and taking a trip.
  • BASIC MARKETING:Interaction with the audience and providing an “experience” is the key. Can they build, paint, donate, support or otherwiseFeel an experience through your event. Bluegrass – workshops, playing with other bands and leaders, street painting, large kids area, Balloon glow – countdowns, camping, balloon flightsBundle and Unbundle ticket options --- Normal all inclusive – part out – put low cost options on the table. Normally costly each day – put in a discounted bundle, allow for discounts, allow for reduced fees on ticket charges by bundling all at once.Have something new? PROMOTE. PROMOTE.
  • Media – Negotiate early – not later.Get on the promotion calendar six months out.Avoid buying during a “season” i.e. … sweeps monthLeverage your audience demographics against their advertisersGet added value with all media – including links, texting, streaming, etc. ticket giveaways, interviews, feature stories, front page, 4Contests that capture fans email contacts and followers while forces interaction with your sponsors, media, guests.
  • Lower Prices – 40-15-5Cable versus bundled media – Verizon Fios – Higher income – ties internet, etc.Time Warner att offering bundles – can focus on bundled packages onlyRadio Air Time – 15s vs. 60s, last two weeks – use ticket giveaways to extend schedule – give tickets before the event.Insist on interviews, special contests, points programs
  • They have advertisers you have an event where sponsors want to be – Get tags for booth space, sponsor dollars for coupons on your tickets, CVB partner with advertising buys to drive room bookings – bill boards, etc.Marketing support for performers – especially smaller bands that have local audience/fans – require either their contact list or to forward one email blast per band or artist to their contact list. Provide bands, artists with post cards to send to their contact list/fan list.Partner with in-school flyers (20,000 for ice rink)Schedule ticket giveaways before on-air schedule
  • Ask sponsors and vendors to forward email blasts or Social NetworkingProvide games, programs and apps for social media, mobile media website, etc.Create a blog – why – it can link to twitter, do automatic feeds through twitter feed. Link all to service link Pingfm where one update Is all that is needed.TWITTER – 44% ARE BETWEEN 18-34, 28% BETWEEN 35-49, 53% FEMALE, 23.6MILLLION USERS, COLLEGE EDUCATEDFACEBOOK – users getting older, 400 million active users,Fastest growing age group 35-54 – 276% from 2008-2009, 55 plus 194%26.7 is 25-34 yrs of age.Average user has 130 friends on the site Average user sends 8 friend requests per month Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook   The 35-54 year old demo is growing fastest, with a 276.4% growth rate in over the approximate 6 months since we last produced this report2) The 55+ demo is not far behind with a 194.3% growth rate3) The 25-34 year population on Facebook is doubling every 6 months4) For those interested in advertising alcohol on Facebook, there are 27,912,480 users 21+, representing 66.3% of all users5) Miami is the fastest growing metropolitan area (88.5%) and Atlanta (6.4%) is the slowest6) There are more females (55.7%) than males (42.2%) on Facebook – 2.2% are of unknown gender.7) The largest demographic concentration remains the college crowd of 18-24 year olds (40.8%) which is down from (53.8%) six months ago.Google alert – when appears in mail box – PING IT
  • DOS AND DON’TSVocus, Cision(Bacons media) and other pr subscriptionsMediaontwitter
  • Media Genre – Travel – Festival and Foodie info, General interest – Calendar Notice, Entertainment/Bands – to band reviews, concert reviews and concert hotlines, Television News – VISUALS – BIG NEWS – changes, new venues, changes in venues, special anniversaries.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing In Today’s Economyand a virtual revolution
    • 2. Melody’s Ad Works, Inc.
      Melody Brunsting President
      21 Years in business
      15 Years promoting the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival
      11 Years Producing & Promoting events in Old Town Temecula
      Chairman of the board 1998 for TV Chamber of Commerce and started the Temecula Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau
      Winner of IFEA Gold Pinnacle Awards for Best Press Kit, Media Stunt, Bronze for Rack Card
      Winner for numerous Calfest Spirit Awards for Marketing Campaign, Media Kits and Rack Card.
    • 3. Did You Feel It? A Revolution.
