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Graphic design portfolio

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  1. 1. Fashion Campaign ~ Contempo ~ branding and 420mm x 420mm triangular fold brochure
  2. 2. Fashion Campaign ~ Contempo ~ branding and 420mm x 420mm triangular fold brochure (flat art) | | 09| 06| 2010 www.lmff.com.au | | 09| 06| 2010 Virginia Dow Robert Last Shelly Lasica Rough Magic Virginia Dowzer Direction: Napoleon Incognito South Yarra Chadwick Management Christopher Blom Tim Hall, Tim Newman Karen Webster Isadore van Camp for Press Girl Melissa Toms Jo Naish organisers stylist models Publicity make Up Voiceover marketing Production hair Direction music Director choreographer graphic Design Lighting Directors Project manager Fashion Project manager Technical obüs chemicaL3 Designed by Kylie Zorbst Designed by Nick Georgides 0402 272 585 0410 846 791 Garments that feel familiar, but only moments Focusing on fast pace and streamlining to later somehow de-constructed and foreign. capture the rate fashion is moving today. Stockists||Alice Euphemia (03) 9984 7624 Stockists||Dollhouse (03) 9192 4988 8.30pm for a 9pm start prahran town hall and feroCious independenCe. Contempo takes over the Lorena Laing Jain a wild night of design and punChes the baCk wall out Designed by Lorena Laing Designed by Jain Close into the rear Courtyard. it’s 0414 856 7459 0402 796 7845 The cross road where art meets fashion. Here, Sharp shoulders, angular lines, high necklines, only the most important elements merge, low backs, sculpted skirts and red thread details creating unique and beautifully crafted are featured in this collection: ‘Hussar’, ‘Gustav’ clothes with a distinct identity. and ‘Murder in the Snow’. Stockists||Firme (03) 9982 4875 Stockists||Fuxe (03) 9986 7845 überchic Tina morg Designed by Kirrily Jonston Designed by Tina Morg 0411 862 495 0411 486 2579 überchic has created a place to dwell. überchic Clean and modern by design Lush textured captures desire, grace, effervescence and fabrics are used. where details of function and nature through the use of rich fabric. design are brought to life through movement. Stockists||Milla (03) 9983 1876 Stockists||Robe (03) 9975 7845
  3. 3. traCk reCord testimonials Jerry Lasky is an award-winning architect and developer who served as President of the New York chapter of the “We alWays enjoy Working With jerry american institute of architects. He draws from over 20 because he get’s it, he is creative, has a years of experience while overseeing the design, bid, can-do attitude, nothing is ever ‘too contract and construction management of all of his projects. much trouble’ and he never fails to Lasky also directs, administers and coordinates each exceed our expectations.” project from the initial concept plans through conclusion of construction, allowing for maximum attention to critical JacqUi MOOre GrOUP BraNd cOMMUNicaTiONS details, time schedules and budgets. Prior to founding Urbane, Lasky formed Next Generation with Murray Butler, a 35-person architect firm which superseded Lasky’s “the condo’s jerry build for skyline in first company that he started, Brim Braun associates, a neW york achieved incredible 15-20% 20-person firm. premium prices over the local market, With sales largely complete Within a Lasky has designed and built for such clients as centrum Properties, Lexington Homes, Joseph freed & co., matter of months of their release. We fifield development, Hyatt Hotels, The Shidler Group and have not observed anything Walgreens. Lasky served for several years as the chairman like it before.” ContaCt details of the appearance commission in the Village of Glenview daVid POLLOcK, ceO & Md, THe HOMe GrOUP and while working at Harry Weese, Lasky designed the Head Office specifications for the Washington, d. c. Subway, draper and Kramer and K-Mart corporation. “studio 10 have enjoyed a very successful 225 east Grand avenue chicago, iL 60611 relationship With jerry lasky. We really T: 312 512 1313 value his help in achieving our goals F: 312 512 1314 and in particular his innovative creative thinking Which transforms What is info@urbane.com perceived as a derelict building into www.urbane.com something utterly desirable!” rex SHeeHY MarKeTiNG MaNaGer STUdiO 10 our story our serviCes Having been based in New York and successfully built a mix Our expertise extends to every aspect of the real estate of commercial and residential properties in and around the development process. We take care of the preparation and SoHo neighbourhood, Urbane saw an opportunity to create production of your entire project, working from your initial the same dynamic in chicago. Here, at Urbane, we prefer to brief to take it through every stage to completion. choose consider ourselves ‘environmentally responsible’. our team, and you’ll have the benefit of: What does environmental responsibility actually mean? it means reusing, instead of knocking down and building construction services new. Keeping what’s good and improving what’s not. This • Space planning and optimisation uses less energy and leaves less mess than knocking down • Interiors specification and building again. • Amenity spaces a place depends on the community that lives there and the people who work there. We fill the commercial spaces • External facades and key elevations of our buildings with local businesses