Myrna Copeland FB Memorial


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This is a compilation of postings from a memorial page set up for Myrna Copeland.

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Myrna Copeland FB Memorial

  1. 1. The name Myrna is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means “Beloved.”
  2. 2. Myrna on Easter 1966“What a beautiful woman with angelic eyes.”Teresa Doyle
  3. 3. Myrna and Don; Civil Rights march. “Perfect Myrna picture.” Jim Baines “The ubiquitous cigarette.” LeOtis Duvalier “Powerful.” Steve Jones “Of all of the pictures, I think that this is my favorite.” Jane DeNeefe “This is the face that would send bread pans back to the dishwashing station…” Jane DeNeefe “I know “the look.” the Myrna we all know and love.” Angelah Hart
  4. 4. Myrna, Don, and Joan at the Selma-to-Montgomery march.“Myrna’s feet had blisters that were too bad for her to stand on.I don’t know how she walked. She was a woman of strength anddetermination.” Bettye Dixie
  5. 5. Myrna was the leader of the National Democratic Party of Alabama in 1968.She was one of the few white women who marched from Selma toMontgomery with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and attended strategysessions with him in his home in Atlanta.Myrna opened Pearly Gates in 1972, known to be the first health food storein Huntsville.“She had compassion for everyone,” said Verna Rizvi, the treasurer of theMadison County Democratic Executive Committee. “She never lost the spiritof fighting for the underdog. The goodness just oozed out of her.”
  6. 6. Mule Train in 1968 in Mississippi with Nick Gable
  7. 7. Myrna and Joan Cashin“This is Mama and Myrna on a boat in the Bahamas. Five couplesfrom the Drek Set went down there for vacation. They wereactivists and friends; lives completely intertwined.” Sheryll Cashin
  8. 8. I really didn’t realize how attached I was until she was gone.RIP my friend and mentor.” Tammy Sharp“Myrna had a way of meeting you wherever you were and helping you getwhere you needed to go.”Rob Glover“One of the most important things that she said to me was that organizationswere not meant to last forever. If they go on and on, it means that the peoplewho run them are not growing.” Grisselda O’Brien“They broke the mold with Myrna.” Cliff Griggs
  9. 9. Myrna and her parents.
  10. 10. “Mom worked at the Scottsboro mental health clinic for a time after this. She didn’t work in the field too long, though. There were more important things, like Pearly Gates and Civil Rights.” Jim CopelandJim, Sas, Myrna, and Joan whenMyrna graduated fromUAH with an MA in Psychology.
  11. 11. “Myrna was nice to me when I was only a shiftlesshippie and let me play for my dinner at Pearly GatesRestaurant when I really needed it and I am luckyto have shared time on earth with her.” Jeff Glover“I’m sure she saw through any appearance of ashiftless hippie to the amazing guy and musicianthat you were and are.” Suzanne Green Kelly
  12. 12. Deanna and Myrna Copeland
  13. 13. Deanna, Jim, Don, and Spruce.The flag piano soundboard is behind the bathroompartition at Pearly Gates.
  14. 14. Myrna officiated many weddings and services. This is Colin and Dee LaneNichols ceremony in May 2003.
  15. 15. Four generations: Lily, Millie, Myrna, and Deanna.
  16. 16. …always being helpful, fun,loving, wonderful…Liz McCutcheon You will be missed. “This is how I always think of Myrna; Full of life and that laugh.” Steve Jones She had the BEST laugh.” Leela DeVere
  17. 17. I love this picture. It makes me feel like I was right there with her. Myrna had spent her entire life striving for racial equality. With the election of Barrack Obama, I imagine she felt in an instant the words spoken decades before when Martin Luther King Jr. shared his vision, “I have a dream.” A dream that Myrna Copeland shared. - Melody EvansKathleen Murphy’s picture of Myrna celebrating Obama’s inauguration.
  18. 18. April 18, 1938 – Dec. 13,l 2011
  19. 19. There is no death; only a crossing over into another way of living. Wealways hear that people live on in the hearts of those that they touched. Ihave never felt that more strongly than the first day that I scrolledthrough the many posts that people had left on Myrna’s memorial pageon Facebook. I laughed at some things. I smiled at some things. And, Ished a tear or two. A couple of times, I found myself thinking, “Wow, Ididn’t know that.” So, I started copying comments and pictures andputting them in one place; kind of my own little memorial to honorMyrna and what she meant to her friends, her family, Hunstville, andeven the state of Alabama. Myrna is someone who lived life to its fullestand was not ashamed to stand up and fight against things that werewrong. Myrna left earth having made a difference in more lives than shewill ever know. See you on the other side, Myrna. Love, MelodyThe Times They Are A Changing, words and music by Bob DylanLife Uncommon, words and music by Jewel, sung by Melody Evans