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A Memorial to my Mother and something I am very passionate about. Please educate yourself for the sake of those you love.

A Memorial to my Mother and something I am very passionate about. Please educate yourself for the sake of those you love.



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Ibc Melodys Cultural Speech Presentation Ibc Melodys Cultural Speech Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • IBC
    Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    Let the path of the warrior begin…
  • IBC is the most aggressive killer of breast cancer today and knows no gender, race or age.
    Breast cancer specialist Dr. Julie Gralow says, “Inflammatory breast cancer almost always presents itself without a lump.”
    Very advanced breast cancer ulcerating and involving the whole of the left breast. There is spread to the left armpit lymph nodes. Even the enlarged lymph nodes are on the verge of breaking through the skin.
    MALE BREAST CANCER: Breast cancer involving the nipple in a man. (ulcerated nipple)
    Advanced breast cancer ulcerating the overlying skin
  • What is IBC?
    • A rare& very aggressive type of breast cancer that accounts for more than 10% of Breast cancers today. View slide
    • Is unnoticeable in mammograms, ultrasounds, and sometimes in core biopsy (aspiration). View slide
    • Often misdiagnosed for many different illnesses.
    • Once diagnosed it requires immediate aggressive treatment.
    • It almost always doesn’t have a lump.
    • It clogs the lymphatic system and grows on the outside of the skin in nests of cells.
    • It is most common in young African Americans and minorities but is not specific on gender, race or age.
    • It has also been found in men.
  • Due to lack of education in both physicians and patients. IBC is often misdiagnosed or left untreated until it is fatal. Physicians often:
    • Treatit as if it were the common breast cancer & therefore under treat it or remove breasts before it is under control causing a reoccurrence in many cases.
    • If the patient had improper treatment it is often too late to correct it and ends up in fatality.
    • Because there is no lump it is hard to measure the response to the treatment.
    • Or…it will be undiagnosed all together and not found until it is too late.
  • Five-Year Cancer Survival Rate by Stage
  • If you feel you have any of these symptoms contact a physician who has knowledge of IBC immediately!
    • One enlarged breast
    • Discolored or reddened skin
    • Warmth in your breast
    • Swelling
    • Rash (often like a baby rash either in one spot or patchy)
    • Orange peel texture (called
    • Pain and/or itching
    • Ridges or thickened areas
    • Nipple discharge
    • Inverted or flattened nipples
    • Swollen armpit or neck lymph nodes
  • LaVena Torres (Warrior Woman)4/11/42 to 10/23/2008Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Friend