and independents, because we think they can do something a bit better than • Landscaping your average Mr. Mega coffee Hut. • Show apartments “In the begInnIng there were factorIes it’s all about creating something that’s lasting. Sustainability, you see, the clue is in the word. We don’t do short term. We • Sales centers that were not longer workIng. don’t do cheap and cheerful. We want our places to keep working once the for-sale signs have gone down. it means marketing and branding services • Overall marketing plan & campaign structure Yet we thought theY were beautIful” making sure places can grow. • Brochure design & other hard print collateral We try to make sure our developments give something back, take less, last longer. We aim to prove that we • Press & public relations mission statement can do it, and do it now. it just takes a little bit more imagination. all you have to do is move in. • Advertising We wanted to get them working again. We thought that they’d make good places to live, buildings with a bit of soul! • Hoarding loCation We thought that we could make them into amazing homes • Website with a bit of imagination and some top notch architecture. Our headquarters are based in chicago’s river North • Launch event neighborhood. river North has completely transformed Urbane embraces a very wide agenda: established as from it’s simple beginning as an industrial area and world class architects we produce world class buildings and warehouse district. The warehouses closed down in places; delivering mixed use buildings; marrying the old with the 1970’s, leaving large empty buildings. The area the new; and finally and probably most importantly being attracted various artists and writers looking for loft and environmentally responsible. studio space, thus creating a neighborhood that was We believe that there’s no conflict in being thoroughly artistic, but also struggling. modern and style-conscious while also being socially and Such was the river North neighborhood 30 years ago. environmentally responsible. in fact we think that one Since then, however, it has grown into what is now a should inform the other. chic, cultural hub filled with art galleries, antique stores, We design inspirational spaces, both commercial and boutiques and of course urban professionals. We felt residential. We want to create spaces for a new generation this would be the most fitting environment for Urbane, to make something worthwhile. as this represents who we are and what we do! Property Branding ~ Urbane ~ logo and A5 concertina fold brochure
  4. 4. Book Cover ~ Alice In Wonderland ~ hand drawn and coloured
  5. 5. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec was born in Albi, France, Commissioned by the Moulin Rough in 1891, he to aristocrat parents in 1864. Toulouse-Lautrec created some of his most famous posters and was a painter, print maker, draftsman and paintings including the Moulin Rouge poster and illustrator. He is known along with Cezanne, Avril (Jane Avril a Can-Can dancer). Though he Van Gogh and Gauguin as one of the greatest only created some thirty posters over his life, painters of the post impressionist period. Toulouse- Loutrec revolutionised the language of graphic design. He brought flat colours and the His works detailed the late 19th century perspective of the Japanese aesthetic to poster bohemian lifestyle in Paris. He excelled at making, making observers feel part of the scene. capturing people in their working environment He also used a special brand of typography with the colour and movement of the gaudy placing letters among the illustrations in a night life present but the glamour stripped surprisingly attractive and imaginative way. away. His work is highly linear with great emphasis on colour. He was masterly at In 2001 to mark the 100 year anniversary of his capturing crowd scenes in which the figures death the Cub Des Partenaires de Musee are highly individualised. At the time that they Toulouse-Loutrec of Albi (France) organised were painted the individual figures in his larger a tribute to Toulouse-Loutrec. Lead by Anton paintings could be identified by the silhouettes Beeke, 100 of the worlds top graphic designers alone. His work has been described as both were brought together to design posters that sympathetic and dispassionate. showed his influence. Several included his signature bowler hat and round glasses. History Poster ~ Henri Toulouse Lautrec ~ A1
  6. 6. Tea Branding and packaging ~ New Amsterdam ~ 80mm x 80mm
  7. 7. think www.thinkpositive.org Poster ~ Think ~ A1
  8. 8. A Big BreAth Florence and the Machine CAn we weAther the storm? David Johnston essAy: WordS By yves Carrou The man who built his own house STyLInG By Gernt dasch MAke uP By Jane edmonds PHoToGrAPHy By Patrick north mAttijs Dutch fashion designer Maybe his name won’t ring a bell Mattijs van Bergen immediately, but insiders of the fashion industry have already discovered this big talent: fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen. Among a range of accolades he’s been noticed by Browns, one of the most prestigious shops of London, where his designs are sold next to those of Mario Schwab, Gareth Pugh and Henry Holland. Time to show you Spring 2009 UK £7 / $15 AUD an insider’s look into the world of MATTIJS, the prêt-a-porter label by Mattijs van Bergen. 66 67 Magazine Masthead and Spread ~ Bias ~ A4