Creating my final poster


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Creating my final poster

  1. 1. CREATING MY FINAL POSTER: DraftsPhoto shoot plan and selection Billing Box creation
  2. 2. POSTER MOCK UP I wanted to take a landscape photo of the clown I wanted to place the review using the rule of thirds so that the clown is on the quotes and ratings at the top left right, edit it to have a completely black hand corner. Using a blue font. background to give it a scary effect.I wanted toplace the titlein the centre I wanted toon the left edit the eyes ofhand side, I the clown blackwanted to use to make thea scary looking clown seemwhite font. more surreal. I wanted to place my billing box at the bottom of the poster directly opposite the review quotes. I wanted to use the same blue font as the review quotes as well.
  3. 3. PHOTOSHOOT PLAN I want the image to be a landscape headshot of theclown using the rule of thirds with the clown on the right. I want the clown to make eye contact with the camera because I want to be able to easily edit them out. The background should be black but I can edit it black as I don’t have anywhere black to photograph it. Model I want to use: Doesn’t really matter as they will be wearing the clown mask. Costume: The clown suit Jessie and I bought. Location: A plain wall will work as I am editing the background black anyway. Lighting: I will use a lamp for direct lighting on the mask. Props: None
  4. 4. This is the photo I produced, I blacked out the eyes andmade the background black, I also blurred the body of the clown. I also edited the image so it was longer for my poster.
  5. 5. Billing Box Inspiration. A billing box is a compulsory part of a film poster so I needed to create one for my own poster. Ilooked at the billing box from the poster for the film Peep World, which was a billing box we looked at in class, as I liked the structure of it and the styles of the fonts. I decided on ‘Tunnel Entertainment as the name of my production company and ‘MBS Films‘ as my films distributor. Above is my billing box that I made in Photoshop.
  6. 6. DRAFT 1
  7. 7. I used my mock up to base my placement of text on the image. I decided that I didn’t like the blue fonts for the review quotes as I hadn’t made my final billing box blue and the texts didn’t match up on the poster.
  8. 8. IMPROVMENT FEEDBACK FROM PEERS• It doesn’t say when its coming out• Can’t tell if its a movie or theatre production
  9. 9. DRAFT 2
  10. 10. I added a line saying ‘Coming to a cinema near you...’ so that viewers know that it’s a poster for a film and I wanted t keep the mystery so I didnt put a specific date I just put that it’s coming out soon.
  11. 11. IMPROVMENT FEEDBACK FROM PEERS AND TEACHER• Maybe add a strap line to make the poster raise more questions.• Edit image to make it darker and colder instead of warm.• Add rating.
  12. 12. FINAL DRAFT
  13. 13. I added a strap line that asks “Do you want to play?” which relates to the theme of myfilm because usually clowns are seen as playful things. I also added the bbfc rating 15as thats what Jessie and I decided on earlier. I also made the image have morecontrast and I made it colder along with the title, strap line and the line about the dateso that they would stand out more and attract the audiences eye.
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