How to success in Corporate world


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How to success in Corporate world

  1. 1. Prepare by :Boon Xin Ting 0104982Tan Chia Jean 0105449Eena Koh 0105450
  2. 2.  Soft skill Hard skill Extraordinary Skills
  3. 3.  are needed for everyday life as much as they are needed for work
  4. 4.  Right attitude  Flexibility Behavioral traits  Communication Team spirit skill Grooming  Listening skill Etiquette  Presentation skill  Conflict management
  5. 5.  Be responsible on your work. Be humble even though you are clever and great. Willing to learn new thing. Keep up good manner like greeting everyone while enter the office in morning.
  6. 6.  Be punctual Practice good time management to complete your task in limited time Motivate yourself and never get lazy in work Be efficient on producing work Willing to help up others to build good relations
  7. 7.  Be cooperative. Tolerance. Share the same aim with your team member to achieve the goal. Be creative while brainstorming but do accept other’s opinion.
  8. 8.  Dress nice or appropriate according to the situation, be presentable all the time. Take care of personal hygiene, keep clean to always look fresh. For women, put on some make up to show respect according to the situation.
  9. 9.  Keep up the accepted behavior following by the situation Pick up office manner , always respect your superior and be nice to your colleagues Develop eating etiquette, like when you are dinning with Malay with Malay food, use hand to dine if they do so, to show your respect to them and be part of them. Never eat loud while dinning in high class restaurants. These may help you to gain good impression from others even your boss or superior.
  10. 10.  Be flexible, be able to change under different situation. Easy adapt to new thing and new environment.
  11. 11.  Communicating both in oral and written form are important. Make sure your message is clearly delivered. Be aware of your body gesture or tone while asking help from someone. Be polite even though you are teaching newbie.
  12. 12.  Less speak listen more . Concentrate while people talking to you. Be observant or more alert when superior are confronting others so that you wouldn’t make the same mistake.
  13. 13.  Be creative in presenting your idea, it helps to catch the attention from the audience even your idea is not that good it will be acceptable. Customize your presentation way according to the audience. Emphasis or highlight the important points during presentation, so that your message is well delivered.
  14. 14.  Stay away from office politics, do not confront people in a harsh way. Able to hold on your own opinion, not easily influent by people’s words, do not get along with backstabbing. Able to stay calm when people confront you, accept the opinion from others and change if you were wrong. Learn to deal with conflict, come out a solution to the problem if it is within your power or ability.
  15. 15.  are technical or administrative procedures related to an organization’s core business
  16. 16.  important in many types of company communications, including emails, reports, presentations, company brochures, sales materials, and visual aids important transferable skills that workers possess to properly convey ideas and concepts
  17. 17.  Successful supervisor for achievement of company goals Scheduled and directed subcontractors and employees Supervised various successful building projects
  18. 18.  Copied and filed documents so that work was correctly documented and all files were complete Great at handling all paperwork accurately and neatly Typed correspondence
  19. 19.  work involves regular contact with speakers of foreign languages help you to communicate with them help you to make sales and to negotiate and secure contracts increase your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion or a transfer overseas, or of going on foreign business trips.
  20. 20.  Able to brainstorm (and question) ideas in a group Able to generate multiple solutions Able to support a position or viewpoint with argumentation and logic Able to solve problems by staying current and up-to-date in new technologies
  21. 21.  Cautious Backstabbing Act stupid Bootlicker Being mean
  22. 22.  We have to be extremely cautious in the corporate world when it comes to our own effort upon getting the benefits, we should grab it for ourselves, no giving chances to others to steal that benefits from you. Sharing is good but be cautious to people who plans to take advantages from you.
  23. 23.  If you want to survive in the corporate world, backstabbing is necessary when: to protect your interest Eliminate the poor ones in the corporate world: either you are in or you are out Eliminate people who has highly potential to climb up the social ladder in the corporate world rather than being eliminated from the corporate world.
  24. 24.  Sometimes acting stupid can prevent you get into trouble. To prevent problem arising from jealousy from colleagues, we should act stupid in certain conditions. Try not to be always be smart especially in front of easy-jealous colleagues especially the elder colleagues in the office Always be smart by acting stupid in handling any situation in the corporate world
  25. 25.  being a moderate bootlicker when it comes to a situation where you can get benefits from the superior make superior happy and feel that you supports him/her, in the meanwhile, show your strength It can helps to get a support and stable base in the future It is not advisable to be a extreme bootlicker whereby you only hungers for power and support, people will dislike and boycott you.
  26. 26.  Being mean doesn’t mean it is towards all the people in the colleague. It is towards someone who often bullies you in the office. It is an act of self-defensing rather than being bullied in the office. Works as warning to someone who want to take advantage on you obviously. Being mean may keep some villains away.
  27. 27.  We had learn the hard skill in our school and college Different situation need different method and skill Is time for us to learn soft skill and extraordinary skill in the society. Hard skills, soft skills and extraordinary skills are needed in present corporate world.