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IBM Logo Redesign Project
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IBM Logo Redesign Project


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. IBM Logo RedesignBy Melissa Simmons Color was important in reflectingbusiness values Image was of equal importance Blue=Company’s old nicknamewas “Big Blue” Green=Being a “green” company Image: Global leader working withtechnology to promote global issues
  • 2. The Logo Evolution The New IBM LogoTime For A ChangeThe company has evolved into a global leader, working with other to make innovative technology changes and promotepositive change when it comes to social issues. The company needs a logo that reflects not only their leadership in the ITfield and their “green” qualities, but the fact the IBM is also the world’s largest consulting agency.
  • 3. It is quite understandable that you want to feel that yourwork with IBM is valuable. If you don’t have this feeling,then you may become bored with your work or feel as ifyou don’t have a purpose or make a positive change insomeone’s life by the work you perform. This new logoconsiders you, the employee, in the overall design. Ithelps recognize that you provide the world with a valuableservice and your work is not in vain.You, as employees,have helped IBM become the global leader it is. You workfor a company that promotes social responsibility and isleading the way for positive social change. Take a goodlook at the logo, all you hard dedicated workers. Thosehands are yours. Those hands are working hard towardspositive global change. This logo represents not only thecompany but as you can see, yourselves as well.Employees Can Have Pride
  • 4. You, as shareholders, want to know that your company isexcelling and moving in a positive direction, correct? Youalso want to see the company continue to grow, right?This logo represents the changes your company hasalready transitioned through and what is left to exploreand build upon. You have invested your money in theright company and this logo reflects this. IBM hasbecome a global leader not only in the InformationTechnology field, but also in becoming the world’s largestconsulting organization. IBM is taking the initiative toadvance and promote social responsibility, not only in theUnited States, but on a much larger global scale. Thislogo represents all of these qualities, as well as thecompany’s values.ShareholdersCan See CompanyValue
  • 5. You, as a customer, want to purchase goods or servicesfrom a company you can trust and respect, correct? Let’sface it, no one wants to do business with a company thatdoesn’t care, has faulty products, or doesn’t have thecustomer’s interests at heart. IBM is a company you canproudly purchase from, trust, and respect. This new logorepresents all of these qualities about IBM. They are a“green” company with a strong sense of socialresponsibility. They do more than just sell InformationTechnology products and services. They also work withother businesses globally to help them excel as well. Inthe end, this affects you the customer in a positive way.In accepting this logo design, we all can help IBM continueto be a respected, trusted, responsible global leader byreflecting these qualities and traits in their new logo.Customers Develop Respect