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  • 1. Film Teaser Questions raised Category Comments Shot list /Traile rStitches Trailer Who is the Horror/C Use of well At the clown? omedy known romantic beginning there Who are the music used with are a lot of mid teenagers? only playing a shots showing Why is he after part with dark Stitches killing these teenagers? lyrics to make people. Then Where did the audience aware there is a clown come this is more light- contrast from? hearted than a between action Is he alive or normal horror . shots and close dead? Stitches is in a ups of When is it set? dark, dirty old characters clown suit expressions to showing that he is show their not a normal terror clown. Stitches removes his nose in a shot showing he is alive after death.
  • 2. This poster is very simplistic as it just shows theclowns face and his knife a background can’t beseen as there are too many cobwebs. The darkcolours were used in this poster to let theviewers know that this is a horror poster. Thecobwebs and the knife are used to show scareviewers and let them know this is a film wherepeople get murdered. The clown in the posterhas stitches all over his face to which shows theaudience he is “Stitches”. Stitches face takes upmost of the poster, this shows that he is themain character. His make up and nose showvery clearly that he is a clown. The use of red inhis make up really stands out from the othercolours in the poster and I think this alsorepresents blood. Quite a scary knifelike lookingfont was used for the title carry on showing thata knife is his weapon of choice. Thenunderneath “ Bad clown” is written in red, thismakes the audience know that he is the killer.