      Media Consolidation, Elimination, Mergers
      Less viewers, less readers, less opportunities
      Radio reduced available airtimes
      Reduced Audience, PPM vs.. Diary
      Television More Choices – Niche Markets
      Youtube Generation
      Less Money for Sponsoring Non-profits & Events
      Scramble to Catch the Social Networking Wave
    • 4. And what about you?
      Budget cuts on advertising & marketing
      Budget cuts on entertainment – reduced value
      Recession causing reduced ticket sales
      Reduced revenue per event guest
      Reduced available sponsorship dollars
      Reduced perceived value of event in sponsor’s eyes.
    • 5. Good News?
      Social Networking is Free
      Traditional Media Rate Drops
      Production Costs have Dropped
      Packaging with media includes social media, links, streaming, texting and other tech methods for reaching audience
      Entertainment and family events remain strong in a recession
    • 6. How Can Your Event Win?
      Maintain Good Family Entertainment Value
      Add More “Experience” to the Event
      Bundle and Unbundle Ticket Options
      Bundle to reduce the cost per person over a weekend
      Unbundle to pull more to one venue or day allowing customer to add-on only what they want.
    • 7. How Can Your Event Win?
      Start Negotiating Early with Media
      Leverage what you have with what they need
      (You have an audience - Loyal demographic)
      Added Value with All Media
      Contests that capture email addresses
      Contests that capture fans & followers
    • 8. How Can Your Event Win
      Web presence on Media site that includes
      Text campaigns
      Lower Prices with Media
      Cable versus bundled media (Fios, Att, TimeWarner)
      Radio Air Time
      Shorten your spot … maximize frequency
    • 9. LEVERAGE
      Partner with Broadcast Media & Sponsors
      Partner with CVB and Tourism Industry
      Enlist Marketing Support of Participants
      Artist, Bands, Performers fan lists/pages
      Partner/Promotion at Schools
      Broadcast media 2-3 weeks prior to event
      Ticket giveaways 3 weeks prior to event
    • 10. Leverage All With Social Media
      E-blasts and social networking
      Value Sponsor Participation in E-blasts & Social Network Links
      Games, Programs and Apps for that
      Blog, Twitter, Facebook & Ping
      Delicious, Street Mavens, Discus
    • 11. Incorporate SEO Tactics
      Press Releases
      Online New Room
      Letters to the editor
      Media Kits
    • 12. Press Release SEO
      Include Keywords and Phrases in all Press Releases
      Include Links to pertinent websites
      Boiler Plate
      At end of press release with basic date, contact info, website info.
      Extra Contacts & Links:
      Include Video, Blog, Facebook, Wiki, and Twitter links
    • 13. Get The Word Out!
      Consider using PR Web or PR Newswire at least once.
      Refine Contact List – (Subscribe to contact list, or quarterly updates)
      Give ‘Em What They Want & Need
      Press/Photos/contacts, EPK and b-roll, video, audio.
      Utilize All Available Pertinent Outlets & Contacts
      Don’t Sell Ice to Eskimos
    • 14. Publicity dos and don’ts
      Do not over keyword or link
      Do not send local news to major networks
      Do not send travel info to business trades
      Do not call, pitch, then send poorly written press release
    • 15. Dos and Don’ts
      Do create unique opportunities for media and stringers – Exclusives, Visuals, Unique Experience
      Do create separate press releases for different media genre
      Do write press release with all Who, What, Where, When, Why, Contact Info, Boiler Plate, links for additional info and website links.
      Do proofread, re-read, proof read and post in online press kit
      Do revise, shorten and post on blogs
      Do include photos, photo CD or links/contacts for photos
    • 16. Stunts & Visuals
    • 17.
    • 18. Bungee Bob
    • 19. New Event
      Temecula Grape Drop
      New Year’s Eve
      First time event, 2,000 viewed 9 p.m. Drop, 4,000 over evening.
      Yes this year 2010
    • 20. For More Information
      Fill out form and mark what hand outs you want emailed.
      Follow my blogs: or
      Follow me at
      Call or text (951) 252-5649
      Email –
      Follow my events:
      Facebook Temeculaevents, blog